the chair adventures

i cant stop thinking about the taaco twin antics that YOU KNOW went on in the starblaster

like imagine people mixing them up and taako and lup going out of their way to mess with people. Like dressing in identical outfits and constantly switching places without being noticed and being all shocked like “Wait Magnus, did you just call me Lup? I’m Taako- are you going senile?” then like a minute later they do some evocation magic and everyones surprised “yeah? fire is like- my thing? Are you feeling okay Merle?” etc etc

 and one day theyre in a room with barry and barry leaves for a minute and they use magic to swap outfits and they quickly swap seats (and high-five as they pass each other)

then barry walks in and its all they can do to not burst out laughing and barrys like “hey guys why did you switch outfits?” and taako falls out of his fucking chair

“And now I am with you. Days have passed, years have gone by, but my love for you has not changed”

two cute old cinnamon rolls celebrating the throne/ wedding anniversary