the cat is so unamused

After 10 days suffering through the mother of all head colds I can finally (sorta) smell and taste again and it is glorious.

The first thing I ate was popcorn.

I also busted out my dormant editing skills and made a birthday video for a friend’s party I’m missing.

spent hundreds of dollars on flowers (and delivery) thanks to my least favourite holiday that occurs next Sunday.

I love my cats so much. They are the bright ray of unamused sunshine in this terrible world.

Drawing practice today - just pencil studies - with Mad Men in the background. I never bothered to watch it before and now I know why. Trigger warning for any third wave feminist/daughter of narcissistic parents because obviously.

Tonight I’m gonna eat chicken tacos in my pajamas and watch Split.

A Very Mari Catmas I had a COMPLETELY different fic planned for today…but a certain nonnie sent me an ask that had a Marichat picture and I just…


Okay, enjoy!



I’ll be at a meeting all day today. Chef made dinner for you and put it in the fridge. You’ll be alone in the house today, so make sure you behave yourself. Absolutely no guests over.

-Gabriel Agreste

Adrien stared down at the note on the dining table for half a second before crushing it into a ball and throwing it in the trashcan.

Of course he’d be alone on Christmas. His father was rarely ever around to begin with, it being a holiday was no exception. He had gotten so excited when Gabriel had cleared his schedule for today, he now realized that this was his father’s “gift”, giving Adrien a day off from modeling and whatever else he had planned for that day, while Gabriel himself  had his schedule filled with enough work to keep him busy the whole day.

Adrien sighed softly as he walked through the empty house, Plagg flying behind him. The little kwami glanced outside the window as Adrien walked by it “It’s snowing…” he said. Adrien peeked outside, surely enough, there were little white snowflakes swirling in the wind outside. “Wanna go for a walk?” Adrien asked.

“Planning on spending the day with Ladybug or something?” Plagg asked, smirking when he spotted Adrien freeze like a deer in headlights. “I don’t think we’ll find her…she’s probably doing her own thing…” Plagg said. “Can we try? Even if we can’t there’s someone else I could visit…” Adrien said.

Plagg gave Adrien look of confusion. 


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