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Sodapop gets drunk for the first time… (part two of x)

A/N: There will be a part 3, I began to write this and realized that it was way too long.)

“I don’t think I can just leave him there, Two-Bit” You whispered softly, stopping in your tracks so you could look at him steadily. 

“Hey, he’ll be fine, he is with me.” 

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” You said jokingly. You looked down as a sigh escaped your lips. “I can’t just let them take advantage of him.” 

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Half of You

Requested by: @katythekitty​ How about 9 and Jungkook? Part of the Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1895

Originally posted by rainbowboombox

When Jungkook told you he’d prepared something super romantic for the two of you, you had to be honest, you didn’t expect much. He’d swung the door open before you’d even been able to knock. Your fist was left hovering in the air, and you wondered if you looked as surprised as you felt.

“Have you been waiting there the whole time?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged.

He reached out and grabbed your hand to pull you inside with his foot kicking the front door shut behind you. Jungkook wasted no time to continue dragging you towards what you figured was the living room. Your legs struggling to keep up with his until he abruptly stopped causing you to run into his back.

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Rating: E, Ship: Captain Swan

Disclaimer: None of the OUAT world belongs to me.

So this is my soft re-entry into the world of fic writing.

It’s a silly, smutty one-shot that wouldn’t leave my head while I worked on longer things.  Unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are my own.

TIA to anyone that reads!

Set directly after 6x17


The walk back to the house is charged, littered with touches and caresses, brief pecks foreshadowing the main event.

Henry’s wrinkled nose and refusal to meet their eyes as he volunteered to stay at Regina’s that night spoke volumes but neither Emma nor Killian could find it in themselves to be embarrassed.  Yes, her parents had been separated for longer than they had and she knows it’s selfish to be running off, barely pausing for the customary threeway hug Snow and David have been unable to give her for the last few weeks before almost throwing her brother into their arms, but right now there’s something else she needs.

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Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 


NOTES: Hello! Sorry for the slight delay, & I hope you enjoy this chapter. Also, I recently found an illustration that I adore, which seems to perfectly illustrate my story. Just thought I’d share it, hehe.

I woke up early the next morning feeling extraordinarily well in regards to my health. However, I had not gotten much sleep throughout the night.
I opened the curtains widely, and the initial hints of the rising sun cascaded into my room - illuminating the space with a rosy pink and orange light.

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montparnassee  asked:

Okay but did Eponine and Cosette set Jehan and Montparnasse up on a blind date

2.5k and a link on AO3 later

Montparnasse was pretty sure that Eponine and Cosette finally getting together was the last seal required to spark off Armageddon. It had to be. Otherwise why else would Eponine act so weird? His roommate had been replaced by some permanently and frankly creepy smiling being who spent her time on the phone giggling like a middle schooler who’d drunk half a glass of apple cider. Montparnasse had heard her sing this morning, for fuck’s sake! Something had fallen apart in the fabric of the universe, and Montparnasse was trapped in the uncanny valley.

And honestly, he could have dealt with their syrupy lovey-dovey bullshit if they didn’t actively try to drag him into their cult. Now that they knew the bliss of young love, Cosette and Eponine had convinced each other that Montparnasse needed to be infected with the same ailment. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Montparnasse didn’t date. It was a principle of his. So when Eponine ambushed him in a stereotypical Parisian café on a fine Saturday afternoon, Montparnasse’s first reflex was to flee towards the nearest exit.

“You haven’t even met them yet! They would be perfect for you!” Eponine protested, hooking her arm around his to stop him in his flight.

“I’m pretty sure this violate the Geneva convention,” Montparnasse grunted, fighting against her grip.

How dare she set him up like this! It was too early for him to deal with that kind of bullshit and she knew it! He should have known something was up when she texted him to meet at a café. Eponine was a bar person, not a café person. Jesus, why did every person in a relationship thought they had to “fix” single people into an item?

“Come on, what do you have to lose?”

“My time,” Montparnasse answered flatly.

Having a good enough hold on him, Eponine started dragging Montparnasse away from the exit back towards the main room. A reluctant cat on a leash would have been more cooperative. Oh, he could have escaped, if he had really put an effort into it. But what would have been the point? If he fled now, Eponine would find other sneaky ways to trick him into going on a date, sooner or later. Might as well get it over with now, once and for all. But he wouldn’t give in to her without putting up a fight first.

“Look at it this way: worst case scenario, you waste twenty little minutes. Best case scenario, you get laid. It’s honestly not that big of a deal.”

“I don’t need you to get laid,” Montparnasse groaned between his teeth.

