the castro brothers

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what's your 2020 dream team? i'm crossing my fingers for harris-gillibrand 2020

harris/gillibrand would be a dream but i hate feeling like…. we haven’t even had a woman president and there’s no way we would get an all female ticket that ended up in the white house :/ like at some point that would be nice, but :/

i like gillibrand and maybe a castro brother? i haven’t really thought about who i’d like to see on her ticket tbh…..

but i like harris/kennedy (this one is my fave) or harris/heinrich or harris/castro (either one)

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how dare you fucking defends a fucking guy who is responsible for total devastation and the deaths of millions of cubans singlehandedly? Sick fuck!

In the fifties, the Cuban people were poverty-stricken due to the corrupt dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, who openly collaborated with the Mafia and was completely indifferent to popular concerns. The crime and corruption that characterized fifties’ Cuba were evident literally everywhere, and most describe it as just a bunch of gambling dens and brothels. Fidel Castro, then a young idealist law student, campaigned with many Cuban courts to remove Batista from power because he had both illegitimately seized the presidency and completely neglected the ordinary working population. However, he eventually realized those very courts were also completely corrupt, and that Batista could never be ousted by ‘legal’ means.

He then started a large guerrilla campaign, starting with the attack on the Moncada military barracks. The attack failed, however, and those revolutionaries that were captured were massacred by Batista’s troops, their bodies dumped. Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl were captured, and Fidel, being the bold law student he was, held a four-hour-long speech in his own defense, ending with the famous words “Condemn me; it does not matter. History will absolve me”. Important note: he was not yet a convinced Marxist back then. However, later realizations combined with the influence of his Marxist-Leninist brother Raúl and friend Che, along with immense anti-American sentiment, would convert him to the Communist cause.

After Castro’s guerrilla group, then called the “26th of July Movement” after the date of the failed attack, advanced on Havana, Batista fled the country along with many of his supporters and influential criminal leaders. Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara then started many campaigns to improve life on Cuba, such as the Literacy Campaign, the redistribution of land and universal healthcare reforms. Many bitter Batista Cubans fled to Miami and remain there today, clinging to their far-right ideals and Mafia. All these Cubans are the only Cubans we hear on the news, because they are the only Cubans whose voice is allowed on the Western news. For the most part, they are the upper-class corrupt Cubans that Castro’s campaign was directed against.

The Cuban people, contrary to what the Miami Cubans and America lead you to think, have stayed loyal to Fidel all the way through the Bay of Pigs, the Missile Crisis and the fall of the Soviet bloc. It is only in the most recent years, with Castro’s failing health and the takeover by his less charismatic brother Raúl that the Cuban people start losing faith in the revolutionary ideal, especially because of the poverty, which considerably worsened when the Soviet Union fell, as they were Cuba’s greatest trade partner. You see, ever since Castro made the socialist nature of his revolution known, the United States have held an economical embargo in place, blocking all trade between Cuba and the largest market in the world. This is the sole thing responsible for the poverty in Cuba today and the overall economical problems they have endured over the past fifty years. Today, slowly, American dollars and other currencies are creeping onto the Cuban market and tourism takes the place of sugar harvest as their primary export product.

Some more admirable actions taken by Fidel Castro are the internationalist interventions abroad in which he provided help to Marxist-Leninist groups in their campaigns against the US-backed dictatorships. He also sent the entirety of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces to defeat the South African racist army that advanced on Angola, which immensely helped the campaign of Nelson Mandela. In fact, it was Castro that trained, outfitted and funded Madiba’s ANC and its struggle until the very end. Forever after, the two men have been great friends, looking upon both their revolutionary victories as great feats against American imperialist world-domination.

It’s actually very easy to learn these things, if you are capable of looking any further than your American-influenced privatized newspapers and read an objective history book for a change.


Presidio Modelo

The Presidio Modelo was a “model prison” of Panopticon design, built on Isla de Pinos (now the Isla de la Juventud) in Cuba. The prison was built under the President-turned-dictator Gerardo Machado between 1926 and 1928. The five circular blocks, with cells constructed in tiers around central observation posts, were built with the capacity to house up to 2,500 prisoners in humane conditions. Most of the survivors of the rebel attacks on Moncada Barracks, including one attack leader, Fidel Castro, and his brother, Raul Castro, were imprisoned there, most from 1953 to 1955.

