the cascade room

summer lovin’

word count: 1665

She sat on his bed, legs stretched out, back pressed against the wall, idly skimming some article about some celebrity doing something they shouldn’t have. Shawn sat on the floor beside her strumming together chords and marking things down a spare piece of scrap paper.

It was hot outside, the summer sun beating down on their little town. The stale heat threatened to creep through the window, but the air conditioning was their savior. The cool breeze cascading across the room sent goosebumps up her arms.

Her long legs extended across his mattress and he couldn’t help but look up every few minutes. Her eyes lazily moved across the pages before she looked up at him. She was bored. She looked out the window, to the beautiful summer day outside and wished that it wasn’t so hot.

Then she looked back at him. 

“Shawn,” She said patiently.

He didn’t look up from his work, instead, offering a grunt as he flipped his paper over, trying desperately to find any small space to write down the few words that had just popped into his brain. 

She threw the magazine at his head.

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I had the BEST time touring Steveston with @kat2609 @wheres-your-rum @singingisfun and @captain-swan-in-the-tardis today!!

Then @singingisfun @captain-swan-in-the-tardis and I drove around to a few locations where they had filmed before (and ended up seeing a little bit of current filming!) before picking @fergus80 up from the airport. Dinner was The Cascade Room (suchhhhhh good food) followed by drinks at Main Street Brewery. B got a LITTLE buzzed between the two places hahaha

Now it’s off to dream world because the con officially starts TOMORROW!!!!!

Planes and Proposals

((A collaboration with @ask-aph-fruk I hope you like it! She’ll basically be illustrating this fic!))

A soft, gentle light gently cascaded into the living room with a sort of grace that only someone who was honestly cruel could hate. And even through his rather bitter and tough skin, Arthur wasn’t quite as cruel as that.

A sheet of silk was weaved tightly into a wooden embroidery circle as Arthur poked and pulled his needle with such precision as the Englishman was. The scene being stitched into the sheet of delicate fabric was a quaint, homey one that brought the thought of camping to his mind, with a large mountain bottomed by a bright blue lake with a shore of trees.

Arthur’s eyes did not faulter, even when he heard rushed footsteps racing down the stairs of his home.

“A-Angleterre,” Francis panted, and his chest heaved with the distress of trying to catch his breath. “I a-am sorry that I have to leave so soon from our visit here, but my boss has called me back to France on an emergency..”

Only now did Arthur’s eyes lift from his project. He would never really admit it, but he was slightly saddened by France’s words. However, with his pride, he shrugged off the rather silly emotion with a scoff. “Hmph. Very well then, it’s not like I expected anything more from you.”

The Frenchman straightened up his build, and looked at England. “It is not like I chose to do this, you know? I’m sorry, lapin, and I promise to make it to you somehow.”

“You can make it up to me by leaving.” Arthur rolled his eyes, and continued his work. Francis had to force down the grin that was rising in his throat, and he spoke.

“…I’m afraid you’ve forgotten that you’re my means of transportation when I’m here in London.”

Arthur paused, and let out a rather annoyed sigh as he stuck his needle twice through the tight fabric to keep it secure, and slipped the piece back into his threadbox. “Very well, then.” Arthur straightened out the few wrinkles in the pistachio-colored sweater he wore, standing up.

The car ride to the airport was rather silent, and Francis did his best to speak without smiling. Arthur simply drove, ignoring most of France’s comments, before arriving at the airport with him. “Have a nice trip.”

France’s face turned into a look of falsified sadness, and offence. “Aren’t you going to watch my plane take off, lapin?”

Arthur sighed, and let his head fall forward onto the steering wheel, before once again repeating his earlier statement; “Very well, then.”

The lobby of the airport was busy, as most airports were. Arthur sat on one of the couches after buying himself a bottle of water, and he watched France at the reception desk to recieve his tickets and be passed onto safety checks.

England sighed, now sitting in silence. He didn’t know why he was still sitting there, frankly. France wouldn’t notice if he left. But there was a feeling somewhere within his gut, that just told him to sit.

He soon found himself chatting with people. Some were annoyed, and some were emotional. He remembers one particular woman who simply sat and cried on his shoulder, despite his protest, because her son had departed to his new home in France.

After his short, yet somewhat dandy conversations with these strangely nosy strangers had ended, England was bored enough to watch the small security screen that showed the small tunnel in which people boarded the plane.