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Morning After - Jaehyun

Requested: can u make jaehyun morning after, thank you ily and your writings

A/N: Bless, ily too bby^^

Word Count: 636

You woke up lazily, propping yourself up with your elbow and squinting through your hazy eyes. You slid out from the sheets and let out a quiet groan, your body felt like lead. You quietly trudged to the bathroom and turned on the lights. Your eyes adjusted slowly and you looked at yourself in the mirror, turning to view your other angles. Jaehyun had been rather gentle actually; you only had a few angry red scratches and a couple light bruises. Your eyes traveled up to grimace at your disheveled hair. You peered out the door to see Jaehyun’s back, the sheets draped over his hip. You decided against a shower since you didn’t want to wake him.

You had a makeup bag that was always kept at his place, for days like these. You knelt and pulled it out of the cabinet below his sink before quickly unzipping it.

‘Hairbrush? Check. Toothbrush? Check…’ in your mind you speedily took attendance of all your necessities.

After about 30 minutes in the bathroom you came back into the bedroom feeling refreshed and decently clean. You pranced to Jaehyun’s closet and rummaged for your clothes you kept at his place. After changing you opened the blinds, light cascading into the dark room. Smiling, you found your phone and knelt by the side of the bed. You tried to focus the camera on his beautiful face, the rays of light making him seem even more angelic. His skin, smooth and clear, not a blemish in sight, his eyebrows, thick and dark, but still soft. You scanned his peaceful face, he was so handsome, you sighed a little to yourself and clicked the button, the sound of the camera shutter going off in the room. Your eyes roamed his messy hair then trailed down to his chest, softly moving with every breath, his muscular arms. Carefully you climbed onto the bed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, leaning back to shake his firm shoulder.

“Wake up~” you cooed.

He let out a low noise before burying his face into his pillow and stretching his arms out to hug it. You got closer to him and viciously attacked his sides. With wide eyes he abruptly sat up, pushing your hands off. His eyes softened and he knit his eyebrows together to form a playful scowl. You quickly glanced at the entirety of his exposed chest, a sly smile forming on your lips.

“How come you’re already dressed?” he asked, falling back down limply, pulling you from your sitting position.

“I wanted to see you” he added.

“You see me now” you said lying down, pinching his cheek.

His smile broadened, “I meant see what I did to you last night.”

Your cheeks got hot as you lifted you shirt a little, showing him a mark. His warm hand reached across and caressed your hip gently, running his thumb over the mark.

“You’re so beautiful- I can never get over it” he said, pulling your shirt back down and smiling at you, his dimples showing.

“I’m going to shower” he added, turning the other way and yawning.

“I’m hungry” you whined, getting up again.

You decided to leave him to go and start breakfast on your own in the kitchen. He came out about 20 minutes later. You could tell he had showered as his hair was still damp. He wore just a pair of gray sweat pants and slippers. You were just pouring glasses of orange juice to serve with the pancakes you had made. He slipped his arms around you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder.

“You do so much for me~” he cooed, lacing his fingers together.

“Because I love you.”

“I love you too” he said before moving to capture your lips in a sweet, passionate kiss.

I hope you liked it, I wanted it to be sweet and realistic, but also not the same as every other “Morning After” scenario.

Btw I have like 5 Jaehyun smut requests in my inbox-

Maybe you guys think it is low-key gross I didn’t have you shower kek

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D filled with fluff as always. Epilogue is up next, and wow! Another chapter done and dusted, but fear not- there is still lots to come for these two cutie pies. ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C’)

You stood side stage, smiling as you watched Chris, Anthony, and Sebastian interact with their fans. It was such a joy to be there observing the panel, yet another thing you’d always wanted to do but never thought you would have the chance to. Like befriending Chris, dating Chris, being engaged to Chris, and soon- marrying Chris. You were definitely a lucky one in seven billion; you were slowly checking off everything on your bucket list, both realistic and unrealistic goals. Your gaze refocused on your soon-to-be husband and your smile widened because it was because of him that you were getting everything you’d ever dreamed of.

He carried a love for you so strong, and had so much faith in you that he’d do anything for you. If your dream was to fly to the moon, he’d build a rocket ship and sit alongside you on the journey. He’d told you that a thousand times, and every time you’d believe him. His offer was always genuine, as was his love, faith, trust, and pride. You were a being unlike any other and you possessed a talent he knew would become a world wide phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long until you checked off ‘become a screenwriter’ and 'win an Oscar’, but that was Chris’ words and not yours. You were sure it was going to be ten years at least, considering you were still a student and being recognized as just Chris Evans’ fiancée. Now that wasn’t a bad thing to be recognized as, you were proud to be just Chris Evans’ fiancée; if that was all you could achieve in this lifetime, you’d be absolutely contented and at peace with yourself.

