the cat with the amazingly large head



Thorin wasn’t surprised anymore when Radagast poked his nose into this business.  And in this fashion, too. 

Kitty Gimli wound around the ankles of his King and cousin, meowing as forlornly as he possibly could.  Really, the younger Dwarf knew his Elder’s predilection for being Erebor’s Resident Magnificent and Majestic Moggy, but really, Gimli liked being a Dwarf, thank you kindly and he would really appreciate it if he could be turned back to his proper form!

However, Thorin knew the Daffy Olde Coote perfectly well and Gimli was going to be an Adorable Ginger Kitty as long as Certain Things Concerning a Certain Elf and Son of Thranduil (AUGH!) were not sorted out.  Also, Thorin already had a Good Long Talk with Bilbo on how to handle this sort of business and honestly, Thorin did not want to be banished to the couch with only Bilbo’s shirt for company. 

So he did the Amazingly Hobbit-y Sensible Thing (instead of Going Off to Brood Majestically - read:  throw an Epic Tantrum), picked Gimli the Dwarf-Cat up and went off in search of a Certain Elf.


Legolas was mildly surprised when a large and very adorable ginger cat was deposited into his lap, courtesy of a scowling Dwarf King. 

“Your Majesty?"  Legolas had made it a point to be exceptionally courteous to Thorin Oakenshield since the Disastrous First Meeting years prior, mainly for Gimli’s sake, but also because he’d learned, since then, to revise his opinion on Dwarves. 

(Tauriel knocking some sense into his head may have had something to do with it as well…)

"We - that is - my Consort and I - have … ” Thorin grumbled something that was unmistakeably Khuzdul and Legolas fought down a smile.  

“I am afraid that I do not understand, Thorin-King - I only know but a few words of your secret tongue…”

Thorin sighed.  Grumbled under his breath again.  And then finally, “I find, Prince Legolas, that listening to my Consort is generally the path of wisdom and according to my Consort, you may find solace in the company of a cat.  And present a better countenance at our Court." 

Legolas blinked.

Gimli the Cat gave Thorin a bewildered "Meow." 

Thorin facepalmed.  "Bilbo thinks you need cheering up.  Here’s a cat to do that for you.  Farewell."  And he went as fast as a Dwarf could possibly move leaving a bewildered Elf and a Dwarf turned Cat looking at each other. 

Legolas gently ran a finger down Gimli-Cat’s soft fur and smiled.  "The King Under the Mountain is very odd.  As odd as his Hobbit-Consort.  But it was a kind thought, wasn’t it?”

Gimli the Cat meowed in agreement. 

*** end ***

Um.  Here’s to the Ginger Cat Under the Mountain.  Blame determamfidd.  It’s all her fault.