the cause of all of my problems tbh

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‘  if i’m ever murdered i hope they make the chalk outline of my body hot  ’
‘  i hope you end up ok  ’
‘  i’m crying my best  ’
‘  how fucked up would it be if an astronaut was coming back to earth and everybody hid for a bit  ’
‘  some kid just skateboarded down my street crying  ’
‘  do you ever get in an “i don’t know” phase in your life. where you literally don’t have a solid answer to anything. you. just. don’t. know.  ’
‘  i guess at this point i should just consider dating myself  ’
‘  which of the three pillars of modern music is your favourite: burnin’ up by the jonas brothers, beautiful soul by jesse mccartney, or lucky by britney spears?  ’
‘  you know my name… and also my story cause i overshare 24/7 tbh  ’
‘  @ all of u that hate mint ice cream: what happened  ’
‘  there is no doubt in my mind i’m really that bitch  ’
‘  after you hit 21, you start forgetting your age cause ain’t nothing else to look forward to, besides sweet death  ’
‘  why am i not currently in the italian countryside with a fruit plate wearing a light linen dress? unacceptable  ’
‘  hands are weird because one of them can do absolutely everything without a problem and the other one can’t even hold a spoon  ’
‘  remember to drink a fucking shit ton of water every miserable day of ur life  ’
‘  what the fuck is a good day  ’
‘  sleeping pattern: ??¿?¿??¿¿¿?¿  ’
‘  is he………you know…….*makes football throwing motion*….straight?  ’
‘  does anyone else have a resting bitch face™, but kinda enjoys looking intimidating  ’
‘  i’m not like most girls [rips off sunglasses]… i like most girls  ’
‘  time flies when u take a 2hr depression nap in the middle of the day  ’
‘  roses are red, i’m going to bed  ’
‘  u know when ur hairs greasy and it makes u feel so so so bad about urself. and ur entire life. everything is awful bc my hair is greasy  ’
‘  i’m just so glad the word “ugh” was invented  ’
‘  just another day of loving with all my heart and believing in the universe  ’
‘  you know when dogs sit outside with their face turned towards the sun and their eyes closed and they look so relaxed and when you pet them they’re warm that’s how I want to feel always  ’
‘  come into bed and listen to the rain with me  ’
‘  i hope all my girls out here r safe n being loved  ’
‘  people are so petty and then here i am, me, an angel,   ’
‘  i want to have angel wings and be kinder, braver and more tender  ’
‘  concept: a really nice italian restaurant but it’s spelled “spagooter” on the menu and the waiters won’t take your order unless you pronounce it like that  ’
‘  i want kids but i’m scared they’ll blame me if they’re ugly  ’
‘  does anyone have any tips for not thinking about it  ’
‘  “what’s a queen without her king?” well, historically, better  ’
‘  i want something that doesn’t taste like alcohol but has a lot of alcohol in it  ’
‘  i’m alive out of spite  ’
‘  the beatles wouldn’t even fucking exist if big time rush hadn’t paved the path for them so shut the fuck up  ’
‘  a bad person? who, me? that would be correct,  ’
‘  you hate me? wow u think ur hot shit and original huh well i hated me first so u can go grab a number and wait ur turn  ’
‘  my heart does a little “!” when I see you  ’
‘  i just want to say from the bottom of my heart i didn’t sign up for this shit  ’
‘  i deadass lost interest in everything. im just cruising on autopilot rn  ’
‘  still got love for some people i know i’ll never talk to again.  ’
‘  my mitochondria clearly aren’t working because this bitch has NO FUCKING ENERGY  ’
‘  y’all i get attached to people so quickly wth  ’
‘  i wonder how many strangers hate me bc of how someone else described me to them  ’
‘  for the 80th year in a row, the song of the summer is Everytime We Touch by Cascada  ’
‘  it’s weird to think that people who are 5 ft are only 5 subways long ’
‘  in alcohol’s defense i’ve done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too  ’
‘  man this has been the worst life of my life  ’
‘  having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch  ’
‘  I Have To Be Dramatic. I Have To  ’
‘  forgive and forget?? haha no resent and remember  ’
‘  “you’re obsessed with yourself” and you’re not??? sad. tragic  ’
‘  are people becoming more annoying or am i becoming more angry  ’
‘  do my dark under eye circles and unwashed hair turn you on  ’
‘  KIDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death  ’
‘  remember to do your best to be positive with a clear mind and believe in aliens because those motherfuckers are real  ’
‘  personality: I DON’T GIVE A FUCK  ’
