the challenge group game


it has been a while since our last random event ewe but today we are gonna have a large and lasting random event that is meant for everyone!

todays theme is

in this event we all split up into 3 different squads

the PINK squad (pink hairs) [you can have any shade of pink as your hair color]

the ORANGE squad (orange hairs) [you can have any shade of orange as your hair color]

the BLUE squad (blue hairs)  [you can have any shade of blue as your hair color]

you can all choose to be whichever squad you prefer to be at the start or even move over to the other squad,or as i’d like to say “recolor yourself”.

so here’s how it all goes 

color wars have 3 different ways to play the game

the first one is 

with this method you can paint your friends and strangers with your color if they desire by just asking them to join your squad. ask anyone you like on any social media even!

the second method is

with this method you can pull over people from other squad to your squad. surprise attack them with art or some nice letters or anything creative you can think of so they become your color buddy!

the third method is

with this method you can challenge people from other groups to any kind of game (cards,video games,dice rolls,coin flips,etc [anything that has to do with two players really]) if the other color person loses then they have to transfer to your squad as a “punishment” and they will not be able to transfer back to their original group for however long both of the persons bet. you can also challenge your group to a game with other groups,almost like a group fight! 

every color squad can have their own group of 6 inside and they must have different kind of things to wear. anything works in this really,as long as its noticeable and colored. 

the groups cannot have same colored (same) items though

the squad with most people at the end of 2 weeks will be the winners! (though i cant think of any prize for now-since theres a lot of people to reward with- ) 

there can be squad members that arent in any groups so you dont have to be in any group if you dont want to!

also for people to know which squad you’re on you can put the color of your squad on your icon like this 

hope ya’ll will join and have fun you guys! nwn 

and remember 

dont hurt each other! i’m trying to make this so people can have fun!~

if you do have questions please do leave me a message!


☆ Welcome to the first bi-annual Matsu Games.

The Matsu Games is a month-long challenge in which participants are split into six groups and have to compete in challenges, games, and competitions for points.
The team with the most points by the end of the game wins!

The Matsu Games is hosted and ran by the Oso-San Artist Network.

☆ Teams

Team Oso  ✦ Team Kara  ✦ Team Choro
Team Ichi  ✦ Team Jyushi  ✦ Team Todo

 ☆ Sign Ups

Sign ups will open in 24 hours. Keep checking back for updates

The Challenge Games are back!

I asked about another group challenge and you all responded. You all really want a Torture King Challenge.

And so here it is.

After drafting the idea and coming up with more ways to get everyone active this coming Halloween season.

These are the challenge rules.

This challenge will be the same as the Summer Games. A big number of workouts to be done within the week completed by the group. If you finish before the week is over, send it in to be awarded with points.

4 on a team.

I’m not expecting a big turnout, since there are a lot of more challenge options out there right now. But I did speak with some of you while others I’m trying to recruit. If we get more, then 5 it is. But the reason for 4 or 5 on a team is because for this month’s challenge we are going with multiple captains.

Multiple Captains

Every week a different person will be selected as a captain or leader. That captain for that week will have a solo challenge in the middle of the week to earn more points so talk with your team as to who wants to be that captain. On Wednesday of said week I will give you one workout to do within 24 hours. You finish that workout and you will get the bonus points. You don’t finish, you get half the points.

Points System

You are now counting every rep you do as a point. So it’s a big upgrade from the last challenge and the points will stay that way until the end. Time is also a factor here and those points will also play a big part. Add your time and turn them into points.


Part of this challenge will have Rookie and August Challenge Games workout moves for the whole week. I know there was an idea that came up to have a rookie fitblr involved in this challenge and put them up with veteran fitblrs. So with that in mind, 5 workout moves with 2 being low in reps and 3 high in reps. This will stay like that until the end.