“Chris.” You tuned back into the panel when you heard Max- the host- mention Chris’ name. “I think we owe you a congratulations.” The whole crowd erupted in applause and cheers; both you and Chris immediately smiled, knowing exactly where it was going. “You’re engaged, man. That’s-” The applause and cheers increased in excitement and volume. “Yeah!” Max egged it on, clapping. You chuckled when you saw Anthony and Sebastian do the same, nudging a blushing Chris and patting him on the back. “Congratulations, dude. That is awesome news, we are so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Chris chuckled into the microphone, dropping his gaze as he grinned to hide his obvious excitement. He may not have enjoyed talking about his relationships before, but with you- he wanted to tell the whole world about you. He was secretly glad Anthony blurted out his engagement news because he didn’t think he could, or wanted to keep it a secret until you graduated. Now as you stood watching him, and seeing how happy he was when they mentioned the engagement- you were glad the world knew too. “It’s exciting, yeah. I’m very, very excited.”

“For those who don’t know who Chris is engaged to, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. I had the pleasure of meeting her backstage,” Max said and Chris nodded, smiling as he threw a quick glance at you; you smiled and gave him a small wave. “And she is lovely, I genuinely enjoyed talking to her.” Chris’ smile widened because he had the same first impression when he met you at the airport. “She’s also very mature for her young age of twenty, I’d even say she’s more mature than you.”

“Max, buddy. You realize she’s watching this right?” Chris laughed, drawing laughter from the whole room. “Yeah, she is. She’s got a very old soul, she’s very old school type of girl. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite things about her.”

“Why’s that?” Max quizzed.

“I just feel like it allows us to have a similar mindset, of what we want in our relationship and in life in general. We don’t have a lot of big disagreements, we argue about stupid things like- who’s the better baseball team. God, I tell you- if she doesn’t ditch her Yankees cap soon,” he glanced over at you and you chuckled, tugging at said Yankees cap.

“The Yankees are the best team,” Sebastian piped up, earning a few cheers and jeers from the audience. “She’s keeping the hat, and I’m sending her a lifetime supply of Yankees merchandise as a wedding gift.” You and Chris laughed. “I’m not kidding, Chris. I will, so prepare yourself.”

“Whatever,” Chris chuckled then continued with his previous statement. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same thing, or just a long term thing in general. I feel like people, especially at her age, they just want something fun and casual. Which yeah, it’s great until you get to my age and find yourself still alone.” The crowd voiced their agreements. “We both agree that relationships these days are moving at a speed we’re not familiar with, or particularly fond of. With modern technology and the evolution that comes with each new generation, there’s a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship should be like. I- we both like to keep things- y'know, traditional. Get married, have kids- the works. It’s nice to meet someone who wants the same thing, it’s refreshing. She’s…” He looked over at you, smiling, “she’s just perfect and I love her.”

The whole crowd lost it at that, letting a wave of “awwww” cascade through the room. Chris grinned as he turned back to the supportive audience. It was nice to be able to share what he thought of you, and his love for you with other people. Yes, he was an incredibly private person who hated talking about his love life. But that was then, he was different now. Now he could’ve talked about you for hours with any fan, or at any interview. He could proudly and assertively tell the world that he was engaged to the most amazing and beautiful girl he’d ever met, as well as help them fall in-love with you as he had.

“Do you think she’ll join us on stage if we ask very nicely?” Max quizzed, and all four guys looked over at you with inviting grins; you shook your head at them with widened eyes. “If you don’t know who we’re looking at, we’re looking at Y/N who is standing side stage. What do you say, guys? Would you like to meet Captain America’s fiancé?”

You felt the butterflies in your stomach get trampled by a herd of elephants when you heard the crowd start cheering, and chanting your name. You shook your head at Chris, who was chuckling. He saw you start to turn and leave, and quickly jumped up and ran to grab you by the waist. He pulled your back into his front and whispered into you ear, “remember on the plane when you said, 'I’ll be there for you if things get too overwhelming’?” You winced, wishing you hadn’t said that; you knew when you said it it would bite you in the butt later. “Things are getting a little overwhelming out there and I’d love it if you joined me,” he told you as he spun you around and took your hand.

