the castle apartments

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🔒- Are their doors typically locked?
📐- Do they keep things neat and orderly?
🎨- What color are the walls?
🌸- Do they keep any plants?
⚫️- What kind of floors do they have?
📚- Do they have lots of books?
📅- Are there lots of wall decorations? If so, what kinds?
🗄- What kind of furniture is in the room?
🛏- What does their comforter look like?
🔪- Are there any weapons in the room?
🗑- How full would their trash can typically be?
🖥- Are there any electronics in the room?
🏠- Is it a room in a house, apartment, castle, mansion, or anything else?
🌃- How many windows are there, if any?
🏆- Are there any awards or trophies on display?
🎸- Do they have any instruments in their room?
⚽️- Is there ever any sports equipment in their room?
🍔- Typically, can food or remnants of food be found in their room?
🐶- Are you likely to see a pet in the room?
👕- Are they organized with their clothes, or can they be found on the floor?
◻️- Any mirrors? If so, how many?


The Man in the High Castle 1x04 “Revelations“ [Part 1 | Part 2] | Joe & Juliana

I’m just as much involved as you are

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.

The Wedding Date

Her best friend was getting married, and Kate Beckett needed a date. What she got was more than she bargained for. Caskett AU meeting. Based on the movie of the same name. Castle Summer 2016 Ficathon Entry. Rated T.

Chapter 20


Everything just seemed to be falling apart. Castle was gone. The possibility of a relationship with him was tenuous, at best—that is if she could even convince him to give her another shot after she tracked him down once back in New York. And the planned wedding of Madison Queller and Harrison Wentworth-Thymes appeared to be following suit, falling apart before it even began. Kate wanted to feel sorry for her friend, but couldn’t find it within her to do so. Maddie’s circumstances were of her own making, just like Kate’s were of hers.