Rookie Fitblrs

Don’t be frightened… as stated earlier, I dislike the word baby fitblr or newbie fitblr, so I just go around calling you rookies. If you’re available and want to participate in a big challenge that will kick your ass now instead of waiting til a new year to start. Come be a part of this challenge and hang out with veteran fitblrs who will give you tips and encourage you to do your best. Some of these challengers I know and others I have recruited because they are the best at motivating, encouraging, and inspiring everyone in the fitblr community. Just remember to reblog this and let me know you’re a baby, newbie, rookie fitblr so I can put one on each team.

That will do it. Please reblog if you are interested. I already spoke with some of you and gave you the verbal welcome to the challenge speech. If you want to boost go on ahead and do so. If you want to join, please reblog or message me directly with interested so I can add you to a group.

How to DM for Tabletops

Now If anyone is actually reading this, you’re probably already into Dungeons and Dragons or another type of tabletop game, or at least into fantasy shenanigans since that’s all my blog posts have been so far. Maybe you already run a game and maybe you’re already good at it and that’s just fine. Maybe you also do things differently, and that’s alright too, but it’s always good to share new ideas and even old ideas for those that aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, so I’d like to share what I know.

So the first thing that you need to know is that it’s ok to make mistakes and fuck up as you go along, especially as you’re learning. Sometimes players can get pretty critical about things and we can definitely be more critical on ourselves, but don’t let that stop you if you really have fun doing it. Ultimately, the game is about having fun and as long as you guys are having fun there’s really no reason to stop over silly screw ups. Some amazing examples of stupid dungeon mastering, you can check past posts I have about character’s I’ve played and their adventures. The Vinyr Alkafyn character I wrote about is actually my very first character and my first experience playing D&D, as well as my friends’ first experiences DMing, and there’s a ton of great examples in their story.

That being said, the best way to go about learning in my opinion is to join a group as a player. When you’re a first time player with a group that has already played the game, you can watch and experience the rules first hand which allows you to pick up on a lot of the mechanics of the game and learn a lot about the role playing aspects. Then I would recommend reading the books themselves. If you don’t really know anyone who plays the game and aren’t comfortable, or have trouble finding groups online to play with, then instead I’d say start with the books and go from there. The games are typically very easy to play anyway, most of the “learning curve” as a DM comes from learning what your players enjoy doing, and what kind of challenges are appropriate for your group. Luckily, I haven’t seen a tabletop game that doesn’t have the “challenge rating” of most encounters or monster included in the books, so it’s easy to pick up on what is supposed to be balanced.

Well what if my party is larger or smaller than the party size in the books? Alternatively, what if our party is made up of classes and races that weigh mostly on one end of the balance? Well the answer is simple. You kind of just make your best guess at what the challenge should be, and learn from the mistakes you will undoubtedly make. When I started hosting my own group regularly, I had this problem because I had a group of about 7 or 8 players, which is about twice the number recommended for the challenge ratings in the book. In addition to that, I allowed them to play whatever they wanted since most of us were pretty familiar with the game already as a player. There’s many times where I tried to use an enemy of a higher CR or too many enemies of a lower CR to try to balance the situation, and in the beginning it was almost always strongly weighted on one team or the other and the encounter didn’t really have a “challenge” to it. It was either too hard or much too easy. Eventually I got a feel for the encounters and for the most part my players are pretty satisfied with how they go.

That being said, try to remember that encounters aren’t all there is to the game. In fact, if you aren’t using an adventure path, the best way to go about becoming a dungeon master is to start building a world or setting for your adventures to take place in. Now if you don’t like to build your own material, there are usually plenty of pre-made adventure paths and setting books that you can buy to get your game going, and those are great recourses, but if you’re like me I find that one of the more fun aspects of being a dungeon master is creating your own world setting and story for your friends to adventure in.

I like to start by getting the old imagination going. Think to yourself “what does my world look like? Why does it look like that? What are the important races and kingdoms of the world? Do they get along or don’t they? Basically just try to think about how the real world works politically as well as how your favorite books and movies do things and choose what you like about them. Don’t focus too much on being “realistic” as most of us don’t know everything there is to know about this or that. For instance, I’m terrible at understanding how geography works in terms of world forming and landmasses. Every time I make a map, such as the one I’m working on now, I show it to my friends to review and one or two of my pals will always have a question about why things are where they are, because they don’t make sense in a real world.

