the cat gets everything

Got7: their s/o is cuddly when they're sleepy

Jaebum:  you already know he’d be 400% down for this, he lives for your affectionate side. Even when you’re not the type who gets touchy in general, he’s really mushy when you hold onto him tightly and press kisses along his neck when you’re sleepy.

Mark:  teases you so much about it, and wonders why you aren’t like this all the time since he could definitely get used to it. He won’t say a word as you tiredly lay your head on his chest and ask him to run his fingers through your hair. Will fall asleep shortly after you do, but not before taking a couple pictures of your cute sleep face.

Jackson:  wahhhh he’d turn into a little kid and shuffle closer to you in hopes of getting some kisses as well. He’d have to restrain himself around you sometimes if you’re not a fan of too much skinship, so he’s more than ecstatic when you shower him with affection when you’re sleepy.

Jinyoung:  he’d try and hide the fact that he’s totally dying on the inside. He won’t say too much since you’re tired and is content enough just having you play with his hands and kissing his cheek every so often. He’d smile to himself and pull you closer, hoping to fall asleep after you do.

Youngjae:  he’s 10 times more clingy when he’s tired as well, so the fact that you’re extra touchy and cuddly now really makes him love you even more. Playfully asks what he did to deserve all those kisses and thanks you with that mind blowing smile of his.

Bambam:  will push you off of him to see what you’d do. He’d giggle when you throw your arms around him again, this time in a tighter lock. He never shuts up though and keeps on poking your cheeks when you kiss him, so have fun trying to keep that peaceful and sleepy attitude when you’re with him.

Yugyeom:  gets himself ready before bedtime, and sets up a whole routine before you crawl into his arms and cuddle. He’s got the snacks ready, pillows perched up on every couch and the floor, and he’s worn his special aftershave tonight. He absolutely loves that you act like a cat, basically, and when you do everything to get his attention.

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Zodiac Signs (Based Of The People I Know)

Aries♈️: Extremely open minded people, always fun when their around. Always wants to have a good time, Very trustworthy. Hates being disrespected will fight you if treat them badly. Cute and lovely.

Taurus♉️: THEY CAN NEVER LOSE AN ARGUMENT JEEEZZZ!!!! humorous but also unnecessary stubborn. They can also be insulting but deeply care about they people they love. They fear about being forgotten

Gemini♊️: They make great friends but also little problematic to deal with sometimes. Really fun to be around with also extremely chatty. They can be rude but they don’t know it.

Cancer♋️: Very shy and quiet when you first meet them but once you get to know them they’re the funniest people on earth. Sensitive, Biggest hearts, kinda lazy. They pretend not to care but deeply do (a bit too much)

Leo♌️: hot heads, always has to be right!!! AND I MEAN LIKE ALWAYS!! They love to party. Always dressed well take pride in the way they look. Self centered. Will fight you so don’t fuck with them. So much fun to be around life of the party.

Virgo♍️: Give great advice but suck at taking their own advice. Stubborn but yet reasonable. CREATIVE/ ARTISTIC AF!!! love cats, really caring and cute. They laugh about everything but get upset really fast.

Libra♎️: Shy, loves getting compliments. Often annoyed really quick, sensitive takes things to heart. Interested in the weirdest things. they love animals and baking. Secretly really artistic and creative it’s amazing.

Scorpio♏️: Insulting, can be negative and emotionally exhausting. Either they’re really fun or hella boring. Control freaks!!!! likes being social and always with a large group of people.

Sagittarius♐️: Obsesses over something they live by their aesthetics’s which is boring. wants everyone to like them, they can be fake. Smart but yet also weird.

Capricorn♑️: They hate they idea of having fun. Acts way mature for their age. Goal driven, hardworking gets good grades in school. They love their family makes a good sibling almost like a role model. Takes care of themselves really well.

Aquarius♒️: God complex. They think they’re better then everyone never accepts the fact that their wrong. Confusing most of the time. Uptight can be boring but sometimes they just go wild.