‘  my gender is “pretty boy”  ’
‘  what others call a rebellious phase i call the sudden realization i don’t deserve to be treated like garbage  ’
‘  what is a sex drive? where is the sex going? does it even have a license?  ’
‘  i don’t want to look “pretty” i want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening  ’
‘  i’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual  ’
‘  do re me fa so done with you  ’
‘  ctrl alt delete feelings cause i can’t do this shit no more  ’
‘  i may seem like an asshole, but deep down i’m a good person and even deeper down i’m a bigger asshole  ’
‘  should i go back to school tomorrow or should i fling myself into the ocean  ’
‘  am i too judgemental or is everyone annoying: an autobiography by me  ’
‘  are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch  ’
‘  i love drunk me but i don’t trust her  ’
‘  has anyones crush ever actually worked out for them or is that a myth?  ’
‘  i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5′3″ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy  ’
‘  if i had a dollar for every time someone called me ugly i’d have 0 dollars bitch u thought lmao  ’
‘  my last words will probably be sarcastic  ’
‘  i used to be a straight a student. now i’m not even straight  ’
‘  ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened  ’
‘  single and ready to find aliens  ’
‘  it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful  ’
‘  i want to make friends but at the same time no  ’
‘  there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me, it’s called the throne  ’
‘  hi i’m here to ruin everything  ’
‘  i’m glad dogs can’t read the ‘no dogs allowed’ signs so they don’t feel sad and feel left out  ’
‘  we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be  ’
‘  every time i speak i am reminded why i should not  ’
‘  every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  the rumors are true: i’m soft and i just want to be loved  ’
‘  i’m like a hexagon: all my hecks r gone  ’
‘  we all know that one person you get sexually frustrated just looking at  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on  ’
‘  my kink: not having to set an alarm for the next morning  ’
‘  on the bright side, at least i am not addicted to cocaine  ’
‘  they called me stupid?? well joke’s on them i don’t even know what that means  ’
‘  i might get a lot of shit for saying this but i think it’s fun to enjoy things  ’
‘  i’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person i know  ’
‘  assert your dominance by calling your friends by their student id number  ’
‘  there she goes again, being over dramatic and by she, i mean me  ’
‘  if u don’t know how to respond to something just say ‘how dare you’  ’
‘  um that’s u’re* not ur  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on  ’
‘  so sick of looking at my purse and not seeing $20,000  ’
‘  literally want to be rich for the clothes  ’
‘  me??? upset???? yes constantly  ’
‘  a good gender neutral term to use is ‘fool’  ’
‘  today’s schedule: suffer  ’
‘  my middle name is actually $$  ’
‘  don’t u hate it when u wake up and ur awake  ’
‘  i want someone who will light a fire in me  ’
‘  i want someone who will light me on fire  ’
‘  i’m too cute for 90% of the shit i go thru  ’
‘  who needs therapy when you can Realize™ things about yourself alone at 1 am  ’
‘  why is there so much blood in my alcohol system  ’
‘  no offense but i am a blessing to this earth  ’
‘  haha oops i care about you  ’
‘  they call me calcium because i give everyone strong bones  ’
‘  do you have that one person that you can’t look at when you’re trying to be mad at them because they’re so cute??  ’
‘  hi i’m here to ruin everything  ’
‘  one day i’m gonna say ‘fight me!’ and someone’s just gonna fuckin deck me  ’
‘  me? a jealous hoe? absolutely  ’
‘  it’s raining but it’s not men so what’s the point  ’
‘  i think i may be gayer than i originally planned  ’
‘  i can’t hang out tomorrow i’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry  ’
‘  me? overreacting? shit probably  ’
‘  i would like to publicly announce that i have no idea what i’m doing  ’
‘  is there a scholarship for trying  ’
‘  me?? using sarcasm as a defense mechanism??????? what?????  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  i require a lot of attention or you get a lot of attitude  ’
‘  “what the fuck” is an emotion now and it’s the only one i have  ’
‘  you’re important to me, you piece of shit  ’

thefierceotaku  asked:

How does adhd affect you? If you don't mind me asking. My friend he adhd and I want to be there for him.

