the cat sees a lion

Okay, so I feel like contributing to the Humans Are Weird section and it’s just, humans and predators get along? Like, we have mutual beneficial relationships and companionship with animals that, in theory, we should be fighting with. 

Like, we have cats and dogs as pets, some people have wolves, we see lions and tigers and think they’re cute, hell, zoologists have been raising Big Cats for years, not to mention the stories about people care taking bears. 

And if Jurassic World became a thing, you can bet your ass someone would Chris Pratt a set of pack dinos

So like, imagine that theres a race of aliens who are, by genetic script, predatory, and vicious and every alien system are like “Theres no chance at establishing peace with them, it’s impossible.” But then humans come and we stumble across a wounded one like 

“this species ?? Is adorable ?” And all the other aliens are like 

“No, human Mike, it is a vicious predator! It’s bet to just avoid the quadrant where theyre from and destroy any that come too close.” 

“You want to kill him, but he’s just a wittle cutie!” 

“ … Human Mike, stand back!” And of course the humans rally around it and force the other aliens out and slowly feed/build up trust with the species and we form a bound with them and Aliens are like ???? 

Evetually humans teach the aliens how to respond to the species and while they’re still pretty dangerous if they’re hungry and you shouldn’t turn your back on them, there’s still like, relative trust between the species. 

AoEx Casts’ Trip to the Zoo w/ Their S/O! 

(No one requested this but I went to the zoo yesterday ya’ll and yeah XD ^^’ )

Rin Okumura! 

  • practically jumping/bouncing around with excitement!
  • the sharks scare him x’c 
  • but he loves the panthers and the tigers!! 
  • coos to Kuro that Kuro’s better than any panther ever could be tho 
  • (cause Kuro got jelly that Rin was so excited to see a panther XD ) 
  • is just completely in awe of everything 
  • really wants to eat at the zoo cafe

Yukio Okumura! 

  • enjoys strolling around the park with his S/O
  • doesn’t rush around to see anything and always reads the informational signs and stuff 
  • hums quietly to himself and that’s when you know he’s completely relaxed 
  • was honestly surprised at how big the anteater was??? 
  • he had no idea they were so big 
  • also likes to tell you any cool tidbits of facts the knows about whatever animal
  • like: “Did you know that a mantis shrimp can punch with the force of a 22 caliber bullet?” 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • honestly came for the monkeys
  • (they’re his favorite animal to be qh) 
  • he was so excited and happy when he finally got the see the monkeys 
  • he’d acted all tough and silent, holding your hand the whole way
  • but now
  • he’s so relaxed and he’s laughing and pointing and is so excited 
  • you point at the male monkey and is like: “That’s you babe.” 
  • and he laughs and points at the mama monkey: “Yeah? Well that’s you.” 
  • You: “Ew - the one eating the bugs?” 
  • Bon: “Yup. That one.” 
  • You: “Is that our baby monkey?” 
  • Bon: “Yes! That’s our baby monkey!” 
  • ya’ll stand there for a while watching the baby monkey run around and swing about and climb up everything 
  • it was honestly really cute and exciting

Shima Renzou! 

  • is not really interested in the zoo?
  • but since you wanted to goooo
  • there ya’ll are 
  • he laughed and joked about with you and ya’ll got to see a lot of things 
  • and eventually 
  • ya’ll got to the bird house 
  • and he never wanted to leave?
  • it was so nice? 
  • he loves the flamingos?
  • they’re his family
  • *strikes a pose with one leg up like a flamingo so you’ll take a picture of him standing near the flamingos* 
  • probs prints it out later and puts it on the wall 
  • (along with multiple cute pictures he’d snapped of you throughout the day)
  • (one of which is you eating ice cream and trying to get out of the shot - but he was too fast! (its his favorite one cause your blushing and smiling and he thinks its soo cute)) 

Konekomaru Miwa! 

  • “They’re just big cats Y/N!” 
  • you know how he feels about cats 
  • so ya’ll eventually venture to the lions den 
  • and he lights up as soon as he hears the lions 
  • and he takes off running to the edge of the fence and leans on it 
  • (please don’t fall in the zoo pits) 
  • he’s in AWE 
  • he loves them so much 
  • he takes pictures of them on his phone 
  • and he records one of the lions roaring 
  • its so cute to see him be so carefree and happy 

Kinzou Shima! 

