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Jayme: You’re so annoying excited. 

Roosje: Well it is a baby after all. 

Jayme: Hummm….

Roosje: Is there a baby?


Roosje: Let me be clearer…. if there is a baby is it August’s? You said you were pregnant from him about forum months ago yet your stomach is completely flat. What’s even funnier is that you don’t want him to go to the hospital with you. You don’t seem to even be excited for the new baby. I had to drag you here myself. It’s all weird, don’t you think? 


Roosje: Granted in my line of work I could find out about your recent relationship with a certain married neighbour of yours but we won’t talk about that. We’ll just talk about your child with Auggy… Is there a baby, Jayme? 

Mama's First 100!!!

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I am so excited to have all of you following me! Thanks for all the feedback, likes, and reblogs! I probably would have given up on Tumblr if it wasn’t for all of you! Hugs and love to you all!!!!!

Anyway, to celebrate I’m gonna host a Random Quote Challenge. You choose 2 of the prompts listed and I’ll give you a random quote for the third one (it will be a random quote from the character you chose from some point in the series).

Below the cut I have two lists. The first is a list of 30 songs. I listed a bunch because I know everyone has different tastes. Some songs I selected were just because I thought they could make for some interesting fics. Hopefully there is something on there for everyone.

The second is a list of 30 favorite characters from out beloved show Supernatural.

For my challenge, read on for the rules.

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Day #14 of the INKtober challenge - Ink with a CPAU sweater you would have designed yourself (list is here

Okay didn’t design this one myself but


(Also scarf. Because scarf. Oh, and look! It has color for once because it’s a super simple easy drawing whooo!)

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Word Prompt: Annoying neighbour

“If I see them poke their head over my fence one more time, I’m gonna lose it.”

“Why are they always getting my mail? Why don’t they just bring it to me instead of sending it back?”

“They do nothing about the fence. It’s breaking down on their side, so maybe they should fix it, not me.”

“I’d be lying if I said they weren’t attractive, but damn are they annoying.”