the captured


Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Angst, I’m describing a torturing technique in there

Words: 2.1k

A/N: I swear, when I’ll figure out how to fluff, I will end this in fluff.
Beta’d by @arrow-guy. Thank you so much Erin!

It’s another mission for the Avengers. For you and Steve, actually. It’s simple. Since Nat is on her own mission right now, the HQ is sending you and Steve in Russia to find and destroy a base of the fallen Hydra head.

“I know we’re not even in there but I already can’t wait to be at the facility. I just want to collapse on the couch, cuddle and watch Netflix,” you say, pouting.

Steve turns to you, smiling. A wave of determination rushes through him, wanting to end this mission as fast as it starts. The idea of you two cuddling in the living room of the communal area sounds like the best way to spend an evening.

“We’re almost there. Get ready, Steve,” you inform, pushing a button on the control panel of the quinjet, switching some controls.

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Horizon Zero Dawn - Epic Battles (PS4 Pro)

So after finishing the ‘HZD in pictures’ video I also put together all the clips that I had captured… Turns out it came to about 40 minutes worth of footage, which took me ages to upload but here it all is! I may cut it up and upload shorter versions at a later date, but feel free too skim through it if you’re interested.

MG Awards 2017 | Off-Screen Performance

Gael García Bernal

Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo

Karin Konoval
War for the Planet of the Apes

Liam Neeson
A Monster Calls

Andy Serkis
War for the Planet of the Apes

Steve Zahn
War for the Planet of the Apes

‏لست نائمه ولا متيقظه انا عاجزه عن فتح عيني من شدة الارهاق وعن اخماد عقلي من كثرة التفكير، معلقه في هذه الحالة التي اكرهها ولا اعرف سبيل للخروج منها
I am not sleep or awake I am unable to open my eyes from the intensity of exhaustion and can’t put down my mind of a lot of thinking, hanging in this case, which I hate and don’t know the way out of it.

Ok I want everyone to avert their eyes to Jason. Can we take a minute at how @angiewingie just made him look so adorable to devious at the same time? I LOVE IT!

Ok anyways this is my end of our collab. Ive never done one so this was a new experience for me. I hope my way of coloring brought your style to life :3

and two OMG THANK YOU FOR DRAWING MY LITTLE BOO BOO JASON WITH HIS PARENTS!!!!!!! Like no joke when you sent me the outline I cried and showed my husband. Thank you Angie for trusting me with your art! I am framing this!

Third go check out Angie’s part of the collab/trade how ever its called. You can click on this link.

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these commercials played on nick jr. 13 years ago today! i remember a bunch of these (especially the debt one holy shit did nickelodeon play that one a lot)