I recall one time when my group had a mission that required they sail a warship down this grand canyon-like river to get it to the ocean, and one of the players got hung up on the current and the rocks and how the ship in real life probably wouldn’t have been able to even sail down that river. Don’t let stuff like this discourage you, it’s perfectly ok to simply say “magic shenanigans” or “this is how this works in my world”. Sometimes player’s aren’t satisfied with those kinds of answers if they are the type of person to get hung up on what’s realistic and what isn’t, but that’s perfectly ok as long as everyone still has fun in the end. If you don’t know how something works, you simply can’t incorporate it realistically without doing research and if you don’t find that sort of research or learning fun, it’s ok to use magic as an excuse. After all, this is a fictional fantasy setting the majority of the time and if real rules worked dragons and liches would not be a thing.

That being said, you do want to make sure that regardless of your rulings, that you are as consistent as you can be. Many dungeon masters, myself included, either do or in the past have had a habit of being far too story oriented. What I mean by this is that it’s good to have a story, but your game should be about the players and making them heroes, or villains, or whatever they’re setting out to be. I used to get upset because I’d put so much effort into planning out what I thought was this great and deep story line, only for the players to say “fuck it, I want to spend the entire session making trouble in town and dealing with the consequences!” I used to handle it poorly and kind of just chase them into the story or have them wait to react until the villain is done with his speech instead of allowing them to try to throw a knife at him id sentence. Or even say “too bad you can’t do that” or “just because” when trying to justify my reasons for not allowing them to attack an enemy who was supposed to be appearing briefly for theatrics.

Now that sort of railroading, or even true railroading where your characters get specific missions and go specific places is fine as long as that is what you’re group enjoys, but the biggest thing as a DM is making sure you are open to giving the players what they enjoy as well. That’s not to say you have to sacrifice that super awesome story and dialogue you thought up, it’s just so say to be considerate and compromise. What I started doing is taking the dungeons and the story parts and finding more appropriate organic ways to work them in instead of writing them only to work in specific locations or not allowing players to avoid going where they don’t want to go or doing what they don’t want to do.

That all being said, DMing isn’t really very hard to learn at all. Hopefully my experiences and advice, as well as my way of doing this was helpful for any of you looking to learn the game. To review, learning to be a DM is really as simple as; learning the rules, creating a world or using pre-made adventures, learning to balance the game for your players, and learning the player’s styles as well as their preferences.


A little more advice

           Should I let my players be evil?

Well, as long as they play with each other nicely there’s no problem with evil characters. The main concern people have about evil PCs is that people tend to stab each other in the back or decide to kill another player over an argument rather than settle it peacefully. If your group doesn’t have that problem then great, but if you aren’t sure or if you do have players that don’t handle being evil very well, just lay down a few ground rules or expectations. Maybe if someone wants to be evil everyone else has to be evil and make their goals line up so they are less likely to back stab each other, or maybe just let the player know that the setting is designed with neutral and good NPC’s in majority, and that if his evil character doesn’t behave himself he might end up with some serious in game consequences. These are two good examples, but really you can implement anything that works.

           What if one of my players’ character dies?

Ultimately as a DM your challenges and enemies and even sometimes the NPC’s should behave somewhat realistically, or at least realistically to the setting, and players will always be at risk of death. As long as you aren’t out to get the player, if a death happens it happens. Players should have this expectation, and they should have an idea of what kind of actions might lead to lethal results. For instance, if a rogue character gets into an argument with a shop keep, or gets caught stealing and resists arrest, the guards would likely try to apprehend him. If a fight breaks out, you as a DM can make it less dangerous by giving the guards a nonlethal weapon to fight with, but if the rogue starts stabbing them then it might be more realistic for them to draw their long-swords. If the other players don’t back this character up and it’s four guards to one player, and the player refuses to submit, then yeah that player might die if lady luck isn’t on her side. Alternatively, if you have a level one party walk into a room filled with like 10 or 15 bugbears, and the cave caves in behind them, if they die it’s probably your fault. The idea is to be as fair as you can be and make sure that you are consistent with the expectation of what is and isn’t potentially dangerous. In addition to that, some things just can’t be helped. If the group is a fairly high level and they fight an enemy with a death effect, and the player just happens to fail their saving throw then yeah it would kill them. There is a reason resurrection spells exist in the games, and more often than not the higher level players will be able to heal up a dead party member. Sometimes stuff just happens, and your players probably know it isn’t your fault as long as it really isn’t your fault.

