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Neb’s Wizard101 Crack Theories

Hold onto your hats folks ‘cause this has been a long time brewin’.

possible spoilers for arc 2 and arc 3.

1. The Spiral is Earth AU w/ magic. Since destroying Old Cob would destroy the Spiral, Young Wiz opens a portal to an AU Spiral where the First World wasn’t destroyed b/c there wasn’t any magic (a.k.a. Earth), kills him there, and destroys that world instead. (shhh the logic is solid trust me on this)

2. The reason why shadow magic is so dangerous is b/c you take on the card’s subect’s spirit, which is what transmutes the caster. The spirit can corrupt you and badda bing badda boom you go bad or go crazy. (okay this one isn’t entirely a crack theory but I’m adding it anyway)

3. All the water in Krokotopia is actually salty and Dr. Winthrop was just fucking w/ Gordon and Gordon pretended to like it because at that point Young Wiz was genuinely a young wiz and he didn’t want to hurt their feelings because we went all that way to give it to him.

4. Sylvia didn’t die of a random illness; it was an agent of Cob (IDK the Scorpion? scorpions can transmit venom to peeps) sent to push Mali off the deep end, thus bringing into motion the steps to free him from the Void.

5. Gloria Krendall secretly lusted after Sylvia and that’s why she wanted to talk about her 24/7

6. Wizards can’t die by aging and that’s why the timeline’s fucked up. (don’t ask me why Ambrose is old and everyone else is young though… UNLESS AMBROSE ISN’T A WIZARD AND jUST DOES POTIONS OR SOME SHIT OR WAS AN ADVENTURER AND GAMMA’S THE REAL WIZARD). This is why Gloria looks and sounds so fucking old when Sylvia sounds young and has a middle-aged-at-worst appearance.

7. A different way Old Cob might get beaned is by Young Wiz using shadow magic to steal their soul and shit. Technically, Old Cob will still be alive and the Spiral won’t be destroyed.

8. Grandmother Raven (a.k.a. Lady Nightstar (yeah she has a name)) is the real evil one and she keeps peeps in check by keeping the Spiral in tact, when in reality there’s a different formation that would be much better and would be less strenuous on Bartleby and herself. She just really hates Cob and that’s why she’s doing it.

9. Morganthe’s version of the Spiral would’ve been better and Old Cob would’ve never gotten out

10. The Spiral is slowly collapsing and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Eventually, without some sort of change, all of the worlds will spiral into chaos and magic, as well as the worlds, will be lost. (also not entirely a crack theory but I also don’t think they’d destroy the Spiral in-game unless they did that one MMO thing where there are different “routes” you can log a character in on so they don’t have to raise the level cap and the game won’t seem long and uninviting to new players)

That’s all for now but there’s more to come!