the car at the end i am dying

“̶̲̏̀I̸̟̊ ̶̺̮͂ä̶̘́͌m̷̩̍̕͜ ̷̘̒͝t̵͍̓̌ḧ̵͇͈́̒ȇ̴̞̜ ̷̨̑G̴͓̮͆o̴̤͙̕ď̴̰̀ ̷̙̀͌ơ̸̧̫̊f̴̛̺͜ ̵̢̖̆W̵̡̦̿a̴̋͐͜ŕ̶̻͍̿.̸̪͝ͅ"̵̢̬̉̄

̷̠̙̿"̶́̚ͅÝ̸̩̠o̴̳͌͝u̷̟͔̕ ̶̞̗̏ć̶̯a̶̭̞͑ń̴̪̓n̷̼̳̓̔o̴̹̽̔t̵̩̟̽͝ ̶͍̗̀̈h̸̳͂u̷̳͆͝r̵̮͗̕ͅţ̵̬͆ ̸͕̚m̸̗͛͐e̷̟̠͌.̴͔̏͋"̴̜͈̐̍

“And yet, here I am, weeping for a life I’ve never known. Why, every time I reach this hellish ending, does my heart ache with a new death? Why does it mourn for me, if I am incapable of ever dying?”

A little Kenshin Reset!True Route!AU thing I drew in the car earlier~ where’s my Mystic Messenger squad at?

My hair is currently teal and today at my morning job I was wearing a beanie with the front part of my afro poking out. This car comes through drive and there’s a little girl, can’t be older than three, in the back seat. She is open mouthed gawping at me. I do it back, as a joke, for about a minute or so because I was amused. The driver of the car finally catches on and turns to her and was like “are you gonna say hey to her?” She continues staring. Finally she just utters in awe, “Mermaid!”

I am finally what four year old me wanted to be when I grew up. Thank you little girl for the best compliment I’ve gotten since I’ve dyed my hair

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Hello precious. I was wondering today ... how would TOW Harry Louis and Link enjoy these first days of autumn? xx

It’s the kind of weather Louis hates. In the morning when he takes Link out into the backyard, he stands with his arms wrapped around his body, goosebumps covering every inch of skin, breath coming out in puffs. He layers himself in a t-shirt, then a sweater, then a coat, and heads off to work with the heat blasting in the car. By by noon, he’s stripping out of said layers, kicking them aside and under his desk, cursing the whole time. His car feels like a sauna by the time he climbs into it at the end of the day, the late afternoon heat trapped with no escape, and even with the AC blasting the entire way home, he pulls into the driveway with a red face and a sweaty back.

“I hate fall,” he declares Tuesday night after work, letting the door slam behind him. “I hate this shitty ass weather.”

“It’s beautiful out today,” Harry counters from his position on the couch. “Be quiet.”

“No. It’s too hot. The leaves are dying and so am I.”

“Remember when he was at work and the house was quiet? That was nice.”

“Who are you talking to.”

“Link,” Harry replies, like it’s obvious.

Louis ignores him. “Did you see the forecast for next week? Upper 80’s! Again! My classroom doesn’t have central air. We’re all going to kill each other.”

“Oh my God, the drama. Light a pumpkin candle and relax.”

He snorts, kicking off his shoes and takes a seat beside Harry. “Do you solve every issue by lighting candles?”

“Usually.” He puts his hand on Louis’ thigh and squeezes. “You look rather stunning today. I like what your hair is doing.”

“Thanks, I used the sweat as a makeshift hair gel.”

Harry laughs and rolls his eyes. “Imagine a world where you weren’t complaining.”

“Positive thoughts Louis is not the man you fell in love with. You knew what you were getting into with me.”

He smirks. “I’m not sure I did, actually.”

“So does that mean the verdict is still out on whether or not you want to keep me?”


Louis closes his eyes, pets Link behind the ears when he feels him place his head on Louis’ knee, drool and all. “It’s nice in here.”

“I turned the air off hours ago. I figured you’d say something when you got home.”

He shrugs, eyes still slipped shut. It feels like too much work to open them, especially once Harry starts playing with his hair, threading it through his fingers. He could let Harry do this all night. Sometimes, he does. “Still feels nice.”

Harry hums from beside him. “I concur.”

Two weeks later, Louis finds himself in the passenger seat of the Jeep, trunk packed with bags, Link and Mia safe at Harry’s mom’s house. The sun doesn’t feel as hot today, he thinks, as he makes himself comfortable, fiddling with the crank for the window. It feels like a waste of a gorgeous day to sit in the car, but he doesn’t tell Harry that.

“When are you going to cave and tell me where we’re going?”

“I won’t cave,” Harry protests, backing out of the driveway. “Stop asking.”

“You’re terrible at secrets.”

“No, you’re just obnoxious and bug me so much that I eventually tell you to get you to shut up.”

“Exactly. Terrible at secrets.”

Harry rolls his eyes and turns the volume up, almost as high as it can go. “Sorry,” he shouts, “can’t hear you.”

It takes them a few hours to reach the secret destination of upstate New York, one that Harry managed to keep hidden the entire duration of the ride. He looks smug as he pulls up to their cabin in the woods.

“Styles, did you take me here to kill me?”

“That would have been the better option, now that you mention it.” He cuts the engine and looks over at Louis. “Home away from home for the next 48 hours. What do you think?”

Louis squints at the house through the windshield. “I think no one will be able to hear my screams.”

Harry laughs, then pinches Louis’ thigh. “Come on. Get out.”

It’s not unlike Harry to surprise Louis; he often comes home from work to find strange purchases from Amazon or the book store or that eclectic home furnishings place downtown. Louis will make a face and ask what it is, and Harry will start off on some winded tangent about why it made him think of Louis, and half the time, his explanations don’t make any sense, leaving Louis more confused than ever. But then Harry tilts his head to the side, dimple threatening to break out, and he’ll murmur, “Do you like it?” Louis has never lied once when he replies, “So much.”

And this cabin is no exception.

Harry points out the details that Louis would have never noticed on his own, like the sliver of a lake in the distance barely visible through the living room windows, and the skylight in the hallway that shows off the rather impressive foliage. He tells Louis about the cheesy fall festival happening in the town square that occurs just one weekend a year, shows him their bedroom, their bathroom, the Goddamn floor boards, for fuck’s sake, and it’s obvious how much time Harry put into researching this for them. For Louis.

Louis cuts off Harry’s speech about the Oak trees outside by resting his head against Harry’s chest. Harry’s arms wrap around him instinctively, his voice fading to nothing. “This was a good surprise,” Louis says, voice coming out muffled.”

He can feel Harry exhale as he drags his hands between Louis’ shoulder blades. “Yeah?”


They end up attending that cheesy, once a year fall festival, and it’s stupidly fun. They indulge in caramel apples, pumpkin donuts, and Louis begs Harry to get his face painted. He sports a fall leaf on his right cheek for the rest of the afternoon, smudging when Louis drags his thumb through it while they kiss.

They hike, and at the top of the mountain is a view of the most stunning sea of reds and yellows and oranges. Neither of them talk, just stare, breathless. Louis slips his hand into Harry’s back pocket, leaves it there, just wants to touch, to be closer. They take some pictures before they make their descent back down, but the photos don’t do the views justice. It cheapens it.

The weather is unfairly perfect. All weekend, Louis keeps his sweatshirt on over his t-shirt, warm and comfortable, and when the sun goes down for the day, they sit behind a campfire, eating grilled cheese and soup. The flames are hot and make Louis’ face itch.

The moon shines through their bedroom window, and in the otherwise blackened room, Louis can make out the curve of Harry’s jaw, his bare shoulders, his back, his thighs. They move together slowly, then much faster, and right before Louis lets go, Harry makes a terrible joke about how he hopes Louis was right in saying no one would be able to hear his screams from here. Louis chokes out a laugh, hates Harry so much, loves him impossibly more.

He needs to fall asleep, his body is begging him to, but Harry won’t stop whispering to him, dragging his mouth across Louis’ collarbones. Louis sighs and takes it, keeping his fingers twisted in Harry’s hair. They keep at it until the sun starts to brighten their pretend home.

“Harry,” he whispers, almost sure Harry’s already asleep. “Guess what.”

“Mmm,” Harry answers, lips vibrating against Louis’ arm.

“Did you know I love fall? Like, favorite season, by far.”

He can feel Harry’s grin. “Even though I forgot to bring my pumpkin candle?”