           You may be able to see a re-occurring theme in my advice. Essentially no matter what the problem is, if you are trying to be fair, consistent, and setting the proper expectations, then you shouldn’t really run into many problems in your games. I hope this was helpful!

One of the major things that annoys me about Persona 5: why are the Phantom Thieves so dismissive of Mishima?

Because not only is it common decency to be nice to the guy who is effectively your no. 1 supporter, a lot of the major intel they get throughout the game, both in main story and in side plots, is thanks to Mishima’s Phansite. And let me remind you, Mishima didn’t start the Phansite because the Phantom Thieves asked him to. He did that of his own initiative, because he felt it was important. And even as things start to fall apart, from the Phandom becoming more demanding to support for the Phantom Thieves taking a sudden decline toward the end of the game, he continues to manage the site and actively support the Phantom Thieves. That takes a lot of dedication, especially when it becomes more and more likely that he could be arrested for helping a group of vigilantes. Is he a little obsessive? Perhaps, but considering how high the stakes start to become, his tenacity likely did him more good than harm.

And what does he get for that? Very, very little. Both Ryuuji and the Protagonist (who’s dialogue choices when interacting with Mishima range from indifferent to insulting, with very few opportunities to be genuinely nice to the guy) often treat him like he’s weird because he’s so dedicated to the Phansite, even though THEY are the ones who benefit from said dedication. And the other Phantom Thieves don’t really interact with him (even Ann, which is strange considering they’re in the same class), so the only real interaction he has with the group are those two.

Which leads to my next point, the thing that bothers me the most about all of this: Mishima pretty much works for the Phantom Thieves, he could considered an honorary Phantom in his own right. So why don’t the other Thieves keep him in the loop when it comes to what’s going on? This particularly stuck out to me during the Medjed arc (minor spoilers ahead): during the game, the Thieves are challenged by a group of hackers called Medjed. Being that the hackers are anonymous, the Thieves aren’t really sure what to do, until they get contacted by a hacker going by the handle Alibaba. Alibaba agrees to help them with Medjed in exchange from a favour, and at one point, Ryuuji asks for proof that Alibaba has a high enough level of skill in order to take down Medjed, and challenges them to take down a website. Alibaba takes down the Phansite for a short amount of time in order to prove their skill. Mishima then text the Protagonist, rightfully freaked out that he cannot access his own website, and believes that Medjed is behind this. While you are given the response to say ‘It’s Alibaba’, you are never allowed to explain who Alibaba is, how they are helping you with Medjed and that Mishima has nothing to worry about. Eventually, the site comes back, and Mishima continues on as if nothing happened. 

It at that moment that it really hit me: Mishima is helping the Thieves throughout the entire game, pretty much from when they were formed, but he doesn’t actually know what is going on. He knows who the Thieves’ founding members are, and that they possess some power that allows them to ‘change the hearts’ of other people, but that’s the extent of his knowledge. He’s supporting them mostly on blind faith, with no knowledge of what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, or how ethical this all is. That is… kind of disturbing when you think about it, but what’s more disturbing is that Mishima never asks the Thieves to explain it to him. I don’t know if he’s expecting them to volunteer that information eventually, but they never do. The Thieves never even consider sharing anything with him. Now you may think “Well, that’s because the less he knows, the less likely he is to leak information and become a potential liability”, but honestly? He already knows the identity of their leader (and he knows that the Protagonist is the leader, he even says it during his Social Link), and two other core members. AND considering the Thieves are often seen hanging out with one another in public, it’s likely Mishima has already figured out the identity of the other Thieves. He’s already a part of this situation, there’s really no added risk to explaining what’s going on to him. In fact, it could only benefit them to tell Mishima, because now he’ll be able to properly focus on intel the group really needs at certain moments.