“Chris, I don’t want to go out there,” you steadied your stance, fighting against his pull. “Please don’t make me go out there.” You begged then chuckled softly when he did. “There are so many people out there, majority of them are fan girls who probably hate me for marrying their celebrity crush. I can’t go out there, they’re only being nice now because you’re here. I don’t want to say something or do something that will make them attack me when you’re not around.”

“Stop being so paranoid,” he laughed. “I’m always going to be here for you, Y/N. And it’s time you learn how to deal with big crowds, you’re going to have to do that when you enter the Hollywood industry.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “Come on, nothing you do or say will make them hate you. If their celebrity crush adores you then-” he smiled when he saw you smile, “you bet your cute little butt that they’re going to adore you too.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” you ordered in a tone that told him you were going to join them on stage. Chris chuckled and nodded, entwining his fingers with yours. He walked, gently tugging you alongside him. “Oh my God,” you breathed when you walked into view; the crowd cheered. “I hate you so much.” You murmured to Chris without taking the nervous smile from your face.

“Give the love of my life a hand, everybody,” Chris instructed then kissed the side of your head as the crowd did as he asked. You chuckled softly, taking everything in before you lifted a hand to give the crowd a small wave. “Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?” Chris quizzed, then shared a love-sick smile with you.

Another wave of “awwww” cascaded around the room, which quickly turned into laughter when Anthony called out, “oh, get a room,” in a teasing tone. You and Chris turned to him, laughing softly. Both Anthony and Sebastian, as well as everyone in the room, fell in-love with the two of you. It was so obvious you were irrevocably and irretrievably in-love with the other, so much so that the hatred and the jealousy that some in the crowd possessed faded. Chris was meant to be with you, and you him; one could reject that notion, but there was simply no denying it.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your writing! Are you ever going to continue the football AU thing? I loved it!!

Here it is!  Took a while, but this chapter is longer than the first, so hopefully that makes up for the wait <3

Eric bit his lip nervously, turning his phone over and over in his hand.  He looked down at the message he had typed out again.

Hey is it weird if i ask your opinion on my prom outfit?  It felt weird but he thought that could just be him.  After all, he and Philip had agreed to stay friends after Philip went away to college and they broke up.  They had even talked somewhat frequently over the semester, but about innocent things.  School, their old friends in town, what the weather out in California was like.  Neither of them had brought up moving on, but if they were actually going to be friends long term, it was going to have to happen eventually.  Eric hit Send.  It only took a couple minutes before the bubbles that indicated Philip typing showed up, followed shortly by a reply.

Eh, maybe a little but whatev.  I’m cool with it.

Thanks :)

Eric smoothed the front of the suit jacket one more time and took a deep breath before letting himself smile and snapping a picture in the dressing room mirror.  He attached it to a new message and said: Be brutal, if I wanted compliments I’d ask mama.  The next reply came after a few moments of consideration.

Tbh, that suit makes me want to take your virginity all over again.  Do the world a favor and get it.  Eric felt a pang of longing, remembering when he and Philip had gone to get their tuxes for Philip’s senior prom the year before and they’d ended up making out in the dressing room.  He still laughed though, imagining the exaggerated leer Philip would’ve given him if he was there.

Alright, I’m convinced.  You’re the best! :-*

Give Mama a hug for me! Xoxoxo

Will do! <3

Eric put his phone down on top of the pile of his clothes and stepped out from behind the curtain.  When Mama saw him, she pressed a hand to her chest.

“Oh Dicky, you look so handsome!”  He smiled and told her,

“Definitely this one.”

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S/C Fic - Breathe In

Originally posted by children-of-the-hyprocrisy

Breathe In

Goodbye’s are hard. Sometimes the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, especially when it’s to someone you cannot live without, but are forced to. It’s the closest thing to reading an epic novel, where the lovers struggle to find their way back to one another, then, in a turning of a page, you realize they never will. There’s no more pages left. Their story is over. And you’re broken because of it. The long journey you took with them, just weaves a path to emptiness and sorrow. That is your end.

Goodbye’s are hard.

But hellos are worse.

I ran my finger, round and round, the beer stein. My palms, sweating like before a sold-out show; nervous to be watched, to be studied and judged. I closed my eyes, shutting the clinking glasses and muffled conversations, away.

Breathe in.


Breathe out – slowly.


My mind whipped around like Dorothy in a tornado, struggling to grasp onto anything that flew past. Fighting for something to ground myself to. But all I could see was her face. Her face the last time we spoke. The sadness in her eyes as they welled up with tears she refused to let fall. The constant rubbing of her right thumb on her left arm. A nervous tick I had never noticed before. Or perhaps, one that was brought on by me.