Though, something was different. Francis was walking backwards, and several people around him were carrying signs by their sides. On the outside of the tunnel, another camera followed France onto the asphalt of the landing strip, along with the sign holders.

Arthur watched curiously, as Francis stood in front of these people, as they lined up side by side behind him. The first lifted the sign. And then the second. And then the third. And finally, the last.

And the message was clear.

“Will you marry me?”

Every inch of England’s body was immediately thrown into paralysis, and he found his eyes tearing up a bit as he stared in awe at the screen. When he felt hands on his shoulders, he wiped the building tears furiously away, forcing his vision away from the screen.

He paced the lobby furiously as people congratulated him. But there was one question on Arthur’s mind; How would he give the other his answer?

The resolution came when he heard a familiar voice, and all at once, emotions flooded him one by one. He was angry, he was sad, he was shocked. But soon those emotions were bubbled over by elation, (with a sassy side of salty pride), and he simply nodded quickly in Francis’ direction.

Francis had accepted the small “Congrats!” or “Have a nice marriage!“s, from the strangers and staff in the lobby, on his way back out to Arthur’s car. And, boy, as soon as they were in the car, it was the waterworks.

Arthur leaned against Francis, sniffling and glaring up at him. "H-How dare you diminish me t-to tears in public..! You c-cheeky bastard..!”

France only laughed in response, and his fingers graced England’s hair. “You know, lapin, even if you had said no..”

Arthur looked up in curiousity, sniffling. “Mm..?”

Francis slowly grinned, looking down at him. “Your reaction was perfect~”

“Oh shut it! You’re a right pillock!” Arthur huffed, which lead to more laughter, and tickling, and kisses, and, thankfully, a happy marriage.

A happy marriage that blossomed from war and decay, into an airport induced proposal.

Bucky Barnes x Reader (Love Kills) Part 3

Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

Summary: You are one of Hydra’s Winter Soldiers. You remember nothing of your past or who you even used to be. But that all changes when Bucky comes and rescues you. You both over time develop a close bond, but will it turn into something more? Or will your love kill you both.

Word Count:765 (sorry for it being so short :()

Warning: Whatever :/

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoy part 3! If so, tell me if you want to be tagged in future parts! Thank you! Love ya <3

Part Two Here: 


Sunlight slipped through the window of your hospital room, cascading on your face. You groaned at the feeling of warmth on your skin, telling you it was morning. As soon as you opened your eyes, a massive headache flooded over you. You grimaced at the pain. You wanted to grip your skull to hope it might release the pressure, but you weren’t able to lift your arms. You looked down to see both of your wrists tied to the bed you were laying in. You noticed your ankles you tied as well, causing you to panic. You were captured. You were taken prisoner. You frantically yanked at the restraints, but it was no use. Suddenly the door to your room opened. The two men you encountered at the Hydra facility stood in front. You glared at them. 

“What?” You sneered. “What do you want with me?!”

Steve looked at you with a sympathetic expression. “We want to help you.”

“Bull shit!” You laughed, glancing back at your restraints.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s-” You were about to answer him, but closed your mouth abruptly. You didn’t remember your name. It was on the tip of your tongue, but you still didn’t know what it was. Why had you forgotten it? You coughed, thinking of an excuse. “Why should I tell you. You kidnapped me.”

“We saved you.”

“No you didn’t. I didn’t need saving!” You spat. Bucky then stepped a little closer to you. You wanted to back away, but something told you that it would be okay.

Bucky sighed, “Listen, you were taken by Hydra. Experimented on. They brainwashed you so you could be a mindless soldier there to do there bidding.” 

You couldn’t believe what the man was saying. “You’re lying.”

“No, I’m not. Tell me, do you know where you were born? How old you are and what your mom’s name is? If you don’t, then please tell me the reason why.” You gulped at his words. You attempted to come up with an explanation, but everything he said made sense. You didn’t remember anything before Hydra and even those memories are a little hazy. 

“Is what you’re telling true?” 


“Then that means-” You gaped in horror at the realization. You were speechless. Your whole life was a lie. You were just there to do Hydra’s dirty work. Then, they would scramble your brain and you’d start all over again. You wanted to wipe away the tears that were starting to form in your eyes. 

“I know what you’re going through. Trust me it get’s better.” Bucky hesitantly placed his hand on your shoulder. You flinched at his touch, giving him a troubled stare. After a couple of seconds, you relaxed at his touch. You could’ve sworn he was smiling at you just a teeny bit. You rolled your eyes, shaking the thought from your mind. “Now, think really hard. What is your name?”

