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Having “Carry On My Wayward Son” as ringtone

Pros: Carry On My Wayward Son as ringtone. 

Cons: The amount of times I don’t answer and have to pretend I was asleep whereas I was actually singing with all my heart and improvising guitar solos with neighbours watching me through the window. 


Summary: So I was listening to ‘Woman’ by Harry Styles and it kind of inspired me to write this. It’s terrible so I am open to some feedback! 

Warnings: Smut (light), cursing, drinking, dancing, jealous! Dean, 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Dean’s POV

Sam, (Y/N), and I all walked into a live music bar and (Y/N) immediately decided to take a few shots. “I really want to dance, Sam?” Sam smiled, “No thanks (Y/N), I think I’m good. No one needs to see me dance. I’m like a dad at a barbeque.” She tilted her head back and laughed. Then she looked at me with her eyebrow cocked, “Dean?” I knocked back another shot and shrugged, “okay I’ll meet you out there.” She giggled and made her way through the crowd to dance. Before I left Sam alone at the table, I looked towards (Y/N)’s direction and watched her move her hips from left to right with her hands above her head. God this woman kills me everyday. 

 As I walked towards (Y/N), I noticed some guy had his hands on her hips moving along with her. I closed my lips shut and clenched my jaw, I planned on being the only one to touch her tonight and then here this prick was. I walked up and made eye contact with the kid, “okay I can take it from here thanks.” My face was stone solid and the kid immediately got the hint and walked away. (Y/N) turned around and put her hands around my neck. My face softened as I looked into her eyes, “hey stranger, took you long enough to get out here and join me.” I laughed, “well I was too busy noticing the way you were dancing.” 

 While we were dancing I kept noticing that dumbass looking over at me and (Y/N). I swear if he looks over here one more time, I’m gonna bash his face in. (Y/N) noticed me looking over at him and also noticed the guy also staring back. “Dean it isn’t worth it. Just leave it alone.” I clenched my jaw noticing the smirk on his face, so I pulled away from (Y/N). “What the fuck are you looking at genius?” He took a sip of his drink, “well I intend on bringing your girlfriend home with me tonight.” I scoffed, “Okay asshole,” then I threw the first punch which landed on his chin. Then he turned and threw another punch which landed straight to my nose, which caused it to start bleeding.

Readers POV

As soon as Dean went to go confront the dick that keeps staring at Dean and I, I immediately went to go find Sam, and I reached for his shoulder, “Sam, some guy was staring at Dean and I, he went to confront him.” That’s when I heard, “ Son of a bitch.” Sam shook his head and went to grab Dean. “Sammy not now,” Dean warned Sam, but noticing me standing behind Sam. “What the hell Dean?” I half yelled at him. Dean rolled his eyes, “I don’t like it when guys stare at you (Y/N). It kills me to think another man could be touching you.” Sam had left the room already and I stepped in front of my bleeding boyfriend, “Dean I don’t want anyone but you baby. I was just having some fun, I didn’t think you’d get so mad.” Dean exhaled, “I know, I’m sorry. I can be a dick sometimes.” I smiled at him, “yes you can be but don’t fight random guys cause they are being even bigger dicks, okay?” 

Sam, Dean, and I all went back to our separate hotel rooms. Dean was in bed before I was and when I slid in next to him wearing only his flannel and some underwear. Dean slid his hand around my wait and I turned to face him, “how’s your nose doing?” He smiled, “Sore.” I laughed, “you know, you actually kind of turned me on tonight.” Dean moved to get on top of me and ground his hips into mine, “Oh really?” I moaned, “mmhhmm.” Then he started kissing my neck and sucking on it every so often. All I could do was lay there and let the man continue his work. As he kissed down my body he looked up at me and I smiled at him, “God woman you are going to be the death of me.” 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Prompt: Dean has been gone for a week on an extremely intense case. You had expected him to take a long time on the case but what you didn’t expect was how much it would take out of him emotionally. When he returns to you, you have the task of pulling him back to reality from the most recent hell he has been through.

Warnings: Breif descriptions of intense events??? And then fluff fluff mcfluffers fluff

Word Count: 1,357

Song: Hold Onto Me by Mayday Parade

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You lay on your side of the bed facing the door. You would be facing Dean if he were there, but you see nothing but the fluorescent blue light of the digital clock on the bedside table. It reads 2:47 A.M. in the glowing light and you sigh. Dean had told you the case was looking rough and he didn’t know when he would be back, but he assured you it wouldn’t be more than a week. You couldn’t help but worry about him, knowing that he was going to fight some monster that probably came from some ancient myth?! It worried you to say the least.

Sam and Cas often asked you why you out up with Deans antics. His attitude, his drinking, the way he bottled his feelings and the way he would just leave for hours some nights. That resulted in you telling them that there were parts of Dean that allowed you to see the real man that was underneath all his antics. He had allowed you to see all you needed to see, to fall in love with someone who didn’t think he could be loved.

You stare at the clock until it changes to 3:00 even and then you give in and attempt to sleep. Clutching Deans pillow to your face you breath in the scent of him and sigh. You feel yourself drifting into slumber when you see the headlights shine through the window. The sight jolts you upright and slip out of bed softly and walk to the door of your room. Deans flannel hangs on your body and falls to your mid thigh. You always slept in his shirts while he was away and he never opposed it. He loved when you would wear his clothes around him and he loved seeing how happy they made you.