He nods, sliding down further under the covers. He’s cold, but Harry’s warm. “Yeah, even though you forgot it.”

important things to jot down
  • sober
  • sober
  • sooooberrr
  • S O B ER
  • ‘now she’s gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart’
  • ‘I am my mother’s child, I’ll love you ‘till my dying breath ’
  • that surprise ending to Hard Feelings with Loveless (spoiler alert)
  • ‘bet you wanna rip my heart out? … well guess what? i like that, ‘cause i’m gonna mess your life up’
  • synth notes at the end of homemade dynamite
  • ‘broadcast the boom, boom, boom, boom and make ‘em all dance to it’
  • ‘i am your sweetheart, psychopathic crush, drink up your movements, still i cant get enough’
  • ‘all of our heroes faded, lets go to perfect places, now i cant stand to be alone’
  • ‘let’s kiss and take off all our clothes’
  • ‘in you car, the radio up’
  • ‘be your violent overnight rush, make you crazy over my touch’
  • ‘who cares? ‘still the louvre’
  • those 80s synth squeaks at the end of hard feelings
it’s not quite dark out and
all i hear is the rushing of the cars next to me,
a little soft and quietly familiar,
sound slipping its way along
an old track in my head, drawing
a backdrop in blurred noise. i am
this much closer to dying, falling
through time
with my eyes closed. i try to stop
thinking about the end of the world,
the end of the story, but every day
dawns bright and hot, and every night
rises endless and empty. i lie awake
in the dark playing music and
i think about fairies who fell asleep
with wings and woke up
with scars ugly and curved and unexplained.
—  fairy story//ast.

A/N- I finally finished this. It wasn’t on my list and this story kinda just came to me a few weeks ago and since I’m in a bit of a rut, I decided to just write it.

Summary- You wake up to unfamiliar surrounding, the sun blaring down on you, and to make matters worse, your throat is as dry as a desert. Where are you? Is what you’d like to know but before you can get answers, the heat gets to you and you collapse. What will happen?

Dean x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Word Count- 965

You don’t remember much of the previous day, nor how you ended up on the side of the road. You had absolutely nothing. No duffel bag. No wallet. No Phone. Nothing. You looked around, licking your lips, but your mouth was so dry.

“Where am I?” you thought, because you sure as hell couldn’t say it. You couldn’t figure anything out by standing there. You looked down either side of the road, picked one, and walked. You felt like you were dying, with the sun blaring down on you and with no sign of a town in sight.

Just when you thought you couldn’t go on, you heard a car. As you tried to turn around your vision blurred and you fell to the ground. The screeching of a car stopping suddenly was the last thing you heard.

When you woke up, you were in the hospital. Wires attached to your finger and arms. You slowly turned your head to the side to see the monitor show the beating of your heart. Next to that was the IV fluid, slowly dripping its way down and into your arm. That’s when the nurse walked in.

In seeing you awake, she smiled, “Nice to see you’re awake,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

You opened you mouth to speak, and at first nothing came out. You cleared your throat and tried again, “I feel tired…” you managed. “Where am I?” you asked after a pause.

“A man found you on the side of the road after collapsing right before his eyes. He brought you here but due to work he was unable to stay to see to your recovery. You had no identification on you. Do you know who you are sweetie?” she explained.

You took a deep breath and exhaled. “My name is Y/N,” you answered. “How long have I been out?” you asked after a slight pause.

“A few days. You had high fever that wouldn’t go down, your heart rate was dropping, and not to mention you were beyond dehydrated,” she responded. “Would you like us to call someone, family, maybe friends?”

“My friends… well they live in Kansas so not much help they’d be. It’ll take them days to get here,” you mumbled.

“Honey… Where do you think you are? We are in Kansas at the moment,” she said.

Your eyes widened, “What? Really?” you questioned. She nodded. The last you remember, you were nowhere near Kansas. What where you doing here of all places. ‘Coincidence?’ you thought. “It can’t be a coincidence,” you say to yourself. “I’m sorry, but can I borrow a phone, please?”

She nodded and brought over the phone that was on the table near your bed. “Press 9 first,” she commented.

You did and dialed Dean’s number. Well, you were hoping it was still his number. Within the first ring he answered.

“Hello? Y/N?!” he questioned.

‘How did he know?’ you wondered. “Hey Dean I need your help,” you told him.

“Where have you been? Are you alright? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked with such a desperate voice.

You were taken aback, “I’m at a hospital but I think I’m good.”

“Is that Y/N?” you heard Sam ask.

“Yeah she’s in the hospital but she fine. What hospital are you in? Can you come home on your own? You know what I’ll come get you,” he said.

“We!” Sam corrected. You could’ve sworn you heard another voice, but you couldn’t quite make it out.

You looked over to the nurse, asked her what hospital you were in and relayed the information to Dean. He then told you to ‘please wait for him’ and ‘not to disappear again’. Though you were curious as to what he meant. You were friends with him and Sam but you don’t think it was to the extent that he’d be THAT worried about you.

Regardless, you couldn’t exactly leave the hospital in your condition. Especially, since you hadn’t taken a step since you fainted. You handed back the phone and the nurse smiled and said, “You should get some rest.”

‘Rest?’ you thought. How could you possibly get more rest? Though you questioned it, your eyes were already feeling heavy, and before you knew it, you were asleep.

You don’t know how long you were asleep but when you woke up, Dean was already on your bedside holding your hand. He was holding it so tight, it felt a little off, though some part of you didn’t hate it. You looked at his face and he looked so worn out. You figured he was going through another one of those ‘Winchester’ type hunts. You felt bad for adding to his worries, but the second he saw that you were awake, his face lit up. He looked so happy, his worn expression was gone almost as if were never there. Had you imagined it?

“Y/N…” he whispered. “How’re you feeling?” he asked.

“Um… better than a few days ago,” you chuckled. When Dean sighed out of relief he ran his hand through his hair and you noticed a ring. “Oh! The famous Dean Winchester… Married?! Who would’ve thought,” you said dramatically.

He looked at you in disbelief. “Y/N…”

That’s when Sam came in, “Sorry I took long. They almost didn’t want to let to-” but he stopped when he saw Dean’s face of disbelief and hurt. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

You shrugged, “I dunno… Maybe I shouldn’t joke about Dean being married,” you chuckle nervously.

Then came in a little boy of no more than three or four. He ran in the room and jumped straight to your bed. “Mommy!” he shouted with delight as he all but tackled you with a hug.

“M- Mommy?” you questioned in a soft voice.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2


Alexei’s never been good with words. Even in Russian, they tend to fail him, the fluid sentences he sculpts in his mind fall dead on the tip of his tongue, and he spits out the most generic version of what he’s thinking. And he’s even worse in English. And it kills him, because he wants so much to be able to tell Kent exactly what he’s thinking, the feelings that emanate through his body whenever those thoughts cross his mind.

And he knows that Kent is a romantic. Kent initially tried to deny it, tried to pretend like he didn’t want those rom-com, fairytale, sweep-you-off-your-feet moments, but he gave in. He doesn’t hide his desire when the couple kisses in the rain, doesn’t try to hide the starstruck look in his eyes when one of them confesses their love, waxing poetic about the little moments, the tiny quirks in their personality that they notice and that draw them further into love. He wants to hear those words. He wants those moments in the rain.

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Name: She is coming home with me.
Pairing: nah.
Summary: the reader gets in some serious trouble, and Cass comes to rescue her before Dean and Sam decide to kill everyone threatening her.

“DON’T MOVE!” you hear one of the guards yell, and you try to sit up to see who it is, but fail and end up lying on your side. The guard starts shooting, then you hear someone scream so loudly, you think they are dying, then the door opens and you see Castiel, staring at you with utter disappointment on his face. Of course. Shooting.

“Y/N,” he carefully unties you and helps you get out of the car. The guards are laying on the ground, and you look around, hoping they are not hurt. “They are ok. What were you thinking?”

“I am sorry,” you mumble, as he quickly scans you and heals all of the bruises and scratches. “I didn’t mean to get in trouble.”

“I was worried,” Cass frowns, then pulls you in a hug that could very possibly break your bones. “I thought you were dead, but then I realized you were just knocked out, and it was even scarier.”

“You an all-mighty angel!”

“Yes, and you are my human that keeps getting in trouble.”

“I am sorry.”

“I just want you to stay safe, Y/N,” Castiel looks in the eye and smiles sadly. “I am worried about you.”

“I am fine.”

“Good,” he nods and gently rests both hands on your shoulders to move you to your apartment. “Stay safe.”

“Cass?” you stop him before he goes away again. “Can you come by at some point? I really miss you.”

“I will,” he nods, smiling happily. “Will you make pie?”

“Will you bring Dean?”

“Deal,” Cass smiles at you even wider, and you realize that communication with the Winchesters made him a much more human-like angel. And you are glad because in the beginning he looked like a stone giant with the maximum of two emotions. Now, look at him - a happy cinnamon roll. That could kill you.