You knitted your brow at the question, focusing all your energy into figuring out what your name was. You peered over at the man behind the former soldier, a man dressed in red, white, and blue. You recalled seeing a picture of him once before. That he was your target, your mission. You looked back at the long hair man, now sitting at your bed side. You didn’t know why, but him sitting there made you feel safe. Like you could trust him. But you didn’t want to trust him.

“I think my name is (y/f/n).” You muttered, not entirely sure of yourself.

He smiled, “Well, nice to meet you (y/f/n). I’m Bucky and this is Steve.”

“So, are you guys gonna help me get my memories back?” You quipped.

“We’re going to try to.” Steve stated, crossing his arms.


“Now, let’s get you out of these.” Bucky smirked, beginning to untie the restraint on your wrist.

“Thank you.” You paused. “Bucky.”

Bucky hid his blush, “No problem, Doll.”

“When you’re done, you can meet us in the room next door.” Steve commented, already heading to the door. “There’s some spare clothes on the chair right there if you want to change.”

“Okay, I will.” You said softly, rubbing your sore wrists. 

Bucky too, was able to head out the door but stopped. “It’s gonna be fun learning more about you, (y/f/n).”

“I hope so.” You huffed, stretching your arms out over your head.

“See you in a few.” He patted the door frame before exiting your room, giving you some privacy.

You couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face. 

See you in a few.    

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2009. Black Cascade

is the third album by band Wolves in the Throne Room. It was released in March 31.

Track one shares its name with the painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich.

can not find the words to describe how amazing this piece of work, Wolves in the Throne Room’s Black Cascade is one of the best modern examples of the raw, emotional power of black metal, and is highly recommended to BM fans.


When you opened your eyes, you expected to see the small explosions of gunfire that echoed from your dreams, but you were met with darkness. And deafening silence, save the pounding of your heart and your terrified panting. You’ve been having so many nightmares lately; it was ridiculous.

Your door opened abruptly, light cascading into your room, causing you to wince at the sudden disruption. “Y/N?” You heard a voice softly call, but was edged with concern. You recognized the voice as Balthazar’s; deep and rich with an accent you’ve never heard before, until now. The angel turned your light on, and when your eyes finally adjusted, you looked up at him. He was scanning your room, your body, every corner of the place, his eyes hard and brows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” He demanded.

You blinked and sat up, your hands still shaking from the aftereffects of the nightmare. “What do you mean, ‘what’s wrong?’“ You asked. Surprised to find your voice soft and fragile, you squared your shoulders to look more confident than you felt.

Balthazar tilted his head and walked a few steps into your room. “I heard you scream. What’s going on?”

“I was screaming…?” You echoed, looking away. “Didn’t realize…”

“What the hell is going on, Y/N?” Balthazar urged, stepping closer. “I want to help.”

You were silent for a few moments before looking back up at the angel. His eyes instantly locked with yours, eager for an answer. “Nightmare.” You answered simply.

Balthazar’s eyes grew with understanding. “Ah.” He replied. “I see. Well, if you’re okay now…”

“Actually,” you interrupted, leaning forward. Suddenly, you were desperate to have some company. After multiple nights of dealing with your nightmares alone, you wanted some companionship. “could you maybe…stay? I’m just a little shaken up and-”

“Say no more.” Balthazar purred, coming and sitting on your bed. “I’ll stay as long as you want me here.”

Resurrection: Part Three

By V. C. Turner

(Please let me know if you want me to continue this story. It’s long, but I hope you enjoy it.)

           Bonnie awoke feeling refreshed for the first time in months. The sun cascaded in her room, bathing it in light. A gentle breeze caressed the curtains flying in and out of her windows. For a moment, she felt happy.

           Then the reality paid her a frightening visit. She turned over in the bed to notice Kai had gone.

           She’d resurrected the monster, slept with him, and then allowed him to leave her home unsupervised. The havoc he could wreak upon the town – she didn’t want to think about it.

She launched her naked body out of bed, throwing on short robe she’d grabbed her from her dresser and then ran downstairs.

           Panic set in quickly. Since she never disclosed her original plan for Kai, so no one would be prepared if he showed up seeking revenge.

           She hit the bottom of the stairs with a loud thud only to see him standing in the kitchen casually unpacking bags of groceries and clothes.

Dressed in a light blue t-shirt and black jeans, the gorgeous killer looked quite comfortable in her house.

