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You don't know Henrik though. Lots of general good people can be slightly homophobic. Don't be blinded by adoration to pretend like this statement from the agency didn't bring up the possibility of him actually withholding some problematic thoughts.

Okay but I’m not. 

First of all, the most blatant and obvious reason to be pretty comfortable in my ‘assumption’ that Henrik isn’t a homophobe is that he plays an LGBT+ character. Whether an actor or not, homophobes are not comfortable playing the roles of that which they despise or look down on so it’s safe to say Henrik probably isn’t homophobic.

Also, a homophobe wouldn’t do this on LIVE TV:

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(I mean look at how aggresively he’s shoving his tongue down Tarjei’s throat…. what a homophobe!)

A homophobe would also probably not attend pride:

Also, homophobes dont tend to open up about how important playing an LGBT+ character is in interviews (and yes I just made this gif solely for the purpose of using it here because I’ll defend Henrik to the grave dammit!):

And obviously only homophobic a**holes post fanart of a gay couple and encourage their 770k+ followers to vote for them in an online poll:

But yeah I’m “blinded by adoration” to Henrik’s obvious homophobia

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 13 - Red

All of Claire’s outfits in Paris are so colorful! (a fact I haven’t taken full advantage of..) Had to include the fan for Jamie’s sake 😉

Happy Monday! September is a week closer!


 ☼ the raven cycle editing challenge ☼ [ favorite character : adam parrish ] 

being adam parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. he was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival

Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 17: Q - Quiet

Stiles is boundless, unrestrained energy that vibrates at a frequency beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Never still, always alive. Derek is the serenity of a glassy river winding through an endless forest that culminates in the deafening roar of a waterfall. Power hidden under a deceptive calm.

Derek and Stiles are two halves of a whole. Yin and yang. Complete opposites in every way, but so similar and unbalanced without the other.

Kira doesn’t know how she didn’t see them before.

After years of gruelling training and struggling to survive in the middle of the desert, Kira had found her center. One that did not involve Beacon Hills or the McCall pack. One that definitely did not include Scott. So Kira had gone home to New York to live with her parents and finish high school.

Running into Derek and Stiles had been an accident, literally. It involved spilled coffee, a ruined paper, and tears, but happy ones.

Stiles had been nearing the end of his third year of college, and Derek had been Derek. He lurked, he brooded, and oddly enough, greeted Kira with an enormous bear hug that she had not been prepared for. Stiles had laughed himself silly and immediately joined in, pouncing on Derek’s back and wrapping his arms around Kira as well.

It had taken Kira four months to see it. Them.

Their relationship was clearly not new, but nothing was different. They acted and reacted as they always had. Stiles, cleverness and sarcasm, antagonized, and Derek, restrained power and control, snapped.

How was she supposed to have known? They never told her. Did they not trust her?

Under the shade of a large tree, Kira tucked her knees up to her chest and hugged them as she watched Derek and Stiles play in the park. Now that she knew, it was obvious. It hadn’t been anything she’d ever given any serious consideration before.

Stiles sprinted across the grassy, sprawling lawn of Central Park with Derek bounding along behind him, nipping at his heels, tongue hanging out. Derek lunged, and at the last minute, Stiles dodged the wolf, all the while, cackling madly.

“They’re so cute,” Kira mumbled to herself, hiding a small smile behind her knees as Stiles and Derek tumbled across the grass in a mess of flailing limbs and dark fur when Derek finally caught the spastic human.

Derek pinned Stiles to the ground and proceeded to lave him with wet, messy tongue kisses. Stiles shrieked, and several onlookers appeared somewhat concerned.

Eventually, red-faced and panting, Stiles flopped down in the shade with Kira, and Derek trotted over, somehow appearing smug, even as a wolf. Stiles dragged Derek down to use as a particularly fluffy pillow.

It wasn’t until later, after Derek had shifted back and changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top, that Kira noticed their hands intertwined and wondered how many times she had ignored the blatant signs before.

Stiles babbled away, his only free hand waving about, and Derek smiled indulgently, listening to every word.

