the chambers & the valves

The Chamber & The Valves (Acoustic)
Dry The River
The Chamber & The Valves (Acoustic)

The Chambers & The Valves (Acoustic) // Dry The River

Two young hearts will meet in the middle,
And a light will flicker on, where there once was none.
Where does love come from?
The bodies in the firmament are spinning like a plate;
I was lost in the fission before you came.



What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is when the intraocular pressure is elevated, compromising vision either partially or completely.

What causes Glaucoma to develop?

In a patient with healthy eyes the aqueous humor produced within the Ciliary body located behind the Iris flows through the Pupil and drains through a sieve structure found in the corner of the eye known as the Iridocorneal Cleft. The fluid is produced and then drained at a steady rate resulting a stable intraocular pressure (IOP) of 15-20mmHg.

In the unhealthy eye, there is inadequate outflow of aqueous humor through the Iridocorneal Cleft resulting in the build up of fluid within the eye. This causes the IOP to increase, the more this increases the more damage is done to the Optic nerve which blocks nerve impulses causes blindness.

Does it cause permanent blindness?

The longer the IOP is increased the more damage is done to the Optic nerve, once this is permanently damaged vision can not be restored. Therefore, early surgical intervention is strongly recommended. 

Is there only one type of Glaucoma?

No, there are two types of Glaucoma. These are:

Primary Glaucoma - This is thought to be the inherited type and is seen mainly in purebred dogs. It is caused by either:

  1. Open Angle Glaucoma - Where the point where the Iris meets the Corneal is open at the correct angle but the Iridocorneal Cleft becomes clogged over time resulting in a slow loss of peripheral vision until the whole eye is effected. This type of Glaucoma has little warning signs and is seen most commonly in Beagles and Norwegian Elkhounds.  
  2. Narrow Angle Glaucoma - This type of Glaucoma occurs suddenly when the Iris is pushed or pulled forward blocking the drainage angle. Commonly seen in Cocker Spaniels and is a medical emergency causing pain, redness of the eye, dilated pupils, nausea and vomiting.
  3. Gondiodysgenesis - This is a developmental abnormality of the actual drainage angle causing decrease fluid outflow when the eye becomes inflamed. It is commonly seen in Basset Hounds.

Secondary Glaucoma - This is often the result of pre-existing ocular conditions such as Uveitis, Lens dislocation, Intraocular tumours and trauma to eye interfering the natural flow of ocular fluid. 

The clinical signs of Glaucoma include:

  • Excessive tear production
  • Yellow/Green Ocular discharge
  • Reddened Eye
  • Behavioural changes due to pain and loss of vision
  • Enlarged Pupil that doesn’t respond to light
  • Enlarged Eye

How is Glaucoma diagnosed?

Diagnosis is made by evaluation of clinical signs and taking a detailed history from the client. In addition to this two diagnostic techniques are used, these are:

  1. Tonometry - The measurement of IOP with a Tonopen.
  2. Gonioscopy - Evaluation of the drainage angle, done by placing anaesthetic drops into the eye and then installing a dome shaped lens onto the corneal surface. The front of the eye can then be examined with a slit lamp.  

What treatment is available?

Glaucoma in animals is much more difficult to treat than when it is present in human eyes. Mannitol is the intravenous drug of choice used to decrease the IOP, while eye drops such as Pilocarpine are used to increase the outflow of Aqueous humor. Once the IOP is stable, surgical options become available. 

If vision is present:

Laser Cyclophotocoagulation - A laser is used to burn through the white outer layer of the eye and selectively destroy small areas of the ciliary body to reduce the production of eye fluid. Occasionally more than one surgery is needed to achieve a positive outcome from this treatment.     

Cyclocryothermy - A small probe is placed on the outside of the eye and small areas of ciliary body are frozen to decrease the amount of intraocular fluid being produced. 

Anterior Chamber Shunts - A small valve is implanted under the white of the eye through a small incision acting as a new drainage pathway for the fluid to leave the eye.

If vision isn’t present: 

Evisceration and Implantation of Intrascleral Silicon Prosthesis – A silicone implant is implanted within the eye. This procedure involves shelling out the eye leaving the fibrous sclera and cornea, the shape of the eye is maintained with a sterile silicone sphere and the eye is pain free for the patient. Complications include corneal ulceration.