           Relieved, she took in a deep breath and calmly walked toward him.

“Where did you get all this?” she asked.

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“It depends: Did anybody die during your little shopping spree?”

Kai paused for a moment, as if he were considering her question.

“You have to think about it!” she said.

Kai laughed in response as he continued to stock her shelves and the fridge.

“You know, the first thing we need to do is get you a sense of humor. You are way too tense for someone who got lucky last night … and this morning,” he smirked.

Bonnie shook her head, and then pulled out a kitchen chair to sit down.

“Kai, listen –“

“Stop! Don’t you dare feel guilty about it.”

“I don’t!”

“Yes you do,” he retorted, “You’ve got that ‘I had sex with a bad guy so that makes me bad too’ look on your face. Stop it!”

She started to speak, then considered his words. He wasn’t being mean. He was simply being honest.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize either,” he added, “You don’t have a anything to be sorry about. In fact, you have a few things to be proud of – I mean, who would have thought between the two of us, you’d be the biter?”

           Bonnie blushed as she headed to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. In an instant, she felt Kai standing behind her. The heat returned, just as intense as it had been the night before. Her heart raced. Her breath quickened. She had no control over what he was doing to her, nor did she truly want control.

           Every nerve on her skin came alive as he placed his hands on her hips. She felt his warmth through the thin fabric of her robe. Her rational mind should have taken hold, but she’d packed it away more than 12 hours ago when she first felt his mouth on hers.

           Bonnie wondered how could she feel this way about someone who had been so horrible to her? He’d shot her with a crossbow. He chased her. He choked her. He’d stabbed her. He abandoned her in the prison world that drove her to the point of attempting suicide.

He was evil. There was no question about that.

She had no reason to trust him, yet she allowed him to touch her in the most intimate ways.

She asked herself if Kai had placed a spell on her. There had to be some mystical force behind her attraction to him because her brain hated exactly what her body needed.

As far as her heart … to hell with her heart. It wasn’t important and having one had never served her in the past. She had sacrificed and died for those she loved and called friend, and still she remained alone. She had no family. She had nothing other than the cold reality of finally being given the gift of life - only to have few reasons to live.

           She played the role of reliable Bonnie for far too long without doing anything for herself. She’d lost so much – too much. She deserved something for herself; even if that something was with Kai.

           “Hungry,” he said as he slipped his hands beneath her robe, touching her bare skin.

           “Not – not really,” she whimpered, leaning back into him.

           If this is wrong, fuck wrong, Bonnie thought. She deserved wrong! Being good all her life gotten her nowhere.

           She turned around and looked for something in his eyes. She didn’t have to seek out his desire: it was there, yet something else dwelled behind that she could not recognize. It was warmer and gentler than desire, but she pushed those thoughts away. She wasn’t ready for him to mean anything more than being her own sexual carnival ride.

           “Are you going to stare at me, or are you gonna kiss me?” she asked him, in a sultry tone.

           His eyebrows lifted in surprised at her boldness. He then untied her robe, opening it up and drinking in her naked flesh. A satisfied smile broke across his face before he spoke.

           “Well, I do like staring at you,” Kai told her, scanning her curves with fond appreciation.

He then leaned in and kissed her softly as he took the pads of his thumbs and rubbed them gently against her exposed nipples.

Bonnie moaned into Kai’s mouth as she pulled his shirt out of his jeans and yanked him closer.

“This isn’t fair,” she told him, tugging at his shirt.

Kai smiled, then yanked it over his head before kissing her again. His hands caressed her breasts, her back, her stomach. He appeared to be aching for her as much as she had been for him.

She unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the kitchen floor, where he kicked them off along with his boxer briefs.

Desperate moans escaped Bonnie’s mouth and echoed against the kitchen walls as Kai kissed her neck and dug his fingers into her hips so he could lift her onto the counter. She needed him right then and there. Her heart thudded in her ears so loudly that she couldn’t hear how much noise she made, yet she didn’t care at that point if the neighbors were getting an earful.

A sudden knock on the front door interrupted them. Kai swore, but didn’t move. Bonnie hoped the intruder would go away when she didn’t answer, but she wasn’t that lucky.

“Bonnie?!” Caroline called in her usual sweet, sing-song voice, “Are you in there?”

“I really, truly, hate her,” Kai said, panting into Bonnie’s ear.

“Right now, so do I,” she told him.