  • this asshole
  • got in a fight
  • with a boar
  • it had been sleeping peacefully in the closed section of the petting zoo
  • it was closed off for a reason 
  • (the boar is very ornery) 
  • and Kinzou wanted to pet it soooo bad 
  • so he’s leaning over the gate and he’s reaching and he’s huffing and puffing and groaning and straining to try and touch this sleeping animal 
  • and he grabs the poor thing by the tusk and he didn’t mean to pull? 
  • but he pulled
  • and it woke up startled and pissed off to some blondie almost practically in its pen? 
  • so it just kinda…
  • charges
  • and the pen was just wood sooo
  • it smashed out of there and chased Kinzou all the way back to the door 
  • (he apologizes quietly to you later on for ruining your time at the zoo, its obvious he feels bad about it) 

Juuzo Shima! 

  • was happy to take you to the zoo
  • even if he feels like he’s too grown to be going to such a place 
  • wasn’t in a rush to go see everything 
  • held your hand/put his arm around your shoulder for most of the time 
  • chuckled quietly as he watched you get excited for the animals and whatnot 
  • he thought it was the sweetest thing 
  • the peacocks scared him 
  • they were allowed to roam freely and the followed ya’ll around for a bit just…screaming 
  • it gave him nervous laughter 
  • (which was honestly kinda funny) 
  • ((also he was blushing cause everyone was looking at the screaming peacocks - which means they saw that the peacocks were screaming at ya’ll - which means all eyes on ya’ll which embarrassed him))
  • he really wanted to hold a baby kangaroo
  • really badly (but then the peacocks scared ya’ll away from there XD )

Shura Kirigakure! 

  • isn’t used to going to such a…family oriented place
  • but she shrugged it off nonetheless and kept going 
  • ya’ll went through the aquarium section first 
  • and when ya’ll were exiting someone offered to take ya’lls pictures in front of a green screen 
  • so of course ya’ll do 
  • she holds the tickets for the pictures all day 
  • whether she’s holding them in her hand or in her mouth depends on the situation 
  • but she really wanted the pictures of ya’ll 
  • for reasons she’s not even sure of herself 
  • or just not willing to admit 
  • but after ya’ll look at everything and go everywhere 
  • she finds the photo pick up place 
  • and she laughs so hard at ya’lls pictures (in a happy/good way!) 
  • she pays for them and smiles looking at them when ya’ll are heading home 

Shiemi Moriyama! 

  • is shocked and surprised and so happy but also so nervous??
  • she’s never been to the zoo before..
  • needs a little reassuring that the animals are happy and well taken care of here 
  • but once she’s over that - she starts smiling more 
  • relaxing 
  • she’s laughing and just genuinely enjoying being there with you 
  • she really loves the reptile house 
  • she loves all the snakes and the turtles and the lizards and iguanas 
  • Shiemi: “Y/N~ I made a friend!”
  • You: “Is it a snake friend?”
  • Shiemi: “Yeah~! It’s a rattlesnake - come look! Quick!” 
  • *she leans to one side and the snake follows her and then she leans to the other side and it follows her that way too* 
  • she’s laughing and she’s so happy and its obvious that she really likes this snake 
  • (wants to take the snake home but honestly she knows better so she sadly exits the reptile house with you when you insist that there’s more to see) 

Izumo Kamiki! 

  • its not like she WANTED to go to the zoo or anything
  • (she did and she was really excited the whole time even though she tried to act like she was unimpressed) 
  • honestly she really had to hold herself back whenever she saw something small and cute
  • like guinea pigs or bunnies or fruit bats 
  • she also really liked watching the wolves/foxes/coyotes 
  • she propped her elbows up on the railing and watched them for a while
  • she was completely lost watching them
  • completely dazed 
  • she thanked you later for taking her there while blushing and shoving a gift bag at you from the gift shop 
  • (she bought you a sweater with the zoo logo on it) 


  • really likes learning about the zoo and all the creatures in it
  • HAS to look to everything 
  • never puts his map down 
  • even when he’s looking at the animals to see what they’re doing 
  • REALLY LOVES the touch tank!! 
  • he high fived a stingray?? 
  • it was so cool?? 
  • he’s really excited about it (even if you can’t tell) 
  • he tells his brother all about it later 

Mephisto Pheles!

