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Will you draw jumin x zen ;w; ?

Hahaha yes yes these two are too cute together~

But I don’’t know if I should draw them cute…

– Jumin and Zen got shrunk… somehow (*°▽°*) –

…Or something more… idk… intense (?) \(★▽★)/

So I did both. ❤ ° ╰(▔∀▔)╯ ° ❤

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How often do u think Magnus uses his cat eyes to convince Alec to do something? Like "No Mags you can't adopt another child u have too many already..." *cue puss in boots impression* "... alright but only one and not Simon"

“Only one and not Simon” Anon you need to know that the first time I read this sentence I very literally laughed so hard I cried.

But, let’s be honest, Alec forced himself to Get Over the cute side of Magnus’s eyes real damn quick, for this very reason. Just imagine how weak he was the first time Magnus pulled something like this. He probably had no fucking clue he was being played. He probably didn’t realize it the second or third or tenth time, either. But once he realizes the pattern of “Magnus Does Cute Eyes ==> I Lose Any Semblance of Free Will”, you know he shuts that down ASAP. He’d probably go as far as to shut his eyes or hide under a pillow when Magnus tries it again. He eventually learns that it’s safer for him to not be able to see Magnus’s eyes at all, just in case. I imagine this scenario happening frequently:

“Darling, I have to ask you a favor.”

“Okay but you have to put on these sunglasses first.”

supercat valentines day fic rec

Just a small list of super cute fics for your reading pleasure because I miss Cat Grant and it’s valentines day (feel free to add your favourites too).

Flowers by SupercityCarnival

Kara likes flowers, and Cat likes Kara.

Practice Makes Perfect by fictorium

Changes the conversation between Kara and Cat at the end of 1x12 slightly. If Kara’s going to be bad at dating, well clearly Cat is going to be the one to fix that. Professionally (except not at all).Obviously Kara dating Adam is mentioned, but trust me not in any way that’s going somewhere.

Bring Me To Life by OfEndlessWonder

Soulmate AU. Everyone on the Earth is born with their soulmate’s first words on their wrists. Everyone on Earth except for Cat Grant, that is.

Secrets and Truths by sultrysweet

Kara unknowingly drinks truth serum and has an extremely honest conversation with Cat after hours. (Day 6: Truth Serum)

thank you’s and jellybeans by red_streaks

“Kara, what would you do if I kissed you?”

She turns to face Cat so fast that the jellybeans in her hand fall to the couch. Neither woman notice. “What?! I-I would…” Faint? Die? Can Kryptonians faint? “Um, say thank you?”

Subtle Hints by sultrysweet

Kara keeps finding notes on her desk and her “admirer” is definitely not what she expected. (Day 7: Secret Admirer)

If You Only Knew by OfEndlessWonder

Fake Dating. Cat needs a last-minute date to her ex-husband’s wedding… who better to save her than her assistant?

Yang: So… Sun too, huh?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I’m just making sure! Is it cause we’re blondes?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I mean, this whole black cat thing is cute but-

Blake: Don’t-

Yang: -statistically speaking that’s now two injured blondes and-

Blake: Why are you still talking-

Yang: -I kinda wanna know if my dad will lose a leg or something-

Blake: What.

Yang: when you finally meet him cause that would suck since


Yang: I kinda wanted to do the whole “walking down the isle” thing


Yang: for our wedding and it’d look silly if he had to hop to give me away



Blake: Did you just.. propose to me in a roundabout way?

Yang: Is that a yes or no

Blake: To the limb losing or the marriage proposal?

Yang: Yes


Even when a creature is her enemy, her animal loving heart cannot help but be endeared.

Other notable Walani things:

  • She asks the bunny men if they give good hugs.
  • When she sees a mosling, she says “Don’t you just want to pick it up and squeeze it?" 
  • No animosity for the gobbler. “He’s a doofy little guy.”
  • She calls koalefants “big guy” and encourages them to hang ten.
  • Her catcoon quote is the GREATEST. “It’s very independent and loves garbage. Me too!”
  • She loves all the birds in the reign of giants world, unlike SOME so called bird lovers who reject the crows for being too creepy. *coughs at Wilson*
  • When she’s looking at the cactus armor, she says “How can I hug trees wearing this?”
  • Cat Cap: “I can feel the spirits of catcoons that made it.”
  • I could go on and on forever. She has a LOT of cute quotes about the animals and lot of hippy-like quotes. Walani is the number one animal lover. Let her chill out and snuggle her animal friends.

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U

Title: The Cat in the Coat

Anonymous Request: “2, I know it’s 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat. 21, you knocked on my door at 1 AM, to cuddle? 39, I’m not going to keep having this conversation. 47, go on, I dare you. with Pan please!”


Anonymous Request: “Hey!! I have request where Peter’s sad for some random reason and he doesn’t want to do anything, always stays in his tent.”

Warnings: just a couple curse words

This is absolutely way too fluffy and cuddly and I’m so sorry for your feels because I literally cried when I wrote this, simply because it is goals.


An unusual darkness had drifted over the camp. Now, before you question too much, it most definitely was not the kind of darkness you get when you get when you put a blanket over your head. It was the kind of darkness that you feel, the kind that soaks up into your brain and makes you feel, well, exhausted.

Neverland had been like this for what you would call a week, or perhaps less or more, on mainland time. All you knew was that nothing had happened to cause it, and the feeling felt as though it had popped up overnight.

And, in this sudden darkness, you had unfortunately found a way to lose something, because although it was a dark emotion over the camp, it had also brought about a literal darkness.

Around the camp, deep, navy blue clouds made their way inwards, and the sun had failed to make an appearance. The island was cold and dreary and dark in almost every definition, and that made it impossibly easy to lose things.

This darkness, you knew, matched the mood of the leader of the island, who hadn’t left his beloved hut since the dreary time started. The only time you ever caught even the slightest glance of him was when he turned on the light of his room during the night. Then, you could watch the shadow of his figure pacing back and forth in front of the window, contrasting with the dull yellowish-orange light, as if he had the hardest decision ever to make.    