Caroline knocked again as Bonnie retied her robe and headed to the door.

She ripped it open and glared at her childhood friend.

“What!” Bonnie said through gritted teeth.

           “I was - worried,” Caroline stated as she looked Bonnie up and down.

           “Well, I’m fine and I’m – busy,” Bonnie added, looking behind her as Kai made his way to the living room sofa without Caroline’s detection.

           “Busy with what?” asked Caroline.

           Bonnie’s rage was palpable. How dare Caroline assume that she had nothing to do on a Saturday?

           “Busy with a whole lot of ‘none of your damn business’,” Bonnie retorted.

“Bonnie, what’s gotten into you?” Caroline asked.

“Unfortunately nothing because you’re still standing on my porch,” Bonnie snapped back, “I have company.”

“Oh. Ok, relax. Sorry!” Caroline stated, trying to peer behind Bonnie’s shoulder.

“Stop looking!” Bonnie demanded.

“Tell me who he is,” Caroline pleaded.


“Oh, come on Bonnie, please,” she said.

“HE is none of your business,” Bonnie said as she shoved her friend off the porch.

“Ok, fine – go have fun with ‘Random mystery guy’,” she huffed, then turned around and headed for her car.

Bonnie slammed the door and growled as she turned around to see Kai watching her.

“She’s still out there you know,” he told her.


“Yep. I can hear her on the phone in her car,” he added, “She’s talking to Damon about you suddenly becoming selfish.”

“Me, selfish?”

Kai nodded.

“You know I could just –” Kai snapped his fingers.

“You’re not snapping her neck Kai!” she begged him, even though she briefly considered letting him.

           “You sure?” he smirked back at her.

           “I’m – kind of sure,” she told him.

           Caroline’s interruption did give Bonnie the realization that she was ignoring her hunger for actual food. She took advantage of her momentary lapse into sanity to fill her stomach.

           She later headed to the shower, allowing the day to fully sink in. She still had no plans on how to move forward with her life knowing that Kai was destined to be a part of it.

           Bonnie didn’t intend to develop feelings for him. She wanted his body and possibly his protection. That was all.

           She readied herself for bed as she usually did: brushing her hair and applying lotion. The knock on her bedroom door startled her. She didn’t if she’d ever get used to someone being in the house with her.

           Bonnie opened the door to find Kai standing there fully dressed with his jacket on.

           “Come on,” he grabbed her hand, “I want to show you something.”

           She barely had time to put on a pair of yoga pants before he was leading her outside into the cover of night.

           As they walked down the street, a car passed by. Kai placed his arm around Bonnie’s shoulder and turned away from the headlights in an attempt to keep his face hidden. For a brief moment, the sensation of walking down the street being held by someone thrilled her.

Then she remembered who it was, and her heart soon sank into her canvas shoes.

After a few minutes, they came upon a large tree sitting cattycorner to one of her neighbor’s houses.

           “What if someone sees you…sees us?” she asked.

           He pushed her against the tree pressing his forehead against hers.

           “We’re just two lovers out for a midnight stroll,’ he whispered, kissing the tip of her nose. She grabbed his open jacket and held it for a moment.

           Bonnie parted her lips slightly and sighed.

           Kai chose that moment to kiss her; holding her waist firmly as if he feared she’d run away. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. It wasn’t about sex, just longing. She needed to feel like someone on earth loved her: even if it was a lie.

           He reluctantly pulled back.

“It’s kind of a shame: in another life, this moment would have been romantic,” she told him.

           His wounded expression was obvious, but he shifted gears quickly.

           “Listen,” he whispered in her ear.

           “To what?”

           “Everything,” he added, “The night. What do you hear?”

           “I don’t have vamp hearing, Kai. I can’t hear what you can,” she told him.

           “Listen anyway, go on,” he urged.

           Bonnie closed her eyes and listened to her neighborhood noises. She heard the buzzing of insects, the sounds of a few cars passing on the street, and a few television sets.

           “What am I listening for,” she asked.

           “Snoring,” he answered.

           She opened her eyes.

           “We’re dream jumping?” she asked.

           Kai nodded.

           “Lesson one: listen – not to the outside world,” he said, turning her around to face darkened house and touching her chest lightly, “Hear the rhythm of your heartbeat – feel it. Get used to it. Memorize it.”

           Bonnie did as instructed. She focused on her heart. It was beating faster than normal due to his closeness, but she finally steadied it to a nice, comfortable pace.