After Fidel Castro’s revolutionary triumph in 1959, Presidio Modelo was used to jail political dissidents, counter-revolutionaries, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and anyone else considered unfit or an enemy to the new norms and dictates of the Socialist Cuban State. By 1961, due to the overcrowded conditions (6,000 to 8,000 political prisoners at one time), it was the site of various riots and hunger strikes, especially just before the Bay of Pigs invasion, when orders were given to line the tunnels underneath the entire prison with several tons of TNT. The prison now serves as a museum and is declared a national monument, and the old administration building now serves as a school and research center.



Alright-o, Fellas. What you see here is a route between China and Venezuela (My Country), used by the former’s ships to transport foods, goods, and stuff. You might notice it looks weird; If you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t go through Panama Canal. My joke of a beloved Government has decided to cease any sort of political interactions with Panama and has severed any sort of relations with them. For reasons that go beyond the comprehension of human beings with fully-functional brains. So, the Venezuelan (Or Cuban, since our President seems to follow whatever the Castro brothers order) government has already devaluated our currency multiple times, and worsened our inflation (Just so you have an idea, we can’t even get dollars anymore, unless you buy them from the government itself which will only accept to a few people, IF they go to another country as tourists, and with a ridiculous limit (Only 300 dollars, although it slightly depends on the destination), and therefore we, the few citizens who can actually maintain ourselves, have to buy the “Black Dollar” in order to acquire as much as we can for our own purposes, like, Living, or getting our children out of the country where they can go to a good college without the fear of getting raped, killed over scraps of money or cheap phones, or kidnapped. So, it’s pretty much like this: One dollar for you, are 16 dollars for us. That’s how bad our economy has gotten. Private companies have been labeled as “Capitalist scum/Exploiters” and have been taken by the government, and driven into bankruptcy, or forced to abandon the country due to lack fo sales and such (Some franchises even got ransacked) and it’s gotten worse everyday.

So, uh, back to the picture. Right. Venezuela ends relations with Panama, and now, with our already-fucked-up economic situation, we have to deal with this; No more Panama Canal for us: Now we’ve got to deal with longer periods of time before our shipments arrive, IF they arrive, considering the time=higher costs that will affect our private companies and public, government-owned companies/institutions. Yeah, MORE. ‘tis the land of the impossible. Which is no surprise when your president says that Jesus “Multiplied the penises” (Bread is Pan in Spanish, go figure) in the middle of a country-wide TV Transmission. Oh well. We reach higher levels of Fucked-Up everyday. Personally? I’ve been stuck at home for 16 days now. Unsure of when will I go out again because we’re running out of food, naturally, and if you go outside you can either get shot by the government-funded murderers from the poorest sectors of the city riding motorcycles, get shot by the national guard, or get arrested by any of the two and tortured/killed/raped. Assuming you don’t fall into a homemade-trap or something. And just like me, there’s a bunch of elderly people, children, and other teens who are in the same situation. There are a few who have been fighting back against the military and many have died already. And all I can hope is that this is spread on the internet and that I may keep posting this sort of info so everyone who’s out there can actually learn what’s happening in Venezuela, because our channels have been either censored, or scared shitless and forced to show different, non news-related programming to avoid being punished by the government, and even our newspapers are running out of paper. So the only alternative are the young ones who are trrying to get the word out, and since there’s nothing much I can do, this is pretty much a last resort to raise awareness about what’s going on.

2014 GOP Politics: The Absolute Worst

Marco Rubio: the US can only bring capitalism to Cuba when it’s a good time for the Castro brothers.

Newt Gingrich: the SONY hacks are an act of war, but SONY is a Japanese company and a corporation is legal fiction.

Conservatives on Cuba: “but Cuba has so many human rights violation” as the right winger applauds Bush Torture program, puts on the ’Putin2016’ bumper sticker, all while buying Chinese Wal-Mart products.

Ukraine Invasion: GOP thinks Obama should invade, Obama wisely sets up western coalition and imposes sanctions. Six months later, Russian economy is crushed, ruble lost half its value, and Russia is in the worst bargaining position.