Now you may have read all of this thinking I’m some big Mishima fan. And I do like Mishima, but that’s not the main reason Mishima’s treatment irritates me. What irritates me is that the whole game is about mutually beneficial relationships and the importance of maintaining them, and most of the Social Links support this… but Mishima’s Social Link often feels like he’s giving a lot to the Protagonist, for a very high risk, and not getting a lot back. And I could excuse this if we saw the Thieves just once discussing whether or not it’s worth cluing Mishima in, but they ever do. They often talk about Phansite and are heavily reliant on it, but rarely do they talk about the guy who’s running and maintaining it and how much danger he’s in because he’s involved with them.

tl;dr Phantom Thieves should be nicer to Mishima, and at least give him a heads up before they do something that may possibly make his life a little more difficult. 

anonymous asked:

oooohh 3 for sprace please!

Thank you for the prompt! This one was so much fun. I finally kept my promise to shorten these up a little, but I struggled so hard to keep this one short. It’s just so tempting to write pages upon pages of Sprace. I’m moving into college this week so I’ve had no time to edit or anything so I hope this doesn’t suck too bad!

3. “I’m not jealous.”


Spot Conlon grew up with very few material possessions. He never caught a glimpse of the lives of fortunate children who were raised with kind, loving families, the kids who were given Christmas presents and candies when they behaved. He was like the rest of the newsies wandering the streets, many orphaned or estranged from their parents, and certainly none of them receiving gifts or familial love on any given day.

That’s why, when Spot Conlon fought his way to being the “King” of Brooklyn, he held onto every perk that the position brought him. The respect that blossomed out of slight fear, the private room in the lodging house, the ability to order the other newsies around while simultaneously being able to help them. While he didn’t gain many more material possessions, he gained power and, to a kid that grew up with nothing, that was much better.

With Spot’s power also came the ability to control who came in and out of Brooklyn. This was an important job in Spot’s eyes; keeping relations between his birthplace and other boroughs fairly friendly was an important factor to maintaining success. It also helped Brooklyn gain its reputation. Without Brooklyn on your side, you were gonna lose. Spot liked having the upper hand, especially when it came to the recent strike in Manhattan. He was willing to fight— as long as he was on the winning side. There was no shame in that. The surge of pride he had felt when one of his boys had told him that no other borough would join the strike until he did was enough to satisfy him for a whole week.

Spot didn’t consider himself to be an unfair leader. He knew what he could and couldn’t get away with, he would gladly soak anyone who put any of his newsies in harms way, and he managed to keep any violence within his ranks to a minimum. Spot wasn’t an unfair leader, no, but he liked to keep what was his.

And Racetrack Higgins was someone Spot considered to be his.

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SU Theory: Intergem Fusion Is No Longer Taboo on Homeworld

I know I usually post comedic posts when regarding Steven Universe, but I have a fan theory that I feel should be shared. In “The Answer” we learned that Garnet might have been the first intergem fusion and it was very taboo. Ruby almost got shattered because of it. However, my theory is that intergem fusions aren’t taboo on Homeworld. Yes, fusion is probably still seen as only a combat tactic, but I think they might have relaxed when it came to the idea of two different gems fusing. Here’s some evidence to this theory.

1.  The Rubies Don’t Mention It:

Originally posted by bellsingur

In the episode “Hit the Diamond”, the Crystal Gems (poorly disguised as humans) challenge a group of Homeworld Rubies to a game of Baseball. The ruse is up when Sapphire fuses with Ruby. The Homeworld Rubies, while shocked, don’t seem shocked that two different gems fused. Now the Rubies were really dumb so it is arguable that maybe they were too dumb to be offended (though stupid people are more likely to be bigoted). The thing is the Rubies aren’t the only ones who don’t seem to mention the intergem fusion.

