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help i'm stuck between headcannoning conner being horrible at cooking or headcannoning conner being great at cooking and basically being the mom for all the other elders who cooks all the meals with love and affection

o R how about Connor McKinley who can prepare a 5-course meal for Thanksgiving and can create complex food that requires loads of time management and various ingredients 

BUT then can’t make simple shit like pasta without almost burning the kitchen down like hOW CAN YOU MAKE A PERFECT MOISE TURKEY WITH GRAVY AND ONIONS BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE TOAST WITHOUT BURNING IT??!?!?


“So, that’s it…?” You snapped, jerking your arms out to the side. “You’re not going to turn the creep-factor down and quit stalking me?”

Pursuing…” Malcolm corrected as he took a step forward, being sure to flash one of his characteristic cocksure smiles as he moved closer. “And why would I walk away from the one person on this earth who challenges me?”

“Because I asked you to.” Came your heated snarl. “Look, it’s not that I don’t think you’re…” You paused and bit your lip, which ultimately demanded his full attention as he lifted an eyebrow and waited for you to finish that little thought you’ve been keeping to yourself ever since the Dark Archer walked into your lives. Oh, shit… What were you going to say again? Hot, mysterious, and looking like every one of your darkest fantasies all wrapped up in one pretty package. With a gulp and a flush running up your neck, you finally admitted, “Attractive. But I’m batting for Team Arrow right now and I’m not sure that would look good if I decided to just run off and grab milkshakes with you.”

Milkshakes…” Giving a brief snort and crossing his arms over his broad chest, he asked, “Milkshakes is what you think of when you picture our first date?”

Now glaring, you growled out, “We’re not going on a date.”

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*Imagine being Attracted to Malcolm Despite being a Member of Team Arrow*

Request: Will u pls pls do some malcolm merlyn/reader where he wants to court her but she works for team arrow so she doesnt want his attention? The team r protective of her. They r attracted to each other but she hates what he is n he wont leave her alone.