the carter family is a mess and I love it

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OAKY SO I’VE BEEN AT THIS FAMILY EVENT ALL DAY AND LEMME TELL YOU I AM FED UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT they are soooooo racist and can’t stand the fact I had a baby with my bf (who’s a black guy, hence why they’re so angry) and they won’t even acknowledge Carter’s presence because of who his daddy is. Like c’mon man, my baby is two years old and you gonna do that mess just because you are wannabe white hoods? god bless my boyfriend for his patience with them bc he’s dealt with this for three years

that sounds really difficult. you are both strong for going through it! i wish you both the best with loads and loads of peace and happiness. and take ur boyfriend out for some ice cream he deserves way more than that but ice cream can come pretty close!!!!

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Sebastian Stan (😍😱😭) or Chris Hemsworth(😏) ? Let's see it 🌚

are you new around here sweetheart? In case you haven’t noticed, my blog is literally a Seb Satan shrine. He owns my ass and my soul. He is my number one on any list.

i assume you are new, let me take you around meet some of my fav Sebs

this is Lance Tucker, God of Gymnastic. I am currently living in his trash can

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this is my sweet gay son. TJ Hammond who deserves all the hugs. i promise to make him tea in the morning, hot chocolate in the night, and bake him cookies during weekend. I love him so much.

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here meet Jack Benjamin, he may look like a playboy but he is just a sad heartbroken prince who deserves nice things but almost everyone in his family and apparently the world are not on his side. That’s ok im always on his side

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next is my witch son Chase Collins. He looks like a sweet boy but you dont want to mess with him cos he could kill you with some sort of energy blasts and spiders.

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Walking around shirtless, is Hal Carter. He rarely wears shirt. I worship his nipples.

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sitting over there looks so cuddly and soft is Dr. Chris Beck. He is the cutest astronaut. You will never find any cuter space bear .

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that one is Jefferson the Mad Hatter. He is not that mad tho. He is just a dad who loves his daughter very much.

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meet Ben. he has done some experiment to summon the spirit and shit but i dont really care. all i know is that he is so pretty. his sharp jawline could be a better weapon than that baseball bat.

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and here is the love of my life, my sun, my star, my everything, Bucky Barnes. he used to be the deadliest (and sexiest) assassin but he doesn’t do that anymore. He loves plums and Steve. and i love him very much i could die for him.

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so these are just some parts of my shrine, i hope you enjoy the tour. btw what was your question?

Short Imagine: camerondallas

“Babe, come down for breakfast!” Cam yells loudly from downstairs.

You shoot up in bed startled from the sudden loudness of his voice. You were in the middle of a dream, a really good dream that involved Cameron. You had no desire to wake up, but then you realize that the REAL Cameron Dallas was downstairs waiting for you with food.

You groggily untangle yourself from the blankets and stretch. You can feel your messy hair stuck to your face, your lips are chapped, and worst of all you have morning breath.

“Cam cannot see me like this” you say quietly to yourself.

The relationship with Cam was fairly new, and you were not fully comfortable showing him yourself at your worst. And, to be honest, you didn’t think he was ready to see you that way either.

You proceed to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You take in the full glory of a good nights rest; the tangled hair, the half shut eyes, and the pale skin.

‘Nope’ you think, you open up the cabinet next to you and take out your makeup bag.

A shower would take too long so instead you decide to just wash your face. Then you grab your brush and start to untangle your maine of hair.

“(y/n) Come on! It’s getting cold” Cam yells once again.

“Okay” you reply “Almost ready”

But you’re actually not, you still have to brush your teeth, cover up your blemishes, apply mascara and a little eyeliner, and then put on some perfume.
“Ugh!! It sucks being a girl…” You whisper.

You start on your routine, hating the fact that you can’t just go downstairs and eat the way you woke up. You know it’s stupid to think that Cam would judge you, but you’re just not fully comfortable yet.

You turn on the water facet and close your eyes, you bend down to spit out the toothpaste.

“Whattya doin?” You hear from behind you.

You quickly jump up, with toothpaste still on your lips, you turn around and look at Cam.

“Ummm..” you say “I-I was just getting ready.”

“For breakfast?” He asks, clearly confused.

“Uhh yeah. Ya know, always gotta look my best.” You say with a nervous laugh.

You look at him, you’re in awe of how attractive he is. His brown eyes are gorgeous, his perfectly pink lips are inviting, and his hair is messy but in a the most amazing way.

He smiles at you “You don’t have to get ready to eat breakfast with me..” he says a smile still on his lips.

“Oh” you say, “Well I’m almost do-”

“No” he says, interrupting you.

He steps closer and wraps his arms around your waste.

“You don’t need to do anything to your face, you’re perfect with out makeup, your hair is cute when its messy,” He leans in and kisses your toothpaste covered mouth “and I love kissing you no matter what.”

Your mind is a jumbled mess, everything that Cam said makes your heart beat. You have the most amazing guy.

He puts his hand on your cheeks and traces the outline of your lips.

“You’re beautiful in every possible way. And I love you, for you” he says.

He kisses you once more, grabs your hand, and then guides you downstairs so you can both enjoy breakfast.