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Mun & Muse Questions

Questions for the Mun about the Muse

    1. What inspired you to make/pick up this character?
    2. What is your favorite ship (be it romantic or otherwise) with your character?
    3. Are you anything like your muse?
    4. Whats your favorite thing about your muse?
    5. What’s one thing you wish you could change about them?
    6. Do you think you would get along if you met in person?
    7. Do you ever wish you could be your muse?
    8. What is your favorite random headcanon?
    9. Do you think your muse is attractive?
    10. How long have you played this muse?

Questions for the Muse about the Mun

    11. Do you like the mun?
    12. What is your favorite thing about the mun?
    13. What is one thing you dislike about them?
    14. Do you know any of the mun’s other muses?
    15. Do you think you would get along if you met in person?
    16. What’s one thing mun does that you’re grateful for?
    17. What is one thing you wish mun would let you do?
    18. Do you think mun is a talented writer?
    19. Do you have any suggestions for mun?
    20. Would you ever trade places with the mun? 

Sono una rosa, quando arrabbiata o ferita, pungo chiunque.
Sono una mimosa, quando qualcuno anche da lontano riesce a notarmi.
Sono un girasole, quando cerco il sole in una giornata spenta.
Sono un fiore di loto, quando mi sento fragile.
Sono una margherita, quando mi domando se lui mi ami oppure no.
Sono eccessiva, forse anche troppo in certe occasioni, ma anche tu non farmi sentire inadatta; in un prato di girasoli, scegli il cardo spinoso nascosto dietro l'erbaccia, pur sapendo che ti pungerà.
—  Natasha Maselli.

(170518) sum cafe anniversary photo card

O: i’m happy because we could be happy together for 9 years.

J: in these 9 years, there was not one moment you weren’t there.

T:  let’s always be together just like now

K: looking forward to see how much bigger the number 9 can get.

M: believe that we will also be together in the future.

trans cr. minhole, pic cr. fairy0525


Temple of Dushares (Qasr al-bint Firaun- Palace of Pharaoh’s Daughter)

Petra, Jordan

~30 BCE

23 m. high

The monument was built in the Nabataean period. Most of the blocks are of yellow sandstone were transported from a quarry a few hundred meters downstream in the wadi es-Siyagh.

It was in fact the largest place of worship of the city, and consecrated to the god Dushares, and May also be to the goddess Al-Uzza.

After the Roman conquest , it was modified and adapted to the Roman gods, perhaps to Apollo, and maintained a central position in the city at the end of the main street (Cardo Maximus) and in the immediate vicinity of the main Roman temple and of the market.

The temple of Dushares also has the largest facade in Petra — 4 m wider than the Khazneh and the Great Temple. It belongs to the Parthian ‘flight’ type of temples with two staircases giving access to a flat roof. The central interaxial column spacing of this temple is around 8.00 m, a very impressive span, if one takes into consideration that the same span in the Artemis temple at Jerash is 'only’ 4.90 m, and in the Hercules temple in Amman it is 5.18 m. Each of the column drums of the temple must have weighed around 7 tons. The masonry, the craftsmanship and the ergonomics of its construction indicate that Qasr el-Bint was a very costly project. Wooden courses inside the masonry secured the elasticity of its walls.

In the bluescript:  (A) The Pronaos delimited by four columns in antis. It then reaches the barlong room of the cella (B) which consists of three adjoining rooms. The middle one © sheltered the beast of Dushara, represented by a rectangular stone, twice as high as it was wide on a golden base. This stone was destined to receive libations of blood from the little cattle or from the sacrificed camels.

The two lateral chapels (D) had a staircase (E) to reach the top of the temple. The presence of a higher terrace for outdoor religious ceremonies is not proved, however, even if Strabo mentions that the Nabataeans worshiped an altar on the top of the temple. The lateral chapels were to be rooms for the rest of the priests officiating or could be used for ritual banquets.

Kanetsugu Headcanons:
  • Definitely a mornning person

  • Not a dessert person. Would rather have a cup of tea and relax knowing Kenshin isn’t being Kenshin
  • Likes both cats and dogs, but leans towards cats cause Kenshin takes up a lot of time
  • Not very sexual with things he could be suggestive with. (Example: Sit on my lap or let’s take a bath)
  • Not a big drinker. Again, he’d rather have a nice cup of tea
  • He has Ai on his helmet but he’d have a small matching set of some little trinket with you that you’d switch when he leaves.
  • Take care of Ai while he is away and he’ll fall deeper and deeper in love with you
  • Scowls if you say something sarcastic
  • Doesn’t react in public to your sexual suggestions or innuendoes but does when you are alone, sometimes
  • Very vanilla and gentle
  • But he can’t do “A quickie” since he wants to relax and make up for being away dealing with Kenshin he wants to show you how much he loves you. He can’t rush that
  • Lasts longer than you’d think
  • Give him a back massage after a day with Kenshin
  • Make him tea randomly thoughout the day
  • Know that he would be too stubborn to ever admit he is sick
  • Will do your hair to match Ai’s
  • Once you clipped his bangs out of his face for the day and realized how much it turned you on. He doesn’t ever do it in public, but has done it to end an argument before

Modern AU:

  • Still a morning person
  • Still prefers tea to coffee
  • You’d think Ai would have a huge room with a princess canopy bed, and you’d be right
  • Still vanilla and gentle
  • Not exactly “noisy” but he makes enough grunts and huffs that you know that you can’t ever do it unless Ai is at a sleepover
  • A top
  • Likes to have breakfast in bed made for him. Knowing you’d get up before him to make him food makes him very happy
  • Got gum in his bangs once when he fell asleep and had to cut them and his hair shorter
  • That’s the only time you’ve ever seen him self conscious
  • Still short (only 5'5" ish)
  • Actually doesn’t make dad jokes
  • But can make dirty jokes when he knows you are the only one that can hear
  • Definitely dresses and acts like a dad
  • Kissed Ai on the forhead when dropping her off at school every day until she went to college. He didn’t care it embarrassed her. She is his baby and if any boy starts messing with her about it he will whoop his ass
  • Doesn’t really listen to music in the car
  • Does not have cable
  • You got an antenna to get the news to watch, and have netflix and wifi
  • He isn’t going to waste money on cable
  • You do have cellphones though, he’s not that cheap
  • Has a tastefully erotic book collection he’s embarrassed about that he read in his college days
  • Sometimes you’ll read them together at night, a few chapters each night to pick up on something you guys both get excited imagining
  • Doesn’t ever eat fast food
  • Doesn’t really like eating out (except you on rare occasions)
  • Thinks family cooking dinner together and routine is better
  • You can make him blush just by brushing his bangs back and smiling at him
  • Precious daddy needs all the love