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200+ followers ??? WOOT!

i know i said i was working on a project to celebrate this, buuut it’s still not anywhere near done (much less any of my other 5 projects lol) and i couldn’t come up with anything…

so i figured i’d make some offers: i was thinking about making a fic rec list, if anyone wants to see that or if theres any kind of sketch you guys wanna see – let me know if one or the other sounds appealing and i’ll do my best !!!

Eurovision song contest is a blessing

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Nozomi phone backgrounds ( ´ ♡ ` )

(happy belated birthday Nozomicchi!!) 。.:*♡

Me: I’m allowed to be ugly my body and my face are not my social currency, I am not my physical appearance

Also me: I’m going to wear tinted chapstick to bed just in case my celebrity crush astral projects and his soul wanders into my home tonight

Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals

Today is August 14th, so tomorrow is heat-haze day, which means I will either spam Mekakucity actors shit all day long i literally mean all day

Or I will be offline all day binge watching mekakucity actors and trying not to die

the heat-haze can affect everyone, don’t judge me


One Piece vs googly eyes: part 1/??

It’s a small project to celebrate 20th anniversary. Thank you Oda for your hard work! I know that it’s a little late 😅

Signs that you probably like girls (for young wlw and questioning wlw): 

  • You overwhelmingly prefer spending time with girls and feel more comfortable in their presence. 
  • You pay a lot of attention to female celebrities. 
  • You project feelings onto male celebrities and male characters that female characters you like are in romantic relationships with. 
  • You use gender neutral pronouns to refer to a crush. 
  • You read LGBT works or watch LGBT works out of “curiosity”. 
  • You think of yourself as a very invested ally but often get asked if you yourself are gay because of the magnitude of your allyship. 
  • You get extremely uncomfortable when friends and family make homophobic remarks, as if they are personally insulting you. 
  • You gravitate toward the out LGBT people around you. 
  • You find yourself forcing feelings of attraction toward girls down or rationalizing those feelings with all sorts of reasons (”I don’t like girls, I’m just going through a phase” or “I’m only thinking this because no boys talk to me/no boys like me” or “I just admire her fashion” or “I just really want to be her friend”). 
  • You feel guilty and ashamed about the feelings of attraction that you pretend don’t exist. 
  • You flinch when people talk about the “college bisexual phase” or “the bicurious phase” (this really applies to bisexual women). 
  • You don’t truly like male celebrities but you name a token one to appease people (this really applies to lesbians). 
  • You cannot envision yourself in a long-term relationship with a man, you feel uncomfortable at the thought of being with one, or you feel scared about engaging in any sort of intimacy with one (this really applies to lesbians). 
  • You think of yourself as “heteroflexible” or as “experimenting” or “curious” (this applies to bisexual women quite frequently but it also applies to lesbians). 
  • You continually rewatch scenes of f/f romance or intimacy that you’ve seen on television or in movies. 
  • You find yourself replacing pronouns in songs or listening to music written and sung by openly gay female artists. 
  • You try and read f/f works out of “curiosity”. 
  • You feel personally affronted or scared when you witness out wlw near you getting targeted by homophobia. 
  • If you’re looking up “am I gay?” or “how do I know if I like girls” on google or on youtube, trust me: you like girls. 
  • You feel like you have to date a boy just to along with everyone else dating a boy (this applies to lesbians quite frequently but it also applies to bisexual women). 
  • You may be in a relationship with a boy but feel dissatisfied or find your attention settling on girls anyway (this really applies to lesbians). 
  • You may genuinely like boys and get attracted to them which confuses you when you also get attracted to girls, and you find yourself denying that you like girls because you also like boys (this really applies to bisexual women). 

Happy Birthday Sarukui! (x

Matsunami Yuuki (Sarukui)
Today, August 2nd, is Sarukui Yamato-kun’s birthday, so everyone got together!
Our Fukurodani party was super fun
And it makes me feel like I can really go all out tomorrow!!
Apparently, that was the first time that the six of us had eaten a proper meal all together
I ate Sarukui’s favorite food (Daikon Radish) on a hamburg steak.  
Let’s keep going! Saru-chan!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

On Bakugou’s Pride

I feel like Bakugou is definitely one of the more complex characters in BnHA, absolutely the one with the biggest personal arc, the typical ‘antagonist who is one of the good guys but also an asshole’.
It’s a trope, I’m sure.
My initial idea was to make a single profile for him, but something like that would quickly become a full length novel because there’s Way Too Much to unpack, so I'ma settle for a Whole Bunch of Smaller (but still Stupidly Long) meta’s.
Starting with: Bakugou’s Pride, and his self-image.
Also, since I’m far from the only person making BnHA analyses, shout-out to @saisai-chan  who has posted just… so much Bakugou meta, and who has been very helpful in inspiring some of these ideas.

Bakugou’s Perfect Origin Story

Let’s start with how stories work in the BnHA universe.
Horikoshi is writing a very self aware story. His universe is a modern one, in which marketing and imagery are important.
You can see it in All Might. This is a man that clearly gets his inspiration from American Silver Age comics. He’s flashy, just all-round GOOD and constantly spouting americanisms. And while he isn’t necessarily 'fake’ in the sense that Yagi’s personality definitely matches, it is also just that: a meticulously crafted image.
It even literally 'pops’ when he’s out of the limelight to reveal his true form.
In this world, heroes are celebrities, as such they project a certain image.
Even the kids know this. People like Kirishima are told that hero-ing is all about the ratings and the entertainment factor.
This is a world in which Stories matter.