Get Away

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Member: Johnny (NCT)
Word Count: 2,427 
A/N New admin here! I got inspired to write this while on my June teenth camping trip and I loosely based it on a few events that happened while on it. Despite whatever vibe the title gives, this isn’t angst (saving that for another day hehe). I’d like to thank the other admins for giving me plenty of support with my writing, especially Admin Sierra and Madi! Okay, I’ll shut up before I start rambling (more than I already have), hope you enjoy! -Admin Ay

*quick warning that there’s a tiny bit of cursing here*

 “Yo, pack your bags, loser! We’re going camping!”

 Your previously planned luxurious night of sipping on apple juice and scrolling through Instagram was ruined with the loud bang of your door being opened. You barely had time to flinch as your best friend towered in front of your sprawled figure on your living room couch.

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more and more as i get older i see dying early as such a nice easy way out of an unpleasant future. like if i am biking down the road i just think about how at least there is a nonzero chance that i could get hit by a car and die right then and it cheers me up a bit. for the last few years even if i haven’t been like actively suicidal i always thought that there was no chance my life would end any other way except suicide, but now i feel like a bridge collapse or car accident or weird disease from a rusty nail is gonna get to me first. i mean i know there’s no way to actually know that bc it is in the future but that’s how i feel

anonymous asked:

"#the whole not dying thing after being run over by a car" I can't tell if this is the usual jest or if you are serious

Oh, I am being playful but serious, as anyone who has followed me since 2014 can attest to. I got hit by a car in 2014 fast and hard enough that it sent me flying and broke my leg, which could’ve killed me, and then the bone marrow from the broken leg got in my blood stream, and ended up in my lungs, which almost killed me again (and it got much nearer to doing so that the car itself) by not letting me breathe without heavy assistance, and that specific thing has a pretty high mortality rate, to the point my parents were told to expect the worst. A couple of days in the ICU and I was all better in the lungs, and now I have a bitching metal rod inside my leg which gives me +30 to right leg kick attacks.

It hurts like a bitch in the cold weather, though.

Tyler Posey Fan Fic


“can you write a Tyler posey smut where the reader is an actress and she just got home after 3 months away filming or something and when she comes back her and Tyler have hot rough like sex?”

I hope you enjoy this and I really hope its what you were looking for! I tried to make is super sexy and smutty.  Also I didn’t proof read much because I wanted to post it quickly so I apologize in advance! Feel free to leave feedback or drop a request. <3

Warnings: Cursing, drinking, rough sex, basically lots of smut.

London was nothing short of amazing but after 3 months you started to miss the warmth of your home in California. The demand for the show you had just finished filming was extremely demanding, you weren’t left with a lot of time to kick back or even socialize. Connections back home were put on hold for a bit. But you had let your best friend know that you were on your way home, little did you know she had a surprise party planned and a certain someone had been invited. Before leaving for London you had confessed to your friend that you had developed a crush on one of your adorable co-stars Tyler Posey. Tyler was a joy to work with and be around in general. He was always either laughing or smiling. His happiness became contagious and filming a few sexy scenes made your slight attraction develop into a full blown crush but one thing made it wrong. He was engaged. His long time crush and girlfriend was now his soon to be wife so you were left with nothing but the fact you had to keep it a secret because honestly you really wanted him to be happy even if it wasn’t with you.

“Hey Y/N where are you at? Can I have a time of arrival I am dying to see you!” Your best friend screamed from the other end of the phone.

“Calm down chick I am almost to your place. The driver said around 10 minutes so relax. I miss you too, you know this!” You replied trying in hopes she would chill out.

“10 minutes? Oh crap I have to go then see you soon!” She quickly exclaimed and hung up. What was wrong with her? You thought?

Finally arriving to her house you stepped out of the car to noticed the sound of music coming from her back patio. She was throwing you a party. You had known something was up but you didn’t expect this.

“Y/N! Surprise! Welcome home we missed you!” Your friend screamed while the crowd around her yelled welcome back in unison. Drinks rested in their hands and the whole place was thriving.

“You guy didn’t have to do this! But thank you, I am glad to be home. I missed everyone!” You let them know how much this meant to you. As your eyes scanned the room they met with a pair staring back at you. It was him. His brown orbs were locked on you, he stared for a few more seconds then smiled and waved shyly. You flashed him grin, thankful he couldn’t see your cheeks blushing. Your friend found you and pulled you away from Tyler’s gaze.

“Don’t kill me for inviting him. Trust me things have changed. Just take this drink and go talk to your man.” She placed a cup of vodka and juice in your hand then gave you a push. You couldn’t even argue she had already left your sight. With nothing else to lose you downed the beverage and approached him.

“Hey you.” He said as you came into view.

“Hey yourself, how have you been?” Your reply was calm despite your nerves.

“Well I have been better but I am here. Seana and I called off the wedding and well our whole relationship.” Tyler said while taking a sip of his drink. Your eyes probably looked like they were saucers, this was such shock. Blood rushed to your cheeks for the second time this night, you blamed the alcohol you had just downed.

“Ty I am so sorry, I hate to hear that. I mean I didn’t expect that.” Was all you could say.

He grinned to let you know it wasn’t bothering him that bad. “Y/N it wasn’t working out. We had nothing in common and I am not ready for marriage. Not at all. I just want to focus on my career and have fun. I am too young to settle down. I like to party with my friends and play music. I don’t want to have anything other than my job tying me down.” You knew exactly what he meant. You were also in the same boat. No relationships just the occasional hook up. This lifestyle wasn’t about settling down early, a lot of people agreed.

“I have always been like that, I am no where near ready to marry and slow down. I feel like I’m just getting started.” You replied with a flirty smile. He grinned back,

“Oh is that so? Well little Miss London welcome back. I sure have missed you.” A boost of confidence went through you.

“It’s good to be back, I missed you quite a but too Mr. Posey.” With that you walked closer taking his drink and making it your own. He seemed to like this new found Y/N before him. His hands went to your hips and pulled you to him. He smelled of want, vodka and cologne. It turned you on so much and before you knew it your lips were on his. The music had picked up its pace and grinding on the sex god in front of you was inevitable. He hummed into the kiss while your tongues fought for dominance.  He picked your leg up creating no space between your bodies and your crotch was now on his. You could feel his hard on begging through the shorts that bound him down.

“You are so fucking hot Y/N. I missed seeing that beautiful ass of yours bouncing around set.” Tyler whispered into your ear. You felt him nibble on your neck and take a handful of your ass in one hand while the other groped your breast. A moan escaped from your lips.

“You want me baby? Just tell me and we can get out of here. Your wish is my command.” He told you while his hand slipped under your dress. His large hands made their way into your panties, he didn’t even make it all the way. Your wetness gave him the only answer he needed. You bite your lip and smiled, he planted once last kiss before taking his finger and slipping between your folds. Your eyes fluttered closed. Putty in his hands was all you were. Eyes locked with his you were in a trance, he removed his finger and brought it to his lips. He began to lick it clean, smiling with satisfaction.

“You taste so good Y/N. All that for me?” He questioned. You nodded and pushed your lips close to his ear.

“Of course, so how about you get me out of here and out of these clothes? I want you Tyler. Right fucking now.” Your words were seductive and demanding. He seemed to love it. You watched him grin and noticed it was his turn to blush.

“As you wish my lady. Lets go.” His hand wrapped around yours. The two of you made your way to his car. This ride was going to be unbearable. He offered you to to drive but the alcohol had already set in. You liked this gesture. His car was nice. You took your place in the passenger seat. He climbed behind the wheel and started the engine. You watched as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. You decided to mess around. Without thinking your hand went to his crotch.

“I want you so bad Tyler.” The words came out in such an innocent tone. His jaw clenched at the contact. His hard on was even more noticeable than before.

“I think this speaks for itself.” He replied looking down between his legs. Then giving you a cheeky grin. You smiled and plotted something devious. Your fingers went to work on his button and zipper and he didn’t stop you. You took his dick out from the confines of his shorts and boxers. The contact with your hand made his mouth open up and a gasp left from him. Leaning across the console you licked a stripe up his long shaft. He squirmed his seat and moved to give you more access. You kissed his tip before taking him in and moving your lips around him not missing an inch. A few hushed curse words came from above you but still no sign to stop. Loving the control you had over the boy next to you was such a turn on. But the little game of teasing had to come to an end, you had arrived at Tyler’s place. He seemed to be tense as he fixed himself and jumped out from the car, he came around to open your door. Once out of the vehicle he roughly pushed you against the car.

“You were killing me the whole way here. Such a naughty little tease I swear Y/N. What am I gonna do with you?” You smiled and he picked you up. Your legs wrapped around his waist. His mouth went to your neck where he started sucking and biting hard. You were sure there would be bruises there in the morning. He moved away from your neck and pulled you off the car, he carried you inside while it was your turn to kiss on his neck. He somehow managed to get the door unlocked and you inside. You climbed off of him and started to take his shirt off. His chest was so broad, abs were perfectly toned. He looked even better than you had remembered. He was god-like in every way. You ran a finger down his stomach and felt him flex at your touch.