Pretty much in the ways you’d expect tbh–

  • Focusing on anything I’m not at-that-moment interested in is practically impossible.
  • ^Especially if it’s reading large paragraphs of text, even if I am interested in the topic that kinda focus is hard.
  • I have little to no perception of time 9 times outta 10.
  • Talking to authority figures or about myself generally is not a fun time due to RSD.
  • On focus again– on worse days I won’t be able to read/process the words I’m looking at on a page if someone’s talking in the room.
  • More recently, the nonverbal bouts I’ve mentioned due to brain overload for one reason or another.
  • My brain goes a mile a minute in a very roundabout and seemingly disconnected ways, so sometimes in conversation I’ll blurt out apparently totally unrelated things that I actually got to logically, just way too fast;
  • My memory is terrible - like, good lord.
  • It can be hard for me to focus on conversations / for people to get my attention if I see something interesting.
  • Sensory overload– personally I got it whenever I used to go to church, for example, ‘cause there were so many sounds and sights and smells and you have to stay still and quiet throughout it but my brain was just freaking out internally the whole time. But anywhere with a lot of sensory things going on can set it off.
  • Kind of sensory overload related (??)– sometimes my meter for conversation will hit rock bottom by the end of the day but somebody will still wanna talk and I’ll just be there flailing on the spot both physically and mentally ‘cause processing any more interactions just hurts.
  • Stimming: it’s not something I realize much until I think about it, but for example; personally, at work I feel weird without my lanyard cause I’m used to the weight of it and tend to play with the keychains on it or pop my nametag in my mouth while I’m walking around – idk it’s kind of a grounding thing – kinda like those totem things in Inception, haha.

there’s probably stuff I’ve forgotten tbh (like I said; memory problems, lmao) but that list looks long enough – all these things obviously differ in intensity from person to person, but hopefully that gives ya some insight on what might be up for if ever your pal seems a bit off at all

(Y’all feel free to reblog this too btw, might help spread some understanding)

glawarelmagolben  asked:

Hey Joy! (I'm older than you so it would feel weird calling you Mom) I just wanted to say - since I'm currently suffering the pain of having horrible tooth with a rotten root canal taken out - that you have all my sympathies with your teeth problems and I'm sending you massive hugs. Because the tooth I just had taken out was my top right canine I am now imagining the whining and misery that this would cause Vlad (or any vampire tbh) and it's making me smile!

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon *offers hugs* (rotten root canals are the worst, I hope it heals well for you <3)

And for whatever it’s worth, it’s canon in my universe that the vampires lose their canines fairly often. They’re constantly growing teeth (an evolutionary trait, sort of like an elephants tusks in that they can get broken off during fighting or—in Vlad’s case several times throughout his life—biting into a highland toffee, but so long as they don’t break at the root they will keep growing back) that they need to file down to keep them at a comfortable length. They can also be quite brittle, so they can break during filing, so many of them wear yellow or white gold caps over them, both a practical solution, but also somewhat of an aesthetic status symbol to show that they are wealthy enough to have willing drones/servants who bring them food so that they don’t actually need their teeth to hunt anymore, so it’s not uncommon to go to a vampire ball and be surrounded by gleaming teeth. Literally.

One vampire Nathan meets through Vlad actually has diamonds on hers.

As you can imagine, this can be quite painful, but some deal with it slightly better than others.

“Don’t.” Ursula said, without even bothering to look up, and Vlad, hand halfway to his mouth, flinched. 

“I wasn’t—”

“You were going to prod your tooth,” she said, looking up from her book and giving him a level stare, “again.”

“It hurts,” he whined plaintively, contenting himself with bracing his face with the palm of his hand. 

Usually by now he’d be blitzed out of his mind, four bottles deep and several narcotics down the rabbit hole towards oblivion. But he’d been sober for just over a year and had no desire to give it up—pain lanced through his face and he cringed—yet

“Put clove oil on it.” Ursula told him, and Vlad rolled his eyes mournfully toward her.

“I have.”

“Put more on.”

“Put more on what?” Nathan asked, emerging from the other room, running a towel over his wet hair so that it stuck up at all ends. 