The trees that surrounded the camp, the ones you once found brilliant green and filled with life, had now turned into nothing more than eerily twisted shadows grazing the ground. The bright moonlight practically begged to show through, and you knew that in any other situation you would have slept through the haunting howls the wind made as it blew through them. But not tonight, so far anyway, because you were on a mission, or perhaps more if you look at it in the right way.

“Here kitty, kitty…”

That’s right, that so dearly missed lost thing? A cat. A dumb old cat that you had somehow fallen deeply in love with, to the point that you were standing where you were- the borders of an enchanted forest that looked as though it would swallow you alive if you took as much as one step out of line. For some reason, the cat had grown on you, and it made you worried sick to know that it, rather he, could be lost or eaten as you called for him.

A bubble formed in the pit of your gut as you looked towards the sky again, watching as the moon was swallowed up once again by the dreary clouds. A sudden realization hit you, at the same time a cold droplet of water rushed down the side of your face.

“Great, just great! What else has this damned island got to throw at me, huh?” You murmured desperately beneath your breath, afraid that if any of the boys heard you they would think you were crazy, which come to think of it maybe you were.

A sigh escaped your mouth, and you decided that one last attempt would be thrown. In a very panicky tone, you shakily called out one last time.

“C'mon…here kitty, kitty, kitty!”

After hearing no crunching of leaves or desperate meows of help, you decided to call the outside searching quits. By that time, however, freezing cold rain had started pouring heavily from those dumb heavy clouds, and you swore you’d never had a worse night in your life.

You accepted defeat for the night, and with slumped shoulders decided it was best to head back before you caught a cold. Your mind reeled at the thought of not having a warm fluffball packed tightly against your thigh as you slept, and your stomach lurched. A much warmer droplet of liquid made a trail down your face, and you realized that you had starter crying.

All this over a cat? Well, yes, because that cat, no matter how dumb it may sound, brought a much bigger aspect of love to your heart than any of the boys had ever even attempted to create.

You sniffled, hair drenched in water and shivering visibly. You wrapped your arms around yourself to conceal at least a bit of body temperature.

Then, a simple, and probably bad, idea made itself present within your mind.

Pan might know where your baby is!

Although unlikely, you used the hope of possibly finding the cat curled up at his feet as a comfort. And, before you could actually rationalize this decision, your feet had started to make a beeline towards Pan’s hut.

After blindly maneuvering your body through the labyrinth of objects between you and the hut, your hands hit a hard wooden surface.

You stood, completely still, for a moment on the other side of his door. Your hands rested lightly on the wood, and you looked down for a moment in thought.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…maybe I should just go back and hope the cat’s back in the morning…” you thought, hesitantly biting your lip in thought.  

However, against all logical thinking, your arms pushed the door open. You made no move for quite a few moments to walk into the hut. Then, as if your legs had a mind of their own, they too moved you ever closer to where the king of the island himself slept.

You squeezed your eyes shut, fiddling with the sopping wet hem of your shirt. A burst of adrenaline shot through you as you fully realized where you were, and you heart beat picked up. After taking a deep breath, you felt your fingers began to quiver.

This was it.

“Pan…” you finally whispered out, only to be met with another round of quiet snores.

An awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach formed, and you almost turned back around and walked back out… if you’d not had a sudden memory of you and the cat together pop into your head.

Once again, you called, slightly louder, into the darkness, “Pan…”

After no response, you decided that you’d try one more time, and if it didn’t work you’d leave.

You cleared your throat, speaking in a clear tone, “Peter Pan?”

You cringed as his heavy breathing halted, and fear set into your chest.

All too suddenly for such a late time of night, he sprung up into a sitting position, his eyes snapping open and flickering around the room until they landed on your dark figure.

To say the least, you looked absolutely pitiful. Your hair and clothing was completely soaked through, sticking to your skin uncomfortably. Your face was red and your eyes were bloodshot, puffy from crying. Your lips formed a pounted frown of dismay, though you tried to cover it with a fake, pitiful smile.

“(Y/N)?” Pan questioned, a worried look on his face.

You suddenly bad, as if you’d woken a sleeping puppy, for he looked tired too; eyes strung with bags from being deprived of sleep, hair a mess, clothing wrinkled and twisted from sleep. He looked just as pitiful as you, only not as wet.

“Uh, yeah, you know what- um, never mind-” you squeaked, voice cracking mid sentence as you tried to conceal all evidence of your distress.

“What’s wrong?” He asked in curiosity, voice wavering higher in question.

You heard the shuffle of clothing, and then light flooded the walls of hut, leaving lingering shadows in its presence. A disheveled looking Pan stood from the bed, wobbling slightly from standing up so fast without having done so previously.

You looked down as he came closer, thoroughly embarrassed by the state you were in. You felt like you looked like a wet rat, and knew that you probably looked just as so.

“N-Nothing, I’m just gonna-”

“(Y/N)…” he warned, cutting you off mid sentence.

You huffed, trying to stop you voice from wavering as you spoke, “I know it’s, like, 3 in the morning…but…

You paused and hesitated for a minute, afraid that he would laugh at you for your reasoning. You could feel your throat tightening in on itself, and you didn’t know if you could utter the last part of the sentence even if you wanted to.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

…I can’t find my cat…

After taking a moment to let what you’d said sink in, he sighed and dragged a hand down his face in relief. You felt ashamed for waking him up for something so stupid.

It’s just a cat, you idiot…

With tears burning your eyes, you turned, waving you hand in dismissal, “See, I told you it was stupid-”

“Hey, wait, wait!” He reassured, “Just hold on, let me get you some dry clothes…”

You watched, completely shocked, as he walked over to his dresser and started getting to work on finding clothes that would fit. His movements were slow, almost delayed, as he rummaged through the drawers, because of the obvious fatigue that plagued his body.

You let your eyes wonder back down to the floor, hands folded together in from of you. Now, usually you weren’t this bashful, but for some reason you felt as if the situation called for it.

“Pan, really, it’s okay, I’ll just get the clothes wet when I back walk to my hut…” You trailed off quietly, but this time made no move towards the door.

“Really, it’s fine. Here,” he said, shoving the soft material into your hands before you could try to object again.

He patted your shoulder, running his thumb lightly across it comfortingly, and you looked up to meet his eyes, “There’s a little room over there that you can change in.”