           “Now, I want you to focus on that house over here – who is it?” he asked her.

           Kai pointed to a white A-frame home that sat across the street.            

“Mr. and Mrs. Danbury.”

“Do you know them well?”

“I guess,” she answered, “They used to babysit me when I was little.”

“Good, so listen,” he directed.

“I can’t do that,” she insisted.

“Yes you can,” he told her, lifting her shirt and touching her waist with his bare hands.

Bonnie channeled Kai’s magic, feeling it flow through her with intense heat. She listened. In a few seconds, she had it. She actually heard her neighbors from across the street. They were sleeping. She listened to Mrs. Danbury’s breathing.

She nodded.

“Match your heartbeat to hers. Match your breathing to hers,” he continued, “You have to be in sync to do it.”

Bonnie tried. She soon found the woman’s rhythm and matched hers to it.

“Now, listen go inside her mind. See it. Picture it. What is she dreaming about?”

Bonnie saw her middle-aged neighbor asleep in her bed. Mrs. Danbury wore a set of foam curlers in her hair and was wrapped in a light blue quilt. She focused her mind – seeing past the woman’s curlers, past the hair, past the skin. She opened up her mind and the vision of a young child running at her appeared.

Shocked at her success, Bonnie quickly pulled herself out of Mrs. Danbury’s mind.

She shook her head.

“That was –“ she started

“Freaky? Yeah. It usually is the first time you do it,” he said, “Come on. That was good for your first try. Now let’s head back to the house.”

Bonnie walked closely next to Kai, his warmth gave her a strange comfort. His presence in her life brought a sense of peace that was ironic since he had brought her so much destruction in his previous existence.

She allowed him to get a few paces in front of her before he turned around.

“What’s wrong? You’re not going to stab me in the back again, are you?”

Slightly offended by his suggestion, she took a deep breath before answering.

“I didn’t plan on it, but I could bust a blood vessel or two in your brain if you don’t behave,” she noted.

“Ouch,” he said, walking backwards with a cockiness that was both annoying and seductive at the same time.

“Sorry, just being cautious. You understand?”

“I do,” he told her.

Kai stopped suddenly and Bonnie walked into his chest.

“If you want me to, I could lie and tell you I’m not evil. That I don’t think about killing. But the truth is I do. I still feel it – that urge inside of me,” he confessed.

“So why don’t you just give into it?” she asked, her brow furrowing, awaiting some snide answer.

“Your family didn’t help me come back just so I could go back to the way I was,” he said.

Bonnie looked down at her shoes, then back up into his eyes.

“Fair enough,” she added, walking past him toward the house. A part of her wished his change in manner had to do with her.

He caught up with her on the porch as she placed her key in the door.

Kai reached for her hand and turned her around. Cupping her face in his hands, he spoke softly to her.

“I know deep down you hate me. I’m not asking you to stop. Just let me –“ he started, but didn’t finish.

The whistle of something slicing through the night air pierced her ears. His movement was faster than she’d ever seen from any other vampire. He grabbed the arrow being fired at him, and stood protectively in front of Bonnie.

Two Heretics stood on the street in front of Bonnie’s house. One, a woman clad on all black, held a crossbow in her hands, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. She smiled as if she didn’t expect to hit Kai; just get his undivided attention.

The other, a man with white hair, wearing a leather trench coat, lifted his hand as the wind whipped violently in the trees along the street.

Bonnie saw Kai’s eyes darken as he turned to her, his vampire veins showing. His voice entered into a low timbre.

“Get in the house, Bonnie!” he yelled, “Now!”

Bonnie shook her head.

“Let me help,” she insisted.

“I mean it! Cast a spell on the house so no one can get in,” he said, not wanting to take no for an answer.

“I am not leaving you out here!” she told him, shocked at her own protectiveness of a man who nearly let her die several months earlier.

Kai’s scowl at her defiance was brief, but powerful.

“Fine,” he conceded, turning to face their attackers, “Not to be sexist, but if you don’t mind taking out the girl.”

“Understood,” Bonnie told him.

They stood back to back, channeling each others magic as the heretics attempted to rush the house.

The woman in black launched another arrow toward Bonnie, who reversed its course, sending it back to the heretic so it impaled her in the neck. She then used her magic to send part of a picket fence through other woman’s chest.

The woman fell to the ground, then disintegrated into dust.