You make your way down the hallway as quietly as possible, just in case, for some terrible reason, it isn’t your boyfriend that just walked into your house. You quietly poke your head around the corner and a smile plays its way onto your face. You know his stature and the way he closes the door with his foot. He flips on the lights for the living room and jumps slightly when you come around the corner. You gasp slightly at his state.

“Dean! Dear God, what happened to you?!” you ask as you walk over to him. The urge to wrap yourself around him and breathe him in, in the longest hug you have ever given is so strong. You hold yourself back as to not hurt him anymore than he already is.

“I’m fine now, come here.” He says quietly. He pulls you to him and you wrap your arms around his shoulders. He smells just as his pillow does and it comforts you to no end.

“Dean I have to get you cleaned up, c'mon.” You say attempting to push away from him. He says nothing but tightens his grip on you.

“Dean please, let me take care of you, please?” You ask rubbing his back. His grip losens on you and you step back and take his hand. You lead him to the kitchen table and pull out a chair for him to sit on. You walk into the kitchen and pull out the first-aid kit. Walking back to Dean you notice he hasn’t taken his eyes off of one spot on the floor.

“Dean?” You ask. His eyes don’t move from the floor and you kneel in front of him taking the peroxide out and dabbing it onto the cotton cloth. You wipe it over the largest cut on his arm and then wrap gauze around it. His eyes are still trained on the floor next to you. You set the items down and reach up to force Dean to face you.

“Dean, look at me.” You say holding his face to look at yours. His eyes are glazed over with what seems to be tears. His states into your eyes for a moment and then searches your face. You swallow the lump forming in your throat. “What. Happened?”

“It got in my head Y/N. All it did was show me all the ways it could possibly conjure up in its sick little mind to kill you. Sam had left for more beer and to get another copy of some book he lost. It snuck in through the vent and messed with my head. I didn’t know what to expect when I got back. I didn’t know if it was real or not….I didn’t know if I would come back and get to hold you again…or if I would have to see another person I love dead.” He said. Tears slowly begin to fall down his cheeks and they well in your eyes as well.

“I’m right here.” You say wiping tears from his face. He nods and sighs holding onto your wrists. You pull yourself up to his lips and plant yours softly on them. After breaking away from him, you proceed to clean the rest of his cuts. Once you’re finished he stands and follows you into the kitchen. You turn and Dean looks down at you. He slowly lifts the flannel you’re wearing only enough to expose your stomach. His eyes close and he leans his head back slightly pulling you into his embrace again.

“I’m fine Dean. I promise. The only pain I felt while you were gone was the hurt of not being with you. Thats all. Well, I might have stubbed my toe once but other than that.” You joke. He smiles slightly before lifting you in his arms. You smile and lean your head on his shoulder.

He lays you down on the bed before sitting down and taking off his boots and jeans. He is left in his boxers and a dirty flannel similar to the clean one you’re wearing. He unbuttons the shirt and tosses it toward the hamper at the other side of the room. He lays down in his spot on the bed and turns to face you.

“I know we have problems, I know we fight, and I know I’m not the best person in the world.” He starts.

“Dean.” You say. He shakes his head and puts a finger to your lips.

“But I want you to know that I would be nothing without you. You’ve allowed me to come to terms with who I am and who I was. I’ve fallen so in love with you that even the thought of you hurting KILLS me inside. I spent the whole drive back hoping with everything that I had, that I wouldn’t come home to a dead body somewhere in this house. That I wouldn’t come home to your dead body. When I saw you come around the corner, everything fell into place again. I was okay, everything was okay, because you were okay. After all of that, the only thing I wanted was to be able to hold you in my arms, and now I can, and that makes everything right again.” Dean rambles. His hand brushes against your cheek and you stare into his deep eyes. You pull him to you and kiss him deeply.

“I love you. My god do I love you.” You laugh. He smiles and kisses your nose lightly.

“I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you Y/N. I didn’t know what love was until I found you. I didn’t have a home until I found you. You’re literally everything to me. If something ever were to hurt you-” Dean starts. You shake your head cutting him off.

“Nothing is going to hurt me. Not when I’ve got all of this, and you, to live for. A fight with me will be a fight they won’t win.” You say. He smiles and kisses you deeply one last time before you two fall into a deep sleep, ridding yourselves of the emotional downs the past hours had brought.


I’m not as confident about this one as I am about my other ones so far, so I’m sorry if its shit

a day in the life.

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Castiel sleeps like the dead. It’s an unfortunate truth.

Dean rolls over only half awake because someone has stolen all the blankets, and he blindly seeks out warmth and comfort too early in the morning. Castiel is all but a statue beside him in bed though: on his back, comforter curled over his mouth with just his nose uncovered. He sleeps soundly and doesn’t stir when Dean nudges him, tries to squeeze his way under an arm or against his chest. Dean snuffles – not quite a whine – and Castiel goes so far as to kick him under the blankets, closing his eyes defiantly tighter.

Dean sighs. Time to get up, then.

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