Ciliary Ablation by Intravitreal Injection of Gentamycin – Gentamycin (a antibiotic) is injected into the eye in high concentrations, the ciliary body is killed resulting in the cessation or reduction of aqueous humor production. A GA is needed and complications can include: shrinking of the eye, return of glaucoma and chronic pain.

Enucleation – Removal of the eye.

Love Thy Enemy: Choices

Subtitle: No one’s going to read this today, but that’s ok, that’s what reblogs are for eh


Sorry, this starts pretty abruptly and will be confusing without any context so:

PREVIOUSLY ON THIS TRAINWRECK OF EMOTIONS - The Emperor’s attack on Luke was quite a bit more brutal than what we saw onscreen, driving Anakin to kill Sheev-o with his son’s lightsaber so that he can live long enough to ensure that Luke can make it off the Death Star.  He intends to stay behind and die, but of course Luke’s having none of that.  With an appropriately schmoopy speech Luke lovingly twists his dad’s arm to come along, until they both have to book it out of there anyway when the docking bay’s atmospheric shields short out.  They blast off in Vader’s personal shuttle, and Luke doesn’t bother waiting for the inertial compensator to kick in before gunning it, so he passes out from the g-forces…

MUSIC: (because y’all know I’m gonna) A Place Among the Stars, Hans Zimmer, Interstellar // Will You Help Me? James Newton Howard, The Village // Special Delivery, James Horner, Bicentennial Man

I LITERALLY COULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT Y’ALL.  I have attacked many of you lovely peeps on my dash as I’ve agonized and torn my hair out and rewritten this disaster like 6 six times over and you’ve been patient enough to read my Google doc and brainstorm and everything aND…*SQUEAK*

SO HERE.  HAVE MY FEELS (again).  (ಥ﹏ಥ)  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The air was escaping.

At least, that was Luke’s first conscious thought, in reaction to the faint hissing noise somewhere nearby.  His fogged brain conflated the docking bay’s explosive decompression with the idea that a piece of debris might have punched its way through the shuttle’s hull.  Alarmed, he tried to move, but his limbs weren’t inclined to follow orders at the moment.

Wherever he was, it was bright, with light passing through his closed eyelids, and he was curled up in a rather awkward position on something curved and pliable with his legs wedged up against another much harder surface, almost as if he’d fallen asleep spilling out of a chair.  If he didn’t know any better, he would have sworn he was simply hungover and waking from a very unfortunate nap underneath the Falcon’s gaming table.

It was all just a bad dream, huh, Han?

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Pulsejet Engine Overview

Part of a Series on Jet Engines

The pulsejet is an air breathing jet engine. The pulsejet is different from most other types of jet engines as it operates in discrete cycles or pulses, where as most jet engines run smoothly and continuously. 



At the beginning of a cycle in a standard valved pulsejet, air is mixed with fuel at the mouth of the engine. This mixture then enters open valves at the mouth of the engine. The valves slot closed and the fuel-air combination is combusted forcing hot gas out the tail pipe, providing thrust. The valves at the mouth then open and the vacuum caused by the expelled gas fills the combustion chamber with air. 

In a valveless pulsejet, the moving valves at the mouth of the engine are eliminated. This type of engine uses the vaccum created by escaping air to cycle the engine.

At the start of the cycle, a chamber with two pipes connected to it, one short and one long, is filled with a fuel air combination. The mixture is combusted and hot gas accelerates out of both pipes. The escaping gas creates a vacuum in the combustion chamber. The shorter pipe is evacuated more quickly and air rushes through it to fill the combustion chamber.  This air is mixed with fuel and the combustion process starts all over again. In order to ensure an optimized fuel-air mixture and a smooth cycle, the lengths of the two pipes must be very carefully tuned. 


Both varieties of pulsejets are incredibly simple and largely eschew moving parts (excepting the valves on the valved pulsejet.) Additionally, pulsejet, if properly tuned, can be very efficient. The reason that pulsejets do not see wide use in the aerospace industry is that they produce what is considered an unacceptable amount of noise and vibration. This is a result of their discrete cycles which range from about 50 cycles per second in large pulsejets to 250 in smaller models. Additionally, at high speeds, ram air pressure can prevent valves from fully closing, drastically reducing power and efficiency. 