You followed the direction of his pointing finger, giving him a weak smile as you turned.

After ducking your head once more, you walked off. You found yourself faced with a small room, no bigger than a small closet. After looking up and around, you decided to finally close the door.

You let out a deep breath, dragging a hand down your exhausted face. Your face and hair were still wet, but the water did an awful job at concealing the actual tears. You wiped your eyes with your soaked sleeve, and then began the task of changing into dry clothes.

It felt beyond luxury to be finally wearing clothes that didn’t freeze you to the bone. Goosebumps were still present, but not as prominent as before. The large shirt made you feel, well, not as bad, though your head just couldn’t stop wondering back to your beloved cat.

You slowly pushed the door open once more, wet clothes crumbled up together in your hand. A large portion of your legs were presented to the open air, which made it much easier to be cold; the wooden floor you stood on didn’t help to conceal warmth either.

You coughed towards the boy, who was preoccupied in moving his pillows and blankets back onto the bed. He glanced up after a moment, and a small smile took over his face as he saw your state.

You had crossed your legs, still standing I remind you, to warm them. Your arms were crossed over your chest, trying your best not to touch the cold, wet clothes to the rest of you. Your face had cleared up quite a bit, but dark circled made themselves present under your once bright eyes.

“Ah, there we are, feeling any better?” He asked, reaching out to take the clothes from you.

You shrugged, watching as he practically threw the clothes to the floor near the door. He stretched up as he turned towards you, his arms reaching up towards the ceiling.

You watched in awe as his muscles flexed, and felt like you’d start drool if he didn’t stop. Your eyes were fixated on him, unable to tear themselves away. Your jaw was slacked slightly, and your lips parted.

As soon as you met his eyes, you knew he’d seen you watching him. He smirked cockily, raising an eyebrow in your direction.

Your eyes widened, snapping down to the floor as a blush tinted your cheeks. You slapped your hands over your eyes, groaning quietly in dismay.

The sound of bedsprings being bounced upon made you look back up, still extremely embarrassed and red in the face. Your eyes were met with something you certainly never expected to see.

A sleepy looking Pan, sitting promptly on his bed, getting ready to tuck himself under the covers. Your stomach dropped as you realised that he was probably tired of you, and you turned towards the door to leave. Your head was lowered, and you awkwardly rubbed your arm as you trekked towards it, being as quiet as you could so that you didn’t disturb him trying to get to sleep.

“Where are you going?”

You glanced up, meeting eye to eye  with a very confused looking boy. He was tucked under the fluffy mound of pillows and blankets, almost as if he was trying to lure you in. You watched as he raised an eyebrow, patting the soft matress beside him.

You titled your head, not sure if you were taking what he was suggesting in the right way. You looked around the room, just to make sure that he wasn’t hinting things at another person…which was highly unlikely. After finding nobody, you looked back at him and furrowed your brows.

He rolled his eyes, lifting up the blanket as an invitation for you. Although the offer was all too tempting, you knew that you shouldn’t…right?

“Oh, Pan, I don’t want to intrude, I was just-”

He huffed, giving you a disbelieving stare. He could see right through your act.

“Just c'mere, (Y/N).”

You rubbed your arms to rid youself of unwanted nerves, and then took a timid step forward. Soon enough, you found yourself at the foot of his bed, still scared that you had somehow misunderstood his actions, or that it would only be awkward if you climbed right in next to him.

You pushed your thoughts aside, deciding that you were too tired and cold to matter anyway. With a nervous lip bite, you lifted one leg onto the bed. Then, the other leg.

Finally, you found yourself shyly crawling towards the inviting warmth beneath the blankets. You felt as though your face was on fire, your fingers trembling from pure nervousness.

You sat awkwardly on your knees as you reached where the blanket opened up. Do you just…scooch on in? What if that makes it awkward and he asks you to leave?

Before you could second guess yourself, he rolled his eyes once again, and one of his arms swung out from under the blankets. He hooked an arm around your waist, reeling you closer to him like a fish on a line. He lifted the blakets, pulling you beneath them, and then tucked them caringly around you.

One arm swung around your ridged body lazily, while you felt the other arm come to rest above your head.

You stuttered aimlessly in surprise, not even caring how stupid you probably sounded. Your eyes stayed wide, and you felt your body become more tense by the second.

“Jesus, calm down, huh?” He chuckled, his breath blowing just past your cheek as he spoke.

You blinked rapidly in the darkness. How on earth had you found yourself stuck in such an…unusual position, with the ruler of Neverland himself? To be completely honest, you thought the boy didn’t really like you that much, but now you had started to think otherwise.

So…you knocked on my door at three in the morning to cuddle, did you?

Your face started to heat up as embarrassment rose in your chest. As a stutter once again left your mouth, which was supposed to be an understandable sentence, you found yourself at blank for anything to say.  Your mouth popped open and closed, as if it would help you form words.

“N-No, well, I mean- it’s not like that!” You finally rushed out, grasping at the blanket with clammy hands.

“Oh…I think it’s exactly like that…” he muttered huskily into your, probably red, ear.

The sound gave you chills.

You squeaked, shrinking slightly further into the blankets and away from his face. However, before you got too far, the arm around your waist caught you, pulling you right back up.

Uneasiness spread through your tummy, and you didn’t know if it was fear or butterflies; you decided it was probably a mix of both.

You felt the fingers of his hand lift your shirt, only enough so that they could run along the place you were ticklish the most, and the same place you felt the butterflies; your stomach. The direct contact made your mind feel fuzzy.

As his fingers danced across the soft skin, you squirmed and tried not to burst into a fit of giggles, but at the same time it made you feel calm. He noticed, you assumed, as you felt him smile against you.

Then, as you layed there with him, you realised that the storm outside had slowed down, just a bit, and the rain wasn’t beating harshly against the window anymore. Instead, the only sound from outside you could hear was the calming sound of tiny droplets landing unevenly on the roof of the hut.

“So, did you come here so early in the morning to cuddle, or did it just happen to be a coincidence?” He teased, his fingers halting their movements, to which you almost let out a whine.

I am not going to keep having this conversation!” You huffed, hiding your face in the extremely soft comforter.

“You did, didn’t you?” He said, again teasingly.