Breathe in.


Breathe out – slowly.


The first time I saw her, I knew I was no longer living for myself. I was living for her. For us. She once told me, that it was my smile, cascading across the room in her direction, that she first fell in love with the idea of me. All her independent and cynical thoughts had floated away, and she felt a wave of heaviness, strike her chest, like an arrow to a tree. It thundered against her heart, waking her up, and when she smiled back at me, it lifted, transporting her soul to some place soft. A room filled with light and pillows, and girlie things.

Of course, she didn’t tell me that freely. It took a lot of alcohol, and her whimsical side shining through the fog of whisky, that made me brave enough to ask her what her first thought of me was.

I remember smiling, not knowing how to respond, other than lean in, and gently touch my lips to hers. I don’t know if it was the warmth of our bodies, or the haze of the drink, that made my lips fiery against hers. Or was it her lips that scorched mine? I don’t know. But together, the passion we had been holding so deep inside, erupted like a force of nature; a storm ripping through the amazon.

Our limbs tangled like snakes around a vine, and the glow of the table lamp behind us, like lightning, playing across our skin, illuminating the flesh in the most delicious way. We devoured each other, our thrusts meeting together in a thunderous sky as the water pooled around our collarbones, chest and curve of body. We lapped at the sweat, like desiccated animals, traveling through the dessert; our bodies, the oasis that we yearned for.

And when the winds and rain calmed, and the stars came out in their twinkling promise of peace, we held on to each other, and painted our future in the nights’ sky.

But that was a long time ago.

I dropped my head, before raising it once more, begging for calm.

Breathe in.


Breathe out – slowly.


I couldn’t change the past. Couldn’t alter the pain the last year had brought us. Brought her. All I could do, was take her hand, if she let me, and guide her back into the forest, where the stars are brightest, and retrace our steps, reconnect the stars, to find our way back home.

There was never a time I didn’t love you, Caitriona. Never a time I couldn’t see our children in your hands, or my reflection in your eyes. You painted me a man, when I was only a boy. Perhaps a part of me was angry at you for that. Perhaps a part of me, was angry at myself for not trusting in the stroke of your brush.

My eyes darted to my watch, the ticking of time, pounding into my subconscious. Its face, contorted into a sinister mask, the tongue darting out, to take hold of the hands, stilling them, stopping them. Stopping time. If ten o’clock never came, neither would she.

I rolled my wrist on the table, effectively suffocating the motionless timepiece. I took another swig of the beer, and cringed when my peripheral caught the sight of stains under my arm. I checked the other side. Matching anxiety.

Breathe in.


Breathe out – slowly.


I wanted my life back. I wanted the promise of our life, back. No more games. No more silly roundabouts, stuck on a never-ending carousal with someone else’s hand on the power switch. Each time I slid off the plastic horse, eager to find her, sitting in one of those red carriages with her hands, barely holding on, the wind would push me right back on my steed. And round and round we went.

The page needed to turn. This chapter, begged for a close. My very insides needed there to be one last summary. A chapter we would write. Together. No editors or ghost writers throwing in twists and creating chaos, when none was called for. Just an ending, that would flow into a new beginning.

The wind swirled around the trees outside, and my heart stopped. A flicker of hair, deep chestnut in colour, swirled around the breeze like Dorothy, flying through the skies in her very own tornado.

Breathe in.

“Caitriona.” Her name falling from my lips in a hush, like a secret, my body couldn’t contain. She came.


Her hand touched the doorknob and stilled. She hadn’t seen me yet. Her eyes closed, fighting the wind, and fighting her thoughts.

She gathered them quickly, pulling open the door to step inside. She shook of the cold and rested her eyes on mine.

Breathe out –


Exhausted -levihan

Hi!! So this is just a little one shot of an exhausted Levi and hange just being hange lmao I got sloppy it’s ok but Enjoy *this isn’t an AU*

The sun was what woke her as it peered through the window of her quarters . Beams of light cascading into the room telling her it was morning and basically to get the fuck up.

She knew she had a busy day ahead of her. She had a meeting with Erwin about Titans in the wall and her further research with said topic. She also had a lot of paperwork to write and of course her own notes.

She turned her over to face the other figure shoved into the pillows beside her.

Levi slept soundly. Hange felt so bad for him. He was exhausted. Even sustaining the injury he overworked himself saving Eren from his Titan form after they had finally gotten the Female Titan. She heard him come in to her quarters at around three in the morning. He was writing up reports on Eren and about the recent events, working himself to complete exhaustion.