  • he feels like he’s leading a class field trip 
  • (even tho its just the two of you) 
  • ((Its his natural state of mind now))
  • he amusedly watches the animals go about their day in confinement 
  • and he amused-ly watches you get excited over many things 
  • and it makes him happy 
  • the red panda was his favorite thing that ya’ll saw 
  • it was sleeping tho 
  • so he couldn’t wake it up 
  • but it was good 
  • he got you a stuffed animal red panda from the gift shop

“Justice.” Hawke squeezed his eyes shut, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Justice, no. Put him back where you found him.”

The spirit frowned at him, a truly forboding expression with the cracks of blue that shone from Anders’ skin and whited out his eyes. “I cannot,” he replied, his voice deep and echoing. “He is injured and underfed. And there was no sign of the mother. We must keep him. It would be unjust to leave him to die.”

“No. Absolutely not,” Hawke tried to put his foot down.

“Anders has a fondness for these infant felines,” Justice argued. “He has rescued them many times in the past. I see no reason why this should be an exception.”

“You can’t? I can think of two pretty compelling ones,” Hawke shot back. “One, we already have sixteen cats and two mabari warhounds in one house. We don’t have room –”

“Compassion is bottomless,” Justice said firmly. “As is justice.”

“ – and for two, that’s not a cat, that’s a mountain lion!” Hawke shouted.

“I fail to see the distinction.” Justice cradled the wild cub in his arms and tilted his head to one side, as if listening. “Anders concurs. He suggests the name  ‘Messere Om Nom’.”

Hawke buried his face in his hands. He hated it when he was outvoted.

Scenes I'm Excited To Write

Mama Blue AU
-Blue and Green pranking Allura or Shiro
-Blue/Black singing a lullaby to her Paladin
-Yellow’s cinnamon roll moments
-Pidge and Green being the Bill Nye fanclub
-Blue and Yellow friendship
-Blue complaining about being the youngest. “I’m only younger than Yellow by three doboshes!” “Whatever you say Baby Sis.” “Red I swear to Altea I am going to fill your metal with ice cubes if you keep referring to me as a baby!” “I think it’s a cute nickname.” “BLACK PLEASE.”
-Red and Blue arguing
-Blue questioning Shiro’s intentions with Lance
-Meme Squad™ Lance, Pidge, Blue and Green
-Cuddle piles
-Cat like behavior with the Lions. “Blue, can I please see Lance?” “*LOUD ANGRY HISSING*” “Did- Did you just hiss at me?!?” “Sorry Princess, old habits die hard…. but no. Go away. Lance is unavailable at the moment.” “Blue-” “NO. *growling*” “Woah.”
-Matchmaker Black. “They’d be cute together and you know it.” “Black, no. My cub is not ready for courting.” “Oh come on, Blue! Don’t you think they’d be adorably lovey dovey as mates?” “………okay, maybe a little bit cute.” “Told you so.” “I hate when you’re right.” “I always am, dear sister.”

HOTD Voltron AU (still dunno what to call it….)
-Outbreak scene
-The part in ep.2 where Saya has to kill a zombie which, in my fic, will be Pidge.
-Pining Keith
-Shiro in an apron (episode 6)
-Baby Matt!!!! (Episode 7)
-In the anime, Saya self appoints herself to keeping Alice as pure and protected as possible. This is definitely gonna be fun to write with Pidge and Matt.
-Hunk being a gun nerd (episode 5 and 6)
-the shrine scene, Shieth style ;3 (especially that One Scene™ everybody knows of)
-pining everybody
-maybe Hidge? If you guys want Hidge?
-Gun descriptions (the CIA is gonna question my google searches….)
-The dialogue…… though I’m gonna have to rewatch a certain episode pertaining to its matching chapter over and over and pausing to get the dialogue even remotely close enough to the original so it makes sense….. fun times :’)
-ALLURA. She’ll be different from the anime and the cartoon, a bit more ditzy and clumsy but still pretty smart. So, a mix between the nurse and the princess, personality wise. It’s gonna be hell to figure out, but worth it in the end :3
-Matt being a cutie pie during the apocalypse :3
-fluff scenes
-oh god the ANGST!!!!!
-the ecchi scenes. I’m going to tone them down though, since most of the characters are male now to replace the female cast. But I’ll try my hand at it. Never know until you try! :3

