the carpet merchant

thornsandwillows  asked:

It's past my bedtime but I just finished the Carpet Merchant chapter and now I'm ugly crying...I haven't been this struck by the depth of a fictional character relationship in the longest time, thank you for making something so beautiful.

I kept your comment in the inbox for so long and I hope you don’t mind I make this public (kinda want a way to preserve it, since answering privately means the destruction of this lovely thing). But thank you so much! Like, lol, of course I am sorry I ended your night like that but seriously though, thank you so much for reading! And for giving me validation in the sense that I’ve done something right irt writing these characters - Zeynel and Ayse - who aren’t your typical protagonists. They aren’t white, or Western, or hyper competent (see: action movies…) or hyper special, or extraordinarily physically attractive. They are just really ordinary folk. And the story isn’t catering to conventional western (mainly American) tastes either. So to see that people have responded to this story in the way you have; feeling an emotional attachment, caring about these ‘different’ people, and understanding the universality of the relationship despite the cultural differences…aaaaa

I think what I am trying to say is that it’s really nice to know and have this proof that it’s possible for non-western (usually I mean North American) voices and stories to be engaging and appreciated. The media is dominated by US-centric stories (movies, comics, and all) and while they are valuable voices, particularly from the lgbt+ and the American minority, it makes it really hard for us creators outside of the country to see that our stories could be successful or relatable. But now I think it is entirely possible, and that we can co-exist together on an equal playing field someday. It’s probably even more important now that we pursue this.

Thanks so much again!!! < 333 For reading and supporting and engaging. It’s appreciated!

If you all want to check out the comic:

He couldn’t help but break slowly into a smile. “Guess why I took so long?”
She stared at him, half-intending to terrify him into relenting. “Why do you have to make it a guessing game every time? How about you show me it instead?”
“No, no. No.” He laughed. “It’s not funny anymore if I don’t make fun of you. You still hate surprises, right?”
She kicked him in the shins. He finally gave up, giggling.

2016 Art Summary
Not going by month because most of the work I’ve done this year belonged to long-term projects (like my webcomic The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, the game Interfectorem, and commissions). I’m just posting my favourites, and some which got pretty popular!
It’s been a good year artistically - I committed to my baby project (the webcomic) and if I do this right, I will have 338 pages produced this year for it. Freelance has been amazing as well - I made a game! I art-directed a concert! I made assets for web sites! I did more editorial work!

Barring the (global) hell that is come next year I hope I get to finish The Carpet Merchant, and expand my bespoke illustration business. Perhaps a new freelance project? And starting a merch line? Looking forward to a lovely year ahead, for both artsy and non-artsy things!