“These have to go Tyler.” You stated while tugging around the waist band of his shorts.

“Then take them off Y/N.“ His smart ass remark was a turn on. You liked the sassiness. You giggled and took the remainder of his clothes off. He instantly reached to the bottom of your dress and slid it off of you. You were left in nothing but your bra and panties. He bite his lip and motioned his eyes to the bedroom. You took the lead and pulled him with you to his room. Your bodies collided and you felt him pin you to the bed. His dick was pushing into your leg. He was ready so you slid your panties down. He worked with your bra flinging it to the other side of the room.

“I am going to make you scream so loud the neighbors will get turned on.” His words came out in a low and strained voice. He was dying for you. You felt his hands grab your hips and turn you around. He had a full view of your ass, his hand came down hard on your cheek. The slap was loud and stung but made you even more wet. He rubbed over it for a second before you felt his hand on the back of your neck, holding you down in place. His tip was at your entrance. He slid it around a bit at your folds, you jumped at the feeling of his dick slipping over your sensitive core and clit. He gave no warning and dove straight into you. A moan fell from your lips. He was a lot bigger than you had expected, especially in this position. Tyler began moving in and out of you, not even taking it slow. He only wanted dominance and you could feel it. He has one had gripping your ass and the other went from your neck to your hair. This was something new to you, as his pace quickened he began to yank on your hair. The mixture of pain and pleasure mingled together and it became euphoric. He was plowing away from behind and all you could do was take it and try not to scream although that’s what he wanted.

“Get loud baby, let everyone know who has you. You are so fucking sexy, if only you could see what a view I have.” He said this while breathing heavy and grunting. You felt your hands grab into the sheets for dear life, Tyler was being absolutely merciless. You loved it. His body was on fire behind you, he sounded almost like an animal, he was eating this up. Your breasts were bouncing up and down at the same pace as his thrusts. Your clit was beginning to crave his touch. He seemed to take noticed of your needs as he felt you clench tighter around him. Tyler’s his moved from your hip and down your side. His fingers started out slowly tracing circles around your now swollen clit. The first touch made you scream. You didn’t realize how ready you were.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to. Okay? Can you do that for me Y/N? His voice was no longer stern, he was almost begging. You couldn’t even nod from the hold he had on your hair. You managed to let out a hushed yeah. Your core was on fire from the pounding Tyler was giving you and the circles around your clit make it nearly impossible not to cum that second. His thrusts were harder and deeper and a moan erupted from his chest.

“Fuck Y/N  cum for me, god damn you feel so good.” Tyler words were like a saving grace. You came all around his dick as you felt him release. The wetness was now dripping down your legs. You felt him release your hair, his grinding slowed down and his rubbed your ass. He pulled out from behind you and you collapsed down into the sheets completely exhausted. Tyler went into the restroom and came back to help you clean up.

“Wow we made such a mess.” He said while climbing into the bed next to you.

“Haha yeah really. Damn you wrecked me Tyler. I’m not complaining though.” You said with a wink. He laughed and made his way under the sheets. You followed suit.

“I’ll leave now if you want, just give me a second to catch my breath and pull myself together.” You said calmly.

“Stay, what I said earlier still stands but I’m not one of those fuck and run kind of guys. You don’t have to be that way with me, unless you want to.” He replied while turning to face you.

“I’ll stay, but this doesn’t mean we are a thing. You got that Posey?” You teased.

“Fine with me, but will this ever happen again? Cause I wouldn’t mind more nights like this in the future.” Tyler said with a cocky smile. You replied,

“Most definitely I could use more nights like this, especially with you.”

I would promise you a ring if the money had not been spent on a bottle the night before. Whiskey breaks promises and I’m no better. The only promises that don’t change are God’s or I’d speak for Him and give you the world.
But I am in love with my sin today.
You want to satisfy me but I’m begging you, please, don’t kiss me too soon… I will drink it away before this is over.
My friend once told me “Forever can end in the back of someone’s car.” I’ll be damned before we drive any faster. Walk with me in the rain and then we’ll talk…
Youre dying to hear my voice but it’s my silence that has blood on it’s hands.
And there is so much blood…
But I couldn’t put a single name to any drop,
pain speaks the vaguest language.
Blood, alcohol, cigarettes, needles, and one night stands.
And I refuse to love you that way.
Even if it means I walk away before I found out if I have ever loved at all.

I could hear so many people shouting, it kind of felt like I was in the middle of a concert. The noise was unbearable to my ears; it wasn’t just the people, the cars roared as the engines came to live. Seven cars, all eager to win. 

It was wild, the atmosphere was so tense. There were many betting all their money in the one they believed would win. Fights at the back were starting, the music beat reached everyone’s veins. Blood was flowing, hearts were stopping.

Just like mine did.

He didn’t win, neither did I, but we both gained something that night, a reason to live. 

He was covered in blood when I took him out of the car. I wasn’t sure I could but I did, I had to, I had to before the police came. 
“Please… just let them take me, it’s for the best”. I was new to this world, a world that many would describe as dangerous. Might have been a newbie but I knew enough to know that the police wasn’t the best solution. I had to take him out of there.
“Where are you taking me?” He asked, struggling to breathe, not even able to walk straight. 
“Hospital” I replied, getting him into my car. God, he is in a really bad shape. 
“Please don’t… not the hospital”
“Then my house”. 
The way back home wasn’t exactly different from any other night; I just had a bleeding bad boy in the passenger seat, muttering things I couldn’t understand and repeating his name, time after time before passing out. “Baekhyun… I’m Baekhyun”

“Where am I?” He took his hand to his head, probably having a terrible headache after being out for three days.
“At my place” I whispered. “I saved you after your car crashed before the race ended”
“Right… who won?” Was he really asking about that? He was with some strange girl, couldn’t see a thing because of the black curtains of my room blocking the light, and he was asking who the winner was?
“Uh.. some weird dude.. had his hair dyed pink” 
“Of course… it was them after all… I’m surprised I’m not dead” The morning coffee’s scent was filling the room as he tried to stand up, looking weaker than ever. “You can’t go. Your wounds haven’t even healed yet”
“You don’t understand girl. I’m in big trouble, they are coming after me and if you are with me, they won’t mind getting you too” Dangerous. My best friend’s voice echoed in my head. That’s exactly what she would say in that moment, before running away. But I just couldn’t let him leave. He was wounded yes, but there was something else in him that made me want to stay by his side. “Let’s runaway together then”
“What?” Baekhyun’s shocked voice became louder. “I can’t, I don’t know you girl but this world ain’t for you”
“I don’t care. It was my choice saving you from that not so accident. So you are stuck with me and I don’t care what you say. You can’t drive so I’ll do it”
“This won’t be a romantic runaway trip where two lovers go to the end of the world, you know?” He sighed, giving in as I smiled, walking out of the room to get some coffee, before the long drive ahead of us. “That’s what they all say” 

Sometimes when I think back of that night, that night where our lives changed, I think how things would have been if I had let him die in that car. As time passed, Baekhyun opened to me, told me his story and why we were running away. It was all because he stood against the people behind those races, he didn’t want to obey them anymore, for him they were vile and cruel and he couldn’t stay quiet without doing anything. He knew they would come after him, but that didn’t change his mind. He had a good heart. 
You know babe…” He said while we stopped to get some fresh air, see the sea next to the road, fill our hearts with the salty breeze. “The only reason why I didn’t give up that night, was because I heard your voice saying ‘Don’t fall asleep. Don’t leave me. Please don’t die on me’ You were cute”
“Are you mocking me Baek? I was worried sick, didn’t even know if you could hear me”
“I could. I always heard you. I also know you were the only girl who bet on me that night”
“H-how?” That took me by surprised, as far as I knew, no one saw me bet. I didn’t even know if it was the right decision but I still did, I don’t know why.
“Do you ever wonder why I didn’t want you to come? Why I wanted you to stay and be safe?” He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest, holding me tightly.
“I always saw you in the crowd. You didn’t seem like the kind of girl who likes car races. You were always standing out but out of place. I was curious, I was attracted”
“I don’t believe you. It was you who said wouldn’t be romantic” I couldn’t help it, his scent was too much for me, I held him back and pecked his neck.
“True. But time after time, life seemed to get us together, like magnets”
“We are different…” I said, looking up at him before reaching for his lips.
“But can’t be apart…”

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The only one - Chapter 11

Reader x Jimin

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,499

Chapters: 10 , 12


“(y/n), sweetheart can you go get me some coffee”, Mr Kwon asked, thankfully I was nowhere near him, I nodded before I scurried out.

I feel bad for not telling Jimin I was working here again I told him I got a new job at a daycare centre, I’m glad he never asked about it. Jimin had started working with his friends, Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin, they had their own recording studios and offices.

