the catheters

So I had my appointment today.

I was so nervous. So nervous. I have never been examined by a man before. The only man to see down there is literally my husband. But now Dr. Perry and his Dr. In training were inserting objects into me and staring at my lady bits.
LUCKILY, Dr. Perry is amazing and tried to keep me covered 90% of the time. If he wasn’t inserting or removing an instrument, he had a blaket over me. I’m so thankful for that.
So. How did it go?
Well they did an ultrasound to look at everything. He said I have like 12 follicles in one ovary and like 15 in the other. Which is a lot less than he was expecting (a good thing). My uterus and everything looked good.
So now he inserted a camera and a catheter with saline in to actually look at it.
It was super cold. And felt like I was peeing myself. I got to actually see my fallopian tubes. It was REALLY cool. They then put a few air bubbles in my uterus. And bloop bloop bloop. There they went up my tubes (which is great).
Then, now that my uterus has some fluid, ultra sound again.
He then looked at my ovaries and saw where an egg was maturing on its own! He said it looks like it will drop on Sunday.
Then he talked about what everything meant.
He left and his nurse came in to tell me that if I don’t get pregnant from this egg that we have the choice of what we want to do.
We can do the medicine for $100 a month. Or insemination for $1000 for 3 tries.
BUT she has noticed that a lot of women end up pregnant after this examination.
That for some reason when they lube up the tubes and uterus with the saline and air bubbles, that the sperm get there.
SO HOPEFULLY in about 3 weeks we will be pregnant with Judah or Merryn. ❤👶


Just to prove that he actually did it

Adweek backs us up on this.

HBO said Monday afternoon that the ads did indeed run Monday morning at the following times: CNN, 8:50 a.m.; MSNBC, 8:29 a.m.; Fox News, 8:48 a.m.


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smowkie  asked:

Hi again. Sorry to bother with another question when you haven't even had the chance to answer my first one, but this bothers me a lot and I will write about it in the future so I want to be able to make it right. If a person is unconscious for say 3 days, reason not relevant (magic, post apoc with no medical personell available etc), and they're not at a hospital with catheters and stuff, what happens with the body waste? Like, will they pee themselves? Poop? Thank you for an amazing blog! ♥

Content Warning: This is messy, gross, stinky, shitty, and describes very graphic and uncomfortable things happening to people, including animal predation.

Some are theoretical. Some are things I’ve seen.

So here’s an unfortunate, uncomfortable truth. Anyone who is unconscious for more than a few hours will, indeed, void their bladder onto themselves. And when the time comes to poop, they will, in fact, poop. These things happen even when someone is conscious but unable to move, whether that’s from physical confinement or from orthopedic issue.

And they’ll stay there. The ugly truth is that we find people in this state all the time. They reek of the acrid urine smell of piss, the foul, feculent stench of shit.

If they’re exposed–specifically outdoors–that waste will draw bugs. Flies, dung beetles, ants, whatever’s around that could find a tasty snack.

Rodents also aren’t out of the question. Lots of things find flesh tasty, and an undefended human might get nibbles from rats, mice, various birds – carrion birds aren’t out of the question. Raccoons and squirrels may not be above predation of an unconscious human, not to mention wolves, wild dogs, and any other carnivores you can think of. Eyes are juicy targets, especially for birds.

Another effect you’ll have to consider is hydration. A character who’s unconscious cannot drink, and probably shouldn’t have anything put in their mouth (if we don’t know about their ability to swallow – it depends on the level of unconsciousness, if that makes any sense). Three days won’t be lethally dehydrating, but it’s probably pretty nasty for the person when they wake up.

Assuming they still have their eyeballs, because, well, see above.

I hope this gave you something to think about!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty



Sorry I haven’t got back to everyone,haven’t felt good with this catheter in my jugular vein was causing a major headache 🤕 Thank god it is gone and now I’m at the physical therapy rehab hospital got here today, so I will be here for a while so I can walk again and my Neurologist is going to put me on some new medicine so hopefully it will kick the MS butt 😊