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I just want to encourage all of you who are serious about improving your writing to step out of your comfort zone and explore the unfamiliar. You don’t have to do what your friends are doing, and you don’t have to do what your favorite writers are doing. It’s really ok to delve into stories and themes that you and your friends might consider “uncharted territory”! And it’s ok to play around with language and form, too, come up with exciting new ways to present a story or message etc. I think challenging oneself like this is an excellent way to grow as a writer


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Part 2

You absolutely hated the idea of getting a tutor when you didn’t even need it. Your grades were excelling in the challenging environment, yet the teacher decided to act presumptively and assign you with a tutor, who happened to be the best in the class.

It was Peter Parker, someone you’d probably not notice if he wasn’t your tutor. After meeting him, he was almost inserted into your life and you welcomed him. If it weren’t for the stupid tutoring sessions your teacher made you do. You scowled at the book the two of you were looking at. “This is pointless. I have an A in all my classes!”

Peter smiled crookedly at you before looking back down to his book and mentioning in a casual tone, “You transferred to a completely different school in sophomore year. Not to mention, this school is for geniuses. Most transfers need a tutor.”

Glancing up at him, you added stubbornly, “I’m not a normal transfer.”

“Can’t say you are, Y/N Y/L/N,” Peter responded with a small smirk as he continued to talk about Computer Science. So, you weren’t a fan of people knowing who exactly you were. It’s not like any of your records said anything about your last name being Stark, and that means you weren’t technically lying about your father.

Withholding information isn’t lying. You just wanted a normal high school experience and, although you mended things with your dad, you didn’t want people to think that he got you into the school so you couldn’t handle it. Yes, he got you into the school, but that was just a stepping stone. You were trying your hardest to absorb all the information being thrown at you.

Not to mention the tensions at the Avengers Compound. Due to Sokovia and recent government problems, the team was rather split up. You didn’t want the government to control the Avengers, but you knew the civilian deaths were a serious issue with Tony. Besides, he was set on keeping you out of the conflict itself. It still hurt to see the team you loved so much falling apart.

Yet another thing to worry about is Peter. He’s been very tired lately and he’s been trying to blame it on the schoolwork and late nights. What Peter doesn’t know is that sometimes, if his sleeve is rolled up slightly, you’ll see occasional bruises and cuts. You immediately thought that he got himself involved in something that he shouldn’t be involved in, but you dismissed the idea.

It’s Peter after all. He couldn’t have gotten in that much trouble. He was just a sweet, albeit slightly dorky, guy. There are so many things he could do, but Peter knows when to avoid a bad situation. That’s how he managed to stop the major bullying from Flash.

Little did you know, Peter was looking at you and noticing how tired you seemed. After the tutoring session, he asked if you were okay. Since you couldn’t tell him that the stress of civil war was keeping you up, you simply smiled and stated, “I’ve just been worried lately. You know, because of all the crime lately.”

Concern flashed through his eyes and Peter wondered, “Has something happened?”

“No, not at all. I’m just a bit nervous.”

You began to walk away, but Peter stopped you and said, “I could walk you home.” He wanted to stop by as Spiderman and keep an eye out, but he had no idea where you lived.

Raising your eyebrow, you simply declined, “No thanks. I’m waiting for my dad anyway. Besides, I don’t want you staying up late tonight because of homework.” To hide your obvious lie, you said the last part as if you were a worried mother.

“Thanks, Mom,” he teased before continuing, “Okay. See you tomorrow, Y/N!” You were surprised that he just dropped the conversation, but shrugged it off and continued to walk.

Peter almost ran home so he could get his schoolwork done before his night roaming began. His mind went over the conversation with you. He was still concerned over you losing sleep and decided to see if he could find your address off the school directory.

It hadn’t been updated yet, so you weren’t there. Peter hesitated until he finally just typed your name into a search bar. Yes, he knew that this was slightly creepy, but it was good intentions, right?

Not much came up for your name. Miscellaneous things appeared like some awards you won at your old school. It wasn’t until he stumbled on an article that had recanted its statement. There were some photos of you, leaving what was Stark Towers. No one had any idea why you were there. Tony Stark had replied to the author that your mother was a friend of his and he had given you a summer internship.

You knew Tony Stark? Peter’s eyes widened and his mind raced. Why hadn’t you told him? You knew how much Peter looked up to Tony Stark. Maybe he could casually bring it up in conversation. He groaned slightly to himself, realizing he’d have to explain how he had stumbled upon an obscure article about you. That would seem creepy probably.

Groaning again, he closed the browser and shut his laptop. Of course he found out something about you, but Peter had no idea where you lived. All dreams of protecting you dissipated and reality came crashing back. You’d never like him. You’re just hanging out with him because Peter’s your tutor and one of the only people you knew at Midtown.

When the battle between Avengers was inevitable, you almost shut down in on yourself. Peter was extremely worried for you. Was the transition to Midtown hard? Your grades weren’t suffering, so it couldn’t be that bad. You told him a bit about your old school, and never in a nostalgic way.