Kai flew at the male heretic, knocking them both down. They landed blow after blow against one another; with neither gaining the upper hand. Kai wrapped hands around the other heretic’s throat, and squeezed. The heretic raised his hand, using magic to throw Kai across the yard and into a tree.

Kai landed hard, sending bark flying in all directions. Then he vanished. For a moment Bonnie thought he’d abandoned her – again.

Anger settled into her soul as the male heretic stood to face her.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” the man said, “Can’t wait to kill the last Bennett witch.”

Feeling the power of every one of her ancestors running through her veins, Bonnie readied herself to fight.

At that moment, Kai reappeared behind the heretic.

“Not my Bennett witch!” Kai said, ripping the head off the heretic’s shoulders.

Bonnie exhaled. She tried to level the emotions she was feeling: anger, fear, pride.

“Damn, that did feel good,” Kai added with a wicked grin.

The scene playing out in front of her was eerily familiar.

Several months before, Kai had taken her to the brink of death and watched as she laid gasping for air among the others he’d sent to their deaths.

How could she forgive someone like that? How had she forgotten what he’d done to her?

She turned to him, feeling the rage and guilt build within her like a storm. Kai’s smile dissipated instantly once he noticed her expression. He looked down at the dead heretic, then back at Bonnie.

As if he could read her mind, he took a step toward her, then fell to his knees in agony. Bonnie used her magic to shoot pain through his body.

“Bon, what the hell are you doing?” he said, straining against the agony to get the words out.

“I have every reason to hate you Kai,” she told him, walking toward him as he writhed on the ground.

“Ahh. I know,” he said, looking up at her.

“So, give me a reason – damn it. One reason why I shouldn’t,” Bonnie yelled, releasing him from her spell.

Kai’s heavy breathing slowed, and he finally stood to face her.

“You know the answer to that question, you just don’t want to admit it,” he said calmly.

Bonnie swallowed hard. She didn’t want him to say it. It would be too strange coming from his lips. She backed away from him; not in fear, but in disbelief. There was no reason for him to care about her. There was no reason for him to want to keep her safe.

He’d done so much to call himself her enemy.

“You don’t,” she told him, shaking her head as the words spilling out of her.

“Look, we don’t have time to fight about this,” he said, wiping some dirt from her face, “They know I’m back and they know you’re here. We need to go.”

Bonnie nodded, then headed into the house to pack.


Bonnie tossed a suitcase and duffel bag into the back seat of her car, leaving Kai in the house to pack up some food for the trip. They were going to stop by the Witch Mansion on their way out of town, then head to her father’s old apartment in the morning.

She didn’t notice him walking up behind her, but she wasn’t afraid. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her ear before he spoke.

“So who’s the mystery guy you’ve been screwing around with?”

On instinct, Bonnie spun around and kneed him in the groin, sending him back three feet from where she was standing. She was able to get a good look at him before she answered.

“Damon, what the hell are you doing here?” she demanded.

“Checking in on you, that’s all,” he added, “You don’t call. You don’t visit.”

“I’m sorry,” she said sarcastically, “I didn’t know I was obligated to check in with you.”

“You’re not – Just showing a little friendly concern for the woman Elena sacrificed 60 years of her life for,” he retorted in his usual snide manner.

Bonnie felt nothing but rage at Damon’s millionth attempt at a guilt trip.  After all she had sacrificed for the good of the Salvatores and the Gilberts, he had no right to try laying yet another guilt trip on her.

“Damon, it’s none of your business,” she told him.

“He must be pretty important for you to just run off with the guy just when we need you the most,” he snapped.

“ ‘We need you?’ – Good God Damon, you’d think that was my last name: Bonnie ‘We Need You’,” she huffed, “Just when I thought I’d left my prison world.”

Bonnie turned her back on him and headed to the driver’s side door to toss in her purse.

Damon used vampire speed to pull her away from the car, slam the door and pin her shoulders against the vehicle. His face was so close to hers, the heat of his breath burned her face.

           Bonnie noticed the desperate expression on his face. It wasn’t anger. It was fear. She’d never seen Damon frightened. She’d seen just about every other emotion cross his face, but never desperation.

He loosened the grip he had on her shoulders, then looked down at her.

           “Come on Bon Bon. I need you,” he said.

           “For what? A spell. My blood. Please tell me, since apparently I’m your full service, 24-hour, witch pharmacy,” she shouted back at him.

           Damon stroked her left cheek and took another step toward her.

           “I don’t need a spell, Bon,” Damon said, “I actually miss you being around, and I want to meet the new guy taking you away.”