She recalls him collapsing into the bed beside her as he kissed her shoulder and wrapped his arm around her waist as he fell into a deep sleep.

She observed the human with a smile.

What a view she thought.

Half of his face was pressed against the pillow as he took gentle breaths. His bangs fell in front of his sleeping eyes which made her heart swell at the sight. His face was so peaceful. No stoic appearance, no furrowed eyes brows at her and something stupid she was doing. No crinkles on his nose that she loved. His curled eyelashes, a feature she was very jealous, lay still. He looked like a little boy.

She didn’t know it was possible especially in a lifestyle like this for her to find a love like this. One that devours her. She loves every minute of it.

She was mid-daze staring at him for a good five minutes that she got a fright with the sudden outbreak of a voice. Levi’s.

“Staring is rude.” He said trying to sound pissed but that failed due to his croaky morning voice hange fucking adored. She simply smiled and ran her fingers through his bangs as she sighed.

“What are you doing awake clean freak?” She said as she gently pulled at his locks knowing how much he loved when she did. He gave a sigh of content as his lids fluttered open revealing his beautiful orbs that drive her crazy.

“You turned in your sleep and woke me” he said as he leaned up and yawned. Hange now noticed he was shirtless. She also saw the black shading under his eyes.

“Levi” she whispered as she saw him trying to find some sort of strength to get up. He looked at her through his sleepy eyes.

Fuck, that was cute hange thought.

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead and pushed him down with ease.

“Your exhausted, rest” she said as she caressed his cheek. He grunted in defeat.

“Fine. Call me an hour” he said as he groaned and turned over into the wall. What a grump she thought as she just tched at him playing him with his own game.

“No morning kiss, jeese” she said partially sarcastic and partially playful. She swung the covers off her and sat up only to be pulled back down to face Levi as he grabbed her chin and placed a gentle but sleepy kiss. Adorable.

“There now fuck off.” He said as he retreated to the wall.

“Charming.” She said with a giggle. She got up and got changed into her uniform and scanned the room quietly for her glasses. She pounced for them on the desk and gathered all her notes and was on her way for the day.

Four hours later and most of hanges work was done, she had her meeting with Erwin, wrote up her reports and was now in her lab scribbling down sentences in her research notebook totally enthralled.

She jumped at the sudden connection of a hand to her shoulder. She peaked up around the chair to see a pissed off Levi.

“Well look who’s up?” She said as continued to write.

“I told you to wake me in an hour.” He said in a deadpan tone.

“You were exhausted you needed to sleep Levi.” She said as she closed her notebook placing on top of her other random sheets.

She got out of her chair and turned around to her husband noticing an instant change in his appearance from his sleep. She grasped his face in her hands.

“And look at you, your practically glowing from your slumber shortstack!” She said with a laugh. He tched and rolled his eyes but stepped forward into her space as he wrapped his arms around her waist and the small of her back.

“This is a lot of shit coming from someone who never looks after herself. Have you eaten?” He asked sternly.


“I was meant to but I got caught up wi-”

He was dragging her.

“Levi where are we-”

“ to get you food shitty glasses.” She gave the biggest smile as she hugged him from behind as they walked out of her lab.

They took care for each other. They looked out for eachother. They loved eachother. And even though the world was a piece of shit and a constant threat, they had eachother.

Imagine 4- Bad Day

Imagine Colby comforting you after a bad day

You came home, frustrated and tired after a long day at work. There’s was a few difficult people that you had to deal with and you just had enough of it.

“You okay babe?” Colby asked as you came in through the door.

“Just a bad day at work. It was awful. I got yelled at by my boss because of something another co-worker did and it was just a really bad day and I just need to relax.

“Awe. Well, if you need anything, i’ll be out here. Love you, get some rest.” Colby said.

“Okay. Thank you.” You said to him. He nodded with a sincere smile on his face. Colby knew that when you were tired, and needed to relax, that all you wanted to do was get some space and take a few breathers. He was respectful when times like that came up.

“Sleep!” You said as you plopped your whole body down on the mattress that you shared with Colby. You fell asleep within seconds and after a few hours you woke up. There was an orange-ish color cascading the whole room.

“What the hell is going on?” You asked yourself before sitting up and overlooking the entire room. “Colby! Babe!” You called for him. There was candles everywhere.

“In here!” He said. You walked towards his voice which led you into the bathroom. A rose petal bath was awaiting you. And there was a bonus: Colby would be in there with you.

