the cas thingy


“I’m an Angel of the Lord, uh, It;s (Your name) right? Uh, (Your name) Are you okay?” -Cas

I dreamt that they made Destiel canon in the finale...

…and this is how it happened:

Dean and Cas were in the front seat of the impala. Sam and Chuck were outside, putting the finishing touches on the soul bomb spell thingy.

Cas was very sad, and Dean was trying to tell him goodbye, but Cas was so upset he couldn’t look Dean in the eye.

So Dean stopped trying to explain himself, stopped saying his adieus, put a hand on Cas’s jaw and gently turned his head. He didn’t make Cas look at him, instead he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Castiel’s. They both went quiet for a minute.

Dean, figuring this was the last time he’d ever see Cas, got brave and gently rubbed the pad of his thumb over the seam of Cas’ lips.

Cas didn’t react at all, just let it happen.

Another tense moment passed, with the two of them silent and breathing each other’s air, before Dean tensed and ducked his head, pecking Cas on the corner of his mouth.

Immediately after, Dean was out the door. It was all one quick motion–Dean shifting, chastely kissing Cas, and making a hasty retreat.

Stunned, Cas let out a quiet, “Dean?”

When Dean didn’t pause, Cas said his name more firmly, in an attempt to get him to come back, but Dean slammed the car door and strode over to where the others were waiting.

He gave his brother a hug, then turned to Chuck just as Cas was getting out of the impala, and said, “Let’s get this over with.”

Chuck teleported Dean away before Cas could reach them.

And that was the last they saw of each other in season 11.


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About “We Happy Few”...

…You know, after any episode, I really try to focus on the positive stuff or, at least, I try to point over the stuff that was well written/had a very interesting purpose to be aired. And I’ve gotta say… I’ve got pretty few things this time. I don’t want to rant over a SPN episode, but man, they’re really working very hard to make us regret watching this last episodes. 

1) I understand we needed to get rid of Amara, but c’mon, really none at least brought Cas to the conversation? We only got the “pet” thingy, the “Cas in heaven” with his suicidal stuff that I clearly DON’T love (it seems like character abuse at this point) and the last “CAS!” Dean gave (tbh this was one of the few things I liked about the whole dramamara stuff. 

2) I usually love the comedy spotlights over episodes, but idk why it felt kinda forced: The God-Lucy reencounter. It got me, yes, and it was good for them to talk and forgive each other, but then again: Cas, Sam (everything Lucifer did to Sam, and now they’re all just… ok with it?), Dean (look, BEYOND my destiel feels, he fought EVERY EPISODE to have Castiel back and… They gave us NOTHING about what he felt towards the situation, it’s canon that Dean didn’t sleep because of it and now… Nothing?) 

3) The fight:… Could it be more dramatic? Ok, I liked it, I’m not gonna lie (Crowley tho, good punches man, lol), but ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL THAT FIGHT WAS IN VANE? I mean, all that damage and Amara was like: Ok not so great bro, I loved you bro, now u wanna cage me again? Lol not, bye, u die boi.

4) GOD - AMARA ENCOUNTER: Ok, now. This was good. I liked it, the drama and the words and the feelings. And THANKS GOD (well, in this case Amara) WE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO ALL OVER ONE OF THE WINCHESTERS WITH THE MARK OF CAIN. But, are you for real? Amara was nearly 0% and she defeated GOD? …. K.

5) WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS DEAN/AMARA STUFF? I THOUGHT WE ALL AGREED (even the writers) THAT THE PAIRING WAS… JUST WRONG AND STUPID???? AM I WRONG AT THIS???? WHY FORCING IT EVEN MORE??? LIEK, I GET IT (for the sake of plot), BUT C’MON. This was so wrong. No Cas but yes Dean/Amara? U kidd’me.

6)… I just don’t get it. All the stuff they’ve been giving us since even last season is now a total mess. What about the “profound bond”? What about Dean NEEDING Cas? What about LUCIFER? (WHAT, IS HE DEAD NOW?) What about Dean’s feelings? Settling down with a hunter? I’m so confused.