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Just look at what Lucy has done in about 3 seconds of having E.N.D in her hands. she memorized the book, was able to figure out which part to rewrite and fix it. Many have said that Lucy is weak but in my opinion Lucy is one of the strongest mages there is. For her to be able to do that shows that her power lies within her wits and the next chapter will no doubt be amazing and show her overcoming whatever is happening to her.

Lucy and the Book of END

I think Zeref is smart enough to include a trap for anyone who tries to rewrite the Book of E.N.D. Lucy is in some of kind of trance and maybe the magic of the book is causing her to rewrite other things rather than saving Natsu. 

The true awakening of E.N.D perhaps?

I think that’s what is happening to Lucy right now.

What do you guys think?

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Hcs dean secretly wants to braid all of sam's hair so that it can be curly but is to (i wanna say shy but i dont think thats the word) but anyways sam somehow finds out.

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While Dean wouldn’t grow his own hair out, it worked for Sammy. Trying to imagine him with short hair felt almost wrong. Like, it would be taking away a part of who he was.

Of course, he never told Sammy that. Why would he? There was no reason- so he simply teased him about his hair like a big brother should.

Dean was curious, though. Sammy had straight hair. There was little to no wave in it. He wondered what his little brother would look like with curly hair. It was an amusing thought that usually passed his mind after a couple beers, causing him to chuckle to himself.

He wasn’t sure when it happened, but he wanted to braid Sammy’s hair. Hell, he didn’t even know how to braid, and he wanted to. He was always seeing women with curlier hair from braids, right? Why not Sammy?

It had been a hell of a case, so before the bar, they bought some whiskey for back at the motel. They lost count at how many beers or shots they’d consumed before making their way back to their motel room.

Now, Dean was leaning against the headboard, whiskey in hand. Sam was lying on the other one, head hanging off the side, laughing at ‘Dean on the ceiling’.

“Hey, Sammy?” He asked, looking over at his brother.


Dean took another swig. “I really wanna braid your hair…” He told him simply. “Just to see what you would look like with curly hair.”

Sam rolled over and sat up too quick, making him sway and laugh. “Do you even know how?” He asked, obviously amused.

“No, but isn’t that what the internet is for? Ya know, besides porn?”

“Good point.” Sam nodded. “Let’s do it.”

Waking up the next morning, Dean groaned. Looking over to Sam, his eyebrows went up. “Uh, you have something in your hair.”

🌛🌕Full Moons of the Year🌕🌜

the full moons of the year have a variety of names and were originally used to track the seasons and year, often used by farmers for planting/harvesting reference. each full moon may have various different names, the names used are the most common ones currently. 

🐺 WOLF MOON -  full moon of january. influences spells that strengthen and renew you, self care, prosperity and healing spells, as well as spirit work. 

❄️️ SNOW MOON - full moon of february. influences family related magic, domestic magic, spells that benefit others, and psychic abilities

🐛 WORM MOON -  full moon of march. influences preparation, planning, and time-intensive rituals, prosperity and healing magic, and tech witchcraft

🌸 PINK MOON -  full moon of april. influences spells that encourage growth, green witchcraft, potential, new beginnings, and working on relationships. 

💐 FLOWER MOON -  full moon of may. influences commitments, strengthend foundations, green/herbal witchcraft, spirituality and working with spirits.

🍓 STRAWBERRY MOON -  full moon of june. influences love spells, friendship spells, magic that instigates changes and introspection, and travel magic.

🌩️ THUNDER MOON -  full moon of july. influences grounding and cleansing, magic that works with higher powers, and storm/rain witchcraft. 

🐟 STURGEON MOON -  full moon of august. influences magic that gives back to others, magic that deals with emotionality, sea, river, and water witchcraft. 

🍎  HARVEST MOON -  full moon of september. influences kitchen witchcraft  completion, harvesting collecting debts, some interpret to be cursing. 

🏹  HUNTER’S MOON -  full moon of october. influences money, home, and protection spells, the search for guides and spirit work, astral traveling.

🐀  BEAVER MOON -  full moon of november. influences home and hearth, and preparation for the winter, cosmic/celestial witchcraft, astrology, revealings

❄️️ COLD MOON -  full moon of december. influences  protection spells, self care spells, renewal and prosperity spells, ending and casting curses. 

🌛 BLUE MOON - happens usually 1-2 times a year. it is the second full moon in one month because the 12 full moons do not divide evenly over the year, the month it happens in changes. for magic that encourages wisdom, healing, logic, and studying, 

If Natsu was a celestial spirit
  • Lucy: OPEN
  • Natsu: IM FIRED UP LUUUUUUUCY teehee. Who's ass am I kicking today
  • Lucy: right there. It's a simple target. DONT obliterate everything in the vicinity. emphasizing on DONT
  • Natsu: AYE MAAM
  • Natsu: *destroys everything*
  • Natsu: LUCY PLEASE
  • Lucy: NO
  • Natsu: wow okay yknow what I'm leaving. you can have that annoying as lion