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teenage boy saves the entire world, defeats the most evil wizard of the decade, is able to resist an imperius curse cast by said wizard, constantly has to solve mysteries and battle wizards way more qualified than him, has a perceptive mind and uses that to overcome challenges he faces, manages to get good grades under such stress, excels in practical magic, thrives in potions given unbiased instructions, gets complimented by teachers and the sorting hat for his mind, teaches other students at the age of fifteen, yet still gets called stupid and mediocre. what a world.

The creator of the mannequin challenge, Emili, speaks out about it coming a phenomenon

“One day I just went to the front of the class and stood there. That’s when my friend A'laynah said, ‘Hey, you look like a mannequin.’ Then my friend Bre'Onna and Jasmine joined and we started doing all these crazy poses.

These days there are so many 'challenges’ on social media, which I guess made my friend Deryk suggest that we make it a challenge, and basically we just added him as well as our friend A'laynah and Jalen to do it with us,

Most of the poses came from typical poses that you would see in the mall or in Old Navy. 

Honestly when we posted it we thought it would be known around school and maybe other schools in our city.” - Emili, read more of her thoughts on it

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||January BPC: Just One More Page|| 30. Stunning. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers.


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Black people show they’re the most creative on the internet yet again with the Chuck E. Cheese challenge

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dream schools+ harvard university;

harvard’s motto is “veritas”, latin for “truth.” with a low acceptance rate and famed academics, harvard represents a dream to many; one of challenging and fabled school life, defined by excellence.
The Top Ten Drag Race Editing Archetypes

With season 8 coming up, it’s time to remember how the show turns complex, real people into easily distinguishable characters for your entertainment. Study and see who you can pick out this time around! . 


This queen is flawless. She can do no wrong and seems to excel at every challenge. Even if she has to lipsync, she will be the best lipsyncher ever. A good edit will humanize her, giving her a moment of generosity or two, handing her the crown. A bad one will play up her ego and make you wish her death, leaving her dead in the top 4/top 3.

Examples: Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Courtney Act, Chad Michaels


She may not always win, but goddamn you love her any way. She’s fun, she’s quotable, she’s your best friend in the competition. Of all the contestants she will have the most pronounced arc and wind up in the top 3. That being said, only one of them has ever won.

Examples: Jujubee, Jinkx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Pearl (yup, she had the most pronounced arc of the season and everyone wanted her. Deal with it)


Not always a winner, but a strong competitor nonetheless. That’s not the reason you like her though: you like her because her confessionals kick ass. She’ll be hilarious as fuck, or otherwise lend commentary that amps up the fun. She won’t win, but strange how voting always starts when she gets eliminated.

Examples: Latrice Royale, Ben DelaCreme, Katya, Pandora Boxx


She’s not the best in the competition, but she keeps surviving elimination. Why? She provides the most drama. This queen wreaks havoc and causes chaos. You won’t like her, but you’ll blog the shit out of her fights and tune in intently to watch her fall. Every Ace or Personality needs a good bitch against them. 

Examples: Phi Phi O’Hara, Rebecca Glasscock, Gia Gunn


What is wrong with this girl? She seems to lose her shit at a moment’s notice. She takes everything way too personally and makes such a production when there shouldn’t be. She’ll called out for being fake and it will take her a LONG time to recover publicly.

Examples: Mimi Imfurst, Langanja Estranja, Max


They are there to be seen and thirsted after. Regardless of their talent, people will only think about doing them in or out of drag. Sadly, they won’t win because the show won’t flesh them out, and they will be gone when producers want to show that the game is getting tougher. Expect an outcry, but trust that they will have a solid career and a YouTube show with WoW after the fact.

Examples: Milk, Trixie Mattel, Carmen Carrera


Can’t seem to win a damn challenge, but can never go home. Why? Because her lipsynch is fucking FLAWLESS. She gets every word, nails every beat, does splits, spread eagles, back flips, flip flops one right after another. Pity she can’t bring this to the competition, where she’s too insecure or unprepared. She’ll be sent home after three performances, barring circumstances. 

Examples: Coco Montrese, Akashia, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trinity K. Bonet


Oh the poor dear. It’s clear that she’s a talented queen, but unfortunately she’s OLD. She may be a pro at pre ’90s styles of drag, but younger queens/viewers won’t get them. Worse, the competition will be stacked against them. A nude challenge tailored to younger bodies? A lipsynch by an ex-Disney star who still sounds like a kid? Sorry, once you’re over 40 the edit is not in your favor.

Examples: Penny Tration, Vivacious, Tempest DuJour


She’s weird. You have no idea how she says what she says, but you cannot stop listening to her. Not a winner, but definitely a novelty. The most GIF-worthy queen of the season. May overlap with other archetypes, but you’ll remember her for this. 

Examples: Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Miss Fame


The edit doesn’t care how talented she is- she’s quieter and not as big as the other girls. She’s going home early and will be forgotten quickly. She definitely doesn’t deserve it, but with so many contestants someone has to get screwed.