Pisces♓️: They love going out with their friends, loves food like a lot. Always try to avoid confrontation and conflict. Really chill people easy to be friends with. Can talk to them about everything and anything.

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Have you seen this? Makes me think of cat yuri and I had to share. catpella (.) tumblr (.) com/post/150705170670/brainfartsbyme-this-cat-would-get-everything


Lots of people send me this link, the cat’s names are Gimo and Tencho and you can follow them on instagram here These photos were all from when Gimo was a kitten

He’s grown into a majestic adult fluff! Just look at this handsome face

Videos that I cry over: 

Shook af 
He hiding

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I'mma go in a different direction here: Andrew cares more about the cats than Neil does. Like, Neil loves them and all but he'll shove them over so he can sit on the couch, and Andrew won't. Andrew will basically rearrange his life around them especially if they are sleeping.

I love this I love you I love Andrew and i love Neil and i love those stupid fucking cats okay here I go

-every night with Andrew is like an absurd game of tetris, or maybe even just a contortionist act
-Neil has no issue with shoving Sir or King out of his side of the bed
-but they are cats
-cats are crafty
-Neil’s side of the bed is taken? okey dokey, let’s BOTH sleep on Andrew’s side
-the first time they do this Andrew has a staring contest with them for a good five minutes
-eventually he shrugs and just contorts into a weird S shape, with Sir in the crook of his knees and King tucked into the curve of his torso
-Andrew’s back kills him
-worth it
-the cats sleep fitfully each night, and oftentimes Neil awakens to find Andrew with entire limbs held in the air just so he won’t disturb one of the cats
-Neil thinks Andrew is an idiot
-Andrew raises the percentage
-cups of coffee are moved for petting time on the counter
-movies are watched from the floor to accommodate a purring couch-cat
-Andrew goes days without wearing different clothes when the cats take turns sleeping on his laundry
-Neil is grossed out so Andrew just wears his clothes
-still worth it
-no item of clothing escapes the wrath of cat hair
-Andrew still doesn’t give a shit
-Neil is perpetually unamused
-the cats are happy
-Andrew is most likely part-cat anyway so Neil slowly accepts it
-by slowly I mean he stops raising a brow at Andrew’s unusual sleeping positions after a good 8 years
-Andrew takes what he can get
-which includes maybe a fifth of the entire bed
-sacrifices must be made to appease the beloved cats
-Andrew would die for them
-Neil loves them but still makes jokes about getting the cats armbands too
-Andrew actually considers it
-Neil hates everything
-what’s new

So we’re not entirely sure, but given the date it looks like this might be how much they’re charging me for each IV infusion session. So far I’ve had eight. It was not worth $760 ($95.74 x 8.) Healthcare is so broken.

(Worth noting that I give my cat the exact same saline I get and for less than $150 the vet gives me 3 bags, plus all the needles/materials. Why can’t I just be a cat.)

Fanfic rec. Misunderstandings Part 2

As I promised, here are more recs on this trope ;)

You can find the first part here

Improbable Remain 

Johnlock, complete, 3900 words.

Author’s summary: “So we, um.” His left hand clenched at his side underneath the table. “We probably shouldn’t bring this back to London, then.”

“No, quite right.” Sherlock nodded.

“I mean, I don’t want to ruin…” The uncertainty had returned to John’s eyes as he looked back at Sherlock.

“No, absolutely not,” Sherlock agreed, and now he was beginning to feel some of that relief, too. Wherever he may have imagined this would lead, he knew that he couldn’t bear to lose John’s friendship. “It can just be something for Dartmoor, then.”

“Right, yeah. Just a Dartmoor thing.” John nodded.

Additional notes: post THB, why won’t they talk to each other?, everyone cock blocks the poor idiots, adorable all around :P

What Is Love

Johnlock, complete, 2743 words.

Author’s summary: "Sherlock always knew it was going to end.

