the casiraghis

mom's reaction to the bmp princes

me: ok so here are the princes. tell me what u think of them

mom: u need to stop bothering me with your questions.

mom: this is the third time I’m suspicious of u.

me: why?

mom: hes sneaky

mom: wipe that shitty grin off his face for me.

me: u don’t like him do u?

mom: no.

mom: he needs to brush his hair

mom: but its better than urs

me: thanks mammy

mom: he reminds me of that gay collage kid u know.

me: but hes black

mom: idc

me: ok

mom: hes a flower boy

mom: weak

me: so mean

mom: hes the weak one

mom: so girly

me: ur so harsh on him

mom: he looks like one of those kpop stars

mom: I feel like I can break him easily

mom: hes like casanova

mom: he looks loyal

mom: i like his hair

mom: kinda dorky

mom: tough boy here

mom: he looks like that boy u use to like

me: u will never mention him again.

mom: oh wow

mom: wow

mom: wow

mom: so good

me: u ok

mom: wow

mom: are u smitten?

mom: hes the beast

mom: hes my fav

mom: can i have him

 mom: works bc i’m not married

me: I swear in that moment we were all my mom

mom: wtf does that mean

me: this man, hes my favorite

mom: shut up I’m talking

me: ok

mom: he seems pissed off

mom: his hair is like a lion fur

me: mane?

mom: yea whatever

mom: hes ok

mom: weak but clever

mom: he looks like one of those secretive abusive husbands

me: wow ok

mom: he can be nice but hes cold

mom: he looks like a cat

me: he hates cats

mom: all abusive husbands do

me: o_o

*there was an awkward silence to this*


An Anniversary for You ~Day Party~  

The story starts out with you working in the Shields’ infirmary when Kirisawa comes over with a basket with a ring of roses in it and asks you to go find Kojuro and Masamune in their world. You go and end up having tea with them. You suddenly remember the basket and hand it over, but instead of taking the basket, Kojuro and Masamune put more rings of roses in and ask you to go find Joshua at his castle. 

You find Joshua, Iori, Subaru, Mitsuhide and Soryu at Joshua’s castle and they hand you even more roses… Then Joshua asks you to go find Akito at his bar (?). You go to Akito’s bar and he tells you to sit down and close your eyes so he can do your makeup. He says it’s for mission. After your makeup is done, he asks you to look in a mirror. You are astonished by how perfect your makeup is and say something like how skilled a makeup artist Akito is and how you’ve never looked this beautiful before! That causes Akito to blush.

Then Akito hands you a white ballgown and asks you to put it on. After you’re all dolled up, you find Yamato waiting for you all dressed up in a white tuxedo. You think he looks really handsome and your heart goes all doki soki! He’s your escort for the day and helps you into a limo waiting outside. 

You end up at the Cendrillon hotel where you find the Shields boys all dressed up and waiting for you in the ballroom. They all come up to you to add more roses to your basket. Then you’re told it’s an anniversary party for you to celebrate your joining Shields for one year. Edward then explains that there are now 50 roses in your basket and that they represent ‘a chance encounter’ and ‘eternity’. 

The party then starts and everyone talks about their highlights for the year. Roberto’s is the time they all played beach volleyball together and Masamune did his ‘one-eyed dragon attack’!! XD This makes Masamune blush and Kojuro is rather confused as he wasn’t there. He asks what’s wrong and Masamune is all ‘nothing, don’t worry about it’. 

Other highlights include when they all took part in the idol competition and when Yuzuki trained Mizuki and Ieyasu. Then Roberto suddenly remembers that Glenn is their youngest member and gives him some words of encouragement(?) which makes Glenn blush. 

The party goes on and you spot Yamato sitting alone, drinking in a corner. You go over and Yamato (who is perhaps slightly drunk) is about to confess his love for you when Roberto spots this and stops Yamato by loudly proclaiming how this is forbidden!! Looks like the boys have some sort of consensus about how none of them are allowed to make a move on you? Attracted by the commotion, the others come over  and they all begin saying how they love you the most! Yamato then says how you should decide on your favourite now (??). 

Suddenly, the lights go off and you feel yourself being lifted. When the lighs come back on, you find yourself in Ryoichi’s arms! 

And the story stops here for now and will be continued in the 2nd half of the anniversary event that begins on 12 April.


My favourite evening gowns→ As requested by anonymous

  • Princess Sofia in Oscar de la Renta- Nobel Prize, 10th Dec 2015
  • Princess Claire in Denis Durand- Cannes Film Festival, 26th May 2017
  • Crown Princess Mary in Jesper Hovring- Bambi Awards, 13th Nov 2014
  • Beatrice Borromeo in Giambattista Valli- Rose Ball, 19th March 2016
  • Princess Madeleine in Fadi el Khoury- Nobel Prize, 10th Dec 2016
  • Queen Maxima in Jan Taminiau- Dutch Coronation, 30th April 2013
  • Queen Letizia in Lorenzo Caprile-Mary and Frederik’s wedding, 14th May 2014
  • Queen Elizabeth in Hardy Amies- Unknown event, 1953
  • Princess Charlene in Dior- Jubilee Lunch, 18th May 2012
  • Duchess of Cambridge in Jenny Packham- Olympic gala, 11th May 2012
  • Crown Princess Victoria in Pär Engsheden- Nobel Prize, 10th Dec 2014
  • Crown Princess Mette Marit in Emilio Pucci- Madeleine & Chris’s wedding, 8th June 2013
  • Princess Beatrice in Elie Saab- White Tie & Tiara Ball, 11th Aug 2011
  • Charlotte Casiraghi in Giambattista Valli- Charlene and Albert’s wedding dinner, 1st July 2011
  • Princess Eugenie in Vivienne Westwood- White Tie & Tiara Ball, 11th Aug 2011