Examples: Phoenix, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, India Ferrah

Inktober Poster Rough Challenge #6: Jeremy Saulnier’s excellent GREEN ROOM from last year.  It’s terrifying, masterfully directed, and just incredibly well done across the board.  I’d loved Saulnier’s earlier BLUE RUIN (streaming on at least Netflix, maybe Amazon, you oughtta watch it) so was eager to see this follow-up, which didn’t disappoint.

My “rough” ended up being tight enough that I just went ahead and finished it, so this is the final version, unless I made spelling mistakes, which I probably did.

Poster #1: ANGEL HEART
Poster #3: WESTWORLD
Poster #4: THE FOG
Poster #5: ALIEN

Hey denizens of the DA Weird Shit™ Chat,

@vonuberwald came up with the excellent idea of having a monthly fic writing challenge.

This month’s challenge will run from the 12th March until 12th April and there are two prompts: ‘Pegging’ for the kink prompt, and 'Faith’ for the non-kink prompt.

Pick one (or both) of the prompts and then post them to the collection and share with all your fellow Weird Chatters.  It’s all just for fun, so no pressure.

And remember: #kinkshaming is unjust!

The March of Robots drawing challenge marches on. If you don’t know about it, it’s run by @chocolatesoop and it’s easy to join in. Just draw a robot — as creative or as straightforward as you like. The hashtag to use to join in or just to check out all the great things being drawn is #marchofrobots and #marchofrobots2017. We would of course love to see what you make with our app so add #autodesksketchbook if you’re so inclined. We’ve really been enjoying posts by (clockwise) @tonycartoonish, @sketchuk, @ablackwe, and all of whom have already made a lot of excellent drawings for this challenge. 

INFP Strengths and Weaknesses

INFPs are imaginative, warm, idealistic, and compassionate. They are usually open-minded and accepting, unless someone is violating one of their values. Ultimately, INFPs want to change the world in whatever way they can. They want to make the world a better place for others.

INFP’s intuitive (N) quality gives them the ability to make inferences based on their “gut feeling”. They see problems as a big puzzle, and are excellent at overcoming challenges. They often read between the lines and seek out the deeper meaning of things.

INFPs primarily focus externally, and base judgments off of their intuitive feelings. When they do focus internally, they base their decisions off of their feelings and values.


People who are INFPs are often described as free spirits. They may get wrapped up in their focus on the big picture, and forget about the details along the way. INFPs may have difficulty following through on projects. They do not like to focus on hard facts and logic, and may have trouble completing tasks that are very detail-oriented.

Because they rely so much on their intuition, INFPs must be careful not to read into everything too much. This may cause INFPs to misinterpret a friend’s emotions and over-dramatize things. Others may come to view INFPs as overly-sensitive or dramatic. To avoid this, INFPs must remind themselves that sometimes the most straight-forward answer is the best, intuition is not always needed.

INFPs’ ultimate goal is to help others, however, INFPs must be careful not to neglect their own needs in doing so. It is critical that INFPs do not sacrifice their own wellbeing and aspirations to help others. They can also be very hard on themselves if they believe they are not living up to their full potential. Once they accomplish something, INFPs are very humble and will rarely take credit for their accomplishments.

INFPs always aim to please others and will do anything to avoid conflict. Because they are such people-pleasers, INFPs often seek out the opinions of others, but may have a hard time accepting criticism. They may become reliant on others’ approval to validate their self-worth.

holy shit, just beat nier automata last night, and this is genuinely one of my favorite games ever made right now. it does everything I would ever want from a game: excellent challenging gameplay, strong visual design, interesting and fleshed out world, powerful meaningful story, and the best goddamn soundtrack from the past decade (I can genuinely not sing the praises of this soundtrack enough. I could spend days talking about all the genius touches it has). from the first minute to the very last credit sequence, it manages to surprise and amaze me in a way that few games or even pieces of fiction ever have. if you are a fan of games, or hell even a fan of fiction in general, you need to play this game all this way through. like goddamn. just fucking play it

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IMA question What are the best and worst ships (In order from Jesus fuck is this not canon to death to all that ship this fucking flaming trash heap of a couple)

Excellent challenge! But I’m no good with numbers so I’m gonna do tiers


Washington+Caroline, Mindi+Alex, Alex+Thomas (jamilton), James+Alex, ok lbr Washington+any of them


Ben+Alex, Abby+James


John+Abby, John+Thomas (jadams)


James+John, John+ Ben(fradams(MY FAVORITE)), Mindi+Abby

Russell James on “The Lily Metaphor of 2015”

Need some inspiration to start 2015 off right? We’re getting ours from none other than photographer Russell James, whose experience with Lily Aldridge on our latest swim shoot gave him the motivation he needed to go the extra mile.

He suggested setting up Lily in the stunning—but quite precarious—shot above, standing on top of a giant rock on the beach with sheer, 90-degree drops on every side, and immediately took it back when he realized how dangerous it could be. But Lily insisted on doing it because she wanted to face her fears. “ I am afraid of heights and I WANT to do it,” she told him. And just like that, it was no longer about the shot.

“It reminded me that it is important to challenge yourself, to push your boundaries, face your fears and excel beyond them,” Russell shared on his Facebook page. He credits Lily with giving him his New Year’s Resolution: “…to not sit back on my ass and be an observer in life but instead face fear, insecurities and push my boundaries to do better.”