vigilante!AU Lance Headcanons

So I wrote a superhero/vigilante AU for a Klance fic called Of Lions and House Cats and posted it here on AO3. At the end notes in chapter three, I mentioned that Lance and Spider-Gwen shared a couple of similarities, and 1sakichan2 had asked me to elaborate on those similarities. I just got super excited to the point where I took a break from writing and actual work just to gather my thoughts and explain why I think Gwen Stacy (of Earth-65, namely) and my Lance have some similarities.

I love Spider-Gwen and think that she’s one of the cutest and most badass people in fiction ever. Her character ended up inspiring a lot of Lance’s character in my story, and I’ll go into more below the cut because there will be spoilers for Spider-Gwen.

Warning: There may be spoilers for any readers of the Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen II, Spider-Verse, and Spider-Women Alpha and Omega serialisations. There won’t be any for my story if you’re reading it, so no worries!

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anonymous asked:

If the Decepticons were wild cats what kind would each be?

Hmm… let’s see here.

Megatron would by a lion with an absurdly impressive, dark mane. Like so:

Soundwave would be the seldom-seen, secretive-yet-highly-excellent snow leopard:

Complete with tail-nommage. If not a snow leopard, then just a regular leopard. Still very secretive and stealthy.

Knock Out would be the long-legged serval:

Breakdown would be a Siberian tiger:

Shockwave would be a Pallas cat (I have no logic for this; it’s just the first cat I think of when I think of Shockwave):

Airachnid would be an Iberian lynx:

Starscream would be… hmm.. it’s quite difficult to imagine him as anything other than a scrawny, pissed-off bird. Let’s see… probably a cheetah. Super fast, super awesome, but also weirdly fragile for a large predator:

Voila: the Decepticons as wild cats. Except for Dreadwing and Skyquake, because I find them so boring, I can’t be bothered to think about them for too long. 

Alone (9)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

You woke up dazed and confused as the events of last night slowly came back to you.

Dinner had been amazing, despite the smoke alarm chaos, filled with laughter and flirting from both of you. As the wine flowed, you quickly lost your inhibitions and started to relax, letting your nerves disappear so you could simply enjoy your evening with Chanyeol. You started to open up and let your guard, getting to know him better and he you.

After the meal, still eager to have Chanyeol around, you both decided to watch a movie. In the beginning it was awkward, sat up straight with your shoulders so close to Chanyeol’s and yet not touching. This time however, he took the first step, stretching his arm up and casually wrapping it around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest.

His touch was so calming and relaxing, you didn’t remember the end of the film.

Feeling fresh from what felt like the best sleep of your life, you rubbed your eyes open and looked around your living room, confused as to why you weren’t in your bed. You weren’t alone either.

Heavy breathing alerted you to Chanyeol’s presence before you realised that it wasn’t the sofa you were lying on but his side, a strong arm still lazily draped across your body. The clock on the wall told you it was nearing eight o’clock so the pair of you must have fallen asleep watching the film.

Being careful not to wake him up, you turned slowly so you could face him. When he was sleeping, all of his handsome features were relaxed. There was a hint of a smile on his soft plump lips. When you looked at them, you immediately thought of the abrupt kiss outside your apartment, and your cheeks were quick to burn. Your gaze moved up to his eyes, his lids a pale lavender shade. Without much effort, you could imagine his beautiful brown eyes making you squirm in your place. Throughout the night, his messy chocolatey dark hair had dropped over his forehead.

You couldn’t help yourself. You reached up to brush the hair off his face, running your fingers through his fluffy locks. He really was breath-takingly handsome. Not being able to stop your admiring gaze, you let your fingers move down to tickle his cheek, just as Chanyeol started to stir. His eyes fluttered open, looking around the room until settling on you, a wide smile growing on his face.

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