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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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You know what’s nice about being an artist? After reading a fic that you like, you can go the extra mile and make the author’s day by drawing something related to it. Likes, reblogs, kudos, and reviews are all ways to show appreciation; what’s one more on top of that? 

We all know that unfortunately writing often doesn’t get as much recognition compared to art, so why not make an author happy by giving them a picture you made? 

It could even be beneficial to both! Your art can make rounds which in turn can get more attention to the fic; a win-win situation!

To overlap the ashes even though
The soul smells like ashtray
Of a hospital or a funeral home
Of an airport on departures gate
Of a prison or poverty
Of stomach emptiness
Only smoke and the smell
And so, sad, dead, captive and sick
To return like the phoenix
Only blowing the ashes
Solapar las cenizas aunque
El alma huela a cenicero
De hospital o de funeraria
De aeropuerto en puerta de partidas
De prisión o de pobreza
De vacío en el estómago
Solo humo y el olor
Y así, triste, muerta, cautiva y enferma
Retornar como el fénix
Solo con soplar las cenizas

shavothehusky  asked:

Hiiii, i just wanted to say that i love and adore your fanfics! You're an excellent writer, your style is so captivating and i honestly return to your fics every now and again.... So thank you so much for blessing the fenders fandom with your work, please never stop writing ♥

Seriously, thank you so much.  You’ve made my day :)  I’ve been feeling kind of down about my writing lately (being stuck in writer’s block will do that), but your kind words make me feel so much better.  To know someone out there cares about my writing and doesn’t think it’s crap, it means everything to me <3

anyway did you know that

- cap 3 introduces tony stark through a sequence that parallels and contrasts against the apogee award/christine everhart interview intro sequence from IM1

- one of the first factual things we learn about tony stark in the mcu EVER is that he’s the “son of legendary weapons developer howard stark.” howard is directly and indirectly brought up multiple times in EVERY SINGLE IRON MAN MOVIE and the entire finale and main villain arc of cap 3 hinges on HIS AND MARIA’S DEATHS

- in IM1, tony’s return from captivity speech kicks off with his public admission that he’s still kind of fucked up by how he never got to say goodbye to his father and cap 3 gives us TONY’S PERSONAL HEADCANON OF HOW HE WISHED THIS GOODBYE HAD HAPPENED

- in IM1 pepper is scheduling MIT-speaker duties for tony, which he is never able to fulfill because he’s kidnapped the next day, and cap 3 finally gives us TONY STARK SPEAKING AT MIT

- tony explicitly links his stance re: the accords to the stance he took in IM1

- thanks to cap 3 we finally fucking know that the aftermath of IM3 and AoU realistically affected tony’s personal life with pepper

- and by the way, the desired balance of said personal life with pepper is part of his motivation in cap 3


- cap 3 finally addresses the Problem that’d really been mostly promptly ignored by the iron man franchise itself, which is HIS GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT!! EXPLICIT GUILT!! THANK YOU

- even outside the mcu: cap 3 is based on the comic book event that is FIFTY PERCENT TONY STARK and hey they used a lot of IRON MAN PANELS FROM THE IRON MAN SERIES as visual reference (framing, set design, color composition etc EVEN HIS CLOTHES AT ONE POINT PROBABLY) for tony stark scenes


people can whine and whine and whine about how Tony Stans ™ can’t seem to stop looking at tony in cap 3 like he’s not a Secondary Character all they want, it does not change the fact that the movie captain america: civil war itself did in fact cater to the fanbase that they loathe haha. it did. tony fans have every right to look at tony in cap 3 and go on absolute tony overdrive my friend. they have absolutely every right to look at a scene and discuss it on tony terms. the movie went full tony stark. and honestly? i’m thriving. i am absolutely thriving. keep sending me as many anons as your little heart desires. i’m bottling these tears and i’m thriving. cap 3 is one of The Most tony stark movies in the entirety of the mcu it is a hugely important chapter in Tony Stark’s Personal Arc and even better, tony stark played an undeniably key role in what cap 3 meant to the avengers going forward as a team and i am t h r i v i n g 😎

Every Day Of My Life marvel ritually punishes me for liking their most commercially successful character by serially butchering him in every single book and group event that objectively does not require his presence like TRUST ME nobody suffers more with the whole “tony stark is everywhere ugh” thing than TONY STARK FANS, believe me, but cap 3 got it Right my friend. cap 3 got it Right. cap 3 clearly lay it’s clutches on tony bc of tony’s commercial appeal but they did it Right fam. i think that’s what pisses some people off the most, not the fact that tony Was In The Movie So Much but the fact that he was in the movie so much AND A LOOOOOT OF PEOPLE THINK HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE MOVIE LOL

it is some people’s Biggest Fear. which is incidentally My Highest Hope: mcu and comic writers managing to marry their commercial boner for tony stark to RELEVANT AND COMPELLING PERSONAL ARCS THAT STAY TRUE TO HIS CHARACTER lmao Every Time someone tries to tell Tony Stans ™ to know their place and contextualize their Stanning ™ within the arbitrary constraints of This Is A Cap Movie ™ i just laugh more because friend. my friend. i am absolutely thriving. people have to live with the fact that iron man 4 got to happen right there inside cap 3 lol i am thriving

Maybe One Day: A One-Shot

AN: Just a little “What if?” set in 2x09, because you can’t just look at someone like that and not do anything about it. Enjoy!