“Babe! You didn’t!” You said as you stripped down to get into the bath water.

“Oh, but I did. And it will be worth every second.” He said. You tilted your head down a bit and then you gave him some seductive eyes. “Baby, oh, what you do to me with those eyes.” He continued.

“My eyes? Just wait until I get in.” You said as you got into the tub.

The rest of the night you were relaxed, and you fell asleep, feeling loved.

Planes and Proposals

((A collaboration with @ask-aph-fruk I hope you like it! She’ll basically be illustrating this fic!))

A soft, gentle light gently cascaded into the living room with a sort of grace that only someone who was honestly cruel could hate. And even through his rather bitter and tough skin, Arthur wasn’t quite as cruel as that.

A sheet of silk was weaved tightly into a wooden embroidery circle as Arthur poked and pulled his needle with such precision as the Englishman was. The scene being stitched into the sheet of delicate fabric was a quaint, homey one that brought the thought of camping to his mind, with a large mountain bottomed by a bright blue lake with a shore of trees.

Arthur’s eyes did not faulter, even when he heard rushed footsteps racing down the stairs of his home.

“A-Angleterre,” Francis panted, and his chest heaved with the distress of trying to catch his breath. “I a-am sorry that I have to leave so soon from our visit here, but my boss has called me back to France on an emergency..”

Only now did Arthur’s eyes lift from his project. He would never really admit it, but he was slightly saddened by France’s words. However, with his pride, he shrugged off the rather silly emotion with a scoff. “Hmph. Very well then, it’s not like I expected anything more from you.”

The Frenchman straightened up his build, and looked at England. “It is not like I chose to do this, you know? I’m sorry, lapin, and I promise to make it to you somehow.”

“You can make it up to me by leaving.” Arthur rolled his eyes, and continued his work. Francis had to force down the grin that was rising in his throat, and he spoke.

“…I’m afraid you’ve forgotten that you’re my means of transportation when I’m here in London.”

Arthur paused, and let out a rather annoyed sigh as he stuck his needle twice through the tight fabric to keep it secure, and slipped the piece back into his threadbox. “Very well, then.” Arthur straightened out the few wrinkles in the pistachio-colored sweater he wore, standing up.

The car ride to the airport was rather silent, and Francis did his best to speak without smiling. Arthur simply drove, ignoring most of France’s comments, before arriving at the airport with him. “Have a nice trip.”

France’s face turned into a look of falsified sadness, and offence. “Aren’t you going to watch my plane take off, lapin?”

Arthur sighed, and let his head fall forward onto the steering wheel, before once again repeating his earlier statement; “Very well, then.”

The lobby of the airport was busy, as most airports were. Arthur sat on one of the couches after buying himself a bottle of water, and he watched France at the reception desk to recieve his tickets and be passed onto safety checks.

England sighed, now sitting in silence. He didn’t know why he was still sitting there, frankly. France wouldn’t notice if he left. But there was a feeling somewhere within his gut, that just told him to sit.

He soon found himself chatting with people. Some were annoyed, and some were emotional. He remembers one particular woman who simply sat and cried on his shoulder, despite his protest, because her son had departed to his new home in France.

After his short, yet somewhat dandy conversations with these strangely nosy strangers had ended, England was bored enough to watch the small security screen that showed the small tunnel in which people boarded the plane.

Though, something was different. Francis was walking backwards, and several people around him were carrying signs by their sides. On the outside of the tunnel, another camera followed France onto the asphalt of the landing strip, along with the sign holders.

Arthur watched curiously, as Francis stood in front of these people, as they lined up side by side behind him. The first lifted the sign. And then the second. And then the third. And finally, the last.

And the message was clear.

“Will you marry me?”

Every inch of England’s body was immediately thrown into paralysis, and he found his eyes tearing up a bit as he stared in awe at the screen. When he felt hands on his shoulders, he wiped the building tears furiously away, forcing his vision away from the screen.

He paced the lobby furiously as people congratulated him. But there was one question on Arthur’s mind; How would he give the other his answer?

The resolution came when he heard a familiar voice, and all at once, emotions flooded him one by one. He was angry, he was sad, he was shocked. But soon those emotions were bubbled over by elation, (with a sassy side of salty pride), and he simply nodded quickly in Francis’ direction.

Francis had accepted the small “Congrats!” or “Have a nice marriage!“s, from the strangers and staff in the lobby, on his way back out to Arthur’s car. And, boy, as soon as they were in the car, it was the waterworks.

Arthur leaned against Francis, sniffling and glaring up at him. "H-How dare you diminish me t-to tears in public..! You c-cheeky bastard..!”

