the cartoon villain

I have no words for the vote

I’m kinda surprised. I thought Trump was just a way to make americans vote for Hillary, because, you know, against people like Obama She would have never won. He is just TOO MUCH BAD. A cartoon villain.

But this was an ugly surprise for me.

Be strong, people.
Be United against injustice.

hey…guys….pewdiepie paying poor foreign people to humiliate themselves by writing hate speech on a sign so they can be laughed at by a mass audience is not actually a good defense. why….would you think….it was

so many people are like “well actually hes not really an antisemite, he was just using his wealth to manipulate and take advantage of poor foreigners for his amusement” thats like something a cartoon villain would do what the fuck

polkadottedeyes  asked:

Hi Wil! You recently answered an ask by saying that 'everyone is the hero of their own story, including the villains, so it’s fun to figure out why this person is justified (from his point of view) doing all these lousy things.' How do you think trump justifies the vile things he's doing? To me he seems like an empty cartoon villain without the spark of humanity a good actor could give him.

I believe that Trump is a clinical narcissist, and is likely in the early stages of dementia.

The Trump, it never seems quite real to me. Not even now. Is that strange? It’s so silly. So absurd. How could this happen? He’s such a cartoon villain. Who could buy it? Ever? It never seems quite real.

You keep expecting Captain America to show up at some point and stop him. 

Because something like this has to be fictional.