the chan

The food they make on TV is such bullshit. I don’t have ramen. I know you don’t have ramen. I have waffles, chips, and a microwave. And you know what? I always figure it out. I make regular-ass food for regular-ass people. Like me. Who am I? I’m Yosano Akiko, and this is The Greatest Motherfucking Cooking Show of All Time.
—  Yosano Akiko, making a cooking show
Mingyu returning from the jungle
  • Mingyu: *shows up at the door* hey guise
  • SVT: *glances nonchalantly* oh you're back? Already? We barely missed you
  • Mingyu: ...
  • SVT: ...
  • Mingyu: umm okay. Well, anyway, I'm out of shampoo so I'm gonna head out to the st-
  • Jihoon: *clings onto Mingyu's legs*
  • Minghao: *climbs onto Mingyu's back*
  • Wonwoo: *koala bear hugs Mingyu*
  • S.coup: *opens wallet* if you can promise me that i will fUCKING PAY YOU