“I’m happy for both of you,” Kira suddenly said, surprising herself with the outburst.

“Huh?” Stiles hand fell back down to his side, and he tilted his head to the side in an action so wolf-like, Kira giggled. Derek squeezed Stiles’ hand, and Stiles glanced down, eyes widening before he grinned back at Kira. “Oh… Thanks!”

Derek nodded, always the quiet presence of calm to Stiles’ chaos.

Kira beamed and threw herself at them, hugging them around the middle. Maybe she did still have a pack.

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10, 11, 27 :)

10 - Totally romantic

11 - Post coital

27 - First cuddle



Though Claire and Jamie had been dating officially, whatever that meant, for several months that hadn’t spent much time together in the flesh. Whether it was work, illness, or acts of an unseen deity they hadn’t done much more than text or speak on their mobile. Both wholeheartedly agreed that this travesty should come to an end immediately. The dates were marked on their respective calendars, their workplaces approved time off, and their holiday booked.

Jamie had taken care of all the details, much to Claire’s delight. He had declined to even divulge their destination, he’d only hinted that she should pack several changes of formal clothes and her passport. They threw themselves into their professional lives, focusing their energy to keep their minds diverted until their time together. Despite their best efforts, time seemed to drag by making both glad when the day finally arrived.

When Jamie arrived at Claire’s flat she let out a loud high pitched scream when she saw the car he hired for the drive.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous!” she squealed. “I might just cry it’s so beautiful.”

“I told you I would arrange it all, right?” he beamed. “I want to make sure my girlfriend is spoilt on her holiday since she very much deserves it!”

Their journey to the airport was filled with Claire’s dozens of questions about their unknown destination. He was seconds from caving when they arrived at the parking garage.

She tried to stifle her giggles while Jamie checked the car in at the rental kiosk. To entertain herself while he signed the paperwork the young nurse continued her line of attack, only to receive cheeky replies.  

“Ooh! I almost had you there! Admit it.”

He just smiled until they crossed through the automatic doors and he handed their tickets to her. It didn’t take long before her eyes got big as saucers after she read their intended location.

“P-P-Paris?” she choked out. “It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember! You’re lucky we’re in a public place or I’d kiss you until you blush.”

“I’ll hold you to that when we’re alone at our B & B.” Jamie purred.


When they finally did get to their accommodations they both made good on their promises. Soon after their bags hit the floor, they did as well. It began with Claire on tiptoes, holding Jamie’s face in her hands while she thanked him over and over with kisses.

“You need to tell me…” he murmured. “because I’ve never..” Jamie knew in theory what he wanted to give and receive but not precisely how to achieve the goal. His body felt like it was humming but had no idea how to act next.

“I trust you with my body. Do you trust me with yours?” she asked softly. “Just promise that you’ll always be honest, I need that.”

He nodded. “Yes. To everything.”

Both Jamie and Claire thought they’d always remember this first time together because they felt every emotion. He was surprised when a simple touch to her lower back made both their bodies react. She was angry when he criticised his lacking sexual knowledge. They both laughed when his immediate response to his first climax was to thank her. But what sparked the best memories was just being physically close to one another, feeling the heat of someone they loved.

The room seemed very quiet after so much heated activity Jamie spooked when he heard Claire’s stomach growl, which in turn jarred her enough to fall onto the floor. After their fit of giggles passed they got themselves comfortably settled in bed, agreeing to call room service immediately.

“I am ravenous.” Claire said. “How about you?”

When he didn’t respond she turned to see him grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. He did enjoy the chest slap he received but they’d get back to that later, now was the time to order dinner.

“I’m going to need the steak dinner with everything.” Jamie quickly replied. “I didn’t know my body would feel like it’s run a marathon! And you?”

“I am going to try the steak frites I’ve heard so much about! Then I’m going to need some macaron for pudding.”

She noticed that he just kept smiling as he looked into her eyes. She kissed his temple and moved to lay his head on her chest. “Thank you. So much, Jamie. You’ve made me feel like the only woman in the world.” she murmured.

“And to me, mo chridhe,you are.”