the centipede laughs with me

weed-smoking-vegan-vulcan  asked:

I'm starting to get into horror... what are your favorite horror films?

Oh shit OK well there are so many. I love the classics like Psycho and Night of the Living Dead, Halloween is probably my favorite even though Freddy is more flamboyant than Mike lol. The Hellraiser movies are great, the first few anyway. Newer movies Ive seen recently that I really liked we’re Rite, Ju-On, The Conjuring, As Above So Bellow, I Saw the Devil, The Forest.. To name a few lol. Crimson Peak is just a beautiful movie and if your feeling horror comedy Id say go with Shaun of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Dale and Tucker vs. Evil, or the Evil Dead Series. Or.. the Human Centipede.. Disturbing af but it made me laugh so hard.. Maybe because Im a child lol

I hope I didn’t list a bunch that you *had* seen. I’m always adding new movies to my list so finding new good ones is always like a part time hobby lol.

Thanks for the ask!!