EDIT: Ao3 link here!

“Clarke’s a survivor. She’ll get through this, too.”

Since landing on the ground, Abby found herself pleasantly surprised by Marcus Kane on an almost daily basis. Some surprises were sweeping, grand gestures – like entrusting her with the leadership of their people. But - particularly since his return from captivity - there had also been an abundance of little quirks that poked flickers of light in these dark days: things she knew he had no idea he was doing.

He was smiling more, for one; often even accompanied by gentle laughter. While waiting in line at the mess hall, he’d almost startled Abby out of her skin by turning to her and asking what it was they were about to be served. It smelled good, he’d said. And then, after making an appearance in Medical to update his Chancellor on the status of the Grounder army awaiting them outside, he’d joked with Abby that this was nothing compared to that time they campaigned against Diana Sydney for more residences to be built on the Ark.

He’d joked.

Like they were friends again.  

These little moments were bite-sized tastes of a kinder past, and Abby had quickly come to crave them. Sitting next to him now, relaxed and soft – it was a feast of familiarity. But they had dirt beneath their feet, and a campfire warming them; the sound of wind rushing through towering trees as the moon cast long shadows from overhead. Familiarity could only go so far.

Familiarity came to a dizzying stop as Marcus reached over and gently clutched Abby’s thigh.


He didn’t immediately retreat. His broad hand rested lightly on her leg, thick waves of warmth radiating through her whole body from the contact. He caught her widened gaze. She found herself counting her heartbeats, suddenly pounding with such force that her ears grew hot. One. Two. Three. Against her better judgement, she let her eyes fall to his lips. A curiosity, really. Thin. Rough. Masculine… Four. Five. She saw him swallow. Six. She felt her own lips begin to part. Seven…

He leaned in.

To her great surprise, she stayed right where she was; watching as Marcus drew closer. Her heart quickened, now beating faster than she could count as she watched his lashes lower over his eyes. They flickered open briefly when he’d come within a breath of distance, searching her stunned expression for any sign that this wasn’t okay. Abby was frozen; utterly immobile. She felt completely disembodied, and wouldn’t have been able to make an educated guess what her own body language was offering as an answer if she tried – that is, until she felt his lips press, with feather-light tenderness, against hers.  

He lingered there for a long moment. She felt his other hand come up to graze her jaw, fingertips settling just behind her ear. With a deep inhale, she let her eyes close, and pressed her lips tighter against his in affirmation. They breathed into each other with a soft sigh, and suddenly it was like fighting gravity to be so far from him. She leaned into the kiss, and he pressed his thumb against her cheek. 

Finally, Marcus released himself, resting his forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” he murmured, drawing the hand that had been at her face down to her shoulder. Abby’s eyes opened, a pang of hurt running through her at his regret.

“Marcus, it’s alright-“

“We have a long day ahead of us, Abby,” he posited, his eyes suddenly darting just over Abby’s shoulder. She turned her head to follow, and – Clarke. Right. Of course. Her cheeks flushed in shame. How childish could she be?

Marcus pulled away, then, rising to brush the dirt off his pants. Abby chewed anxiously at her fingernails, staring into the campfire before them.

“Good night, Abby. Try to get some rest,” he offered, standing somewhat awkwardly as he made to leave.

Rest. Being at ease. Not weighing the fate of humanity against trivial things like warmth and contentment – like comfort. How long had it been since Abby had even known how to do that? Earth was supposed to be their chance to pursue those luxuries, but here they were, on their way to cremate the body of a young boy to satisfy a tentative alliance with a society of gruesome killers. Once they’d secured that alliance, they’d need to work with those killers to rescue the rest of their children from the safe haven they’d initially picked out as their Eden, their fresh start, only to once again put their lives at risk. God knows what would come after that.

“Marcus” she called after him, eyes still locked on the flames. “We can’t… can we?”

She could see his posture soften as he turned back towards her.

“No. We can’t.”

She tried not to feel the echoes of warmth that still radiated from her thigh – her cheek – and oh, her lips – as she watched him march off towards his tent. At the corner of her vision, however, she caught a glimpse of two figures in the shadows, a tangle of limbs and long brown hair. Octavia… and Lincoln. Lying at the very centre of the camp, surrounded by those who might call them traitors to their respective tribes, every weapon pointed squarely at their hearts; but yet there they were, completely, utterly absorbed in each other. They’d found something new, and had found the courage to chase it with all they had, consequences be damned. They’d found togetherness.

