the cast vest


“I mean, I get sent free pants. What’s that about? Is this my career? Fighting cancer, there’s an honourable occupation. Being a teacher. But this fucking free pants bullshit. I’m such a pampered asshole! And I always fuck them up and wash them. You’re meant to shower with them and put them in the freezer or some shit. But who cares, they’ll always send more! You should come to my house, all my furniture is covered in jeans. I use it as upholstery!“ - Adam Driver

A Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics by Francis Turner Palgrave (1824-1897), and illustrated by Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966).
New York, Duffield & Company.1911.

Pan in the Woods

“No blue nor red was ever seen,
So amorous as this lovely green,
Here at the fountain’s sliding foot,
Or at some fruit-tree’s mossy root,
Casting the body’s vest aside
My soul in the boughs does glide”