I made my way to the rest area and grabbed a cup from the cupboard and began making Me Kwons coffee. As the coffee brewed I felt arms wrap around my waist and breath on the back of my neck, “get off”, I said as I tried to pry the hands away, “hello to you too gorgeous”, Jungkook moved from behind me, so he was now leaning against the worktop, “what do you want Jungkook?”, “nothing just needed a beautiful face to make my day”, he grinned at me, whereas I just rolled my eyes and poured the now brewed coffee, adding a bit of milk before I began making my way back to the office. Jungkook was following behind, “don’t get your hopes up (y/n), I need to see Kwon anyways”, I just ignored him and continued walking until i reached the office, I went in and placed the cup on his desk and before I could walk off Mr Kwon grabbed me by my wrist.

“Ah (y/n), could you sit for a few minutes I need to discuss something with you and Jungkook”, I internally groaned, but smiled and nodded and sat down on the chairs on the other side of his desk, Jungkook sat beside me, his face was the complete opposite of before, he had a serious expression. “You are both aware of the meetings I have in Japan”, we both nodded in unison, “now unfortunately I will not be able to make it because of troubles else where, so…”, oh god I knew exactly where this was going, “i need the two of you to go. I know it’s short notice as the meetings are next week”, “ but why do I have to go?”, I questioned, “well Jungkook here needs someone telling him where to go, what to do, sort things out for him, he’s not very organised, so he’ll need you”. Out off all the people he could have sent me with why him? I wouldn’t have a problem if it was anyone else but, ughhhhhh.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening!”, I screamed as my car completely stopped. I got out into the pouring rain and opened the bonnet, “no, the battery”, it was no longer dry, it probably drowned in water. I closed the bonnet and sat down in it, not caring that I was getting soaked.

“You know you’re going to get sick sitting in the rain”, I groaned loudly at the voice, “come, I’ll give you a ride”, “no thank you, I’ll call Jimin”, “you know it’s going to take him a good 30 minutes to get here, but hey that’s your problem, imma get going”, with that he began driving away, his window slowly rolling back up. He was right it would take anyone I rang a good half hour to reach me or even longer because of traffic. I won’t  be hearing the end of it, but I am not dying out here.

“JUNGKOOK, WAIT!”, I shouted hoping he would hear and thank god he did as his car stopped and began reversing until it was back to where it was previously. All I saw was the smug look on his face, “let me get my things”.

As I was about to sit down I was stopped, “change your clothes”, “ are you serious?! I don’t even have spare-”, “I’ve got clothes in my gym bag they’re clean, you can change there and relax I won’t stare”. I slammed the passenger door shut before opening the backdoor, I grabbed his gym bag and opened it and got changed. I was now wearing a white shirt that was way too big for me, a pair of grey sweatpants again way too big and sneakers, I placed everything inside his bag before climbing to the front seat. As soon as my bottom on the seat I felt the heat and it felt so fucking good, I closed my eyes and leaned back in the seat and unknowingly let out a moan, “(y/n), I didn’t know my car alone got you this excited, I wonder what you’ll be like with me”, he winked and I just scoffed and turned so my body was facing the window.

10 minutes into the journey my phone began to ring, I grabbed it from the back. It was Jimin. “H-”, “where are you?!”, I don’t know if it was mostly anger or worry in his voice, “I’m on my way home”, “what’s taking you s-”. He cut himself off when he heard Jungkook ask me who it was, “who was that?! (y/n), who the fuck are you with”, over the past few weeks he had been getting even more protective and possessive. I turned to Jungkook giving him my death stare, but he couldn’t see as he was focused in the road, “i-it was Hoseok”, I lied hoping he would believe me, “how if he and Taehyung just left”, well that failed. “I’m going to ask you once more and don’t lie to me, please”, he sounded desperate, I felt awful whenever he spoke like that. “I’m with Jungkook”, my voice was hushed, I felt as if I betrayed him as he didn’t want me around him after everything that has happened. I waited for Jimin to shout, scream, to just say something, but it never came, “Jimin?”, instead of his voice all I heard was the beeping, telling me he had ended the call. Now I’m worried.

The rest of the journey home I just sat there thinking about what was going to happen when I got home. Once Jungkook parked up in front of my house, I just sat and stared at the front door, I couldn’t bring myself to move, “if you stay here any longer imma steal you from the minion and I’m sure he won’t like that”, “oh, sorry, erm…thanks for the ride”, I opened the door and got out the car and was going to retrieve my clothes, but Jungkook stopped me, “leave them, I’ll get them cleaned for you”, I gave him a small smile before grabbing my bag and walking towards the front door.

I counted to 5 before opening the door, carefully closing it behind me, making sure it didn’t slam shut and Mikey might wake. All the lights were off, apart from the living room one, I put my bag down on the floor and slowly walked towards the room.

It was a wreck, the tv was broken as was the table and the sofas were a mess. I walked inside to see glass everywhere, it was probably the vase. I heard footsteps behind me making me turn, “hey”, his voice told me that he was calm, but on the inside he was probably feeling completely different, “h-hi”, “are they his?”, he was talking about the clothes. I nodded in response, to which he rushed over to me and tried to pry them off me, “what are you doing?!”, I screamed in shock and attempted to push him away, but failed. “Did you sleep with him? You did didn’t you”, he let out a laugh, “I always knew you would”. He always knew i would, he’s telling me that since the beginning of our relationship he thought I would sleep with someone else.

I held back my tears and pushed him harder, but it was no use, “get off me, please, stop”, I continued to scream and attempt to get out of his grip. I thought I had no chance, that was until his hands were no longer on me and he was being pushed back. “Get away from her!”, Jimin exclaimed, “or what?! Go home and calm down Jimin”, “don’t tell me what to do”, he replied, “can’t you see what you’ve done to her? She’s scared”. Jimin’s gaze was now on me, I looked down, not wanting to make contact with him, his face instantly dropped, as did his anger. He felt like a complete dick, he may lose the two most important things in his life because of his idiotic actions.

“Just go”, this time Jimin didn’t say anything back instead he nodded and left, knowing that we needed space. Once the door slammed, I fell to the floor, my tears falling down my face, “hey it’s okay”, Jungkook came down to me and pulled me into his embrace, my back. I stayed there crying into his chest for God knows how long, “let’s get you some water”, Jungkook lifted me and lead me to the kitchen, sitting me down at the island. He went through the cupboards finding a glass and filling it and handing it to me.

He waited for me to finish before speaking, “what happened?”, He was across from me leaving forward in the island his arms crossed, “erm…when we were in the car, he rang and once he heard your voice he hung up and when I got home the place was a tip and…and when he saw me in your clothes he thought we slept together”,I sniffled, wiping the remaining tears. “Damn and I thought my ex was delusional”, he joked making me giggle, he smiled when I did. “W-why did you come back?”, It was the one thing that confused me, “oh you left your phone, here”, he placed my phone done on the counter,“thank you, I’m glad you came, i’ve never seen that side of him and you know not even a month ago I thought I was pregnant with his child”. “So it was negative?”, I nodded, “I’m glad I’m not, because I feel as the poor baby would just suffer, not it with me and my problems , but with Jimin and his…his behaviour”, Jungkook reached over and wrapped his big, warm hands around mine and gave me his beautiful smile. I lived seeing the caring side of him, it told me that he was a good person though he acted the complete opposite at times.

We stayed there, staring at each other. I never really took notice to his eyes, but they were beautiful, light brown, doe, glistening eyes, they seemed have so much behind them, so much to uncover. I didn’t even realise that we were both leaning in until our lips finally touches, his were slightly chapped, but nonetheless felt amazing against mine. I grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him closer, his tongue was prodding against my lips so I opened up allowing him access. And as they say, it so wrong, but feels so right.

“mommy?”, My eyes widened and I pushed Jungkook away and turned to my son, “Mikey, did you just wake up?”, I asked him as I went over and picked him up, brushing down his hair. He shook his head in response, “mommy, I hear Minmin shouting and then breaking, I was too scared”, my heart dropped after hearing Mikey, he must have heard everything since the phone call, my poor baby. “Are you still scared?”, he shook his head hesitantly, “mommy is here so no!”, he added his small smile at the end, bringing a smile to my face. His eyes wondered around the kitchen and landed on Jungkook.

He struggled in my arms indicating that he wanted to be put down, so I placed him on the kitchen floor, he then slowly walked over to Jungkook and once he was in front of him he looked up, “Minmin?”, “er…no”, Jungkook kneeled down, “minmin, had to erm…go somewhere he said he’d be back as quick as he could because he’d miss Mikey too much”, Mikey smiled once he heard that Jimin was coming back. “Okay, me and you play-”, “no Mikey, he probably needs to go home and you mister need to go to bed”. As soon as I said that Mikey was set off, he began screaming and fussing, “hey, hey”, Jungkook picked him up, “I’m not going anywhere and mommy…I’m sure you won’t mind him being up for a half hour”, they were both now staring at me Mikey had his puppy dog face on and Jungkook copied, he looked ridiculous, but cute. I sighed before saying okay.