You buried your head deeper into the bkankets, perhaps to cover up the bright scarlet blush, or perhaps because your nose felt frozen in the open air.

He laughed quietly, a laugh that sounded much more like snicker than an actual laugh, as he watched you. His chest bobbed up and down against your back as he did so, which made you giggle slightly.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart! Most girls would love to come cuddle with me in the middle of the night…if you know what I mean…”

“Pan!” You shrieked, popping your head back out from beneath the warmth of the comforter.

He laughed at your surprised reaction, watching your eyes widen as you turned to face him.

As you met his own eyes, you found that he had started to wiggle his eyebrows at you, smirking cheekily as he did so. You did everything you could to not laugh at him, but, in the long run, found that you had no chance with the look he was giving you.

“I swear, I’m going to slap you, you idiot.” You said through bursts of laughs.

With that being said, his arms fell back around your waist. The smile fell slightly from his face, and he yanked you towards him so that your chests touched. His arms locked around you like a seatbelt, allowing you no movement, and his breath fell over your face.  

Go on, I dare you.” He challenged, and suddenly the mischievous smile fell back onto his face.

It was then that you realised that he was talking about your threat; that you were going to slap him. Your face flashed with relief, the color slowly moving back into your face.

You scrunched up your nose and pulled one of your arms from beneath his, shoving his face away with palm of your hand as the two of you laughed. He grabbed your wrist and tucked it in between the two of you, keeping it away from his face. You knew he found no offense to it, after all it was just a joking action.

The sound of laughter slowly dispersed, no longer bouncing off the walls. The room was comfortably quiet, all noise except the rain against the roof being silenced, leaving the two of you in your own little bubble.

You began to realize just how close you actually were to Pan. So close that you could feel lingering breaths rolling down your face and neck, tickling you their whole way down. You felt the warmth of him pressed against you, and the quiet droning on of his steady heartbeat beating against your chest. His eyes, those bottle-green beauties, you watched lingering down the length of your face. His fingers ran up and down, from your shoulders to the edge of your hips, making tiny goosebumps arise, the hair on your arms and side standing on end.

Then, a noise quite unlike any other  broke through the boundary of silence. The tiny sound you had very much missed since you’d found it lost, the sound that practically radiated innocence and fragility.

Your head popped up from the pillows, and you wriggled slightly out of the tight and protective grip of Pan. He gave you a confused look, to which you returned by pointing a finger to the corner where one of his warm coats layed.

You swung your legs over the edge of the bed, growing colder by the minute as you exited the warmth of the blanket.

You stumbled, not too gracefully, towards the pile of Pan’s clothing, feeling as though you were on a mission; in reality, you kind of were.

Another upset mewl came from the strewn about coat. This sound made you rush towards it faster, and when you arrived to it, you found an odd looking lump moving about underneath it.

You timidly reached for the lump, just in case it wasn’t what you hoped. The second your hand touched the moving being beneath the coat, it let out another panicked noise. This time you heard it loud and clear; it was a meow, and better yet a meow for help.

You quickly and gently removed the clothing from the scene, and what you saw made your heart jump in happiness.

“Oh!” You cried, scooping up the tiny cat, and cuddling him to your chest.

You showered the cat in kisses and affection, leaving not one inch of him untouched. He meowed, butting his head against your chin, and pawing gently at your hands for you to pet him.

“Pan, look! I found him!” You yelped, a wide smile spreading across your face.

“Is that the thing I kept hearing when I was trying to think?” He murmured, sitting up with messy hair and facing you.

You nodded as you made your way back to the bed, “Must have been, and you didn’t tell me when I came in looking for a lost animal?”

He smiled and shrugged, flopping back down upon the soft mattress. His arms tried to wrap around you to pull you down again, but the cat in your arms hissed and swatted it away.  

“That’s what you get for being a dick and not telling me that it could’ve been him in here,” You pouted, glaring jokingly at Pan.

You laughed quietly at the cat as it started to wiggle from your arms, while Pan glared daggers at the small creature. You placed him down on the bed, watching as he gracefully slithered beneath the blanks and to where  Pan’s feet were.

“And you like that thing?” He asked, this time actually pulling you down to him.

He squeezed you possessively to him, and you could practically hear the pout in his voice. You shrugged in response, nuzzling yourself closer to Pan as you spoke.

“Yeah, he’s feisty and independent. I think you’re just jealous…” you chuckled, watching as he tucked the both of you into the soft blankets.

It was evident by the halted rain and the clear, bright moon shining through the window that Pan’s mood had increased immensely. You couldn’t help but be proud of the fact that you had been the one to accomplish this.

That night, you came to realize two things: One: Pan’s emotions are strongly connected to the weather; he’s sad or angry, the island looks and becomes sad or angry with him. And Two:

…You don’t always have to be a lonely cat lady…

Dating would be like... | Leo Edition

I’m sorry I had to use this picture it’s too funny not to XD HE LOOKS SO HAPPY OK


  • Looks like he could kill you
  • is actually a cinnamon roll
  • which is something you will find out VERY soon
  • you asking him to sing a lullaby
  • and him being like “…😒”
  • but give him the puppy dog eyes and he’s a goner
  • v protective?
  • like, “dont touch my girl she’s mine”
  • you might have to tell him to relax sometimes
  • If you guys ever move in together
  • there will definitely be a cat around
  • or several
  • being mutual pillows
  • like one moment you’re sitting upright normally
  • and the next your head is on his shoulder and you’re sound asleep
  • and he’s just like sHIT WHAT DO I DO
  • so he takes a selca to remember the moment
  • that reminds me
  • will have OODLES of pictures of you on his phone
  • but will deny it to the day he dies
  • like you’re his lockscreen and his homescreen and you’re just like
  • “Taekwoon this is so cute awww!”
  • grabs his phone and hurls it across the room his face bright red before playfully tackling you
  • tickle fights
  • neck chops when he wants to scold you
  • but will then melt and hug you instead
  • once commenting that he looked really good in that choker from the Chained Up era ;)
  • and his face getting bright red and him just dying from embarrassment
  • “I’m just doing my job please jagi don’t embarrass me”
  • and you’re just like 😙
  • helping him fight off Hakyeon
  • legit you’ll distract N while Leo runs
  • and vice versa
  • but sometimes you’ll help Hakyeon attack Leo
  • which you’ll feel his betrayal later
  • His kisses would be sweet
  • at first he’d be afraid of hurting you and just want to take it slow?
  • but then once he gets comfortable around you you’ll discover the dork that is Jung Taekwoon

Looks familiar? See here

wesnest  asked:

I really love your guys' responses (the bird one is a personal fave : >) and I'm in a Ghibli mood! So how about some scenarios based on the RFA+V and Saeran watching their favorite Ghibli film with MC?!