“He’s teething.” Ursula said, and Vlad glowered at both of them.

“I am not teething. My canine is regrowing.”

“So,” Nathan began, a smile tugging at his lips, “teething then.”

“Fuck off.” Vlad muttered, pulling his knees up and wrapping the throw over the top of his head and shoulders. He heard Nathan’s amused chuckle at his sulk, and curled further inward, refusing to be coaxed. He yelped a moment later when he felt the world shift, the couch dipping as Nathan sat down and pulled Vlad effortlessly into his lap.

“Oh, there now, no sulking.” the other man soothed, rubbing his hands up and down Vlad’s back.

“I reiterate my previous statement,” Vlad muttered, hiding his face against Nathan’s chest, “fuck off.”

Nathan chuckled again, the sound vibrating through Vlad’s bones. “Look up.”



Vlad looked up, watching as Nathan unscrewed the top of his hip flask, upending it but keeping it stopped with his finger. “Open.”

Vlad opened his mouth, going cross eyed to try and keep Nathan in focus as his lover gently, oh so gently pressed his rum soaked finger to Vlad’s tender gum.

“Spoiled.” Ursula said beside them, though not unfondly as she reached out and raked sharp fingernails through his hair.

“I know.” Nathan crooned, quite serious in his dulcet indulgence as Vlad melted into him. “But we all need a little spoiling sometimes.”

God look at that quality header. Graphic design is my passion.


Skam is BACK and this time I get to watch from the first clip! Fandom has been in uproar and I have so many feelings and opinions I’ve been coming apart at the seams. A lot of polarising opinions, questions, concerns, outrage. Not to mention the totally anticipated yet still alarming racism and islamophobia considering our main is a POC Muslim girl this time around.

So I thought I’d take the time to collate all my thoughts and feelings into a daily/weekly breakdown for each episode! I try to be as subjective and clear headed as possible while watching this show and take in the messages, lessons and information Julie Andem et al are providing. Forgive me if I happen to project a little or get wild in my enthusiasm as a muslim growing up europe this season is so #relatable I’ve been shook since the second we got the trailer and still in a state of disbelief that this is actually happening. So as someone very invested I thought why not share my two cents with the class.

Disclaimer: Everything here is my personal thoughts and opinions. They do not represent the views of all Muslims or POC. It’s just my own take on the show.

Im gonna try doing this Day by Day depending on the lengths ( this gets wordy I don’t shut up I’m Sorry)

Breakdown 1 >> Next

Monday 10.04.17 1:28

Okay here we are the famous opening scene. In true Skam fashion we see Sana on the train watching the streets of what i assume is Oslo go by, intersped with images relevant to the main themes of this season. Trump, images of war in what could be syria or palestine ( don’t quote me on that I honestly couldn’t tell you which), the hijabi mascot of the women’s march, the french beach hijabi lady indcedent, images of the army and missiles firing. Right off the bat they ain’t fucking around.

The street ad of two women in bikini’s which Robyn sings “All of these girls a mess I’ve seen it all before I’m not impressed” Sana watches all of this impassively, dare I say haughty even. That is until she finds herself staring at a bunch of dudebros have an ab contest in the street. Sana is human and she stares. Robyn insists “None of them make me feel anything” in direct conflict with what we see cause Sana’s expression is intrigued, appreciative even, shes smirking. That is until she startled out of it by the Azaan for Zuhr going off on her phone.

Hello Relatable AF moment #1 ( honestly why am I counting there’s already a million)

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i think one of the biggest problems with the tcc is that we kind of,,,, normalize it for ourselves. cause i think it all starts off as basic interest and wanting to learn but then as we learn more and become more used to it we desensitize ourselves to tragedy & the reality of what these people did. we get used to it, develop a different view point, and thats why everyone thinks we’re a little messed up.
(( doesnt apply to people who unironically call murderers ‘daddy’ and genuinely have 'affection’ towards them. yall are kinda weird tbh ))

@clhardi1 You’re right—everybody does have a history and a background. And for Jewish people, that history and background is centuries of murder, expulsion, and oppression in the name of Christianity, a religion that, as in institution, was actually built on a foundation of anti-Jewish brutality in the forms of both literal and cultural genocide throughout the ages.