Maybe it was personal? It shocked Peter at how little he knew about you. Sure, you met Peter that year, but it’s been a while since you first met him. He would have thought to at least know what your family was like. Some little comment about your mother or father.

You said nothing about your family. Maybe it was a family issue. He stared at you as you did your work. Peter was supposed to be tutoring, but he was too distracted by the dark circles under your eyes, signifying a consistent poor sleep schedule, something Peter knew all too well. He would look over at you from time to time, wishing he could do something.

The Avengers Compound seemed practically empty without everyone there. Wanda was shipped off to another compound, where Steve and Clint broke her out. Natasha stayed, but seemed distant as well. You silently did your homework on the counter in the kitchen when Tony walked in. He paused at your appearance. The Accords and everything had distracted him from your wellbeing. You obviously looked stressed over the upcoming battle.

He cleared his throat. You looked over your shoulder quickly, relaxing when you saw Tony. Walking over and placing a hand on your shoulder, Tony said in a reassuring tone, “You keeping up with the work perfectly. Once you’re done your homework, I want you in bed asleep.”

Simply nodding, you noticed his car keys in his hands and asked, “Are you going somewhere, Dad?”

“Recruiting the new Spider-kid,” he answered nonchalantly, “I’ll just pick up some dinner afterwards so don’t wait up.” Tony left you all by your lonesome, so you turned on some music while you did your homework.

About thirty minutes later, you felt your phone buzz on the table. Seeing it was Peter, you looked at it, not expecting much. It read, “Hey, I’m going to need you to collect my homework for the next few days.”

“Why?” you responded.

“I got an internship for Tony Stark!” You looked at the text in shock when another text came through from Peter. “By the way, anything you want to tell me?”

A strangled noise escaped from your mouth as the realization set in. FRIDAY immediately powered up and the voice resonated from the ceiling, “Miss Stark, I am unaware of that sound. Is everything okay?”

“He’s Spiderman!” you yelled at the AI.

“I am confused,” FRIDAY continued, “Is there a spider in the room?”

teenage boy saves the entire world, defeats the most evil wizard of the decade, is able to resist an imperius curse cast by said wizard, constantly has to solve mysteries and battle wizards way more qualified than him, has a perceptive mind and uses that to overcome challenges he faces, manages to get good grades under such stress, excels in practical magic, thrives in potions given unbiased instructions, gets complimented by teachers and the sorting hat for his mind, teaches other students at the age of fifteen, yet still gets called stupid and mediocre. what a world.

Hey lovely followers, I have some exciting news for you! Thanks to your love and support, I finally hit 1.3k! *cheering* Now this came right on the heels of my platonic soulmate, the Sam to my Dean, my best friend, Em ( @brothersonahotelbed ) coming up with an excellent idea for a writing challenge for all of you awesome people!

We know you guys are secretly just as dirty as us. Come on. Admit it. So, this challenge is called 50 Toys in 50 Days, or: 50 States of Sex.

How Does It Work?

  • You do not have to be following me or the lovely Em (but you’re more than welcome to!)
  • Reblog this post
  • No sign up deadline - we’ll keep this open until the prompts run out!
  • Send an ask to me or Em listing a state from the US (list below - one person per state, first come, first serve).
  • We will reply to you with a specific adult toy that we have on a private list.
  • You then have 50 days (due 6 July, 2017) to write a fic involving said toy and your state.
  • It can be angst, crack, darkfic, smut, fluff - anything! (It doesn’t have to be dirty at all - some of these toys are somewhat funny!)
  • Ship, RPF, and reader insert are allowed, anyone from SPN. All ships and polyships welcome!
  • Post your finished fic on your blog with the tag #50toysin50dayschallenge , and @ me ( @justanothersaltandburn ) and/or Em @brothersonahotelbed
  • Then Em and I will read it and reblog it to our blogs with a nice comment, and at the end of the challenge, we’ll make a masterlist of everyone’s hard work!

There are no winners and losers in this challenge, it’s purely for fun! Everyone’s a winner with sex toys!

Below is the list of remaining states. We’re looking forward to reading what you write!

  • Alabama
  • Rhode Island

I was so unhappy before. Self worth and self love wasn’t in my vocabulary. I hated everything about myself, I would cry myself to sleep almost every night. My father would always tell me, “Davina you need to be smart, because with the way you are you’ll never be athletic.” And for so long I believed him and in 2014 I finally took my life back. Fitness saved my life, it gave me something I could control. My father left and so did a lot of my friends I didn’t know what to do and it scared me that I couldn’t control anything in my life. I remember August 15, 2014 I was sobbing on my bed and then I looked in the mirror and told myself “Maybe I was meant to be fat and ugly and I just have to deal with it.” But then I realized how dumb that sounded. Why was I MEANT to be UNHAPPY? And on that day I changed EVERYTHING, my way of thinking, my way of eating, my way of living. I found Blogilates and and for the first time I was enjoying myself, I was finally proud of myself. Today I still working on a few emotional things but over all I’m so much happier! And I have God to thank. I’m thankful for Showing me this site, Blogilates, and of corse I’m so thankful for all of you are your endless support.