A/N: AAAAAAA I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI’S! LET’S HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON!! (Also thank you very much! I had so much fun on the bird one ^^) ~Admin 404



               -MC wants to watch a movie?

               -“LEMME PICK LEMME PICK LEMME PICK!!!!!!” okay yoosung jfc fINE

               -He picks one that he thinks is as cute as you!!!

               -Kiki’s Delivery Service!!!!

               -Come on! It’s got an adorable cat familiar and a witch who works as a delivery girl!

               -She has to overcome a hardship to get her powers back!!!!


               -He’d try to cuddle you close but he’s kind of like a little kid!! He still gets really excited like it’s the first time he’s watching it!

               -“MC LOOK, WATCH THIS PART!!!!!!!”

               - okay i would if i couLD HEAR IT YOOSUNG PLS CALM DOWN


               -It has a princess in it….

               -You’re HIS princess…..

               -IT MAKES SENSE okay sure it does oppa,  so he turns on The Tale of Princess Kaguya!

               -Vows if he ever finds a small child in bamboo he’ll take care of the child like in the movie

               -Love love loves that she refuses the multiple guys advances

               - Take note MC, ALL MEN ARE WOLVES

               -Forgot to tell you it was sad

               - okay but whY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME

               -Holds you close at the end and consoles you when you cry

               -“What? MC! I’m not crying! There’s…something in my eye. DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!”


               - are you sure we can’t just watch one of zen’s dvds

               -Also picks a cute one!

               -Come on MC the fish turns into a human for love it’s cute

               - okay but is Ponyo NOT like the Little Mermaid??

               -Though she really likes this movie, she’s always the type to make mum comments

               -“They’re much too young to be in love. Who thought of this?”

               -“Why was this little boy not freaked out at the fact this fish turned into a girl?”


               - baehee pls omg

               -“Why is this boy’s mother not concerned about all of this, ridiculous”


               -The Cat Returns.

               -Did you expect anything different

               -it’S GOT SO MANY CATS!!!!!

               -He’s seen it so many times, that he doesn’t need to pay much attention

               -So he puts Elizabeth the Third on his stomach as he lays his head in your lap

               - jesus christ MC pls run your fingers through his floof

               -Quiet throughout the whole movie

               -If you ask him a question about it, he shushed you and tells you to just watch it

               - but juju i am watching it i just need an answer to oNE QUESTION PLEASE

               -He actually falls asleep in the middle of the movie and gets embarrassed about it


               -It’s a movie about how you have to work hard to be free!!!

               -It’s literally the same theme as his life! rip why did i do that to myself lmao

               -Spirited Away!

               -He likes to tell the back stories to all of the spirits shown in the movie!!!

               -You just sit and listen to it no matter how many times you see this movie because he gets so excited!!!

               -He’ll get really dramatic with his gasps, grip the edge of his seat, the works

               -No-Face is his favourite!

               - totally doesnt cosplay as him and stands over you the moment you wake up just to hear you scream

               -If you actually want to watch the movie without him jumping around, you have to sit on his lap- he’ll calm down and rest his chin on your shoulder, but still makes silly sound effects against your ear


               -Grave of the Fireflies!!!

               -Loves the history in the movie

               - secret history nerd how cute

               -The hardships that these children go through break his heart ;A;


               -The little boy’s love and dedication to his sister inspires him so much

               -He loves to bundle up in a blanket and hold you close when you two are watching it

               -Has history fun facts ready to tell you cutecutecute

               -Will hold you close, rub your back, and whisper sweet words against your head when you cry over it okay listen MC is emotional beCAUSE THESE MOVIES CAN GET SAD DONT JUDGE ME

               -Every time he watches this movie, he gets fired up and wants to immediately leave the house and help people in need sweetheart its midnight i appreciate your fire but itll be better to help in the morning


               - the sootballs represent his soul

               - what a fuckin edgelord

               -My Neighbor Totoro!

               -Honestly wants to own one of the forest spirits

               -Who is he kidding, he wants his own life-sized Totoro, cAN YOU IMAGINE SLEEPING ON ONE MC?!?!

               -Pouts when he mentions that this is his favourite movie. Don’t call him cute. He’s allowed to enjoy a cute little movie with no violence in it. LET HIM HAVE THIS

               -“It’d be dope if there was a real life Catbus” “Saeran you’d be way too suspicious to actually get a ride from it” “OKAY, AND?

               -He’d rather watch the movie from a laptop, so the two of you can stay in bed

               -Sits criss-crossed and makes you sit in his lap so he can put his chin on your shoulder

               - gets distracted halfway through and ends up kissing the back of your neck and shoulder, but you keep ignoring him so he falls asleep instead

Stiles Stilinski Imagine - Hidden Talent

Request:  Can you do a Teen Wolf imagine where the reader is Stiles younger sister and she sings in the talent show but her and Stiles had a big fight prior? The whole pack is there to see one of their friends in the show but didn’t know the reader is performing too (pack including Isaac, Liam Kira and Allison ) and at the end there is cute fluff with Stiles and the reader?

A/n: I’m finally getting round to requests! I’m so sorry for how long this has taken, but I hope you enjoy it! - Cat x

Pairing: Stiles x Sister!reader

Masterlist | Request something!


You’d signed up to take part in the Beacon Hills’ Talent Show at the very last minute but as the competition drew closer you were regretting your in the moment decision more and more. You were staying behind at school to rehearse in the practise room. This way neither Stiles nor your dad would hear you. They didn’t know about it and you weren’t going to tell them either. You’d only signed up because you’d overheard some of your ‘friends’ talking about how you’d be too scared to do it after you had mentioned it at lunch.