We are waaaaay past the point where “mutual respect” is an event remotely viable option. Like 1,700 years too late. The damage has been done—again and again and again. There are about 15 million Jews in the world total. There are more Dutch people (mostly Protestant btw) in the world than Jews. Christians decimated us as a people, and I don’t need to be fucking “tolerant” of my oppressors. I don’t need to respect them. “Especially if the other groups are not causing any problems” — Ha! They’ve been causing us major problems since like the third fucking century. Not even to mention that, because we’re such a small group, every time a person leaves, it hurts all of us in terms our ability to survive as a people.

Like, obviously you know nothing about Judaism or the Jewish people, so maybe don’t try to lecture us on our own peoplehood?

tbh it sounds like you’re just a butthurt Christian who doesn’t want to acknowledge that your religion only exists as a major force in the modern world because in its earlier days the church appropriated money and property through the exile and murder of Jews ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

mattelekktra  asked:

* Hi! I'm sure you should have gotten this question more times but how do you neutralize the ugly yellow colour in your DD gifsets without losing quality? Because I think you are one of the few people on tumblr with that superpower haha.

Ahahah, magic 🌼

Kidding! There’s actually a few ways to do that, I usually use one or the other, or a combination of all, depending on the scene and what I actually need!

Colour balance is one way to go. You can counteract the yellow of the gif, by upping the blue and the cyan (which decreases the yellows and the reds).

Photo filter is another way to go! Putting a cyan or blue filter (the opacity depends on the scene, by I try to keep it under 10% cause more than that it’s usually noticeable, and you can always put more than one layer, or use PF and then CB, build it up gradually.)

You can also mess with an entire colour with selective colour in “absolute” rather than relative. If you do this I advice you don’t go overboard with the adjustments cause the difference with relative is that moving the arrows even a tiny bit while on absolute makes a huge difference. so if you have a problem with yellow, you can go to selective colour -> yellow, and then decrease the yellow and up the cyan a little bit (or the red, depends on the scene).

But tbh my most used tool on that regard (and in general) is curves! More precisely the eyedrop tool in curves

Basically you click on it and what this does is that it turns whatever you click on the gif with it into the whitest point of your gif. This is especially useful with dark scenes cause it’s gonna brighten them up perfectly without bringing out pixels at all. But the best thing this thing does is that it inverts the tone of a scene. So if you click on a yellow-ish colour (I suggest you click on the fairest colour you can find on the scene cause as I said it’s gonna turn them into white and brighten everything else accordingly) it’s gonna turn the tone of the gif into blue-ish!

It’s gonna make sense once you practiced with it for a little bit cause it takes a few tries to get the hang of it (you’re gonna have to click on stuff a few times and go back a few times before you’re happy with the result) but it’s totally worth it, I promise! It makes you go from here:

to here:

Let me know how it goes :D


lmao why do you people even follow my shitty blog

I don’t know what to say tbh so um thank you guys, all 34, for following me.
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he a cool dude as well


Everyone seems to have issues when it comes to bughead and the most common ones are:
1)“he is suppose to be asexual”
-> Here’s the deal for the people who keep saying that. This isn’t the same jughead in the comics. This is a new side of jughead, a new perspective for the character, so stop comparing him to a different and tbh irrelevant characteristic that isn’t THIS JUGHEAD.

2)“all there moments are so rushed and out of place”
-> One of the reasons that could cause this problem is due to the fact that somethings are cut out of episodes due to time. So for some people it might feel rushed, and for you my friends all I say wait till episode 8, cause then your going to start thinking differently and your finally going to give bughead a chance.

What do you think I honestly want to know people’s opinion on this ? Do you not “approve” because you simply ship another ship or what ????

anonymous asked:

For the anon that was wondering about attraction to a certain race. The true definition on fetish: A FETISH IS something over feet, whips & chains, shoes, materialistic, ass, elbows, a certain PART OF THE BODY!. Domination and Submission mostly and so many materialistic things. Just because some one is attracted to a certain race, and respects them and wants to learn their language etc. or only want to be with a certain race , DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE A “FETISH”. So don't worry.