“I win!”, Mikey cheered, this was the 4th time Jungkook purposely lost the game they were playing, “Mikey, you’re too good”, Jungkook exclaimed, “Kookie”,I giggled at the adorable nickname he gave Jungkook “it okay, you better than mommy”, “hey, I’m not that bad…”, Mikey giggled, but it was interrupted by his yawn, “bed time, come on”, I got up from the sofa and picked him up, “milk?”, he shook his head and laid it on my shoulder as I took him to his bed.

I shut the door behind me quietly, making sure not to wake up Mikey and then went back down into the living room. Jungkook was cleaning up the room, “it’s okay, I’ll do it you should get home we have work tomorrow”, “no, I want to”, he continued to put things back in their place and used the dustpan and brush to clean up the broken bits of glass. I got the vacuum to ensure there was no small bits of glass that would cut Mikey.

After 20 minutes of intense cleaning we collapsed on the sofa, “thank you”, I turned to him and smiled, “honestly, I thought you were a complete dick-”, he cut me off with his boyish laugh, “but I feel as if you showed me the real you today and I have to tell you I prefer that side”, his smile widened as I spoke positively about him for once. “Maybe I’ll keep showing you that side”, his voice was soft, “I mean eventually you will fall for me”, I scoffed before laughing, “why did you have to ruin that moment”, I slapped his arm as we both laughed.

Once our laughter died down, we sat staring, again. “I…er…should get going”, he was halfway up, but I grabbed his wrist, shocking the both of us, “oh,uh…you can stay here, I can sleep with Mikey, you take my bed”, “no honestly it’s fi-”, “please”, I begged, I didn’t realise it, I wanted Jungkook to stay because now he was the only one who made me feel safe. Jungkook noticed that I was quite shaky, so he decided to stay.

I gave him back his shirt and his sweatpants to wear, “if you need anything, come wake me”, “thanks, erm…night", “night”.

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Today I listened to the part where they all make themselves nifty things, and you find out taako's umbrella is actually lup's umbrella, and I screamed a little, all Aaaaahh? in my car. I can't believe I care so much about everyone, the stolen century is only a couple episodes, but I'm dying, I'm so excited and afraid for when the flashback ends, which, I think, is going to happen the next time I press play. I only heard about taz because of you so I am flailing at you!!

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Nonny I am delighted you decided to take a chance on TAZ because of me. It is so fucking good and I love everybody so much and it is very very emotional in the best/worst way and holy shit it’s great. Strap in, the ending’s gr9.

My Best Friend

Hi hello, everybody!

So, I wrote this quick thing around new year’s and never got around posting it and I fixed it a little bit and got carried away and its quite long. I think. 

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy.

-Love, Sarah

I glanced down at the time on my laptop: 12:00AM.

“How do you feel? 2015 is finally here.”

“Very unchanged, quite disappointed to be honest. I always believed I was a transformer, but here I am. Still human.”

A laugh bubbled up my throat and I threw my head back on my pillow. “Happy new year!” I screamed into the phone

I heard him shuffle around before his laugh reached my ear. ‘’Jesus, woman. Why are you so excited?’’

I shrugged to myself, not knowing how to form an answer. ‘’ I dunno really. I just feel like you have to be excited. New year, new me, right?’’

He let out a slow and painful groan and I laughed, knowing how much that phrase annoyed him. ‘’Don’t even start with that,’’ I could almost hear him roll his eyes while pinching the bridge of his nose. ‘’Its so stupid, and the majority of people never stick to that saying.

We spent a few minutes in silence, neither of us uttering a word or a sound but it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was normal for us.

‘’Sorry I couldn’t make it to Christmas dinner by the way.’’ His voice was heavy with regret and something churned inside of me.

‘’Its alright, really, you’ve apologized God knows how many times in the past week. I’m not mad, I promise.’’

Him and his family had gotten stuck in a snowstorm down south while visiting relatives and couldn’t make it to our annual Christmas dinner; it’d been a tradition with both of our families for as long as I can remember.

‘’My mom insisted we have another dinner because we can’t miss tradition and whatnot.’’ My free hand fumbled with a hole in the middle of my shirt, only making it get bigger.

‘’Your mom is adorable.’’ He chuckled and I smiled. ‘’I have your gift by the way.’’ My smile widened and I sat up, leaning my back against the wall behind me.

‘’And I’ve got yours, all fresh and warm under my bed.’’

‘’Nathan, get your bags we’re leaving!’’ I heard his mom’s voice in the background, yelling over the noise around their busy surroundings.

Our conversation was far from being over and so, Nathan kept me on the line whilst he got ready to leave his relatives’ house. It was pretty far from home, normally a four-hour drive quickly turned into a six hour one because of road conditions. Nathan, staying true to himself talked my ear off with his complaints about the long trip but I didn’t mind his voice. I found it adorable, but I’d never admit that to him.

‘’Dad said we should be there around seven-ish.’’ He was out of breath due to the fact that he was running around the house, gathering his family’s luggage and loading them into their car.

‘’That’s so far away,’’ I whined, shifting under the huge blanket he’d gotten me for my 16th birthday. ‘’What am I supposed to do while I wait for you?’’

‘’I have no idea, make up your mind, its now or never because my phone’s dying.’’

I groaned, letting him know that I was annoyed. ‘’I’d punch you if I could.’’

‘’Please, you’d end up hurting yourself, like you always do, because I’m so strong.’’ I rolled my eyes, now used to him and his undelfatable ego.

‘’Okay, okay. I’ll let you go, make sure you guys call when you’re almost there, and be careful on the road oh and don’t forget-‘’

‘’Your gift is on my lap, I’d never forget it munchkin.’’ I sighed, getting up from my bed with my warm blanket draped over my shoulders.

‘’Okay, see you soon!’’ I all but shouted into the phone.

The call ended a few seconds later and I quickly joined my family down in the living room after being called down by my mom. I sat myself down in between my parents, comfortably wrapped up in my blanket with only my head poking out. I excitedly informed them of the Miller’s arrival while my siblings took care of setting up a movie.

‘’You were up there for quite a long time.’’ My dad remarked, glancing at me with raised eyebrows.

I shrugged and rested my head down on my mom’s shoulder. ‘’I was talking to Nathan.’’ It was no surprise to any of them; Nathan was and always has been my best friend. You could think I lived at his house and vice versa. He had clothes over here, and I had clothes at the Miller’s house. The only thing that seemed to be missing was our own set of keys to each other’s houses. We were that close.

‘’Well, I still think you guys would make the cutest-‘’

‘’Mom!’’ I groaned, lifting my head from her shoulder to glare at her, feeling my cheeks flush in embarrassment.

I’d never admit it to my mom, or anyone else really, but I might’ve had the tiniest-or not so tiny-of crushes on Nathan for a few years. Up until we got to high school where he started dating pretty girls, lowering my self-confidence and in the process making me realize I had absolutely no chance with him and that staying best friends was best for everyone. I tried my hardest to burry those feelings aside but Nathan being Nathan with his charm and his eyes and his smile…

‘’Mom’s right,’’ Alex, my older brother, mumbled from his place right in front of the TV. ‘’You guys bicker like a married couple, its worse than mom and dad and-‘’

‘’Enough!’’ My father’s voice boomed through our small, but cozy living room, cutting my brother’s sentence short with a stern glare his way. I gave my dad a small smile, grateful for putting and end to this. ‘’But I have to agree-‘’

‘’Oh, c’mon!’’ I groaned as I buried my flaming face in my hands. ‘’Just start the movie.’’ I grumbled, annoyed as I sank into my seat, desperately trying to hide from my family’s playful gazes.

The wait for the Miller’s arrival was dragged on as the hours passed, my excitement never dying and keeping me up while each member of my family gradually left up to their own rooms. Around five in the morning, when I got tired of moping around all alone in the living room, I retreated to my room and settled on watching a movie since there was no way I was getting any sleep.

The nerves were eating me alive, it was nearly seven o’clock and I hadn’t been paying much attention to the movie for about half an hour. This was the longest Nathan and had spent apart, again; we were that close. Our families even took vacations together. A small smile settled on my lips as memories of our trip to Cuba flashed in my mind.

