the captured

And the stare dad gives mom when mom’s not looking

Because Holy Astrals, how did someone so damn fucking PRECIOUS said yes to me, look at that, geez, how can somebody be this perfect, takes perfect care of me and the kids and doesn’t mind I’m an idiot and still stays with me and loves me, I don’t understand, how can something so beautiful be in my hands, what did I do to deserve this why do I love that idiot so much omg I’d give my life for him

I don’t have an upload schedule, for anything xD but I just uploaded another video. This time it’s Cyler Crane, a possible lover for miss Maci Zarate. The video is much better, not as laggy or choppy. I did have to down size my game, but at least it’s better to record haha

I might do another tomorrow or Friday or when I feel up for it and it’ll be another cas, possibly a build, and/or gameplay and talking.


Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