On the day of the talent show, you’d stayed at school an extra two hours to try and perfect your piece. When you finally got home to start getting ready you were met by your older brother and his face didn’t exactly look inviting.

“Where have you been?” Stiles tried to sound casual in the way he asked the question but it was obvious that he was annoyed.

“And why do I have to tell you?

“You’ve been coming late home every day. You know what Dad and I have told you about boyfriends.”

“Oh my god! You think I’m seeing someone! I swear no one pays attention to what I’m doing anymore. It’s all werewolves and banshees and kitsunes these days.” Stiles was completely shocked as you spat the words and pushed past him.

“Oh, you thought I was that stupid. These walls aren’t soundproof, and you guys aren’t exactly quiet about it.” You slammed the door on the last word and fell backwards onto your bed. You caught your hot, angry tears before they fell onto your reddened cheeks, and took a deep breath. This wasn’t going to spoil the evening. You were going to prove your friends wrong, and look great while doing it.

The next hour was spent, putting on the outfit you’d picked out weeks ago and applying your makeup as planned. There was a soft knock on your door while you were finishing styling your hair.

“Hey, y/n?” Stiles’ muffled voice drifted through your door.


“I’m Sorry, I … I’m just kinda stressed at the moment, and Scott is making me going this talent show thing tonight which means I can’t finish my economics project that’s due in first period tomorrow unless I stay up all night.” The words ‘talent show’ made you freeze with a cold fear. Stiles was coming to the talent show. So were all his friends. You didn’t reply.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Stiles questioned when his explanation received no response.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry to Stiles.”

“Cool, maybe if you’re still awake when I get back you can come keep me company for a little while and we can eat ice cream.”

“Sounds good. Bye.” He had returned to his usual happy self while on the other side of the door, you were completely terrified of having to step onto that stage, with not only your friends’ eyes on you but your older brothers’ as well.


When you arrived back at school, you found out why Stiles, Scott and the rest of their friends were going to be sitting in the audience; Kira was performing as well. She was talking to Allison, Lydia and Malia when you walked in and you managed to keep out of sight of all of them until it was time for the talent show to start.

You settled into a place next to the stage near some other girls in your grade who you think were going to dance. From where you were sitting you could see a couple of your closer friends sitting around the middle, you guessed that the others hadn’t even bothered to show up. You could also see your brother and his friends taking up nearly the whole of the back row.

Time passed as you watched the other acts, regretting your decision to go last. Said time gave you the opportunity to come up with plenty of ‘what if’ situations and make your anxiety even worse. It was amazing to see Kira perform, though; you’d been told that she was great at singing, but had never been able to hear her properly until now.

It was finally time for you to perform and as you walked across the stage to sit at the piano, you’re heart dropped at the sight of Stiles and his friends leaving. As much as you had dreaded, a small part of you had been looking forward to performing in front of your brother and seeing his reaction. Instead, you just made eye contact with your friends and kept to an even pace until you reached the piano stool.

You took a deep breath, and placed your fingers above the notes of the first chord, just liked you’d practised. After that it was easy, your fingers moved over the keys as you had practised so many times before, and you kept your eyes in front of you as you breezed through the melodic lyrics. When you finished you stood to appreciate your applause, but were completely shocked to see the back row all standing. Stiles, Scott, Kira, Lydia, Allison, Malia, Liam, Isaac, Mason, Erica and Boyd had all come back and were clapping harder than the rest of the audience combined. Stiles was informing everyone that you were his sister, very, very loudly even though as students of Beacon Hills pretty much the whole audience were already aware of the fact.

When you finally emerged from backstage, the whole group was there to greet you. The girls told you how proud they were and how incredibly you performed before Stiles scooped you into a massive hug. He kept his arm around you as you walked out of the school.

It is not the wine that makes us drunk

Summary: Bond, Moneypenny, and Tanner take Q out for drinks to celebrate the end of a very long day. Fluff ensues, including Q’s glasses getting passed around like a party favor and Bond having an honorable intention.

For Beginte’s prompt, “You’re cute with glasses” 

Also on AO3 

Tanner knew the best places. Private, with no stupid people. And warm. So warm. There was a big fireplace in front of the sofa and he had Tanner on one side and Bond on the other, close enough for their shoulders to touch his because Moneypenny was there too, next to Tanner, and it was a big sofa but not that big. Heat from all sides. A drink or three ago, Q had even shrugged off his suit jacket—it was lying on his lap like a cat blanket so he couldn’t walk away without it—and rolled up the sleeves of his pricey dress shirt.

“—and then he said that he’d dreamed he was skiing. Oh, no—it wasn’t that funny, Q!” Moneypenny hid her chuckles behind her hand.

“Everything’s funny when you’ve been awake for as long as he has,” Tanner said over Q’s laughter. “Especially when you’ve been dealing with 005.”

“005 was fine,” Bond put in. “It was the budget meeting afterward that kept him up.”

“Oh dear,” Q said after he’d stopped laughing and belatedly processed what had happened. There was a wet purple stain on his shirt now, his fancy one. Moneypenny had finished her dirty joke at the exact moment he’d taken a swig of the pretty cocktail she’d ordered him; the spray had gone everywhere, and in his convulsions of laughter the rest of the drink had too. Mostly on himself, which was okay, but he had also spilled some on Tanner and Bond, who thankfully seemed more amused than annoyed.

“I’m sorry,” Q said, biting his lip and trying to look contrite instead of laughing at the alcohol dripping down Tanner’s cheek, like a purple tear. An anime girl tear. Anime girl Tanner would definitely have large breasts, carry a clipboard around, and have a very special episode about how she couldn’t just be everyone’s friend without having her own emotional needs cared for too.

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Say Something

Authors Note: Honestly I just hope that upon Jasper’s return fans get to see Eleanor’s reaction. That he hasn’t been back for days. I want to see them both staring at the other and feel the longing. This is a short little what if scene.

Jasper can feel her presence. Can feel her eyes glaring at the back of his head. Slowly turning around to face her as he watches her storm over towards him. His eyes catching sight of the ridiculous outfit that she’s wearing. Somewhere between a tiger or cat and yet she manages to look adorable.

