the ceiling


I have a tiny porch, so it’s a struggle finding space for plants. Unlike my upstairs neighbors who have railings for their balconies, here on the ground floor, I’m stuck with a screen that doesn’t afford me anything onto which to hang a pot. But, hang on… I’ve got a little ledge I can do something with!

This is super simple and cheap to do (under $20 for me). Materials:

  • good quality 1x2 - it cannot split on the 1-inch side!
  • measuring tape & pencil
  • saw, or someone to make 1 cut for you
  • 2 or more c-clamps
  • pots (I used Ikea’s bygel cups, since they are only $1, a fantastic size, and have a great lip for hanging)
  • hammer & nails
  • plants!
  • optional: stain or paint

All you’re doing is clamping a piece of wood to the porch frame in order to have something to screw hardware into. I used 4″ C-clamps for this project, but 3″ probably would have worked.

Choose your 1x2 carefully, as you don’t want it to split when you hammer nails into the side! Also, if you don’t have a saw or don’t want to make the cut yourself, most hardware store will do it for you.

If you don’t have cups like these, you could also install hooks and drill holes into a plastic pot – just make sure it’s strong enough!

BERGMÜLLER, Johann Georg (1688–1762)
FEUCHTMAYER, Franz Xaver, the Elder (1698-1764)
FEUCHTMAYER, Johann Michael (1696-1772)
ÜBLHER, Johann Georg (1703-1763) (stuccos and frescoes)

Mary as Queen of Heaven
Minster St. Mary at Diessen, Upper Bavaria, Germany
Ed. (Orig. by Andreas Praefcke) Lic. Ed.

Play it Again, Sam - Hotel Empire lobby, 2012.  Shortly before sunset, with the sun ablaze in a brilliant pink, I wandered down the stairs of the Hotel Empire, the least-vandalized and most-intact of the abandoned hotels in Sharon Springs.  The dingy old piano, topped by an ancient AM/FM radio and accompanied by a chair in lieu of its missing bench, had taken on a lovely glow in the evening sun.  Oddly, the next time I saw it some two years later, someone had pinched the radio.

Print available here.

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