the cat who walks by himself

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 9

The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding inspired this chapter. Totally suggest to listen while reading!

Chapter 9 - On My Mind

It was fun while it lasted, but all things must come to an end. We gathered our belongings and placed them by the door. Dasha and Sydney’s parents picked them up. And it was just Allegra and I.

“Allegra!” Mr. Leto called from the kitchen. “These clothes need to be washed.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to walk Kerri home?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” He crept around the corner as he dried a bowl with a paper towel.

His head rested against the wall as he looked at me. His grin stretching from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself. “I’ll walk her home,” he said.

“But Dad!-” Allegra whined in protest.

“Sorry honey.” He cut her off, still drying the bowl. “You need to hit those clothes. They’re a mile high!”

“Fine.” She fumed.

“Besides… it be nice to see Ms. Sanders and Nico – it’s been a while,” his eyes lit up as he thought.

Apparently, I had no say in this matter. I stared back at Mr. Leto, trying to see what lurked behind his eyes. Was there another trick up his sleeve?

“Just give me 5 minutes Kerri and we can head over.” He told me before quickly shuffling away.

After Allegra and I said our goodbyes, I fetched my things, making sure everything was packed. I didn’t live far away at all, like 2 ½ blocks down, but I guess no neighborhood not matter how nice is safe to travel alone in the evening.

Butt up and head down, I bent over, trying to squeeze everything in my bag. There was this one section that just wouldn’t zip. It was stuffed to the max. I thought I heard something behind me but I was too focused on this. If Allegra wants to make a joke about how silly I look, so be it. I placed the bag between my legs as I pushed down with one hand and tried to zip with the other. Once it finally fit, I stood up straight, and flung my hair back. I turned around and to my surprise, I saw Mr. Leto there leaning against the wall.

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Imagine the Doctor finding out you’d been getting hassled everyday by a group of guys on your daily walk home. They mostly just cat call you and whistle and stuff, but the Doctor gets adorably pissed. After chasing them off, the Doctor grumbles to himself until you make it back to the TARDIS.

“The little… Daleks!”

“Oh they’re on the same level as Daleks now, are they?”

“Of course! No one gets to mess with you except me.”

GOT7 in a haunted house

Mark - appears unaffected but is actually super conflicted. Should he be screaming because he’s legitimately terrified, or should he be laughing because that’s the 2nd time Jackson’s walked into a cobweb and collapsed on the floor crying that his face is melting? When later complimented on his bravery, just goes with it

Jaebum - in charge of navigating them through the house, which is a challenge considering he refuses to walk anywhere without having his back against the wall. Reflexively kicks out at anything that scares him. Breaks a vase and a cupboard door as a result. Only agreed to go with the others because Bambam managed to convince him there’d be a black cat somewhere

Jackson - goes to the toilet twice before entering the house just to make sure he’s not accidentally going to wet himself in fear. Buys a bottle of “holy water” from a dodgy old man down the road who ensures it’ll protect him from harm. Wants to make sure the others are safe too, so sprinkles it generously all over them, much to everyone’s annoyance

Jinyoung - doesn’t scream but spends ¾ of the time clutching his chest like he’s having a heart attack. Accidentally smacks his own glasses of his face avoiding a dangling spider. Walks at the back of the group because he doesn’t trust any of the others to not try and creep up on him and because he doesn’t want anyone to get left behind, not that he’d admit that

Youngjae - finds the nearest cupboard and crams himself into it. Records a loving message to the members on his phone just incase he gets eaten by a zombie. Promises that, if they come out of this alive, he will compensate anyone whose shoes Coco has ever pooed in. “Accidentally” deletes said message when they make it out of the house completely unscathed

Bambam - brings a camcorder, hoping to catch as many of the members crying in fear as possible. Spends more time recording himself than he does recording anyone else. Ends up not being able to show anyone the resulting video anyway because 80% of the footage is of him swearing in 3 different languages

Yugyeom - accidentally gets separated from the group after stopping to use the bathroom you tried, Jinyoung. Is convinced they’ve all deserted him as a prank. Storms through the house, completely oblivious to everything scary, intent on getting revenge. When he realises it wasn’t actually a joke, feels guilty for plotting the deaths of the others and offers to walk in front the rest of the way to make up for it

Paws for Thought

WORDS: 1003

CHARACTERS: Reds, Blues, Washington, Carolina, Epsilon


DESCRIPTION: Someone really needs to check up on Caboose more often. Who knows what kind of things he picks up along the way?

