the captured

When I can’t understand what students are saying
Voltron S3 giving me a romance vibe

The way the Voltron show is setting up season 3 and all, with Shiro lost (possibly captured by the Galra) and the team trying to find/rescue him with Keith as the leader & the main source of conflict due to Shiro’s absence…. feels more like:

One of those action/romance anime tropes they like to pull.

You know the ones where there’s two characters that have a strong connection (possibly attraction or developing feelings) but then something happens to one of them (they get captured, or get separated etc.) & a whole season or episodes are dedicated to the other character searching for them desperately…

I’m getting that romance/angsty vibe from the clips we’ve been shown
Because the other paladins are hurting too but they are on board with moving on quickly due to Galra threat and it’s only Keith that seems to be taking this the hardest, he’s reluctant to move forward.

He’ll grow from it I’m sure but I’m just getting that vibe that you find in romance/action anime.

Hey @white people making films about the second world war: Talk about the countless Indians forced to fight for the British, you cowards. Include historically accurate POCs in your reenactments, you cowards.

Alrighty, so as all of you know this wonderful dork is my girlfriend. Wonderful kinda just covers the bases there nicely, but she’s so much more than that.

She’s impulsive, impatient, prone to bouts of uncertainty with just about everything, and well just overall dives into something with all of her might. And I love these things about her to be honest.

I love our quiet moments as much as I love when she’s talkative or when she listens to me speak dispute how easily I’m tongue tied. Especially because at times it sounds like I was not made to speak English T~T. I just verbally need autocorrect as much as I sometimes need it as I type.

She and I are still growing as people, and I want to build a life with her. It sounds silly and some of this probably doesn’t make sense, but it’s how I feel. Love is a commitment. Kind of like a garden, you keep adding and building around it and overall taking care of it. And I’m not saying it’ll be a walk in the park or some mid summers breeze, I’m sure we’ll have our moments, but I wouldn’t want to grow with anyone else.

Also despite whatever obstacles we may have I’ll find my way to you. Just because I really want to hold your hand and cuddle with you. And hear you laugh and go wherever you wanna go.

I know I say it often, but I love you Dani. The good, the bad, and everything in between all of that. And I believe in you quite a lot. And yes this was incredibly gay, and sappy I’ll just blame it on me being sleepy. And overall in my own emotions ;w;

- I love you very much though, to Pluto and the edge of the universe.


I’m so excited to present my senior film!! Adrienne and I worked our butts off for 17 weeks and now we can finally post it! Thank you so much to everyone who helped along the way.

Exulansis is a visual representation providing insight into the experience and symptoms of anxiety and borderline personality disorders. For those with these experiences, it can be difficult to translate the abstract and nuanced feelings into something relatable to others.


this was fun.



I finally got the chance to commission @niklisson and she drew these cool banners for my gals!! ;w; Just wow… these look amazing and I love them a lot.

Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance! ^^ Thank you so much <3