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smooti  asked:

A question for Afua - were there any unique challenges to you when you first got into the 'mainstream' comic industry (Marvel and DC)? Would love to hear what your experiences were, and if they got better over time, or to see how it compares to working on indie projects

To be honest, working for the majors is MUCH easier than working for smaller companies. Smaller companies like to micromanage. Bigger companies trust you to do your thing. The biggest challenge is the demand for excellence and that is self-imposed. Whatever it is I make, Millions of people may potentially see it. I can’t have a bad drawing day or artist block for too long. The larger companies, if they’ve come to you, it’s because they see your work in the Indy world and they trust you with their characters. Each editor and writer team works differently, so you experience working is hinged upon who you are working with directly. The only issue I face is when I have several editors on a large project. The editor may have suggestions and changes but when it goes up the pipe, the other folks making decisions may have their own suggestions. I don’t get paid until the work is approved. So if there are too many changes, it can be a bit of a blow to the pockets. But I am learning every day. I’m really grateful I have the opportunity to draw some of my FAVORITE characters I’ve nerded out on since kindergarten. We see these companies as giants but they are just made up of people. Many of those people have become my friends and they really do look out for me.

the signs as Hamilton characters

Aries: Hercules Mulligan - a very outgoing and typically violently outspoken person, Hercules is driven towards achieving his goals no matter what it takes.  he also is fairly sexual (especially in his introduction), generally typical with this Mars ruled sign.  as an Aries, he has the drive and cunning to achieve goals.

Hercules Mulligan’s birthdate is unknown

Taurus: King George III - his stubborn nature and inability to give up the colonies without a fight gives King George III Taurus traits.  he is bull-headed and refuses to admit defeat, even when the war is lost, telling the colonies “you’ll be back” and getting excited during The Adams Administration.

King George III was actually a Gemini

Gemini: Angelica Church-Schuyler - Angelica “dazzles the room” as a very social and well-loved lady; she clearly has the social skills of a Gemini.  she also proves to be a very intelligent human being, wanting a mindful revelation rather than a revolution, which gives insight as to how insightful she is.

Angelica Church-Schuyler was actually a Pisces

Cancer: Elizabeth Hamilton-Schuyler - Eliza is a family oriented lady, which proves when she begs Alexander to stay home with their child instead of going off to build a nation.  she is also loving, caring, and sensitive, and has all the nurturing qualities of a Cancer.  she is tough-skinned, and willing to forgive.

Eliza Hamilton-Schuyler was actually a Leo

Leo: Alexander Hamilton - though he’s not always begging to be in the spotlight, it is clear that Alexander wants to impress and intrigue those around him.  he’s mindful, and creative when it comes to writing, but he also has talent when it comes to social events, and seems to take over a room with his words.

Alexander Hamilton was actually a Capricorn

Virgo: James Madison - a talented writer and organizer, James fits the stereotype well.  he helps John Jay and Alexander Hamilton write “The Federalist Papers” to defend the Constitution, putting his feud with Alexander away to fight for what he believes in.  he is strong-willed and a sharp mind.

James Madison was actually a Pisces

Libra: John Laurens - like a Libra, John is a “people person” and this shows through in being Alexander’s best friend.  in addition, he is keen on justice, which is obvious in both his fight against slavery (he leads the “first black battalion”) in addition to his duel with Charles Lee to clear Washington’s name.

John Laurens was actually a Scorpio

Scorpio: Aaron Burr - like a classic Scorpio, Aaron “keeps all his plans close to his chest” and thinks very heavily about the mortality of life, death, and love.  he is not quick to act; instead, he lies in wait until the perfect opportunity to meet his goal comes along.  he is also emotional deep down, as seen with Theodosia.

Aaron Burr was actually an Aquarius

Sagittarius: Thomas Jefferson - Thomas’s strong moral ideas and philosophies categorize him as a Sagittarius.  he holds firms to his morals and ideals (shown when he wants to help France with their revolution, no matter how impractical). he’s also a traveler and interested in forgiven relations, as the secretary of state.

Thomas Jefferson was actually an Aries

Capricorn: George Washington - a wise and hardened old soul, George Washington is determined and will work towards his goals.  he can be stubborn, and is also brave and commanding.  people listen to him when he speaks, and none dare to challenge him.  he is an excellent leader and cannot be replaced.

George Washington was actually a Pisces

Aquarius: Marquis de Lafayette - like an Aquarius, he is a revolutionary.  he immigrates to America to help in their revolution, then goes back to France to organize a revolution there, uniting the people (also like a true Aquarius) and bringing hopes of better leadership to both countries, with strong ideals.

Marquis de Lafayette was actually a Virgo

Pisces: Philip Hamilton - as a very emotional child, he is eager to please his father and wants to live up to his legacy.  he is also extremely loyal to Alexander, and literally dies trying to protect his name.  he realizes the mortality that he is faced with, and occasionally seems to live in his own little “dream world”.

Philip Hamilton is actually an Aquarius