           Bonnie watched as Damon’s body was ripped away from her and flew against the back porch. The back window shattered as the gutter fell on his head.

She could feel vampire level testosterone irradiating off of both of them.

           Damon shook his head to clear his vision before staring up at his attacker.

Kai stood in front of him, then knelt down to eye level.

           “I’m the new guy,” Kai stated casually, “And you should try harder to keep your hands to yourself.”

Damon’s look of shock would have been humorous in any other situation, but there was nothing funny about the fact that the last time the two men faced each other, death followed.

“How the hell are you here?!” Damon choked out, “Last time I saw you, you looked like the headless horseman without the damned horse.”

Bonnie knew Damon was buying time and gathering his strength before lopping Kai’s head off a second time. She couldn’t bear seeing that again. She couldn’t handle losing either of them. For one brief, ironic moment, she felt as Elena must have when her friend was torn between Stefan and Damon.

           She sprinted toward them, pulling Kai backward.

           “Don’t hurt him,” she begged.

           “I promise I won’t hurt a hair on his pretty little head,” Kai smirked.

           “I’m serious,” Bonnie insisted.

           “Fine,” he conceded, “I promise I won’t remove his pretty little head either.”

           “Kai?” she glared at him.

           Damon stood up and walked toward Bonnie and Kai.

           Bonnie stood between them.

           “Damon – No!” she warned.

           “You brought him back?! Why the hell did you do that?“ Damon yelled.

           “The Bennett witches brought me back,” Kai pointed out.

           “What are you doing with Bonnie,” Damon demanded.

           “Wow, full of questions aren’t we?” Kai joked.

           Damon turned to Bonnie.

           “What is wrong with you?! Why would you go anywhere with this psychopath?” he asked.

           “We’re leaving town before the Heretics and your mother decide to attack again,” Bonnie told him.

           “You want to run: Go for it. Not with him. He doesn’t deserve to breathe. He sure as shit doesn’t deserve you,” said Damon.

           “And who does? Tell me Damon: Who’s still alive to give a damn about me? I guess you can’t answer that question because my grams, my father, my mother, they’re all gone either dead or gone because of all of you!”

Bonnie couldn’t believe the words escaping her lips, but they were harsh truths that somehow found their way to the surface.

           Damon launched himself at Kai, smashing him against the Bonnie’s car.

           “You’re not taking her,” Damon threatened.

           “I don’t think you have a say,” Kai bit back.

           “And I don’t think you have a right to touch her,” Damon answered.

           Kai drew in a deep breath and Bonnie waited for the fight to start. It didn’t.

           “I love her Damon,” Kai said, and then turned to Bonnie, “Not quite how I wanted to put it out there, but…since the cat is out of the proverbial bag.”

           Bonnie stood shocked into silence. Her mouth hung open and tears began to fill her eyes. She didn’t expect to hear it from anyone, much less Kai. How could he feel that way after all he’d done?

           Damon anger exploded. He grabbed Kai by the throat.

           “Don’t you ever say that about her. You don’t know the meaning of the fucking word,” Damon said.

           “Actually I do. I looked it up. Internet. Very helpful,” Kai bantered back. His mood shifted once he looked at Bonnie.

           “Let him go Damon!” Bonnie shouted.

           “No,” Damon said.

           “Now,” stated Bonnie.

           “Bonnie, don’t leave with him,” Damon begged.

           “I’d rather be with someone that loves me than people who use me,” she insisted, “I don’t have a reason to stay.”

           Damon waited before responding.

           “FINE! Tell this douchebag to break the spell with you and Elena,” Damon screamed.

           “I can’t!” Kai answered.

           “Like hell you can’t,” Damon pulled out a sharp piece of wood he was hiding, “You’re gonna tell me now you little bastard, or I’ll kill your ass again,” said Damon.

           Kai appeared indifferent to Damon’s threat. He looked down at the makeshift stake, then back at Damon.

           “You don’t get it do you. Fine. I’ll dumb it down,” Kai started, “Some spells are bound by the witch that casts them; meaning if that witch dies, the spell is broken.”

           “So why didn’t Elena wake up when I killed you?” Damon asked.

           “Because the linking spell was never bound to me, Damon,” Kai said casually, ‘The Bennett witches made sure of that.”

           “Then who? Who do I have to kill to break the spell without Bonnie or Elena dying?” Damon asked.

           Kai answered with a single word.