the cave of 2 lovers


The three people Zuko connects, and empathizes with in Book 2: 

  • At first Zuko has difficulty connecting with Song, but that all changes when she shows him her scar. 
  • While Zuko never had a brother, Zuko lost his cousin to the war, and that’s how he connects with Lee. 
  • Zuko connects with Katara through the absence of their mothers. 

Can we take a minute to appreciate this character development for a minute?

Book 2 Zuko would never have given a shit about how other people outside the Fire Nation were doing. But, because of Zuko’s experiences in the second season, he’s feeling incredibly conflicted when he’s forced to reflect on his journey and to possibly aid in the destruction of a people he had spent an extensive amount of time with. 

I also like how he immediately tries to say ”that’s not exactly what I meant.” after Ozai says that they should destroy the Earth Kingdom’s hope, as if Ozai would simply go over there and ask them to stop rebelling or something like that.

What did you mean then, Prince Zuko?