 Bakugou knows this.
I truly believe that Bakugou, being the smart sort of fanboy he is, is pretty damn genre-savvy. He’s well aware of the importance of images and stories.
You see, he  had already decided upon his Perfect Origin Story, like, ages ago. From a very young age, he was destined for greatness.
Everyone kept telling him so, of course. He didn’t really have a reason to doubt this.
He’s shown as a kid sporting a bunch of yes-men and admirers. His teachers never seem inclined to curb that boastfulness. Before he arrives in UA, no one ever seems to try to take him down a peg. Like at all.
He can be blowing up Midoriya in a classroom with the teacher still present and no one even attempts to stop him.

This, incidentally, is a pretty unhealthy way to grow up, and it did little to curb the crueler sides of his personality.

But he still wants to be a hero. He wants the money, the fame. He wants to WIN.
Please note that right now, he wants to be a hero for all the wrong reasons. Where Midoriya has this compulsion to help, where Kirishima is looking for courage and some sense of manhood, Bakugou just wants  to be better than everyone else. Because, at this point in his development, he’s very much a selfish asshole.

And he’s determined to do be the best, by also crafting the Best Origin Story.
He’s even made these rules for himself. 'I have to be the only one from this small local school to make it into UA’, 'I have to be always on top, never be helped’.
He’s completely fixated on 'the right back story’ because the fucker is a hero fanboy and he wants to Live the Life like the big heroes do it.

And Deku, bless him, is Constantly Fucking up that Plan.
At least that’s what it must look like in Kacchan’s eyes.

But truth be told, Bakugou’s Perfect Hero Origin Story has been falling apart since the very start of the series.
BnHA may be the story of Midoriya becoming the strongest hero, but it is also very much the story of 'how Bakugou’s self image got smashed into the ground over and over again’.

Once he’s ready to enter UA, his Origin Story is already muddled. 
Instead of the right debut under the right circumstances, he’s Sludge Kid.
Instead of never being helped, being the only on in his class to go to UA, being destined to greatness, he finds himself, literally, a side character, an antagonist even, in Deku’s story.
And I honestly believe that Bakugou, at some point, realizes this. Everyone likes a good underdog story. Part of the reason Bakugou is so angry with Midoriya when he finds out about his quirk, is because he feels Betrayed. Like Midoriya hid his quirk all these years just to have a proper 'rise to power’ story.
It’s a first crack in the perfect façade that Bakugou has created for himself.
Right now, he still believes in his ‘destiny’, but it won’t be for long.

(this is 3.4k words long. I’m sorry)

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Mobile libraries in Pakistan

Mobile libraries are having a moment, and at OUP Pakistan, we have our own! The rickshaw (or a tuk tuk as it is known in Southeast Asia) is painted with truck art, an indigenous form of brightly colored designs painted on cargo trucks in Pakistan, and converted into a mobile library. This rickshaw forms a part of the fleet of vehicles being used as Oxford Mobile Libraries, a project launched in 2012 as part of OUP Pakistan’s 60 years celebration.

The project aims to develop a library culture among the underprivileged children of Karachi, Pakistan and get them into the habit of borrowing, reading and caring for books. The mobile libraries visit schools in low income areas and students become members by paying a nominal amount as a one-time membership fee, which entitles them to borrow one book for a week. So far, this initiative has been helpful in instilling a reading habit amongst school children who have limited exposure to good quality books.

Photo Credit: Used with permission by Zehra Nasim.

Let’s talk about the amazing women in Louis’ life, then.

I want to give a shout out on this International Women’s Day to the amazing, beautiful and caring women in Louis Tomlinson’s life.

1. His late mother, Johannah Deakin. amazing mother of seven, wife and dedicated nurse. She, alongside to Louis, created and encouraged various charities and activities to advocate these. She ran Louis’ first ever label along with him and constantly interacted with fans and encouraged and celebrated an projects like Project No Control.

2. The oldest of his younger siblings, Charlotte “Lottie” Tomlinson, an accomplished stylist hired by Selena Gomez and Louisa Johnson, She’s also the very proud creator and owner of her own, very successful, cosmetic collection in which she collaborated with Matchbox. She’s also the person who very actively raised the younger twins along with Dan and her boyfriend Tommy.

3. The second oldest of his younger siblings, Felicite “Fizzy” Tomlinson, a beautiful young woman with incredible intelligence and education. She’s a very active person on social media for the best reasons possible. She’s an incredibly intelligent young woman with interest in human rights and feminism and is very vocal about the issues the world faces. A lovely human all around.

4. The oldest twins, Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson. Regardless of their young age, these girls have both managed to gain and sustain quite the social media standing and have even managed to create their own cosmetics collection just like their eldest sister, Lottie. (I’ve not put a picture of them here because i feel they’re too young.)

So, yes, let’s talk about the absolutely amazing women in Louis’ life that contributed to his growth as a person, let’s talk about the women that have been there every step of the way without being rude or offensive in any way. Lte’s talk about the women in his life that have not been racist, ableist, homophobic, fatphobic, islamophobic or just generally rude. If you want to talk about the amazing women in his life then I’m all for it but make sure you talk about the ones who have time and time again shown they deserve that title.