the captive one

Part 3- Bucky Barnes

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part: 3/?
Warnings: Smut 
Summary: Bucky finds you touching his bike.
A/N: This is the third part in a series based on this post. So I finally wrote a third part to this series and I’m pretty proud of it but nervous at the same time. As always please let me know what you think! 
Word count : 2,186

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There was something so tempting about the forbidden. That thrill that thrummed through your veins, the quickening of your heart and tremble in your hands, it was addictive. So when Bucky left for a couple days, like Eve to the poisonous apple you’re drawn down the garage.  You peer around the space, the various cars and bikes lined up but you were captivated by one. Her sleek black curves were begging for your touch, her idle engine needing to purr to life but you know the rules. Everyone in the tower knows. Don’t touch Bucky’s bike. You run your thumb over the ridges of the keys in your hand. It wouldn’t hurt to just turn her on for a second. Before you know it, you’ve straddled one leg over the machine perching yourself on the hard metal beast. With one more peer around the empty garage you slip the key into the ignition and turn it. You never understood why people said a bike purred but in that moment, you can’t think of a more apt word. The bike wakes to life under you like a lioness from a nap.

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Operation Kuron

Alright, so this guy-

-isn’t Shiro.

For one thing, there’s just too many shady circumstances surrounding his escape from the Galra ship: it was too easy, the Galra scientist seemed to treat him escaping as a part of his evil plan, and we get no explanation as to how he got there in the first place. I really, sincerely don’t think that Black would have teleported him straight into the hands of the Galra– despite Keith’s theory, Shiro had freed Black by the end of the fight, so Zarkon wouldn’t have been able to force Black to send Shiro into captivity again. Also, no one else in the Galra empire seems to know that they have the Black Paladin in captivity. Lotor spends the whole season guessing at why Voltron is sucking so hard, and if the Galra really had Shiro, he would have known why immediately.

Another problem is this weirdo’s hair was too long at the beginning of his episode– much too long give the amount of time that passed between the fight with Zarkon and his waking up on the ship (which was likely like. two weeks at most). The timeline doesn’t match up. And where’s the Black Paladin suit Shiro had been wearing when he disappeared? This new guy is in the exact same outfit Shiro was in when he escaped the Galra for the first time.

There’s just something… off about this guy’s behavior. He looks like Shiro and talks like Shiro, but he doesn’t feel like Shiro.

So, Real Shiro’s probably off somewhere else (my money’s on somewhere close to the resistance / Matt). But, then, who the hell is Mr. Fashion Disaster?

A few smart people have managed to work out that “kuron” translates to “clone” in Japanese. So, what this is getting at is that it’s very likely that the Galra had a plan to make Shiro clones. Which definitely explains:

Was the plan to make an army? Was it to make a team of elite Shiro fighters (maybe… a bunch of Shiros to fly the Voltron lions……?)? I have no idea lmao. But what I’m thinking is that whatever the original plan was, it fell through, because Ulaz managed to get Real Shiro out before the cloning technique could be perfected. So, the Galra were left with a bunch of clones that were either too weak to survive or just wouldn’t wake up or were otherwise “unusable.” 

But then, Subject Y0XT39 passes their tests.

So, they change the objective of the project (either to ‘infiltrate Voltron’ or something else equally as evil) and get to work on this clone. And then, they release him out into the world. That ‘escape’? Was a test to see if he thought and fought like the real Shiro. They wanted to make sure their experiment was successful.

The main question, then, is: how does Clone Shiro have all of Real Shiro’s recent memories, including the very recent fight against Zarkon?


Okay so I don’t know about you guys but I made so much fun of Shiro’s hair in the first season. Why did the Galra give him an undercut? Do their prisoners have to be pretty? Was Haggar like “I can’t look at this dude every day unless his hair is properly trimmed”? But… uh……

You shave people’s heads when you’re going to do brain surgery on them.

What caught Haggar’s attention when it came to Shiro wasn’t just his fighting prowess– it was his mind. His ability to strategize and bring others together and inspire loyalty. The clones have to have Shiro’s memories, his experience, to be effective.

So, Real Shiro’s brain transplant has been broadcasting Shiro’s memories to Clone Shiro. Clone Shiro has been asleep for a while until he’s ‘caught up’ on everything (which takes a while, hence the long hair), and wakes up on the Galra ship he was made in with all of Real Shiro’s memories, hence the “weird headache.” His brain was just packed with tons of information.

