the cash carter family

Not everyone can claim to have been introduced to their significant other by Elvis, but that’s who led June Carter to Johnny Cash. Elvis and June (with The Carter Family) were on tour, and one day Elvis was trying to tune his guitar while singing, “A-ummm.” When June asked what he was doing, Elvis said, “I’m trying to sing like Johnny Cash.” When June confessed that she didn’t know who that was, Elvis replied, “Oh you’ll know Cash. The whole world will know Johnny Cash. He’s a friend of mine.” For the rest of the tour, Elvis would play Johnny Cash songs on jukeboxes throughout their travels.

Later, after that tour, Carter was backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, tuning her guitar and singing “A-ummm” like Elvis imitating his friend Johnny. When she looked up she saw Cash himself standing there. She wrote of that moment: “Johnny Cash took me by the hand and said, ‘I’ve always wanted to meet you.’ The strangest feeling came over me. I was afraid to look him in the eyes. It was one of the things I did best. I never stammered and still found myself not able to say much of anything.” Thirteen years later, they’d marry.

—  That is literally the cutest freaking thing I have ever read.

Country lady #5, June Carter Cash. She’s obviously well known for being the wife of Johnny Cash, and being played by Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line. She also sang country music with the Carter family and with Johnny, and was a big comedic talent. She wrote the famous song “Ring of Fire.”


Ghost Adventures at John and June’s home Cinnamon Hill in Jamaica.
This was during their “Rose Hall” investigation. (Filmed in Dec, 9, 2010 - 5x9.) 

What Zak said reminded me of something said about June. Anyone who visited their home, would always remember how nice she was to them. She’d always bring them food and make them feel at home. I wonder if the feeling Beverly and Zak described is June’s presence too, making them and anyone who visit Cinnamon Hill feel welcome. 

They were really nice people, John and June, they’d always make whoever visited them feel comfortable and welcomed, maybe some of that’s still lingering.

One Direction Songs

Nash: They Don’t Know About Us
Cam: Save You Tonight
Matt: Back For You
Carter: You and I
Jack J: Na Na Na
Jack G: Over Again
Taylor: C’mon C’mon
Shawn: One Way Or Another (Cover)
Aaron: Tell Me A Lie
Hayes: Alive
Jacob: Better Than Words
Lox: Change My Mind
Dillon: Everything About You
Sammy: Stockholm Syndrome
Nate: I Wish

Things I want in McCree as a fellow southerner with Very Southern relatives.
  • Greeting any female friend/relative of similar age/younger than you with a jovial, “Hey, sister!” and a one-armed hug
  • Able to recite the entirety of the Carter Family, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash discographies.
  • Able to play any old-timey stringed instrument, no matter how beat up it is.
  • Easily falls into harmonies, and picks tunes up easily. 
  • “I’m fixin’ to!” 
  • “That there thing, way over yonder?” 
  • Every McCree family reunion is just one big, long concert of old songs and hymns, with tons and tons of southern comfort food. 
  • “All’ve’y’all” ((All of you))
  • Wtf southern talk that he makes up on the spot. “Y’look like I just ripped all yer toenails off and made ya eat ‘em” ((an actual thing my mom has said to my dad)). 
  • “It’s all cattywampus.” (crooked/askew)
  • “Aw, bless yer heart” (can be a sort of pitying way to say, “Aw, what an idiot”, like you would to a puppy that’s a little slow, but can also be really condescending, but can also be said in a way, like. “Oh, you’ve been through so much, bless yer heart.” REally just depends on how it’s delivered.)
  • ((Hanzo being flustered and begrudgingly charmed by McCree’s overwhelming country-ness (and deep twang-y voice))

I want to add so much more, but that’s all i can think of atm  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A Johnny Cash Christmas 1977

Christmas Time’s A Comin’ - Johnny Cash
Darlin’ Companion - Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
This Ole House - Johnny Cash & The Statler Brothers
Blue Christmas - Johnny Cash & The Statler Brothers
Here Comes Santa Claus - Johnny Cash & Roy Clark
Frosty The Snow Man - Johnny Cash & Roy Clark
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Johnny Cash, Family & Friends
Big River - Johnny Cash
Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis
White Christmas - Jerry Lee Lewis
This Train Is Bound For Glory - Johnny Cash,Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison & Carl Perkins
Silent Night - Johnny Cash, Family & Friends
O Little Town Of Bethlehem - June Carter Cash
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Johnny Cash,Family & Friends
Children Go Where I Send Thee - Johnny Cash,Family & Friends