the cat show

tbfh i’ve always had the hc that out of every apprentice/mentor type of relationship, the relationship that a medicine cat has w/ their apprentice is like,,, the closest in the clan. like meddie cat apprentices are there w/ their mentors until that mentors death, they never leave their side, they share a den, etc, so often they get along really well

- yellowfang & cinderpelt got along super well once cinderpelt got into the grove of learning; yellowfang was like her grandma ok. yellowfang and her shared a nest sometimes when yellowfang would have bad dreams about her life in shadowclan, and yellowfang accidentally called her “my little tadpole” which is a BIG shadowclan-like sign of affection, and cinderpelt loves her mentor w/ her whole heart

- willowshine is sorta like mothwing’s lil sis??? like, willowshine became her apprentice right after hawkfrost’s death - and mothwing was quite understandably broken up and upset over her brother’s death. willowshine was there for her and became one of her best friends and like a little sister to her; willowshine helps her by giving her herbs for headaches and to help her sleep, etc.

- kestrelflight was sorta like this talkative, happy ball of sunshine when barkface mentored him; kestrelflight REALLY admired barkface so much and thought he was a really cool mentor - he was sorta like kestrel’s grandpa. barkface was gentle w/ kestrelflight and would help him focus back on herbs when kestrelflight got off track, and kestrelflight was really broken up when barkface eventually passed

- o man featherwhisker,,, he put up w/ lots as goosefeather’s apprentice and had to do stuff on his own a lot, but he was EXTREMELY loyal to his mentor and loved him a lot. like featherwhisker never wanted to hear a bad word about goosefeather and would defend him whenever someone would mock goosefeather; featherwhisker did see that goosefeather had trouble w/ his memory and that he was a little lost sometimes, but he always gave goosefeather time to himself when he needed it

- littlecloud was so proud of flametail when he became his apprentice; flametail grew taller than him in just a few moons, so littlecloud couldn’t give him the nose nuzzles like he used to be able to, but littlecloud was SO proud of him. like he would and still did - even after flametail’s death - brag about his apprentice and how proud he was of him. littlecloud was sorta lost in grief after flametail’s death, to the point where he never sought out an apprentice - even if a cat showed interest, littlecloud didn’t want to replace flametail

i love watching the show my cat from hell because 9/10 times it usually features a heterosexual couple fighting over their hellion cat with one partner (usually the guy) saying “i cant stand this cat it needs to leave” while the girl is just like “no we can figure something out” and when jackson galaxy asks them if they would call it quits over the cat the guy is just like “ofc not she would always choose me over the cat” but if you zoom in on the girls face when he says that you know,,,,,you know,,,,,who will be leaving,,,,,,,,that house first