A shadow of a smile starting to pull at his lips wanting to tell her how cute she looks till he remembered their predicament . Eyes brimming with unexpected emotion because God dammit it’s been too long since he’s laid eyes on her, let alone heard her voice. He had been so desperate during his absence of her that he had listened to past voice mails, voicemails of when things had been good between them. Scrolled through their emoji texts and damn near cried because of how natural it had all been. His lips part and tremble slightly and he considers telling her everything his heart wants to say. But he’s Jasper so at the last second his head wins over. “Hi.”

He watches the range of emotions that pass through her gorgeous features. She says nothing yet, just stares at him as if she’s trying to decide if he’s real or not. Then he sees it that fire in her eyes. “Hi? You up and left without a word since and you bloody well have the audacity to say hi?”

Poker face, his mask slipping back on. “Last I checked we broke up so I don’t owe it to you to give you the play by play of what’s going on in my life.”

Her lip trembling, nails digging into her palms. “So while you were off doing god knows what I was here missing you and worried about you.”

Fuck, just as quick as the fire was ignited it’s diminished as her expression falls. “Did you even miss me?”

The brokenness in her tone causing his very heart to ache. The tears he sees welling in her eyes enough for him to consider telling her. Fuck it, he’s going to do it. Screw the consequences, she deserves to know. But just as his mouth opens up to speak she beats him to it. “Of course you didn’t because you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” Without another word she turns on her heels and breezes past him. Waiting until she disappears as his defeated and conflicted baby blues remain trained on the spot she had just been.

“Every second of every day.”

His confession going unheard.

Troubles and Worry

Rating : T

Pairing : Mahiru x Kuro

Note : Hello everyone ! This is my first fanfiction about Mahiru and Kuro from Servamp ! They are so cute together I couldn’t help but write something about the two of them. I hope there isn’t too much mistakes ! Enjoy !

Dislcaimer : I don’t own Servamp or any of the characters (sadly …)

While the sun was finishing his race in the sky, with flamboyant and warm colors, and everybody was going home after a difficult day of work, the Sloth pair was out to do some shopping for the week and their evening meal, walking happily or lazily on the sidewalk. Like always, the light brown haired boy had a smile on his delicate face, his big chocolate eyes shining with joy when he spotted something interesting, and was humming a song that he heard in the morning, just before going to school. Unlike him, the black cat on his shoulder was yawning hard enough to break his jaw and couldn’t keep his eyelids open more than three seconds, falling asleep here and there like it was a normal thing to do. That wasn’t unusual. After all, Kuro’s real name wasn’t Sleepy Ash for nothing. Even if it could have seemed troublesome at first, because he couldn’t do a single thing by himself and that he could be annoying sometimes, slumped on the sofa, leaving all the chores to his Eve, the young man didn’t thought it was a bad thing to have him in the apartment. He had company and a friend to talk to when needed. He didn’t regret that day when he picked the dirty feline. He felt whole again with the bluenette by his side. However, Mahiru was a bit concerned by his behavior since their last fight against Tsubaki’s subclasses, and he hoped that everything was fine with his Servamp or that he would talk about whatever was on his mind to him. It was hard to make him talk, even if it was for a simple word like ‘Thank you’ or 'Goodmorning’, and the boy feared that his nerves would let go at some point and that he would hurt himself pretty badly.

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Luzifer 💕

I hope having his bad teeth removed will make him happier and healthier in the long run but I’m sad. His fangs are so cute and I will miss them ;w;

(I just hope he’ll still be able to eat well with those teeth gone. Angel - an older cat - had them removed too and she’s fat and happy so I guess it’ll be fine… Is there even something you can do to prevent their teeth from getting bad?)

BY THE WAY my messages and mentions are full of pictures of your cats now and I genuinely got so overwhelmed by happiness that I shed a little tear! I haven’t had a chance to reply to them all yet, but honestly, I appreciate all of your kitty floofs (and all of your non-cat floofs too) and I’m v v glad that you are all supportive bbs and I would buy you all fancy soap if I could.

Jumin's Punishment

A/N: LOL this sounds like it’s gonna be some sexy shit but don’t worry, just a SFW story featuring Jumin Han (*fangirls*) and the RFA minus MC! This story was requested by @hellobuds for the giveaway I promised ^^ I hope you all like it though, I had a lot of fun writing it. Ticklish Jumin is toooo cute!

Summary: The RFA guys are so done with Jumin’s shit when he again skips their meeting because of his major cat obsession, and they plot their revenge. Gaining classified information from V, having Jaehee infiltrate his busy schedule, it’s all going according to plan and poor Mr. Han has to brace himself for the punishment of his life! ♡

 Word Count: 2313 (lol I got too inspired) 

“That’s it guys, I’m so done with this man’s shit!” Seven angrily slammed down his phone on the table and grabbed his red hair in frustration.

They had already gathered together for their regular RFA meeting when they wondered where the hell Jumin was at. Right at that moment, a message popped up in their RFA chat, or rather, a selfie-picture of Jumin at a pricey looking cat salon.

Caption: good day to spoil Elizabeth 3rd with a lovely beauty session. He even had this smug little smile on his face and did the peace sign with his fingers.

That did it for the guys, they had enough of Jumin’s cat obsession! This was already the fifth time in a row Jumin skipped their meeting, and as if it wasn’t hard enough to meet up with him due to his busy work schedule, it was that damn cat he always ditched them for,

“Not even an apology!” Yoosung said, and Zen made a gagging noise.

“He’s unbelievable! He knew about today’s meeting didn’t he?!” the actor yelled, turning to Jaehee who remained calm but was just as upset.

“Yes, he did,” she mumbled softly, cringing at the guys’ outbursts.

“V!!!!” They all looked up in surprise when Seven yelled at his phone, and only then they realized he had immediately called up V to share his rage.

“Yes?” V’s calm voice sounded through the room since Seven had put the thing on speaker, and Yoosung cringed in annoyance at his voice. When all Seven could do was ramble “Jumin - he, he’s just, he always-!”, Zen jumped in and joined with the anti-Jumin rage.

“Jumin sucks! Giving that richass bastard that stinking cat was your biggest mistake ever! That man’s obsessed!” Zen yelled. 

