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Did we get any good shots of Cas' footwear in the last episode? Were those god-awful shoes included in the post-depression purge?

Gah too much grass to tell in 13x04… i can see they have big soles but I can’t remember what he had before…

In this new episode, I don’t think we get many great shots of Cas’s feet… his costume is extremely boring from the hem of the trenchcoat down…



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Giving in Is Half the Battle by Halzbarry

Dean likes to think he had it all; a good job, good money, kickass friends, and hell, no shortage of men and women in his bed. He’s an alpha living the dream. The one thing he didn’t have was a mate.
Castiel prides himself on being a pinnacle of the modern omega. He works hard and he sleeps with whoever he wants, society’s rules be damned. He spent a long time telling himself he didn’t need a mate to take care of him nor did he find himself wanting one anyways. Then Dean Winchester happened. Suddenly, being content with just sex is becoming a harder lie to tell himself, especially as Dean makes it clear he wants more.
What started as a simple hook-up after the annual Sandover Christmas party last year has turned into a loosely agreed upon friends with benefits arrangement; Minus the friends part. Dean knows they’re compatible enough to be mates, but Cas just can’t seem to be convinced.

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Imagine: Dean walking in on you making out with Cas.

Anonymous asked: Yooo i saw you’ve opened your requests, could you do a casxreader where they are making out like in reader’s room (nothing really smutty, or that involves sex) and in the end sam or dean enter and they are like shooked/confused/awkward since they didn’t know cas and the reader were together. Thaaanks *-*

Imagine: Dean walking in on you making out with Cas.
Word Count : 240
Warning: KISSES. 

You leaned over Castiel as he laid under you with a devious grin.  He was looking at you like you were going to eat him and you couldn’t help but giggle evilly.  The pained expression on those ever dry lips was making you want to do just that.  Bending down, you pressed your lips firmly to his as your eye danced with mischief.

Castiel’s had widen in surprise when the kiss deepen and you swiped your tongue over his bottom lip. He gasped into the kiss and allowed you entrance.  The groan that passed from your innocent angel was almost pornographic as he reached up to squeeze your sides.   You both too caught up in the moment to realize that someone was knocking on your bedroom door.  A voice managed to cut through the fog of your passion and made you sit up right.

“Hey… Have you seen… HOLY SHIT!”  Dean boomed as he stared mouth agape at the sight in front of him.  You scowled at him and threw one of your throw pillows at his head.

“Get out!” You hissed as the older Winchester started to chuckle.  He obligated your request but not before telling Cas way to go.   You had rolled your eyes when a happy smile had spread over the angel’s face.  He was always happy to have Dean’s approval.  You smiled too, despite yourself as you leaned over him to press your lips to his once again.


Kendall + Kylie Kollection

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  • This contais 6 Packages in a folder who is in a zip file
  • The sunglasses are very high poly

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Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins did not know each other very well.

They’d only met a few times, and it was always through work. Whenever they saw each other, they were setting up a scene, running some lines, or filming.

And maybe Misha noticed how close Jared and Jensen were, always goofing off in between takes and hanging out after work. A certain level of friendship was missing between Jensen and Misha to where it was almost awkward when they tried to talk about anything other than the show.

So one night, after Misha knocked on Jensen’s trailer door, asking to run some lines, then to go to dinner, they met up, both wearing their business-casual best. It was a date.

They walked in, telling some nice lady in the front a table for two, and she smiled at them and sat them at a table by the bar, laying two menus down as they sat.

“What can I get you to drink?”

Misha flipped over the menu to the drinks, only taking a second before he made up his mind. “I’ll take the ‘Bitter Southerner.’”

The waitress grinned, “Good choice,” she glanced at Jensen, who was squinting at his menu, “and for you, sir?”

“Can I get a Tonic with Gray Goose, please?’

“You sure can. Now are you guys ready to order, or do I need to come back?”

Jensen was just getting ready to tell the women yes, they would need more time, but Misha took the menu out of his hand, staked it with his and handed it to the women.

“We will take the three least-ordered items on the menu.”

The women took the menus from Misha, her smile fading. “The three least orders items on the menu?”

Misha nodded, “Thats right.”

The women chuckled and nodded, “Alright.” And she left around the corner.

Jensen busted out laughing. “What the hell?”

Misha laughed with him. It was kind of ridiculous what he just did.

“Did you really just order the three least ordered items from this place?” Jensen couldn’t believe how swiftly Misha took the menu from Jensen’s hand like that.

“Yeah, and you did too.”

Jensen shook his head. I hate you right now, he was thinking.

But as he watched Misha laugh at him, and say something about not being able to leave a valid review of this place if the food was bad, he couldn’t help but to think that he kinda liked him, too.

Jensen and Misha were halfway through their drinks when the waitress came back, serving them sweet breads, something that resembled brains, and a noodle dish.

Misha started on the noodles, which was quite the argument as it was the best looking food item on the table. Jensen didn’t want to try the sweet bread alone, so they both tried a bite together and decided that it actually wasn’t that bad.

Misha was making lots of jokes throughout the night, and after every sip of Jensen’s drink, the jokes became funnier and funnier.

Jensen tried the noodles, and once he did, he insisted that he have the rest, but Misha wouldn’t let him unless he tried the unknown food. The brains.

Jensen wasn’t hungry for the noodles, anyways, after he tried it, and Misha was laughing so hard he was afraid he was going to pee himself.

Amongst all the drinks, jokes, and bad foods, Jensen could feel it. He could feel it in his heart.

Moments like these mark the turn of friends into friendships. Moments like these solidify friendships.

Jensen was still thinking I hate you right now, but mostly only because he was thinking I love you, too.