Oh honey nooo… . . Tip doing research isn’t going out and googling reasons to prove your right (which from your rather uneducated response is very clear thats what you did) doing research is checking both sides of the argument and then coming to a logical conclution like I did and many other before me have. Pulling up the websters dictionary defenition of a fetish isnt doing research honey I’m sorry to break it to you… .also a word has deeper meaning and more meanings then it text book definition. Also lol thats not the defenition what dictionary are you reading lol?? Racial fetishes are a thing please ACTUALLY do research and educate yourself cause you sound foolish. Like your only argument is the defenition ndjsbdjd. Now no appreciating a culture and respecting and learning about it no that’s not a fetish nor is dating another race or being open to dating other race and finding a veriaty of ppl attractive you are right and ppl do throw that word around ALOT more then it should be calling ppl who like kpop and or kculture ppl who have a fetish or saying anyone who dates outside their race has a fetish that’s wrong yes but fam that wasnt what we were talking about … . At all… .  .having a fetish over a race is a thing and a BIG problem literally Google racial fetishism you’ll find hella articles and in-depth explanations and whole psychological studies on it there is legit even a Wikipedia page on it books on it too like homie so no you didn’t do research or you did it wrong. Im not telling anyone to be ashamed I was just explaining why it is seen as wrong cause you ASKED ME. I didnt come for you at all.… . Which is why the way your trying to defend racial fetishism is even more goofy cause your just trying to deffend yourself cause I struck a cord… and look the fact that you typed ashamed before I even posted that anons ask shows you are that anon cause how did you know what she said before I even posted it👀 and that HAD to have been you who sent me that HELLA offensive and ignorant ask about Asian men early too huh. I said stop sending me foolish stuff like that. Like it makes me even more ahabdkdb about this whole thing cause your so passionate about invalidating ppl who have been fetishized and hurt by it invalidating whole races who suffer from this all to often because you cant accept that you MIGHT just be apart of the problem or that there might be an issue here. your pretending to be other ppl and acting hella goofy ignorant and rude. like I STILL CAN’T get over that other ask you sent earlier that I didn’t post it just shows your ignorant and childish and automatically voids any argument you present tbh. . It is also EXTREMELY clear that you didn’t read my first response to the first time you asked me about if you only likeing a certain race is wrong cause I never accused you of having a fetish so you coming at me like this pretending to be diffrent ppl getting defensive shows me you already knew what you were getting into and asked ready to defend when if you read my answer there was no need for you to cause I said there’s only an issue if the shoe fits and thats basically in this case the shoe always usually fits even if just a little bit and if it didnt somehow for you cool then you Gucci I guess like if your just open-minded to the idea of dating outside your race and not only attracted to one race or prefer one race over others then yeah homie that’s not a fetish and i wasn’t coming for you… but I can see the shoe does indeed fit and its fits very well and you do probably have a fetish then cause only a hit dog barks….okay and like MAYBE the attraction to only one race shouldn’t be labeled as a fetish I’ll humor you on that BUT it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue and rooted fetish like thing like I can go on about this all day but it’s clear your not trying to learn anything so imma just let this go cause I DO NOT have the time and I don’t know you so I TRULY do not care what you do and or think not enough to waste my sweet time arguing with you like thid. 

Please educate yourself it take no time at all and Google is free. Here’s a  link to google I even typed it in for you already…0…

Heres the Wikipedia page too please go to town my dear and learn something new and better yourself

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How would I upgrade to 64 bit? I know the hardware is 64 and the software is just 32 so

okAy this is kind of complicated but based on the research i’ve gathered + my bf’s advice, i currently have a 32bit system w/ a x86 based (if i had a x64 based then i can def upgrade) & i’ve read in some forums that i can’t upgrade w/ my system but when i went to check my system, it says my comp is 64bit compatible (it’s under some menu). also my bf checked and he said my processor can run 64bit (im suppose to be on it but for some reason my mom, who got this computer from work, installed 32bit) & ive read ppl who have the same specs as me also have a similar problem & they tried upgrading to 64bit & it was all gucci. there’s a way to do it (if you youtube) so yeah!  hope this shorta answers your question cause tbh im still v confused but my bf’s helping me out w/ it so yeah

