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Seven jauntily apocalyptic songs for the seven bells of the Abhorsen. Mostly gospel and blues, with some pop thrown in. Listen here


Joseph Taborsky was the only man in Connecticut to reside on death row twice. On March 23rd 1950 Joseph and his younger brother Albert decided to rob a store for some cash. The brother stayed in the car as Joseph went inside. Seconds later Joseph ran out of the store, yelling that the clerk jumped him and to hurry up and get out of there. Albert had no idea what his older brother had done until he read the newspaper the next day. He had shot the clerk in cold blood. Joseph’s victim died three days after the shooting. In January of 1951 the Taborsky’s mother called the police saying Albert had a confession to make. He proceeded to tell the police that he was driving the car the night the clerk was shot and his brother was the murderer. On June 7th 1951 the brothers were tried and convicted of murder. Albert got a life set and his brother was sentenced to die in the electric chair. Luckily for Joe, Albert wasn’t exactly the stableist of minds, he had a mental breakdown, claiming he was Christ and babbling incessantly. Joseph’s lawyers jumped at the chance to appeal the death sentence considering most of the evidence was based on Albert’s testimony. Seeing as he was no longer of sound mind his testimony became unusable and Joseph was released in 1955. About a year later shop owners in Hertford began being killed in a series of robberies. After his arrest Joseph met a man named Arthur ‘meatball’ Colombe, and the two began the killing spree the press dubbed “the Mad Dog killings”. Over one year they killed six people during robberies. The police were stumped, the only evidence they had was a footprint, size 12. They decided to go through the ex con list looking for those with big feet. Joseph’s name was high on the list. Also Arthur’s photo had been picked out by a store owner who had survived as his assailants accomplice. Joseph and Arthur where brought in and Arthur confessed to eight hold ups and six murders. He said he had only been along for the ride and Joseph was the one who fired the fatal shots. Joseph wasn’t as quick to talk but eventually he also confessed, as well as confessing to the murder back in 1950. Their trial lasted nine weeks and they were both found guilty and sentenced to death. Arthur’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment but, his second time on death row, Joseph would not have another chance. On May 17th 1960 he was led to the electric chair and executed. Pictured above: Joseph after he was arrested, a few shots of Joseph and Arthur in custody and Joseph as he leaves the court house.


Nash waits until Cameron come to him! Awww This is so fucking cute!!!!

This playlist took me so long to make, but I’m finally satisfied with it. whew.

U Do / I Do  -  a reaper76 fanmix

1. garands - young the giant  2. unhappy birthday - the smiths  3. the changing lights - broken bells  4. the villain - mesita  5. the chain - fleetwood mac  6. disciples - tame impala  7. while you wait for the others - grizzly bear  8. if the world should end in fire - the handsome family  9. old college try - the mountain goats  10. ain’t no grave - johnny cash  11. brother in conflict - voxtrot  12. staring at the sun - tv on the radio 

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An Indiana transwoman was shot in the face by an alleged hate group member

An Indiana transgender woman, Crystal Raquel Cash, remains in the hospital and unable to speak after she was shot in the face by Gerald Duane Lewis. Lewis claims membership in Israel United in Christ, which the Southern Poverty Law Center designates as a hate group. Now, Cash’s brother is opening up about what he believes motivated Lewis to shoot his sister.


Cash is real