Being the crazy person that I am, I had left my window open, despite the cold, to be able to catch any noises coming from outside, resulting in me getting up every minute or so to check the window every time I heard a noise. I eventually gave up on the movie and shut my computer down and in a matter of seconds I was pacing my room impatiently. I made in abrupt stop in front of my mirror and thought about fixing my hair before remembering how silly of me it was, Nathan had seen me at my worse, and so had I for him. Not that I looked bad, or anything, at least I didn’t think so. I glanced at my reflection once more but was startled by the sound of a door being slammed shut, followed by distant voices. I darted to the window as my phone rang, alerting me that the clock had just stricken to seven. My eyes quickly scanned the street, my heart flipping in my chest and my stomach twisting into knots when I spotted Nathan’s brown mop of hair down by his parent’s car.

I let out an excited scream and dashed out of my room, bolting down the stairs, a wide grin spread across my face as I repeated ‘Oh my God’ over and over.

‘’They’re here!’’ I yelled excitedly, my bare feet padding against our cold wooden floor and my heart beating at an erratic pace. When I finally reached the door, I quickly slipped some shoes on before yanking the door open just in time to see Nathan rolling his suitcase up to our house.

‘’Nathan!’’ I screamed as I bolted out of my house, ignoring the cold air biting my bare shoulders and flung myself into my best friend’s open arms. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck while his went around my waist before he starting spinning around with his lips pressed against my cheek.

‘’Munchkin! I missed you!’’ Nathan all but screamed into my ear. I hugged him tighter than I had been for the past few seconds before burying my face in the crook of his neck. I felt him move and I knew he was walking us back into my house.

‘’I missed you too.’’ I answered, my voice muffled by the soft skin of his neck.

‘’You guys saw each other two weeks ago, chill!’’ Nathan’s twelve-year-old sister, Lola, grumbled in annoyance as she walked past us to greet my family who I could hear in the background.

‘’What were you thinking, running out in the cold with only that on?’’ Nathan scolded me, referring to my slim tank top.

I shrugged, a grin still plastered upon my face while I glanced up at him and into his brown eyes. I poked my tongue out at him, finally earning a smile before we both turned to our families.

Anna, my younger sister was staring at him with a knowing smile while the Millers greeted my parents. I quickly flipped her off before turning to my parents with an innocent smile.

An hour later, everyone was settled into their respective rooms, Lola roomed with Anna while Mr. and Mrs. Miller took the guest room for themselves. Nathan and I shared my bed, everyone knew and we had been doing so whenever the situation required it ever since we became friends when we kids.

Nathan and sat in my bed, facing each other, legs crossed and gifts on our laps. I glanced down at Nathan’s neatly wrapped gift before adverting my gaze to Nathan’s lap, where his gift had been extremely badly wrapped by moi. His eyes met mine and I could see that he was holding his laughter back while prodding at his gift with a single finger. I rolled my eyes at him and he winked back.

‘’You go first.’’ I insisted, after a few minutes of bickering. My chest tightened as I watched Nathan’s big eyes inspect the overly wrapped gifted. He looked up at me with raised eyebrows before looking back down at his gift and getting on with unwrapping it. A frustrated groan left his pink lips while he tugged at the tape that was covering the entire box. My laugh echoed through my bedroom when he brought the box up to his mouth and started ripping the tape off with his teeth. The corners of his lips tugged upwards when he finally got the wrapping paper off, throwing it aside before lifting the lid off of the small box his gift had been residing in for the past month.

Nathan had been looking at his gift for 5 seconds before tackling down on my bed and showering my face with kisses.

‘’Nathan stommm-‘’

‘’I love you! I love you!’’ He yelled in my ear before sitting up and pulling me to his side to hug me again. ‘’I can’t believe it, you’re the best!’’ He gushed while glancing at his hockey tickets.  

I laughed and hugged him back, my heart hammering against my ribcage and my face getting hotter by the second. Nathan wouldn’t let me go for the longest time so we sat there, hugging each other with his chin resting on top of my head and his fingers tracing unknown patters on my bare shoulder.

‘’Can I open my gift now?’’

Nathan hastily let go of me to reach for my gift and before placing it down on my lap. I eyed the reindeer covered wrapping paper before slowly ripping it off, to reveal a black jewellery box. My breath hitched in my throat and I gazed up at Nathan who was staring back at me, nervously gnawing down on his bottom lip.

‘’My dad said you couldn’t go wrong with jewellery.’’ Nathan’s grip tightened on my waist and I focused my gaze back onto the soft, satin box.

I slowly lifted the lid up with a shaky hand and gasped at the sight before me. Inside the box laid a silver necklace with a heart shaped pendant where the first letter of my name was engraved. I picked it up and placed the heart in the palm of my open hand and stared at it for a few seconds before flipping it around. Not expecting the inscription engraved on the back on the small heart, I bit down my lip to hold back a gasp. I stroked the inscription with a finger before turning to Nathan and holding the necklace up in the air. Love Nathan, the inscription read.

‘’Put it on me, please?’’ I smiled when he released a breath of what seemed like relief before taking the necklace from my hand and instructing me to turn around.

‘’Sorry my hands are cold.’’ Nathan apologized with a soft chuckle after a shiver ran through me when his hands came in contact with my neck. ‘’All done.’’ His breath fanned against the back of my neck and I eyed the necklace again before swirling around and tackling Nathan into a hug.

‘’I love it, thank you so much!’’ I kissed his cheek and smiled against his skin when he squeezed my closer to him before draping one of his legs over mine.

‘’Nathan, what are you doing?’’ I rolled my eyes when he hugged me tighter in response before planting a kiss on top on my head.

‘’I missed you, am I not allowed to hug my best friend, after not seeing her for two weeks.’’ My heart sunk a little at his use of the words best friend, but that’s what we were, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

‘’I never said you weren’t.’’

‘’Well, then. Shut up and hug me.’’ He shot back in a childish tone.

‘’I am-‘’

‘’Shut up, or I’ll tickl-‘’

‘’Tickle me and I rip your ball sack off and-‘’

Nathan’s chest rumbled with laughter against mine and I pinched his side, making him yell out in pain. We then spent the next few minutes pinching each other until we gave up, due to our parent’s complaints of our screams.

Cuddling was the usual for us but Nathan was being particularly touchy that day, making me flustered and unable to react every time his hands slid up under my tank top to rest on my bare skin. His hands inched down closer and closer to my bottom until I gripped one of his hands, stopping him.

‘’Nathan,’’ I breathed out, trying to form coherent thoughts in that messy mind of mine. ‘’What are you doing?’’ I cursed myself for letting my voice crack at the end; I was going to blow my cover if I didn’t pull myself together.

‘’We’re cuddling.’’ He answered in flat tone, as if he hadn’t been driving me crazy for the past half hour.

I froze, unable to move or utter a word when he started pampering kisses up my neck, squeezing my thighs and letting his hands wander up to the bottom of my tank top, where he once again slid his hands under.

‘’I realized something, while we were stuck down at my aunt’s house,’’ One of Nathan’s hand trailed down my thigh, leaving a trail of tingles before going back up to rest right below my behind. I swallowed, hard, desperately trying to get rid of my mouth’s dry state. He pressed his lips firmly against the skin of my neck, biting at the skin softly before doing the same to another spot. My body was on fire; feeling like my heart would burst out of my chest right this instant, I tried telling him to stop, because it was simply too much but not a word would come out of my dried throat.

‘’I missed you, a lot. It was unbearable really, and I’ve never, felt what I feel with you with all those other girls. I think that’s what I was looking for,’’ A small laugh left his lips, his warm breath fanning against my skin and making me shiver as I swallowed once again. It was no use. ‘’I kept telling myself that I was crazy, you know, for having those type of feelings for my best friend.’’

A moment passed and all I could hear was the furious beating of my heart. ‘’And I couldn’t find it, I only get it with you. That feeling I get when you hug me, and when you kiss my cheeks, when you say you love me, because fuck, I love you and-‘’

I came out of my lethargic state, cutting his sentence short when I pressed my lips down on his. His right hand gripping my thigh, his left one gripping my waist, his soft lips kissing me back hungrily making my head spin, my lips tingle, my hands tremble. My fingers raked his hair, tugging, gripping, and making him groan as he pressed my body closer to his-if that was even possible. And as his teeth grazed my bottom lip, I told myself that if I died right then, I would be okay with it. I pulled back, slowly, my bottom lip still stuck in between his teeth, my head spinning and my heart pounding.

‘’Munchkin.’’ His eyes were still closed, his chest heaving up and down in rhythm with mine, his hands still gripping me tightly. He slowly peeled his eyes open, glancing up at me with the goofy smile that I loved so much. ‘’What are you doing to me?’’ His voice was hoarse, and I pressed my lips together tightly while forcing myself to tear my gaze away from his soft, pink, full lips. I smiled down at him and he raised his raised eyebrows. I didn’t need words and so my lips met his again, this time, the kiss was calmer, and much, much softer. I almost felt like he was savouring my lips. That’s probably why neither of us heard the door of my room creaking open, or Lola’s voice calling us up until she let out a shrill scream that startled both of us. When we looked back at the door, Nathan’s sister was already running out, screaming her head off.