The pulsejet’s most notable use was on the German V-1 cruise missile. This missile was nicknamed the “Buzz Bomb” as its engine, cycling at 45 cycles-per-second emitted an audible buzz. Today, some military target drones and civilian model aircraft use pulsejet engines. The military has experimented with pulsejets as tipjets for helicopters, even going so far as to produce a number of working models. 

The engines were found to be far to loud and the project was abandoned. Pulsejets are also used in commercial drying and heating operations as the pulsejet produces heat from fuel very efficiently.

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no. 221

Mind learns to inhabit
crevices of environment.
Habit forms in hall

ways between where one
lives and sleeps. A house
(constrains, imposes

its own shape on the shape
of those dwelling in) holds
like a mother. A house

is broken into

like valves

in a ruin
or heart. We

take the smallest
bits of ourselves
and scatter


round and round and
all around what
we consider

to be
the place
we live

our lives
in. Momentarily
rigid the definition

of walls gives
out at some
point; one’s


flows out
in wild streams
of wild open

endless space drawing
borders where one
chooses to see.

Constantly arriving
in distant

relative ghost
towns, here and there,
now and again, every so

often I am home.

Megatron’s tiny spelunking gay adventure 3

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Don’t read this if you hate oviposition. And gross stuff. ;D Ctn’d from this

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To The End, Without A Rival

{An Augustus & Livia playlist: 51 songs for 51 years of marriage}

With the onset of autumn Octavian did something that, on the face of it, was out of character: for once letting his heart sway him, he fell passionately in love


(tracklist below the cut because it is long)

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Layne and Demri.

Very little is known about Demri, as well as about the relation ship between her and Layne.

It is said that they met in the late 80’s, Demri was known for being a girl in love for the arts and humanities such as painting, theater, literature, philosophy and poetry. Those who would had the chance to meet her, would had described her as a charming, tender, quiet, beautiful and kind girl who liked to write poetry, make funny faces in front of cameras and collect vintage clothing and accessories.

Among the people who were touched by the special character of this girl was Layne.

The people who were close to them, would had pictured them as “Soulmates”. Despite of that romantic  appreciation, the couple ended their relationship between 1993 and 1994.

Though they broke up, they continued  maintaining contact until the death of Demri product of endocarditis (infection of the lining of the heart chambers and valves usually caused by an infection in the blood) in October 29, 1996.


Layne y Demri

Se sabe muy poco acerca de Demri, al igual que muy poco sobre cómo era la relación amorosa entre ella y Layne.

Se dice que ambos se conocieron a finales de los años 80’s, Demri era conocida por ser una chica enamorada de las artes y las humanidades tales como la pintura, el teatro, la literatura, la filosofía y la poesía. Quienes alcanzaron a conocerla la describieron como una chica encantadora, tierna, tranquila, bella y amable que gustaba de escribir poesía, hacer morisquetas frente a las cámaras y colecciar ropa y accesorios vintage.

Entre esa gente que fue tocada por la especial personalidad de esta chica, estaba Layne.

Cercanos a la pareja describían a Layne y Demri como verdaderas “Almas gemelas”. A pesar de aquella romántica apreciación la pareja terminó su relación entre 1993 y 1994.

A pesar del quiebre ellos siguieron manteniendo contacto hasta la muerte de Demri, producto de una endocarditis (infección del revestimiento de las cámaras y válvulas del corazón normalmente provocada por una infección en la sangre) el 29 de octubre de 1996.

The Pros and Cons Of Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

People are increasingly taking up electronic hookahs which are much healthier than regular cigarettes. Vaporizers are much in demand these days for of the myriad benefits they rain. No foul smell, no tobacco, no tar etc. make rechargeable electronic hookahs a great picked over normal cigarettes.

Electronic hookahs sway good-bye utilizing a heating polynomial that vaporizes e-liquid solution. This vaporizer heating stuff is called an atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer. This heating element is adjunct of your electronic hookah that holds and heats your wax or dry herb. In separate words, atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers are devices that pan-broil your e-liquid and deliver e juice in a smog form.

Minute all these three devices play the constant service i.e. blood heat e liquid to a temperature of vaporization. In any event there are still some differences between these three animal heat elements. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons re these three considerable valve of vaporizers:


They use ceramic body heat chamber where liquid is heated. Generally atomizers fondle wasp-waisted natural gift to contain liquid and come in lifelike designs. Her are best suited for dripping. Influence short, people who like to structure between different flavors of e juices would prefer atomizer because it allows them versus make do with e liquids right away and easily.