Seven seemed to be torn between agreeing with Zen and taking offense because of the words ‘stinking cat’, Yoosung still roared in protest and Jaehee stressfully rubbed her forehead, unsure whether she should be happy or sad with the insults Zen threw at her boss. 

Even she had to admit it was unbelievable how Jumin was so obsessed with Elizabeth 3rd that he ditched the RFA again. And that while he commanded them about the party all along in the chatroom, but show up at their important meetings? Nah. 

“Easy there. I’m aware he’s quite fond of her yes,” V said, causing an uproar again. Zen and Yoosung were childishly shouting all kinds of things (“Quite fond?!” “He’s insane!” “V, you suck too!”) , and Seven turned off the speaker again and took V for himself.

“Oh well if you can’t handle his shit, all you gotta do is take the guy down a peg or two,” V told Seven who distanced himself from the noise.

“And how do we do that? That jerk doesn’t give a shit about–” Seven was cut short when V interrupted him, and the expression on his face suddenly changed into a cheeky grin when he heard what V had to say.

Noticing this, Zen and Yoosung stopped their rants and watched Seven, curious to what V was telling him that caused this 180 degrees - attitude change. 

“Oooohh? Ohoho. Well, thanks V for that information. You owed us that.” Seven put down his phone and turned towards the others, still grinning like an idiot.

“I know how we can get him! Jaehee, you got his schedule don’t you? I have got a masterplan!”

“Next up is a visit to C&R IC’s newest branch office,” Jaehee told her boss who strode after her out of the building where he just had his meeting.

“Yes, and after that my speech for Mr. Hang’s retirement at our partner organization’s event,” Jumin said.

“Driver Kim’s here.” Jaehee walked in front of Jumin and opened the door of his car to let him enter. She then walked towards the driver’s seat, shook hands with Driver Kim and smiled when he nodded and stepped out of the car.

“Driver Kim? What are you-” Jumin yelped in confusion as Jaehee took over the driver’s seat, and before he could say anything she started the car and drove away with Driver Kim waving at them in the distance.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” Jumin asked, and he was launched against the front seat - face first - when Jaehee suddenly stopped the car again. 

Right then, the other RFA members came bursting into the car all of a sudden: Zen and Seven on either side of Jumin on the backseat, and Yoosung claimed the front seat while shouting out “shotgun!”. Jumin could barely process what was happening or Jaehee was driving the car again, and the flustered director began his protest-ramble.

“Wha- what is going on?! Why are you guys here? What about my appointment?” he yelled, and he gasped when Yoosung turned around in his front seat and grabbed both his knees, pushing down on them while he smiled mischievously.

“Canceled,” was Jaehee’s short reply, and Yoosung squeezed both Jumin’s knees who jerked his legs in response. 

“We are here to finally see our beloved RFA member who has disappointed us greatly,” Seven said, wrapping one arm around Jumin’s neck and pulling him against him. 

“And give him his proper punishment,” Zen added. Leaving the bromance to Seven, he smirked and immediately followed Yoosung by taking action: he brought his hand to Jumin’s side and grabbed him, his fingers digging into his side and giving him a couple of squeezes.

“AHa! W-what?!” Jumin squeaked. His cheeks got a rosy color and his eyes widened before a string of giggles bubbled from his throat: Yoosung was now squeezing him right above his kneecaps and Zen tickled his side, and their faces lit up at the brilliant noises he made.

“Whyy-hyy! Jaeheehehe, m-make them stop!” Jumin brought out, and he squirmed and writhed around in vain. His body had no idea what to do. His arms switched rapidly from wrapping around his torso to flailing around in a couple of useless attempts to hit away Zen and Yoosung’s hands.

“Nahh, we’re just getting started!” Seven said, and he finally joined in as well. He lowered his hand and clawed at Jumin’s tummy, laughing when the heir’s upperbody collapsed and trapped Seven’s hand right where he wanted to tickle him.

“Noohoho! STAha- stop!” Jumin gasped and giggled, but now with all three guys attacking him he had nowhere to go. When the car came to a short stop for a red traffic light, Jaehee glanced at the crazy situation through the front mirror and she grinned. Served him right! 

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Here, Kitty!


Can you do a short where the reader gets turned into a cat by Loki and T'Challa has to take care of her?

PAIRING: T’ChallaxReader


This request was just too freaking cute! I couldn’t resist!

I also did some research and found out that the language T’Challa speaks in Civil War is call Xhosa so I’ve used that occasionally.

*Ikati = Kitten or Cat.

Originally posted by marveladdicts

Originally posted by his-arm-candy

“I’m going to kill him!” T’Challa shouted, looking between the now cat version of you and the rest of the team.

Somehow, and for what reason - he didn’t know - Loki had turned you into a cat. T’Challa didn’t know if it was some cruel prank on him, or the god just trying to have a little fun.

Nevertheless, T’Challa was now left with a small, fuzzy animal pawing at his feet.

“T’Challa, calm down. I’m sure we’ll find a way to fix this. Right Thor?” Stark glanced over at the thunder god - who didn’t help the situation by just shrugging his shoulders.

The Wakandan sighed, trying to ignore the mews that were coming from below him. He glanced down and saw a pair of large round eyes peering up at him. He leant down to pick you up, smiling as you purred and curled into his chest.

He softly scratched between your ears and he couldn’t help the small smile that graced his face. The team watched in amusement as he cradled you.

“Come on, Ikati, you must be hungry, no?” he whispered, laughing when you purred in response.

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Not as planned

Originally posted by supernatural-is-my-entire-life

 Pairing: Cat!Castiel x Reader

Words: 963

Summary: you went on a hunt with Castiel and it didn’t really happened as planned. 

A/N: I saw this gif and I just go like “oh my god, he’s too cute, I need a Cat!Castiel!!!” So here we go. I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

You opened slowly your eyes but shut them as fast as the light blinded you. You tried again but more slowly. Your body ached everywhere but your head was the worst. You tried to stand up, the world was turning around you, you shut your eyes a second and after a minute, manage to stand on your two feet. You looked around you, the furniture was crash on the floor, in fact everything was a mess. Step after step, you walked in the room and tried to remember what had happened on this hunt.

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