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“You go back and look at the history of the trophy and the League, it’s not often you can say a group of 7 players have 3 championships together.”

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“There it is! Redemption for Golden State! One of the great playoff runs of all time is complete. The warriors are NBA Champions again!” 2 in 3 years. What a run. So proud. Parade on Thursday, hopefully can make it. Threw a Championship Bay Area mix together I’ll share a pic of next. Looking into a champ shirt and hat to go with the 2015 ones, they should have em at the parade, but found a place with free online shipping, so might do that. Didn’t end up breaking down the game last night, I’ll just say we got off to a slow start that was concerning, but evened it up after 1. Pushed a lead by the half. And held em off the rest of the way to secure the Championship. 3-1 becomes 4-1! Lots to talk about the team going forward, but for now just gonna enjoy this! #DubNation #GoldenStateWarriors #SplashFam #DraymondGreen #KD #StephCurry #KlayThompson #Gsw #Warriors #StrengthInNumbers #LetsGoWarriors #WarriorsGround #NBAChamps #NBAChampions #ChampsAgain

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‘Daddy daddy daddy!! Look at my hat!!’ The three year old yelled from across the house. He had been at a party and the person was giving out prizes for some of the simple children’s games, one being a baseball cap with his ‘most favouritest’ sports team that he would watch from the living room in the house with Luke, chilling and cheering from the sofa, at every win or special announcement in favour of their team. It had all started with you suggesting the 3pm slot on a saturday for special daddy baby bonding time just under three years ago, a bottle seemingly tiny in Luke’s hands, and baby boy, even smaller in his arms with the sports channel on in the background in an attempt to create a familial environment.

Eventually Luke would become less infatuated with the tiny being in his arms, and began to take a slight interest in what was going on in the stadium on the screen. When baby could hold his own bottle, and Luke would start talking to him about the game - ‘i think they’re using the wrong tactics. 31 should be further upfield, right?’ - he would only to be met with a smile or a splutter of baby milk all over the carpet. 

It was a family tradition between the two now, every saturday at 3pm to watch their team’s game. Luke would now sport their team’s colours, or match his son with their own replica’s of the white and red striped shirts they loved so dearly - ‘Daddy we match! And we match the team!’. And now his little champ, with his new hat and enthusiastic appreciation for the game Luke had grown into with him, as he had grown up, looked as pleased as punch as he ran into Luke’s arms to be raised to higher heights above Daddy’s shoulders. 

With his hat turned round on his head and a ‘Don’t be silly Daddy!’, Luke would face his excitable little muffin as his hair curled out from under his cap and remember to wear his own more often, as he knew deep down that his boy wanted to be ‘just like daddy’. He was an absolute gem of a child, as bright as the sun that shone through his nursery room and as pure as the white cream walls which were covered in sticky finger marks; ‘an extreme expression of creativity’, as Luke had called it.

‘Hey! That’s the coolest hat I think i’ve ever SEEN!’ He would yell back before placing him on the kitchen counter and reaching into his back pocket. ‘Maybe you should wear it when we go to the big game next week!’ 

‘What daddy? You mean-’

As Luke pulled two tickets out from behind him, a shiny silver glint to them, and inscribed with their favourite team’s name, little man’s big blue eyes grew to the size of saucers, clapping his hands together in glee.

‘We’re going to a game buddy!! You and me could be on the big screen!’

‘And i can wear my hat! And all my shirts! And you’ll be there daddy so i can go on your shoulders!’ 

‘You sure can Junior, and we can get our favourite corn dogs!’ Luke grinned along with his son, matching his dimple and his toothy grin as a chubby hand took one of the tickets with great excitement as though it held the promise of a whole exciting new world.

Luke hoped that the same excitement would appear on his face when he would be told at the game about how the next big goal on his Santa List last year would also finally come true.

Maybe one day he could take both of his boys to a big game, all being well in little man’s reaction to a new addition to the house, and another buddy to sit of the sofa and keep up tradition. 

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USWNT win their first match of the year USA 5-0 IRL the gals start off 2016 with Carli -Hat Trick- Lloyd back at it, Alex Morgan reaching her 100th cap +goal, Mallory Pugh (17) first cap & first goal wearing the uswnt jersey. International friendly, January 23rd San Diego

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eh I'll just embrace the Stetson thing. how about an actual Wild-West-in-the-1800s-AU where Nicole is a cowboy hired to help out at one of the ranches surrounding Purgatory, and she happens to visit the saloon where Waverly is the bartender/owner (or something idk) (tho I wouldn't say no to a medical intern/paramedic one either!)

OH my gosh Y E S to all of this I know so much trivia about 1890s Western Canada. 5 headcanons:

  1. Nicole is a ranch hand, and maybe one of those ones who disguised herself as a boy for the first three years of working to even get hired, because: gender. But she’s a hard worker and smiles easily and she’s so good with horses that the ranch owner can’t bring himself to let her go.
  2. Waverly works at the local saloon, and maybe she owns it but nobody in town believes her/it’s in her uncle’s name, so she also serves drinks because at least then people will take her medium seriously. And she’s a spitfire about it - doesn’t tolerate excessive drunkenness, will throw you out for looking the wrong way at one of her other girls, has fifteen cowboys she’s on a first name basis with who will set you straight for misbehaving in her saloon. (She also serves the best whiskey in a day’s ride, so folks tend to want to be on their best behaviour.)
  3. Probably Nicole goes drinking with the boys from the ranch - not often, they get one day off a week and she doesn’t need to drink on all of them. But enough that Waverly’s seen her around. And maybe at the start she’s always wearing that hat, so Waverly feels like Nic’s the prettiest damn cowboy she’s ever seen. (But Waverly doesn’t have time for cowboys, so even if Nic Haught has a smile that makes her stomach all quivery, she’s got a half-dozen other tables to serve.)
  4. Except oh, oh Nic Haught’s a glrl, and maybe it’s a late night and Nic’s helping Waverly drag one of the other ranch hands out of the bar, dead drunk (Champ, it’s for sure Champ). But then her hat falls off and her hair falls forward and suddenly that pretty smile makes sense and Waverly just about drops Champ hardy in the dirt because she’s so pretty and that quivering in her belly just gets worse.
  5. IDK what happens next but I do know it involves Nicole volunteering aggressively to go into town every time the ranch needs something, and swinging by to lean over the railing in front of the Earp Saloon and talk to Waverly. (And maybe look at Waverly, because she cuts a fine silhouette in a skirt that you can’t always see in the dark of the saloon but gosh is it lovely etc etc.) (This is a lie: I do know what happens next and it involves Nic and Waverly in the cold cellar and Nic’s hands all rough from working outdoors running up Waverly’s thighs and the two of them kissing real tenderly. That’s what happens.)