(Red vs Blue belongs to Rooster Teeth)

“Oh, you are so fluffy, Mr Mittens,” Caboose cooed to the tiny kitten in his arms, reaching out a gauntleted hand to stroke the cat’s soft fur and earning himself a quiet meow.

He walked behind the others as they progressed along the plains. There was nothing but sand around for miles, and more than once many members of their party had complained about being bored, but Caboose didn’t have that problem. Ever since he’d found the little kitten, hiding in the ruins of a city they’d passed a few days ago, he’d been preoccupied with looking after it, talking to it as they’d journeyed and secretly giving it pieces of his food along the way.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine nonpowered!AU Tony as a major cat person who can't keep cats because of one way or another (maybe he's too busy, maybe he's afraid he can't take care of them when he can't take care of himself, etc etc) so he visits this cat cafe T'challa works at almost daily to play with the cats.

You can also read this on Ao3!

The bell over the door jingles, and T’Challa looks up from the espresso machine. “Hello, Tony,” he says, smiling when he realizes who’s walked in. The man grins and slips off his sunglasses.

“What’s up, your highness?”

T’Challa huffs out a laugh at the nickname. “If you keep calling me that I’m going to get a complex.”

Tony shrugs, unrepentant. “Hey, it fits. With how these cats treat you, you might as well be the cat king.” T’Challa rolls his eyes as Tony’s attention is drawn down to the cat twining herself around Tony’s legs.

“Hi, Okoye,” Tony coos, crouching down to pet the smug creature. “How are you doing, huh, babe? T’Challa been giving you plenty of treats?”

T’Challa slides a bemused woman her espresso before turning back to Tony. “I hardly need to, with how much you pamper her.” Tony looks up at him, a guilty expression crossing his face as Okoye happily nibbles at the treats he’s holding in his cupped hand. “Caught red-handed.” T’Challa raises an eyebrow. “She’s going to get fat at this rate.”

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•When America gets embarrassed or mad his voice cracks.

•Canada secretly hopes for the death note to be real.

•Japan has a cat named Heracles, and Greece has a cat named Kiku.

•Scotland once walked in on England trying to cosplay Rose Tyler. What’s weird about it is he completely nailed it.

•Veneziano and Romano often fight about who gets to cook that night. Seborga would have to send them to the corner and cook dinner himself.


Rhythmic Impression Part I |Part II|Part III|Part IV|Part V|

 Rouge: No offense, but wouldn’t you prefer to wear something a little more…appealing?

Amy: Appealing? Rouge, it’s rhythmic gymnastics, not a cat walk show

Rouge: I don’t think you’re catching my drift. Shall I rephrase? Don’t you want to look pretty for Big Blue? *points outside* 

(Sonic and Knuckles talking aka Sonic teasing Knuckles who is this close to pounding his face in *Sonic, so help me*)

Amy’s thoughts: She’s right. Once Sonic sees just how pretty I am, he’ll have no choice but to gaze in awe and want me all for himself *heart eyes face*

Rouge: Oh Pinkie~ Choose wisely

Amy: I think this one will do just fine~

a little comic I’ve been working on while I procrastinate on my other projects :D                  

EDIT: Sorta fixed it but keepin the dialogue here anyways cuz i have horrible handwriting

“Get a life” / Vita Nove

Okay so we have this weird out of place scene that seemed like a very unnecessary “no homo” moment that cropped up while Dean was in the middle of searching for Castiel. Dean walks past an attractive blonde woman and feels a need to say “hey”. As if Dean Winchester would actually hit pause on tracking down his very sick, very dangerous best friend who might be either harming himself or harming other innocent people.

The only thing the blonde woman says is “Get a life”. Which is fair, right? Random scruffy looking dude cat calls you in the middle of the night in a dark alley? Probably a good retort.

But here’s the thing. This isn’t a throw away scene or line.

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“Your pizza will arrive within the hour.”

“Thanks, love you.”

“Love you too.”

Kuroo removed a purring cat from the keyboard and nearly dropped her when he realized–oh my god.

He slammed the receiver down and didn’t even think about apologizing, explaining himself, or maybe laughing it off. It probably happened to the man who took his orders, religiously every Thursday, all the time. But no, his brain was currently fuzzy as the cat rubbing his ankle, unable to process the stark, rapidly drowning embarrassment.