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BUT FUCKING THANK GOD?? I saw the post earlier and it’s so great to see someone strongly standing up for us queer folks. I’m asexual panromantic androgyne non binary and tbh I just say queer cause it’s a shorter explanation and I FEEL OVER THE MOON WHEN I CAN SAY QUEER. Never felt better in my life to see all of Bethany’s posts!!! Thanks girl! You keep rockin what you’re doing. Complete respect for you. ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤

No problem friendo, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. :)

Mod Bethany

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Oh no, you're fine! I guess I just wanted a little clarification I guess after kinda second guessing my own shipping

No I don’t want to tell you who to ship at all! Like obviously you can ship mlm and wlw relationships and still be great! (I’m in no way the gatekeeper of shipping here) The quantity doesn’t matter tbh. It’s really the erasure of wlw ships in particular that’s the real problem, I’m not going to tell you to stop shipping mlm just so wlw ships can get more recognition cause that’s a dick move. I’m just saying that people tend to ignore wlw ships a lot more and there’s definitely an imbalance in content. (And I ship mlm too! Shipping’s great! I hope I didn’t seem like I was telling you to stop shipping, *eek* 💗)


Another interesting thing this month…I don’t know if this is even in the game (since tbh, I never completed it…I only got to the dessert area and stopped there because my TV is terrible, Zesty has too much dialogues and I can’t read a damn thing because the text is so small…) but seriously, I’m liking what this manga is doing though…Main, supporting, enemies; looks like they’re going to show the development for all of them…>w<”

PS. A little update, so…last two months, I was busy (rather, got too hyped on seiyuus stuff…), plus a little technical problem cause me not to be able to collect my May issue yet (even now…) Am thinking I might just buy the tanko instead for last chapter. I think I’ll get back to translating this now too though, since yeah, I’m liking where this is going…This chapter just refuel my motivation up a bit…>_<”

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tbh my biggest problem with religious people is them supporting an institution that helped keep my country under a dictatorship for like half the past century.

see, I could understand having a strong antipathy for religious institutions and organizations with huge political power and that afflict wrongs on people, my best friend’s like that cause he’s Mexican and the Catholic Church is ubiquitous and massively powerful in Mexico

but with individuals it’s a case by case basis.

I’m sorry that all happened to your country.

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My God you KNOW the teddy bear egos are a thing but only YOU know it and that's part of the problem Like with you sure! Cuddle hug whatever you want! Just don't tell the others cause they don't need to think I'm going soft In some cases "softer" and if it's just you and one of them it's like no boundaries just cuddle. But all together? No They don't need to see me being a softie XD it's just amusing to me tbh (side note ya got all them Halloween anons now Jenna got my winky ghost now pumpkin)~👻

(i am all for the Halloween anons~ If ya didn’t notice from my costume shots, I love me any time to dress up, Halloween is MY month of joy. Everyone else can keep Christmas and Easter.)

If anyone ever walked in on you and another ego cuddling, they’d immediately play exasperated. As if you’d practically BEGGED for these cuddles. 

tag game

i was tagged by @ironmens, @platokid and @starksnstripes thank you so much babes!!

rules: answer the questions and tag 10 other people

a- age: 21

b- birthplace: poland

c- current time: 23:34

d- drink you last had: tea

e- easiest person to talk to: it’s hard for me to talk to anybody tbh but i guess my best friend

f- favorite song: superheroes by the script or little me by little mix

g- grossest memory: idk, all those times when i threw up a lot cause of my stomach problems ig

h- horror yes or horror no: yeah i guess they’re ok

i- in love?: nah

j- jealous of people?: yeah, a lot :/

l- love at first sight or should I walk by again?: walk by again

m- middle name: anna

o- one wish: having money

p- person you called last: my mom

q- question you are always asked: hmm… idk tbh?

r- reason to smile: tony stark

s- song you last sang: F.U by little mix

t- time you woke up: 6:45

u- underwear color: black 

v- vacation destination: london hopefully

w- worst habit: staying up late and not being able to get up every morning, general laziness

x- x-rays: yes, i’ve had them?

y- your favorite food: pizza

z- zodiac sign: cancer

i tag: @van-dyne, @capntony, @leavethenighton and whoever else wants to do it!

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I literally hate all my irl 'friends' so much they've caused so many problems for me i can't fucking wait til i finish high school and move so fucking far away and never speak to them again

Tbh that’s a mood