In fact, thinking back on it, he’s surprised it even managed to last this long. He was never really good at keeping things after all, and especially not at keeping people- not that he’s ever had the chance to even try with his reputation. And he’s fine with it, really, because what use was sentiment to him, when all it brought was hurt?

So he doesn’t understand why he finds himself in his bed that night, unable to stop the tears streaming down his cheeks or the choked sobs of “John” that endlessly tear themselves from his throat… or his heart from feeling like it was being ripped from his chest.

Because what is he going to do now, without John Watson to guide him?”

Additional notes: so much pining, a healthy dose of angst and a happy ending.

Madness At Midnight

Johnlock, complete, 4000 words.

Author’s summary: Sherlock thinks he knows what’s going on here, but he hasn’t got the slightest clue. Until he does.

Additional notes: oh, my heart aches so much with this one! Lovely but painful and with so many feelings!!!

The Idiot’s Deduction

Johnlock, complete, 4200 words.

Author’s summary: It’s not often Sherlock gets things wrong but then he was never very good with the softer emotions was he?

This fic is based on the idea that no one falls into a relationship without knowing about it right? Apparently Sherlock can though.

Additional notes: poor Sherlock is adorably oblivious, lots of pining, so cute!

No Tea For Me

Johnlock, complete, 1800 words.

Author’s summary: There is a Sherlock in John’s bed. Sherlock is drugged up. The whole situation is very awkward.

John rather likes it.

Additional notes: the summary might lead you to believe there’s some dubcon, but it’s actually pretty innocent, angsty, some pining.

Forward, Though I Cannot See

Johnlock, complete, 3000 words.

Author’s summary: In which Sherlock adopts a kitten and jumps to conclusions, John is very sure he’s not moving out (though he seems to be the only one) and a certain cat will not stand for being ignored. In the end, everything gets put right - if not quite back where it was.

Additional notes: so impossibly cute and adorable!

“Marry me”

Johnlock, complete, 1900 words.

Author’s summary: it occurs to Sherlock that other people must do their relationships wrong because it doesn’t seem that complicated as all those advice columns say. He is pretty certain John loves him, although he never says so, but he hasn’t said it either (and isn’t this considered normal for the British male), so they both know where they stand

Additional notes: proposal during a case gone wrong. Happy ending, of course.

Tell Me What You Want

Johnlock, complete, 3000 words.

Author’s summary: Sherlock messed up. He really messed up this time, and he knows it. He’s just praying his friendship with John is salvageable.

And then a late night conversation turns into something more.

Additional notes: so much pining, why won’t they talk to each other???

And that’s it for now! Since I’m a huge fan of the trope, I expect there’ll be more to come but in the meantime… enjoy!

How Each Type Procrasinates

Leaves EVERYTHING last minute. SOMEHOW drinks 10,000 gallons of coffee and manages to finish everything and gets an average or above average grade…. *HOW THE FUCK*: ENFP, ESFP, ENTP

‘’Okay, YOU CAN DO THIS. Just focus on the task. NEED. TO. FOCUS.’’ somehow ends up with 19 tabs and most of them are pictures of cute cats licking mangos….. : INFP, INTP, ISTP

Just searches up surf and skateboards stuff. Manages to get the task done the day before, does OK on the task…. : ESTP, ESFJ

Researches unrelated facts for a few hours, then gets the shit done: INTJ, ISTJ

Searches some cat videos here and there. Manages to get everything done a few days before deadline: INFJ, ENFJ



“Being a breed ambassador is exhausting mom! You wouldn’t understand!”

Willow, looking at me from my bed at 2pm on Sunday afternoon, after doing nothing all day.


Introducing the Baby Bombangler, or the Baby Bom!

Baby Bom is still a minnow, but is as eager to help light the way as big Bombangler!  Baby Bom’s eyes glow in the dark, and they feature a fully embroidered body!  Plus, little beans in the belly!

Baby Bom is about 4 x 5" and is perfectly hand sized!

Stay tuned for daily Purrmaids announcements going forward until the Kickstarter launches! (tentatively Monday, but it depends on how soon I get everything together!)