the cat could live in the other side

50 book asks
  • the adventures of huckleberry finn: do you think kids or their parents are responsible for their beliefs?
  • the alchemist: what are your current plans for the future? will you be upset if they don't work out?
  • alice's adventures in wonderland: how do you react to absurd situations?
  • and then there were none: do you think murderers deserve to die?
  • artemis fowl: how much do you depend on technology?
  • beowulf: is it always worthwhile to hear both sides of an argument?
  • the canterbury tales: if someone is hypocritical, do you point it out?
  • cat's cradle: do you think it's better to believe a lie than to live with an unpleasant truth?
  • charlotte's web: what's your favorite art form?
  • coraline: if you could change your family, what would you change?
  • the crucible: how heavily do you depend on others when forming opinions?
  • fahrenheit 451: do you think there's any knowledge that should be kept secret?
  • the fault in our stars: if you could have one conversation before you died, who would you talk to and what would you say?
  • flowers for algernon: how much potential do you think you have?
  • frankenstein: is it wise for humans to attempt to create life?
  • the giver: talk about a favorite memory
  • the great gatsby: what would you sacrifice for money?
  • harry potter: if you could bring someone back from the dead, would you? if so, who would it be?
  • the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: what do you think is the meaning of life?
  • the hobbit: do you think the average person has the potential to be a hero?
  • holes: if someone poor stole from someone rich, who would you sympathize with?
  • howl's moving castle: how quickly do you form opinions about other people?
  • the hunger games: would you kill someone if they planned to kill you?
  • identical: how clear is your perception of reality?
  • the importance of being earnest: are you flattered or annoyed by gentlemanly behavior?
  • inferno: do you think you belong in hell? why or why not?
  • jonathan livingston seagull: is perfection a good goal?
  • the joy luck club: describe your family
  • jurassic park: do you think it's wrong to use animals as attractions and accessories?
  • the kite runner: if you could, what social issue would you spread awareness about?
  • les misérables: do you think people should revolt if the government is corrupt?
  • life of pi: if you were stranded, would you be able to take care of yourself?
  • the lightning thief: what would you be the god/goddess of?
  • the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe: if you could start a new life in a new world, would you?
  • lord of the flies: what motivates you best?
  • lord of the rings: is it important to work for the greater good of the world?
  • of mice and men: would you kill your closest friend to save them from a worse fate?
  • the perks of being a wallflower: does listening to other people's problems help you or weigh you down?
  • the phantom of the opera: how much do you judge others on physical appearance?
  • pride and prejudice: are you romantic?
  • the princess bride: what's your best feature?
  • a raisin in the sun: what is your most important possession?
  • romeo and juliet: have you ever done anything ridiculous for love? what?
  • stargirl: do you value uniqueness?
  • the taming of the shrew: would you be willing to be in a relationship with someone who is very dominant?
  • the tell-tale heart: is there anything you feel guilty about right now? what?
  • to kill a mockingbird: do you believe something has value simply because it's beautiful?
  • twilight: how consistent are your feelings about people close to you?
  • watership down: do you think your right to life is any greater than an animal's?
  • the westing game: if you died now, what would you want to happen to your possessions?

for archangcl as a belated birthday gift - sorry it’s so late doll D: but here is dean turned into a kitty :3 (a little bit of a canon divergence - no MoC and Cas has wings again  but they still live in the bunker) 

Castiel appeared in a flutter of wings at Sam’s beck and call, hearing the younger Winchester’s distress. “Sam?”

Sam spun around, looking nervous for a moment, before sighing and simply stepping to the side. On the hotel bed, on top of one of Dean’s plaid shirts, rested a tan tabby cat with beautiful green eyes; not emerald or some other type of overly grass green. No, the cat’s eyes were like a grassy field in the late autumn day. 

“Dean?” Castiel asked, his head tilting to the side. He could have sworn the cat sighed. 

“Um, we sorta have a problem,” Sam said with a nervous smile. “We ran into a witch… and… um… Well, Dean’s now a cat.” Dean, the cat, sneezed. “I also think he’s allergic to himself." 

Castiel sighed and walked up to the furry animal, slowly picking Dean up, despite Dean’s disgruntled meow. He held Dean up to his face and squinted his eyes. "Do I want to know?" 

Dean looked away and drooped his body and ears. Sam came to stand beside them, holding up his hands in uncertainty. Eventually, Castiel tucked Dean in his arms and began to carry the cat out of the motel. Sam was hot on his heels, gathering up their belongings. 

"Can you fix him?” Sam asked as he went to put their bags in the Impala. They’d been on the case for four days and Sam was definitely ready to go home. 

“Maybe,” Castiel said as he disappeared with Dean in his arms. 

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My cat I swear

My cat is obsessed with Dan and Phil (Phil a tad more though) Every time she hears one of them (whether it be me watching videos or a live show) she’ll run to my room, jump on the bed, and just settle down and stare avidly at the screen. Then when the video or live show is over, she’ll just get up and leave. If the door had been closed, she would either open it herself (that’s what happened when Phil’s live show started today) or meow like she was being murdered until I opened it. She could be on the other side of the house when I started watching a video, and she would still come running. And on one very memorable occasion, I even had my headphones in, and she came and opened the door, settled down, looked at the screen, noticed Dans lips were moving but there was no sound, and gave me a death glare until I unplugged the headphones. I have resigned myself to always having company while watching Dan and Phil. I don’t really know what to do anymore.