Meanwhile, the fight against Zarkon likely shorted out Real Shiro’s brain transplant, which means that the latest memory Clone Shiro has access to is that fight. This explains why Clone Shiro doesn’t have memories from whatever Real Shiro’s off doing right now (again, I figure he’s probably going to run into the resistance and/or Matt soon). Clone Shiro thinks he just… ended up on a Galra ship somehow after the fight with Zarkon and that he has to get back to his team. So, he does. The Black Lion saves him because he feels like Shiro and, as he’s dying, connects with her through Real Shiro’s memories. But, once they get to him, something’s slightly off about him. Black is able to recognize this and rejects him as a pilot.

Clone Shiro, for his part, doesn’t even seem to know he’s a clone. Because he hasn’t been fully “activated” yet. 

Because the new Stage 3 of Operation Kuron is probably to get him close to Voltron before destroying it from the inside.


Capriweek 2k17 Day 4: Legacy/ “He would do anything for his little brother.”

“It went both ways with those two. They were devoted to one another.”

I’ve always thought of Auguste with long hair, actually I was on team ponytail smaurent but I didn’t like how it turned out when I tried.

So I was crying ugly while making this. I need a good, happy AU, where Auguste, Laurent and Damen is happy.
(Plan to do all the prompts, just not… on time)

Cute Shit
  • All the soldiers and staff see Laurent and he’s always so serious and intimidating until Damen mutters something in a meeting one day and Laurent starts laughing till tears come out
  • Damen and Laurent being intimidating and serious in general until they’re alone and giving each other flowers and smooching softly
  • Nikandros asks Damen if he’s excited for the wedding. Nikandros not knowing if he should be happy to see his friend so excited or regret asking because now Damen won’t shut up.
  • Damen’s vows are like the most beautiful romantic poetry that leaves everyones’ hearts hurting.
  • Laurent’s vows start off as the coldest diss in both countries but ends with people (looking at you, Damen) crying and being thankful they could hear it.
  • Damen and Laurent become the Royal Power Couple.
  • Whenever they have to be apart for long periods of time, they send long, novel-like letters that they not-so-secretly keep.
  • Kissing their gold cuffs when they miss each other.
  • Whenever they reunite, Damen runs to Laurent and hugs him like he needs him to live.
  • One time Damen showed up almost a month late and it scared Laurent shitless. When he finally arrived, Laurent ran over and almost cried.
  • “You should have been more responsible, you animal.”
  • Damen teaching Lauren’t some more casual Akielon so his sentences aren’t as stiff and awkward.
  • Staring into each others’ eyes when they’re alone together.
  • Damen can’t get enough of his beautiful husband and tries to keep him in bed just a little bit longer.

i love it when i’m reading a book and the sexual tension between two characters it’s so strong that i literally feel the need to put some distance between me and the words.. like… my mom is in the next room can u two chill

does anyone else ever wonder where the hell the rain scene was going though?? like, if L hadn’t received the phone call then what more he and light would have talked about? would they even have talked? or would L just continue saying cryptic remarks while light breathes different pitches in response? would they dry off any other part of the other’s body? would light have mumbled a thanks for the massage? would L have replied ‘no, thank you’ for even letting him or just a melancholy ‘welcome’? would L have flat out came out with ‘im going to die, light’ and they both have an intense stare match because they both know its gonna be light’s fault, but this time its a tinge sadder, not as sharp as their usual staring sessions? would light, for a brief moment, look bothered but his resolve is too strong so he shakes the feeling? would L, knowing this, give a dejected smile or a single chuckle? would they have remained in awkward silence for awhile until something, anything interrupted them? would L or light have gotten up on their own accord and announced ‘ok, lets get back now’? what more could have unfolded if the phone call didn’t pop the gay bubble that surrounded them for that short, bizarre time?


laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”

I will never get over the fact that Laurent for most of the series never calls Damen ‘Damen’. Never even says it out loud, instead referring to him as ‘brute’ and 'barbarian’ and 'giant animal’ or simply 'the slave’, then just 'Damianos’ or 'the king’ for the first part of book three. But once he’s internalised and accepted his feeling for him and they make love at Karthas, he finally calls him Damen over and over. It’s the closest Laurent has come to saying 'I love you’ at this point and judging by Damen’s reaction to hearing him say it, he knows it too.