‘’They’re kissing! Oh my God I knew it, mom I told you!’’

‘’Fuck.’’ Nathan groaned, dragging out the word, and my head fell down on his chest while my shoulders shook with laughter.

‘’I say we escape through the window.’’ I proposed, half serious. Nathan’s lips found mine again for a short kiss and I thought about how I should’ve really locked my door.

‘’God, I love you.’’

The End

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ѕєηтєη¢є ѕтαятєя ρα¢к ι
  • -- All these starters are a mixed pack & do not focus on anything specific, therefore can essentially be applied to any situation you like, NSFW or SFW! Lyrics, quotes, etc are all here. Have fun!
  • "Fuck whatever food this is."
  • "Give them a false sense of security."
  • "You just come along when the iron's hot, don't you?"
  • "Don't fight your reflex... Embrace the instinct."
  • "It breaks my heart that we live this way."
  • "I could show you incredible things!"
  • "Oh my god. Look at their face."
  • "I'm dying to see how this ends."
  • "The car won't start..."
  • "There's this movie I think you'll like."
  • "The fuck am I gonna do?"
  • "It's too late to start over."
  • "Remember when you tried to kill me?"
  • "Under the circumstances, I've been shockingly nice."
  • "I'm dancing! What does it look like I'm doing?"
  • "Oh? Did you think I meant you?"
  • "Does it look bad?"
  • "Their every word is insincere!"
  • "Hey, look. There's a joke no one likes."
  • "There's no time for reason."
  • "Think of me if ever you're afraid."
  • "One day you'll leave this world behind."
  • "Your reputation leads you, doesn't it?"
  • "Hey, they got the message!"
  • "You can buy things with a credit card. I'm sure you knew that. But did you know you can also sell things with it too-- like murder?"
  • "Woops. I grabbed the shitty knife."
  • "Otherwise they'll face certain death."
  • "How does that taste, bitch?!"
  • "Look at this brutality."
  • "The final product should look like you've been hit by a fucking taser."
  • "If you don't put that work in, the only thing you're testing is my patience!"
  • "Isn't that wonderful?"
  • "And then you give them a lil smooch!"
  • "Now it's time to punish yourself for what you've done."
  • "What do you type, like, four words an hour?"
  • "If I could choose between you and breathing, I'd use my last breath to tell you I love you."
  • "My heart does little flips when I see you."
  • "This is the exact opposite of what I wanted."
  • "Nothing will make us quit!"
  • "Nope, not a good enough reason to say 'penetrate'."
  • "Then bam! Snap that bitch in half!"
  • "Teach that fucker a lesson!"
  • "Don't fuck this up."
  • "Hey... Hey. It's okay. I'm here now."
  • "If you want, you can stay over for the night."
  • "I'm the limbo champion!"
  • "Ugh... What's all this commotion?"
  • "Is someone throwing pebbles at my window? Is there a woodpecker at my door? What's going on?"
  • "How does it feel to be treated like scum?!"
  • "The more you try and explain, the less sense you make."
  • "Let me go!"
  • "Yes or no? It's an easy question."
Love Triangle (Wilkinson vs. Gilinsky) - 5. Wilkinson

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I wake up in cold sweat. I feel disgusting. I look out my window and expect to see the sunrise as usual, but the sun is already up today. I check the time: 6:00 am.

I quickly open my weather app on my phone and it reads: 86 degrees F. Almost 90 degrees at 6 in the morning?

I jump in a cold shower and sigh in relief as the water runs through my hair and down my body. I think about last night with Jack, our bodies moving in sync and our kisses filled with lust. I walk out of the shower and wrap a towel around myself.

My heart skips a beat when I hear my phone buzz and the ID says Sam. I open the message and read, “Be ready in 30.”

I quickly dress myself in short shorts and a cute top. I toss my hair up into a messy bun, it was way too hot to not put my hair up. I apply a thin layer of makeup and walk downstairs for breakfast.

Just as I’m finishing my toast, I hear a honk in my driveway. I grab my backpack and walk out the door to Sam’s car.

“Good morning.” I grin at him as I shut the door to the passenger seat.

“G’morning.” He smiles back at me and pulls out of my driveway, “How was your weekend?”

“It was…fun.” I say truthfully. Although there’s no way my weekend can be fully described in only one word. I look at Sam, “I’m glad I spent like, half of it with you.” I look away before seeing his expression.

“I’m glad you did too.” Sam parks in his usual spot in front of the school and turns his car off. We grab our things and Sam walks me to my first period. The stares behind my back turn into ‘hi’s’ and ‘glad to see you’re still alive.’ I smile and laugh eagerly with everyone, excited that they still remembered me from the party and that I didn’t embarrass myself too much.

When we got to my Calculus class, Sam smiles at me and quickly kisses my cheek. He turns and walks away fast. That was weird… But I’m not complaining.

My school day passes quickly. I took my math quiz in first period, which turned out to be a lot easier than I expected, even though Jack’s still convinced he failed. Second through sixth period were a blur. Nothing significant happened, besides sharing stories from the party on Friday with some new friends I made. Katie was absent from school today, so I worked on my math homework during English class.

The bell rang, signifying the end of the school day. I walk out the main entrance and I’m engulfed in a heat wave. I make my way towards Sam in the parking lot, who was leaning against his car with his arms crossed and ray bans on.

“Sam, I’m dying.” I say as I stand in front of him. 

He looks at me and laughs, “I am too! Get in.” He points to his car.

We jump into his car and blast the air conditioning. Before I know it, we pull into my driveway. “Thanks Sam,” I say as I jump out the car and into the steamy sunshine.

I run inside and sigh in relief as I feel the air conditioning circulate through my house. I run up the stairs and into my room. I immediately start to strip, wanting desperately to be wearing a sports bra and running shorts. I realize my window curtains are open and I walk over to close it before something catches my eye.

I look outside and see Sam washing his car, shirtless. I can’t seem to keep my eyes off him… The way the water splashes back onto him when he sprays it at his car; the way his wet hair looks when he runs his hand through it; the way—fuck it.

I run outside in my outfit from school and approach Sam. “Need some help?” I ask innocently.

He looks up and smiles at me, throwing me a sponge. “The more the merrier,” He grins.

I catch the soapy sponge and begin working on a window. The sun blazes down at us and I feel myself start to sweat, “Sam, spray me.”


“Spray me, I’m burning up.”

He grins mischievously and says, “Oh, I’d be honored to.”

Sam points the hose at me, covering the tip with his thumb. I feel the cold water soak through my clothes, causing them to stick to my body.

Sam laughs at me as I squeal and run through the freezing water.

“Sam! Oh my god, it’s so cold. You can stop! Sam, stop!” I giggle as I attempt to run away from his hose gun.

I pick up my soapy sponge and throw it at Sam, hitting him square in the chest. He watches me throw the sponge and hit him in the chest before he says, “Oh, you’re gonna get it now.”

“Oh no, I’m SO scared!” I say sarcastically and smile at him teasingly.

Sam lowers his eyes and plunges after me. I run away from him but he catches up to me easily. He grabs me by the waist and throws me over his shoulder effortlessly. My wet shirt rubs against his bare chest and I begin to hit his back and thighs playfully, “Put me down, Sam!”

“Shh, there’s nothing to be scared of, Shay.” Sam smirks, taking a wet and soapy sponge and squeezing it all over my body.

I squeal at the sudden sensation and he puts me down. I run and grab the nearest sponge and attack Sam with it, smearing it all over his naked top.

At this point, we’re both soaking wet and soapy from head to toe. As I throw my sponge down onto the ground and scream, “Ha!” in his face, Sam smiles at me and moves a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I stare into his pretty eyes and smile back. He caresses my face in his hands and leans in. Our lips press together and I smile through our kiss. Our tongues move in sync and I jump into his arms. Sam holds me up as I wrap my legs around his waist and put my arms around his neck. He leans against his wet car and I deepen the kiss.

Just as I pull away and hold his face in my hands, Sam holds the hose to my head out of nowhere.

I squeal and jump out of his arms. “Sam!” I yell at him before wringing out my hair. He laughs at me and shrugs his shoulders, “Sorry not sorry.”

I lower my eyes and pounce on him, causing both of us to fall into the grass. Sam’s back lays parallel to the ground and I straddle him. He holds my waist lightly and I plant a single kiss on his lips. I pull away and say, “I better start getting ready for dinner.”

I get to my feet and walk away without looking back. I hear Sam shuffling behind me as he continues to wash his car.

I walk inside my house and I’m greeted with Daisy’s accusing looks. I ignore them and proceed to my room. I turn on the shower and strip off my soaking items of clothing. I turn on the warm water and think, ‘I am so screwed.’

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