However if you are one of those people who vape a lot, this hallmark may not be ideal as you would stick to unendingly refill it. Though atomizer is easy to fulfill but in preference to abeyant vapers it may be a hurdle because they would enunciate to refill the goods every now and then. Therewith you cannot caliber how plenitude ejuice is gone off inside ourselves.


They labor polyfill filling wrapped around the animal heat coil. Admitting that cartomizers are similar in dash off to atomizers, they have larger capacity to hold more quantity of e-juice. They are low cost and lackadaisical up refill. However oneself are not goal for people who enjoy heavy vaping inasmuch as the juice doesn’t elapse longer. And the article is not seldom said that cartomizers retain the flavor from the previous e induction current yourself have taken.


The immanent and probably the most homely among all of the three devices today, clearomizers are cylindrical in shape and have a clear, unguarded plastic stack room. Later that is its biggest quality now the transparent hutch allows cigarette users to see the level of juice inside the clearomizer and estimate when is the time to refill they.

Being its huge capacity to hold around 1.6 - 3ml of e-liquid, clearomizers are perfect in lieu of heavy vapers. You can always curb an eye on its transparent tank and know the in good time against reconstitute the goods. So you can enjoy your party to the fullest without the concern of juice getting finished while you are enjoying your cigarette. Notwithstanding clearomizers are expensive than the other two devices; inner man have longer life-cycle and ideal in place of users who vape a numerousness.

During which time all three devices - atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers have their pros and cons. The article is an individual preference on what you prefer. For those who prefer dripping, an atomizer is the best choice. And for those who be partial to heavy vaping, a clearomizer is an ideal option.

Ultimately it is an individual’s choice. Just cast sure that you buy a noisome quality vaporizer and its heating respect.

anonymous asked:

hey lady! I love your style and taste in the art and quotes you post! hands down my fav tumblr to stalk. I was just wondering if you had any novel suggestions or poetry book suggestions. like what are ur top few favs? thanks!!! xo, nicole

ugh yes, i love when people ask me for recommendations!


Sharks in the Rivers by Ada Limón

“… dearest, can you tell, I’m trying to love you less?”

What Love Comes To by Ruth Stone

“We are balanced like dancers in memory,
I feel your coat, I smell your clothes,
Your tobacco; you almost touch me.”

Beautiful in the Mouth by Keetje Kuipers

“One minute I’m becoming
myself, the next I’m forgetting how.”

Little Stranger by Lisa Olstein

“In the second chamber
of my fourth heart
down to the left of the third valve
is the room I keep for you
for me to think of you.”

Animal Ballistics by Sarah Morgan

“I am dressed in layers of trains.
I showed up
with no pulse in my voice,
loose change,
stark naked.

My heart, calling from a phone booth
in the rain.”


The novel I’m reading right now (and the only novel I’ve read in a while) is The Round House by Louise Erdrich!

Also, currently at the top of my poetry bucketlist is Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón, Night Sky With Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong and Pelican by Emily O’Neill so that’s what I’ll be reading next.


Dry The River - The Chambers & The Valves (by drytheriverVEVO)

New video from BBC Sound of 2012 winning band from London. Their music’s “folky gospel music played by a post-punk band” according to frontman Peter Liddle.


Dry The River - The Chambers & The Valves

Two young hearts will meet in the middle,
And a light will flicker on, where there once was none.
Where does love come from?
The bodies in the firmament are spinning like a plate;
I was lost in the fission before you came.

I could write this down, I could turn this car around.
In the land of mistakes I should lay my crosses down.
And I pray for your health, and I tell myself
“It’s the chambers and the valves that pump the sentiment around.”
But I swallow the words and I close my mouth.

If every constellation above us has a counterpart below,
How are we to know, dear? How are we to know?
Fortune hangs around us like a funerary wreath.
I was down in the heart of the ground beneath.

I could write this down, I could turn this car around.
In the land of mistakes I should lay my crosses down.
And I pray for your health, and I tell myself
“It’s the chambers and the valves that pump the sentiment around.”
But I swallow the words and I close my mouth.

I could write this down, I could turn this car around.
In the land of mistakes I should lay my crosses down.
And I pray for your health, and I tell myself
“It’s the chambers and the valves that pump the sentiment around.”
But I swallow the words and I close my mouth.