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Well, maybe Ricky is tired of being treated as the servant/chaffeur. Good for him if he moves on. Cris doesn't deserve him. Nobody should be humiliated like that.

Ricky doesn’t have to be with Cristiano. Ricky is a fully grown man, and he’s completely aware that he’s got into a relationship with a very high profile man who needs to stay closeted because of his job.

Of course I really hate that Ricky appeared upset/hurt at the awards and I agree nobody should have to go through that! And I don’t think the situation is being handled in the right way at present.

But it’s not Cristiano’s fault that he feels he has to stay closeted. It’s not Cristiano’s fault that his passion in life comes with an environment where homophobia is rife. It’s not Cristiano’s fault he can’t love Ricky openly and proudly. That’s societies fault.


Fifty-five years ago today, 16 August 1960, in Harri/Beatles History, The Beatles whose lineup then consisted of John, Paul, George, Pete Best & Stuart Sutcliffe,travel to Hamburg from Liverpool to start their residency there. Manager, Allan Williams, along with his wife, Beryl chaffeured them in a green mini-van and their travel was cramped & uncomfortable.

“It was cramped. The van didn’t even have seats; we had to sit on our amplifiers. We drove down to Harwich and got the boat to the Hook of Holland. Driving through Holland, I remember we stopped at Arnhem where all the people had parachuted out to their deaths (another little Winston Churchill trick). There were thousands of white crosses in the cemetery” - George, The Beatles Anthology

Images: George and Paul, Hamburg, 1960
John, Paul, George, Pete & Stuart with Allan and Beryl Williams and Lord Woodbine at Arnhem war memorial, 16 August 1960


Duran Duran - The Chauffeur

A classic..


Duran Duran - The Chauffeur


5 September 1964 - The Beatles are shown in a chaffeured car with Derek Taylor near the International Amphitheatre in Chicago and then at a press conference held at the Stockyard Inn, Chicago. Photo Credits: (top) Chicago Sun Times website (bottom) Bettman/Corbis; Scotty Moore website

INTERVIEWER: John, there’s been a bit of a dispute yesterday, it started when we learned that Chicago officials had rescinded, (JOHN: “pardon?” ) that Chicago officials had rescinded a plan to have The Beatles drive in front of the fans or at least acknowledge the fans, on their visit here, and a lot of the newspapers around the country, headlines like, ‘Beatles dodge their fans’ and really, there’s another story behind it isn’t there?

JOHN : “It was usually somebody comes up and says, 'Police chief or so & so won’t let you go, jump in here’ & they drag us off before we even, sometimes we don’t even know fans are there at airports, cos they drag us off real quickly. Ya know there’s no time at all when we say, 'let’s not go over there & wave’ they’re always prevented one way or another. Even when they allow us to wave, they only give us half a second, shove us in, drag us out, that’s it.”

INTERVIEWER: “There are times when these security measures are needed aren’t there?”

JOHN : “Yeah, but usually they go overboard, you know. Because I don’t have it, probably because, they must be new to it, a lot of people tend to get over-excited”

INTERVIEWER: “The point you want to bring out, in other words, is that, like many people might think, reading the headlines, and not looking behind the headlines, is it’s not The Beatles fault, it’s not that you don’t wanna go out & see the people, is this right?

JOHN : "Yeah, that’s right, yeah. In Australia, we must’ve seen a million, million people there cos they let us go, ya know, there was still good security, and everybody was happy, everybody was shouting, we saw everybody everywhere we went. Nobody got hurt & there was just as many people.”

INTERVIEWER: “You think this might be an indication of over security on the part of fear, let’s say, possible?”

JOHN: “Well, they’re, the police, or whoever it is, is probably worried, ya know, but they should think of, about the kids as well, ya know.”

INTERVIEWER: “John, thank you very much, I think you’ve explained it, …” (sic)
“Derek, Derek, do you have something to say?” (sic) “Derek Taylor, The Beatles press officer on this tour.”

DEREK TAYLOR: “I’ve just read one thing, Larry, in the Chicago Tribune, Thomas Fitzpatrick, the writer, has quoted Colonel Jack Riley, the mayor’s assistant correctly, this is what Riley is quoted as saying our announcement about our arrival here, was, "quote” “the cheapest publicity stunt here in the UNited States, there is no purpose in announcing their arrival point.” Colonel Jack Riley said to me yesterday, “You Mr. Taylor need publicity like I need a hole in the head, I don’t believe you’d do this for publicity” and anyone who thinks we did, needs a hole in the head.“

INTERVIEWER: : "In fact, if many of the listeners, canknow & I can attest to this as well, as some 38 other people, who are traveling with The Beatles, the acts and the press, The Beatles have asked that no one get hurt at these things, & The Beatles are very concerned, no doubt about it, they don’t want anybody hurt & in this business of, let’s say, the press, public officials and maybe some radio stations that’s doing this, is very deceptive, and this is the reason for this discussion, it’s very deceptive, Derek?”

DEREK: “There’s just one other thing I’d like to say, since The Beatles would never say it, their entire lives apart from when they sleep, and some of their sleeping time is begrudged them, their entire lives are dedicated to the fans, and anytime we announce our arrival, it’s so that the maximum number of fans can see them. IF EVER we’re told not to see our fans, we complain.”

PAUL McCartney “Yeah, of course, you know, we were told there were fans at the airport, andnaturally we said, at least let’s drive past them. But the police chief said to the people in our party, we definitely couldn’t do that, and apparently there were only about 500 people. I mean that’s not really a lot for the police to handle, 500 people. ”

Transcribed from this youtube posted 1964 interview : x
Interview video courtesy of the account of In The Life Of The Beatles

* I am going to presume the interview was conducted by Larry Kane, who toured with the Beatles during the Beatlemania years. The name “Larry” is mentioned and this obviously was conducted to offset the horrible press reports. Thank God there were and still are wonderful media who went the extra mile to put the truth out there and give the Beatles the chance to speak for themselves. Bless you!