Maybe one day.

  • HYDRA underling: Mr Pierce, this Tony Stark fella seems to be constructing a weaponized armor since his return from captivity. Maybe we should kill him before he finished the project and becomes a threat to HYDRA.
  • Alexander Pierce: Nah, he is just one person. How bad a threat can a drunk millionaire possibly pose?
  • HYDRA underling: Mr Pierce, Nick Fury has found the frozen remains of Captain America! We better explode the plane they are on and get rid of Fury and Rogers in one move!
  • Alexander Pierce: Nah, it is still too early to reveal ourselves. How bad a threat can a super soldier possibly pose?
  • HYDRA underling: Mr Pierce, Nicky Fury is in the process of making a whole GROUP of super heroes. I REALLY think we should make a move to get rid of them while they are still too occupied fighting the aliens!
  • Alexander Pierce: Nah, just let the aliens take care of them. How bad a threat can they possibly pose?
  • Alexander Pierce: Okay men! The Avengers have formed. Steve Rogers have recovered to the peak of his physical condition. Tony Stark has overcome his demons and made even MORE weaponized armor. Bruce Banner is on American soil. Now is the time HYDRA should show themselves and conquer the world!
  • HYDRA underling: *FACEPALM*


He returned to awareness slowly, but once it started he didn’t stop. He was upright, a type of collar clamped around his neck, a blindfold tied over his eyes, his arms stretched outward. Immobilized.

Loki tried to shift position. But the movement caused his muscles to suddenly go lax. His arms took his weight and he made a slightly fearful noise into the metal muzzle he wore. Where in Helheim was he?

He recalled the fight. Being surrounded by black-clad agents. They’d all fired their weapons at once, sending jolts of electricity through his body. And then blackness. And then this. Their cage last time could not hold him. But Loki seriously doubted that this one couldn’t. Especially when he felt so exhausted he could barely move, and whenever he did move it triggered a mechanism to cause him to lose control over his own body.

Loki did not like it. He was both angry and afraid at once. The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he was about to have a panic attack. SHIELD. It had to be. Who knows what the organization would use him for? He whimpered softly, lightly tugging at the shackle around his wrist.

Lisboa m’enamora

It is the beginning of the Lisbon Series!

I have returned captivated by this amazing city. My head is still a little bit there…
I hope I have been able to photograph the city to my style (although I’m not sure that it really exists) and I would like my photos weren’t the typical pictures of a tourist that bored me when are from my city (Look up at my secondary blog Barcelonautes photos of the Sagrada Familia..)

But if I was a common tourist, I don’t care, I’ve been happy in Lisbon and will definitely return!


Rua de Augusto Rosa - Lisboa

© 2016 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

Back to the Blue - Captive Dolphins return to the wild

Tom and Misha, two bottlenose dolphins, were originally captured from the wild off the coast of Turkey and were subsequently used to perform and provide ‘swim-with’ opportunities for tourists in captive facilities.  Following a campaign in 2010, spearheaded by the Born Free Foundation and a local network of concerned individuals known as the Dolphin Angels, Tom and Misha were rescued and re-homed to a specially constructed sea-pen, in partnership with  Turkish NGO, S.A.D., where they underwent an extensive programme of rehabilitation prior to their release on 9th May 2012.

The Back to the Blue project not only aimed to rescue these two individuals from an appalling situation but also to highlight the plight of captive dolphins and the repercussions of the increasing impact of ‘swim-with’ opportunities on the animals concerned.

Tom and Misha were caught from the wild and expert analysis suggested they retained some of the survival skills that they had developed in their wild environment.  Captivity had, however, undoubtedly not only eroded their fitness but also replaced their reliance on their wild behaviors with dependence on their trainers.

#2184. One time, Dark Samus managed to break free from confinement and began wrecking havoc, as no one possessed the Phazon to effectively wound or even phase it. However, after a certain pink puffball attempted to befriend the monster by hugging it's legs, it demurely returned to captivity, deciding that this world wasn't worth conquering.

SPN Hiatus Creations

Week 2: BAMF!Cas

(Seriously don’t ever stab Castiel when he has an angel blade. Stabbers get stabbed.)


A Trio of Parisian Parties? Mais Oui!

Earlier today, the Paris runways were captivated by the return of Derek Zoolander and Hansel, but yesterday evening, the fashionable night owls took to a trio of parties. Jennifer Fisher and Claire Distenfeld hosted a sumptuous dinner at Caviar Kaspia to celebrate their collaboration; their chic guests included Prabal Gurung, Juan Carlos Obando, and George Esquivel, along with girls about townVeronica Chou, Dianna Agron, and Leandra Medine