2.  Peridot Doesn’t Mention It:

During Peridot’s redemption arc, she has to learn how to deal with the gem culture on Earth being different on Homeworld. Of course, since the Crystal Gems know how the culture is on Homeworld and that it’s not Peridot’s fault that her beliefs are the way they are, they are extremely patient with her and try to teach her the ways of Earth through compassion and understanding. No, that’ of course not how it went, but that’s a rant for another time. One of the more awful moments involve Peridot being uncomfortable with Garnet being fused all the time and is punished for it. During her time, Peridot never mentions the fact that Garnet is two different gems fused together. Her problem seems to be that Garnet is fused all the time and that she is fused outside of battle. She finds it weird and she probably is uncomfortable with a battle method being used outside battle (which to her, is like someone carrying an assault rifle around a grocery store). I would think, that if intergem fusions were taboo that Peridot would mention it at least once.

3.  Jasper Doesn’t Mention It (well maybe she did once):

Jasper is another gem that never mentions that Garnet is two different gems fused together. Jasper does berate Garnet for being fused all the time, but it seems more like she’s condescending Garnet for using a “cheap tactic”. Jasper comes off like a proud warrior and she sees Garnet being fused as “cheating” of sorts. Now there is one time that is arguably Jasper insulting Garnet for being two gems fused together. That is when she first lands and calls Garnet a “shameless display”. That could be a reference to her being an intergem fusion, but it could easily be a reference for other things like her being fused right away. There is more evidence that Jasper gives for intergem fusions not being taboo anymore.

4.  Jasper Quickly Turns to the Idea of Fusing with Another Gem:

Now let’s look back to “the Answer”.  Ruby almost got executed for fusing with another gem. If that were still the case for Homeworld gems for the present day, would you think Jasper fuse with another gem without hesitation. Even if it’s not still penalty of death taboo, you think it being very taboo would make Jasper less likely to fuse with another gem. She seems like a very proud gem and it would probably not be the best idea for her to give Lapis Lazuli (a gem that has good reasons to hate her) something to hold over her head. Also…

5.  Jasper Knows How to Fuse with Another Gem:

Originally posted by stevenquartz

Jasper gives yet another piece of evidence to my theory. She knows how to fuse with Lapis Lazuli and she knows how to do it well. If Jasper only knew how to fuse with other Jaspers, then her style would probably clash with Lapis’ style. Remember in “Giant Woman” how Pearl and Amethyst couldn’t fuse because their styles clashed. Now some of you might be thinking “then how does Lapis know how to fuse with another gem”? Now this might be me overthinking this, but if you look at their fusion dance, Lapis is mostly dancing while Jasper is leading her on. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Lapis was fusing like she would fuse with another Lapis, while Jasper knows just to let her dance and dip. It’s not illogical to think that on Homeworld, gems were taught how to dance with different types of partners.

6.  Intergem Fusions Make Tactical Sense:

Originally posted by sardonyxs

Now what’s been established is the Homeworld only views fusion as a combative technique, even in the modern time. If that were the case then Homeworld would be idiots to not embrace Intergem fusions. Look at all the powerful fusions we saw so far like Sugilite, Malachite, or Alexandrite. Homeworld would probably want monsters like those on their side. If a noble Sapphire gets attacked, all she has to do is fuse with one of her Ruby soldier and one of her Pearl servants and they can fend off the attacker as a powerful Sardonyx. It just makes perfect tactical sense.

7.  Intergem Fusions is Probably One of the Reasons the Crystal Gems Defeated Homeworld:

Originally posted by 32floz

Now this isn’t really evidence, but yet another theory to support my theory. We don’t know how the Crystal Gems defeated Homeworld, but there were probably many factors. One of the more likely factors is that the Crystal Gems were willing to use Intergem Fusions while Homeworld wasn’t. Think off all devastation the Crystal Gems did with their fusions against the boring regular fusions of Homeworld. If that were the case, then it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to suggest that Homeworld would adopt the strategy. It would be logical.

