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Feminism in Vanguard

I felt like this should be addressed sooner or later.

Hi I’m a female Vanguard player from Asia(rather not say which cuz i dun wanna ruin my country’s good name) and after 1 and a half years of playing Vanguard, I was forced to quit, not because I hate this luck game, was told to or anything like that. I had to quit because the male players’ attitude could not be tolerated, certain card shops arent as respectful as they seem, as well as facebook Vanguard group admins doing a terrible job in protecting the female community.

  1. Male Players, not all but some do not repect the female players as just another group of card gamers. On facebook and in real life, I was constantly being stalked by many male players. Players who you have not met before, just by reading your name and assuming your gender, would ask you for cards that obviously no one needs, then proceeds to asking whether you have a boyfriend or not. Even though I have said no and blocked them, they would continue trying to find the card shops you frequent and some posting your name on larger Facebook groups for God knows why. Besides the perverse stalking issue, others would laugh at your small missplays just because of your gender, even though obviously they aren’t as skilled themselves. Occasionally, I was forced to fight against full meta decks(like G4 or Link Joker) groups for the entire day just so they can laugh at your faults, even though you  won against nearly all of them.
  2. Card shop managers are usually nice and would respect you, as both a customer and as strong player, regardless of gender. However, there would be this rare occasion where you are banned from a cardshop because of your gender, plain and simple. Like say a certain manager’s wife just gets uncomfortable because of your presence there, and you get chased out because of that sole reason. Then there is the hey-she’s-a-girl-lets-blame-all-the-bad-stuff-we-did-on-her scenario that gets you banned from card shops within that district.
  3. Online Vanguard Community. Most of the time, players online would be assumed as male, since most female players either disclose their gender or just only appear in the marketplace for trade. And then there would be a Vanguard group admin who decides to share your gender and decklist plus frequent card shops all over the forum, just to wreck havoc and cause over 20 players to stalk you per month. Just as the online mayhem quiets down, some other weird issue arises from within the admins because that same group admin from before decides to be a troll king and makes one of his other accounts available and whatnot so then people pinpoint the blame on you by using that same account to post WTS posts online using your number and cause you to be banned from even more real-life card shops and facebook groups. Vanguard admins only remove unnecessary posts from forum groups only at fixed times during the day, so if the stalker decides to post a wierd confession post in the afternoon, it would be left for all to see till 8pm at night. Vanguard admins cannot protect you, you are warned.
  4. Cardfight Area is another place Vanguard players go to play. Rmb you have to input a name and character before connecting? My name is fixed so that my friends overseas could always find me. And then because some wierd stalker of yours that you rejected told the other band of stalkers your CFA name, you would always be challenged by wierdos who keeps messaging you in your battles like its some Nagisa-Kamui fight. So remember girls, always change your CFA name, especially if you’re the type that rouses attention in real life.

Moral of Story: Guys please respect the female players, the numbers are getting smaller and this may be why. Girls, please be very careful, even if you did nothing wrong over the internet or dress/act like a saint in real life, avoid these sort of bad company at all costs.