the cemetery of umbrellas


For Royai week day 1 - Chess

Summary: The king may be the most important piece in chess, but for him it will always be the queen. (FFN)

Rating: T

Word Count: 965

A/N: Hello people. Guess who’s back hahaha. I will probably disappear from tumblrworld after a few days so why not use my spare time posting stuff for Royai week haha. Disclaimer tho some of the things I’ll post are drafts I have written eons ago so I really haven’t checked them haha but please enjoy and review!

“Of all the days for the rain to fall - oh god I HATE THE RAIN!” Roy Mustang whined as he watched droplets of water from the sky fall on his hand. Today he was in the cemetery, in Maes Hughes’ grave to be exact.  He opened his umbrella – it was a good thing he didn’t forget to bring it – and crouched beside his best friend’s tomb. People were starting to leave, before the rain becomes heavier. Some shoot glances at him, and Roy ignores those – his mind was occupied.

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Black umbrella lady at the Père Lachaise - Paris, June 2012 Those ladies were walking around the Père Lachaise cemetery, reciting dirty poetry to people who walked under their umbrella.

the signs as superstitions
  • aries: friday the thirteenth
  • taurus: knocking on wood
  • gemini: breaking a wishbone
  • cancer: spotting a black cat
  • leo: shattering a mirror
  • virgo: spilling salt
  • libra: crossing your fingers
  • scorpio: holding your breath as you pass a cemetery
  • sagittarius: walking under a ladder
  • capricorn: opening an umbrella inside
  • aquarius: finding a four-leaf clover
  • pisces: throwing coins into fountains

anonymous asked:

Are those pictures of Barry and Iris holding hands from another universe? Or wherever Barry is and not reality?

Barry is presumably stuck in the speedforce for a major chunk of the next episode, but those stills of Iris and Barry holding hands under his umbrella at the cemetery (;__;) are most definitely in real time (possibly after he finds his way back, toward the end of the episode). Here are images of Barry with Nora, Joe, and Henry while he is lost wherever he is and he’s wearing the same clothes in all of them. In the extended promo for the episode there’s also a shot of Barry with Iris while in the speedforce wearing those same clothes (0:19 - 0:22). In the stills where he and Iris are holding hands, his clothes are different. If this were also in the speedforce he would’ve been in the same clothes.