8.  Homeworld Technology has Evolved Why Not the Culture Too:

It was established that Homeworld tech has improved over thousands of years in the episode “Message Received”, when Lapis says she doesn’t recognize the tech anymore. Of course the tech has improved over thousands of years, it makes sense, so why not the culture too?


So that’s my theory. It could be wrong, but I hope I made my case with the evidence I have. Do you Agree or disagree? What are your thoughts on matter?

Rainbow Overwatch Challenge

My friends and I decided to try a challenge in Overwatch.  We would pick a color, and everyone could only play characters with a skin of that color.  We could only change the color we played in after we won a game.

Anyways when we started playing, we had 6 people. One of my friends had to leave after a couple of games so we continued with 5.  In our next game, a random Genji joined our five stack. Once we told him we were playing in color themes, he joined us. We ended up adopting him and he stayed with us all the way to the end which was like 4 hours of playing. 

Anyways, here’s our Overwatch Pride Flag







and as a bonus, we also did



and even though it wasn’t a color, Spooky

oh, and we even took some group photos along the way

Enter Phase 5

Week 4 is almost over!

Which unfortunately means the games are almost over. There was a moment when I thought to myself maybe we should end it at week 4. But I should have told you this about a week ago so you would get ready to end this.

But August ends on the 31st and that’s a Thursday. Let’s have it for a few more days after that.

Phase 5

By tonight week 4 should end and we would have a group challenge that was dedicated to change and progression. Close to 2000 push ups, 2000 burpees, 1000 miles of both running and biking.

You are all a dedicated bunch and im proud of this challenge. I kept up with you all. Some have left and that’s ok. They had personal matters to attend to. Others have stuck around and have injured themselves but want to be a part of these games, this close group of people. This challenge. This pack.

I said it from the beginning. I don’t want you to be injured. If you do, let me know, and maybe we can modify some moves or keep you out of the challenge for a week until you heal. Some listened and left. Others stuck around because they thought they could and looks like they still can.

I wanted this challenge to evolve you. And that it did. We have come a long way from just doing 50 regular push ups or 25 modified push ups. It didn’t matter what kind. The thing that mattered is that you had that drive.

You never thought you could do a burpee? Bam! You did a few. Which turned into 50. Which turned into 120. Which turned into 150 and thus becoming the queen of burpees.

So now here we are. Phase 5.

Captains. You are all about to step in a larger scale of a battlefield.

To quote the late great American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, if you wiiiiiiillll…

Hard Times are coming.

Phase 5.

The final boss battle. Put all your quarters up next to the machine because you’re all gonna need those extra lives this week. The final challenge awaits. The final path to the road of your victory…

1st Place is worth 2,500 points

150 miles Bike included
700 Swimmers
600 Side lunges
500 Criss Cross Jacks
500 Power Squats
400 Pelvic thrusts with reach and crunch

Optional Are 500 points each

600 Burpees
600 Box Jumps or Tuck Jumps
500 Push Up Jacks with shoulder taps

Links to the videos of these moves in the comments below.

This challenge ends on Sunday, September 3rd. Modify if you need to. Don’t over do it. Hydrate and be careful!



Life with the Scavengers

This is a bit long and more than 4 characters but, hey, it’s my first post and I adore the Scavengers.

