the catapillar

watching the chicks natural insticts emerge has been rlly rewarding. when owl and moon were babies they didnt want anything to do with bugs
just today i watched rue eat the Biggest spider i have ever seen, she just kept hitting it on the ground until it was smushed up enough to eat it was frightening
chickens are dinosaurs and they love showing it

anonymous asked:

Hey even if a cannon flouralite is kinda a catapillar thats because they are a fusion! It is still possible that they can be free formed though right qwq?

Trust me, I’m so going to draw my Fluorite hanging with Fusion Fluorite.

Its not gonna change anything for me. ;)



  • it’s pretty much impossible that rose shattered pink diamond
  • pink was probably shattered by someone on her court or one of the diamonds
  • (im starting to believe the theory that pearl is pink’s pearl, and that she shattered pink)
  • lion probably died at some point?
  • and rose brought him back to life? but my question is, did she know it would make a portal? why did she make the portal?
  • steven as his own tree in the lion’s mane now
  • lars is v v insecure
  • yellow and blue have arm ships. pink had a leg ship. white has a head and torso ship.
  • giant woman diamond ship?
  • steven has healing tears? why has that never worked before now?
  • zircon’s are lawyers lmao
  • it’s possible to have twins when incubating a single gem
  • this isn’t new info, but can we just appreciate polyamorous catapillar mom?
  • lars fucking died
  • nevermind
  • not every gem on homeworld feels entirely loyal to the diamonds and their duties (topaz, other topaz, blue zircon, etc.). not everyone is like how jasper and peridot were
  • yellow really just wants rose gone and doesn’t care about getting closure. and she always shuts down blue whenever she wants answers. its a lil sus
  • steven can now travel to and from homeworld very quickly
  • lars is still on homeworld
  • everyone on homeworld apparently thinks earth was destroyed a long time ago
  • lars is actually a really great character and i regret not liking him before
  • steven can make portals now   

if you have anything to add that i missed or any theories to suggest, feel free to add them on to this post!