It was like ice chips floating in his blood, the horror and humiliation so deep Kuroo wanted to walk out into the busy street and lay down.

But then the animal shelter demanded his attention, the phone ringing sharply to garner what sense he had left. There was going to be a little celebration, as one of the ugliest, yet sweetest deaf dogs was just adopted into a very nice home. Kuroo offered to order it, only if Kenma paid, which he accepted immediately. The dog was the furthest thing from his mind though, as the phone rang again. He gingerly picked up the receiver and recited his speech from four years ago.

“Downtown Animal Shelter, how can I–”

“Okay, it’s you, I was worried it would be someone else and that’d be kind of awkward to explain, you know?”

“Um,” he could only manage that syllable because it was the pizza boy on the other line again, the same one who had returned Kuroo’s–apparent and sudden–feelings.

“But listen, you sound cool and whatever, but we don’t give discounts for sudden love confessions. Wish we did, because that would be very nice, like can you imagine that advertising?”


“Like picture this, you’re ordering your food and say something nice to me, like I hope you find twenty bucks on the street, or you know, we could go all the way to ‘I love you’ without even stopping at first base, which alright man, I can deal–”


“And then the screen turns to pink and the slogan slowly fades in in comic sans: Share the Love Discount. Don’t be a dick to minimum wage employees,” the pizza boy hummed, very pleased with himself (Kuroo guessed, now that his brain was slowly catching up to the weirdest fucking conversation of his life). “And instead of paying eleven bucks for a large, you get maybe two bucks off and a free breadstick. Oh man, I need to go to business school or something, this is gold!”

“I’m… sorry?” Kuroo tried to apologize, not sure how to respond to this rant. “It just… came out.”

“Oh, no man, it’s cool.”

“Right. Okay. I’m hanging up now.”

“Oh, cool. I’m Bokuto, by the way. Love you,” the pizza boy, Bokuto, sounded distracted now, 

“Love you too.”

Kuroo put down the phone and nearly threw it at the wall a moment later.

“Damn it!”

imagine karkat sitting in a little cafe reading romance books off of his kindle and sipping his coffee and he glances up when someone particularly hot goes to walk past the window. he pauses and seemingly looks right at karkat for a long few seconds.

dave, meanwhile, was actually just passing by a particularly reflective window and stopped to preen himself up a it; fixing his hair and straightening his headphones a bit. 

a truck drive spast and casts a shadow over the window and for a second or two dave can see past the glass to the troll whos looking right back at him w wide eyes and a bit of red to his cheeks. then the trucks gone and th esunlight is glinting off the surface again and dave has the option to either keep walking or maybe hang a left and head inside- if only to explain his apparent staring.

imagine those dummies tripping over their tongues for the entire duration of the impromptu little date bc dave is flustered by the cute boy and karkat is struck kind fo dumb with how cliche it seems. 

they totally trade numbers and dave walks out then comes back in bc he left his phone sitting on the table and hes bright fkn red when he scurries back out and leaves karkat kinda grinning @ the table.

Richard Simmons is an American pop culture icon. His energy and enthusiasm for fitness – which borders on insanity – has changed millions of lives. In the process, he made a ton of money, achieved massive fame, and made his name synonymous with healthy living.

So, of course, the people closest to him have conspired to keep him locked in his home for the remainder of his life, perhaps in the hope of walking away with his fortune when he dies. At least that’s what the people who used to be a part of his life think is going on since Simmons mysteriously and suddenly secluded himself in his Beverly Hills mansion sometime in 2014.

No one outside of the mansion knows what, exactly, the fuck is going on. The people in the house aren’t talking, and the people outside who used to be Simmons’ close friends, trusted co-workers, and business partners get shooed away like mangy cats. Every call to the house or knock on his door is met with a stern demand to leave and never return.

5 ‘Where Are They Now’ Stories That Sound Completely Made Up

Evil!Saitama x Strawberry

I hate myself because I was supposed to be writing other things, but I casually stumbled upon an ask @sai-pop had just gotten and I couldn’t resist. It’s absolute trash, I am sorry. Edit: Erm, i forgot to mention it’s mildly non-con but nothing really happens.

“How the heck would they even meet?”

Story under the cut!

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Here’s a fun concept

What if, when Bucky finally comes back, he doesn’t join up with the Avengers because as far as he’s concerned (and REALLY as far as Steve’s concerned you should’ve seen the rant he gave Fury) he’s had enough combat?