 General Headcanons

  • Fulcrum is the ship’s peace keeper and rushes to defuse stupid fights and arguments.
  • He LOVES horror movies and when it’s his turn to pick, he always chooses really cheesy ones for movie night.
  • Misfire teases everybody and will start wrestling matches with anyone in the immediate vicinity. He is the main instigator of Shoot Shoot Bang Bang™.
  • When you guys are done goofing around, he’ll form a cuddle pile and will lay on top of people to piss them off.
  • Crankcase acts like he’s 100% done with life but is actually only 50% done. He doesn’t show it but he does care for his crew mates and you guys are the reason he hasn’t completely given up.
  • He’s obscenely good at card games and will challenge the group to games of poker. Poker face? Try facial paralysis.
  • Spinister makes everybody get impromptu check-ups at the medbay. The medbay is shoddy and supplies are lacking but he takes his job REALLY seriously and nobody is gonna die unless he shoots them.
  • Outside of the medbay, Spin is really chill and lets everybody do what they want. Unless someone plays a video game with him in which case he gets really intense.
  • Krok is the ultimate soccer dad and tries really hard to keep all of you losers alive because you’re HIS group of losers. So he assigns important chores to everybody, including himself.
  •  Despite this, he’s an otherwise casual leader. For example, he offers to teach you guys how to play mecha-soccer and will actually go easy on everybody.

Personal Headcanons 

  • Fulcrum has a soft spot for you since you guys are both newbies aboard the WAP. He’s usually hanging out around you and will definitely notice if you’re down or upset, resulting in long talks and cuddles.·         
  • Misfire tries to get you to do his chores. It never works. Even so, he tries to bribe you with stolen cans of engex and lots of clingy hugs and half-hearted pleading. Eventually he’s having so much fun trying to kiss up to you he forgets what he wanted you to do.
  • Crankcase will actively seek you out to vent his frustrations. He feels that you’re a good listener and slightly less annoying than everybody else. When he’s really comfortable, he maps out his dream starship with you and even lets you have a say in the planning process.·         
  • Spinister lets you hang out in the medbay with him and likes to play with your hair, poke your tummy, and look at your hands because he thinks you’re super fascinating. If you’re ticklish though you better watch out cause he’s relentless in tickle wars.·         
  • Krok doesn’t mind lounging around with you on the couch if his work is done and will lean on you while he’s reading or chatting with you. Sometimes, he gets engrossed in discussing war history or worrying about how you feel about living on the WAP. He knows it probably isn’t the best life to be living, so he’s concerned about your well-being and likes to see you happy. 


    EDWARD’S ISLAND. One of many FASCINATING sites when vacationing at Camena, Oregon  —  at least from what you ONCE heard. The rich history of the island attracts quite the visitors due to its advancement in radio technologies  …  and the SINKING of the USS KANALOA   —   the WWII submarine targeted by Japanese submarine chaser Tokisada. The isolated land ALWAYS CHANGES and so have the people COMING and GOING. This doesn’t seem to be the first time the school has thrown one. Attending a beach party located on the infamous ex-military base was something to do, right ?
8 PM. You feel the chill in the air as the sounds of the rushing waves fills your ears. The garrulous chatter of gulls perched on rocks and the quiet, DARK yet serene scenery kept you wide awake and distracted. Fellow cohorts appear with MIXTURE of emotions ranging from ANXIOUSNESS to EXCITEMENT. You’ve seen the CLICHE horror movies of the rebellious group of teenagers throwing such extravagant celebrations only to TURN for the WORST. You can only HOPE it doesn’t end that way You finally arrive to the destination, seeming to be the last ferry ride to the island. Calling the place ABANDONED felt like an under statement. The MISSING presence soon replace by LIVELY, INNOCENT souls. Some familiar faces while others new. Your hostess seems to have her hands full until a voice came through the crowd : “ LET’S GET THIS STARTED ! “ Guests settle down, allowing the hostess to speak once more, “ I ONLY INVITED THE SELECTED FEW BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE GETTING CAUGHT OR I’LL GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT. THIS ISLAND ISN’T GOING TO HOLD HUNDREDS OF US, YOU KNOW ? 

Trapped on EDWARD’S ISLAND and subjected to CHILDISH games and CHALLENGING puzzles, a group of people eventually find they have made the GRAVE mistake of coming. They knew they should NOT have trusted everything they hear


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anonymous asked:

Do you know Game Grumps? If so, I would kill to see a Game Grumps Animated with your drawing style. Holy shit.

I sure do, all thanks to kyynelmalja :”D

Sadly I can’t animate, but I’m more than happy to doodle you one grump and another not-so-grump. (Let’s keep the killings to a minimum!)