the catapillar

watching the chicks natural insticts emerge has been rlly rewarding. when owl and moon were babies they didnt want anything to do with bugs
just today i watched rue eat the Biggest spider i have ever seen, she just kept hitting it on the ground until it was smushed up enough to eat it was frightening
chickens are dinosaurs and they love showing it


I’ve thought about this for a while now, and I think I know why Isayama has had Annie in her crystal for so long.

Many have suggest that the missing ninth Titan was suppose to be the winged Titan that the Marley so desperately wanted in order to win the war; however, in resent events the ninth Titan is revealed to be the hammer Titan.

what if Annie’s crystal is more than a protection mechanism? I’m confident in saying that her crystal is a symbolism for a chrysalis like with a Catapillar.

By that logic, once Annie is freed from her crystal, possibly with the help of the Hammer Titan, her Titan will poses the ability to grow wings and fly. Now this does seem like a long shot but this move will differentiate her Titan from the other 8, other than her Titan just being a female. Yes, she has the power to protect herself with crystals but besides that there’s not really a difference from hers and Eren’s attack Titan, seeing and how he’s able to control his hardening ability.

Day 8: Spooky
Hero pretending to be scared to make Onion cookie be happy
Day 9: Legendary
I really want Dark Enchantress Cookie!
Day 10:creature
hop on ALL the catapillar gummies
Day 11:angel or devil?
Devil obviously!
Day 12:Ghost friends!
Ghost party 24/7!!
Day 13:Gold Farmer
One Time I got so many coins with Fairy Cookie I was
so happy! IT was really lucky of me to get them to!