France only laughed in response, and his fingers graced England’s hair. “You know, lapin, even if you had said no..”

Arthur looked up in curiousity, sniffling. “Mm..?”

Francis slowly grinned, looking down at him. “Your reaction was perfect~”

“Oh shut it! You’re a right pillock!” Arthur huffed, which lead to more laughter, and tickling, and kisses, and, thankfully, a happy marriage.

A happy marriage that blossomed from war and decay, into an airport induced proposal.

A Crake Of Thunder

6. “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.”

A Crake Of Thunder

The rain fell in pellets as it grazed the tops of roofs and cars, puddles filled the dips of roads and dirt caked the water. The grass drenched with droplets of water, everything looked new, like the rain had washed the whole world. The sky wasn’t as gloomy as one would have thought, a few dusty grey clouds had enveloped the sky, but the gibbous moon had been shining all the while.

“Sweetheart stay away from the glass windows.” A frail mothers voice had cascaded down from the rooms door all the way over to her daughter who sat on her bay window, with a blue book opened up, her eyes scanning the words written on the pages. “Sweetheart, come sit with us in the living room.” Her mom suggested, having enough of her daughter ignoring her pleas.

“I’ll be fine mommy.” Rebecca stated, shutting her book and walking to her bed, where her brown bear  propped over her pillows and comforter. She jumped on her mattress, then opened her book to the last page she was on. “I’m Okay,” Becca stated, ushering her wrist for her mom to leave her alone in bed.

“Alright, be safe…” Her mom trailed uncertain. She was use to having her daughter and husband beside her when the weather was bad. Although now, she could watch a movie with Bucky that didn’t have to be rated PG or lower. James didn’t like much of the movies the mother had suggested, but then again, their daughter had found a fascination with books and preferred she gets more chapter bibliography rather than the ones that had more picture than words.

The mother had walked back to the living room, leaving her daughters room open just in case anything was to happen.

“Where’s Rebecca…” James asked, settling the popcorn bucket between his legs, “I thought you went to get her…” Bucky trailed, pointing to the movie placed on the screen. “We were going to watch Barbie.” Bucky mumbled, surfing for the yellow popcorn heads and placing them in his mouth.

“She doesn’t feel like it.” The mom explained, wiggling her eyebrows. “So let’s watch something more adultly.” She whispered, once her body sat beside his. Her hands dug into the popcorn and stuffed her mouth. Taking the remote controller from his metal hand and flipping through the movies they had rented for the night.

“Wanna watch romance?” She mumbled, “Or horror?” She asked, flipping between two covers, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and 'Romeo and Juliet’.

“Horror.” Bucky choked out, hating the idea of watching the old told time of 'Romeo and Juliet.’ He snuggled closer to his wife, propping his legs over the coffee table before pulling his wife to his chest, her hair fell her his left hand and snaked its way In between the plates. Instantly he removed her cinnamon hair before his attention was then returned to the screen playing before him.

Minutes passed by, and the rain had picked up its race. Now it’s droplets had started to ground the Windows, with slight rumbling heard. Albeit the humble couple didn’t give much thought to the change of atmosphere, two engrossed with the scheme before them.

Just as the movie stopped at a scary scene, the power went out leaving nothing but the sizzling sound and light of the vibrant purple thunder. The mother had found refuge over her husbands chest, her hands clinging to the fabric of his blue shirt, his hand had found her’s, telling her he was here for her without her having to see his face or hear his voice.

“DADDY!” The girl a few rooms away screamed, without much thought, the parents had stood up and ran over to her room. Their instincts already kicking in, he didn’t need much light seeing as though her bay window shun the flashes of lightning and the dimly glow of the moon shun her room at an eerie atmosphere.

His hands went to cup her head, while his daughters fingers dug into his skin. Her silent sobs didn’t go un noticed by the parents, so her mother sat beside her husband, her own slim fingers started to run over her daughters hair, “Daddy it’s so scary.” Her voice tinted and innocent. Her choked sobs came out with each breath she took.

“Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.” Bucky spoke softly, still clinging to his scared bitty daughter. She nodded, “Your safe with me, pumpkin.” Bucky smoothed her curly hair with his wife, before pulling them both over to the pillowed and tucking both his girls under the cover. “I love my girls,” Bucky spoke, watching as his daughter cling to her mother now under the covers, her brown bear beside her, her eyes now feeling heavy for her.

“Good night,” They all shared with the roaring sky and the dripping clouds, together they slept one peaceful November night.