the carrie diaries post

*don’t delete text or you will have 7 years of bad luck*

Welcome to THE CARRIE DIARIES NETWORK - a network for all you lovers of the carrie diaries


  • mbf me (Zoe) aka Carrie & Emma aka Larissa
  • reblogs only, likes will be ignored
  • must loVE the carrie diaries!


  • new friends who share your obsession with the carrie diaries
  • help with promos, html, voting, etc
  • gain followers
  • you’ll be featured as a character from the carrie diaries!

Higher Chance:

  • tag a post with #thecarriediariesnetwork telling us about yourself, and which character you’d like to be and why
  • reblog this 3957436234823759 times!


  • Emma made the banner!
  • we will be choosing when we are happy with the notes
  • anymore questions? feel free to ask me here or Emma here

Characters available:

  • Carrie Bradshaw
  • Sebastian Kydd
  • Mouse Chen
  • Maggie Landers
  • Walt Reynolds
  • Dorrit Bradshaw
  • Larissa Loughlin
  • Donna LaDonna
  • Samantha Jones
  • Bennet Wilcox