What if he stays home and works on getting better and spends his time cuddling with Steve and plodding around in super-comfy clothes and eating good food and reading good books and cuddling with their dog and/or cat, and when Steve is out on a mission he occupies himself by meandering around the city and chatting with the nice restaurant owner, or the lady who always walks her dogs around this time of day, or the nice birder who lets him use her telescope in exchange for him listening to her rant about birds which he absolutely doesn’t mind.

Bucky being happy and comfy and cuddling with his boyfriend and having lots of friends and never having to deal with violence ever again.

andrew minyard takes the cats on walks

inspired by this post by @wymack! 8)

so yeah,,,

  • it starts one day when neil is away and andrew is at home
  • he’s a bit bored but not like that much
  • but you know, the thing is, neil tried to walk the cats outside once and it ended in a disaster
  • a classic Cat In A Tree Situation
  • so idk, maybe andrew like?? wants to try it out himself because neil is so pathetic???
  • so yeah
  • he puts these bling-y collar/leash combos on the cats (nicky totally was behind those)
  • and off they go
  • at first the cats just sit on their asses and stare at the view like the furry little jerks they are
  • but then
  • they start walking towards this kid who’s on the yard
  • “whatever”
  • turns out the cats are very pleased by this random kid petting them
  • then the other one of them kinda maybe squirms out of the collar and maybe like runs away
  • the kid lets out a loud SCREEEEECH and runs after the cat
  • andrew is left standing there with the other cat, they’re staring at each other now
  • “you know i kinda want to let your friend to get lost but neil would probably murder me so”
  • she returns with a lapful of cat
  • then they like
  • just hang out??? andrew, the girl and the cats
  • they walk through the yard and neither of the cats tries to escape anymore
  • it’s a miracle really
  • “……………….tom and tim”
  • “REALLY?”
  • “yes”
  • “COOL!!!”
  • they look kinda cute, the four of them, just chilling out
  • neil would prob shit himself if he saw it
  • such a tragedy he wasn’t there
  • but it kinda becomes a habit?? and one time neil happens to witness it
  • “how did you get them to not escape????”
  • “i’m just so much better than you”
  • “??????”
  • “it’s magic, josten”
  • the cats just look at neil, all innocent
  • it’s quite the sight, andrew, two cats with bling-y collars and this random kid peeking behind andrew
  • neil gives up trying to understand
  • (but he totally secretly takes a pic tho)
  • “…andrew, did you lie to her about their names???”
  • “maybe”
  • meow, meow

Gonna try and walk on water

The lad looks up, his cat-like, glossy blue eyes boring into Harry’s, who cannot help but startle at the intent sadness in them. He’d be lying if he said he doesn’t feel concerned already. 

          “My name’s Louis,” he speaks, and Harry startles once more at the sound of his voice. He can’t look at him any longer, so instead he turns his gaze onto their still-connected hands. Louis lets go of Harry, when he notices the man staring, and coughs awkwardly. His palms are noticeably smaller, Harry sees, but Louis himself is noticeably smaller than him, as well.

or the one where Harry’s going to be a parson and Louis has a secret. They live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. 

Words: 14.6k;oneshot;AU
Note: This is a fic I wrote about a year ago. A month or so back I reread it and decided it deserved more recognition, so I edited it and here it is!

Just all the crazy cats || Cris & Olly


“Cat. No. You are not mine. Out. “ Olly tried to reason with the cat that was sitting on his kitchen counter waiting for attention. “Down cat.” His neighbour’s cats had no boundaries and no shame too apparently. He left the patio door open because it was nice to create a breeze for himself, not because he wanted a fluffy cat in his house.

Irrespective of that, he still petted the cat as he moved about the kitchen, cleaning up after breakfast. Reminded him a little of his sister, who was back in the states. While the cat himself was unwelcome, the sentiments he brought with him were appreciated. He left the kitchen to get dressed for work, cats weren’t allowed in the florists. 

So, before he left, after shutting the patio door, he gently picked up the cat - being very careful because cats were sentimental. “Good kitty. Nice kitty.” He hummed as he walked out of the door, pulling his keys out his pocket and locking the door behind him. He walked to his neighbour’s door and knocked, trying to balance the cat that didn’t want to stay still and instead perch on his shoulder. “I don’t understand you.” He mumbled to the cat as the door opened. “I think this one’s yours.” He smiled sheepishly.