the captain who needs no caption

concept: steve has an instagram account and it’s nothing but candid photo’s of bucky and photo’s of himself/bucky with other people: bucky at the animal shelter with a cat licking his metal fingers, bucky putting on socks, bucky drooling on steve’s pillow as he sleeps, bucky with bedhead and the caption ‘someone is grumpy in the mornings’, bucky flipping off the camera, bucky wearing steve’s shirt (you know, the ones that are really tight), bucky passed out in front of the tv, the two of them in random selfies with strangers, bucky with his hair in piggytails because nat, steve and bucky having coffee with tony and bucky pulling a face at it w/the caption ‘he says it tastes like dirt, tony says it cost $40. we think he should’ve saved his money’, bucky petting a cat and giving it heart eyes. caption: ‘guess we’ve got another stray cat, we’re up to 3 now’, bucky scowling at price tags ‘it’s a shirt steve. it feels like it’s made of paper, why is it $30? I’d rather wear a sheet’, bucky in a sheet, bucky’s hand holding onto steve’s shirt in his sleep w/the caption ‘sometimes he wakes up when I’m not there and it never ends well’, bucky burning breakfast ‘just scrape the black stuff off, steve. it’s french toast, it’ll still taste the same’, bucky breaking a punching bag at the gym w/the caption ‘he’s not doing so well lately’.

this surprises everyone who knows them because up until bucky came back steve kept to himself but now he’s an open book because “the world needs to see bucky as a human being, they need to know that he’s real and how important he is to me. the past is behind us, it’s time to remind them of that.”

You know, part of me is kind of glad that we’ve gotten no info on progress for the Artemis Fowl Movie project, because to be honest the only way I wouldn’t be disappointed in whatever movie they come up with would be if:

  • Perfect casting of appearances AND character AND voices AND accents
  • And by that I mean that Artemis 1000% neEDs to have a sassy dublin accent voice
  • 100% Everything written down in the books in the movie. Like all of it. Literally nothing cut out.
  • More than 24 hours long
  • ReaALLY good setting for Haven City - sci-fi stuff and beautiful scenery needs to be ON POINT
  • Perfect Mulch Diggums, Foaly, Commander Root
  • No skipping out on Artemis vs. Foaly tech-talk-who’s smartest banter
  • No white-washing of Captain Short pls and thank you very much
  • Also no altering of Caption Short’s personality to “please” meaning she needs to be absolutely as much of a boss chick who doesn’t take crap from anybody (‘specially Arty) and follows her heart over commands 100%
  • pls remember that Arty is just a v, v, V, smart bae who loves his mother and father (and struggles with ethical and social aspects of life)
  • Butler needs to be B.A. bodyguard and also father figure to Artemis if you can’t figure out the combination don’t try
coldflash week | day five december 08 | undercover


Earth-2 looks different than the last time Barry visited. The streets look emptier, though there are plenty of people rushing to get back to their jobs after the lunch hour. The buildings Black Siren destroyed are being rebuilt slowly. The sounds, smells, and view of construction zones covers the city. It’s the missing buildings that make this Central City seem smaller, Barry realizes.

He can’t stop looking at the campaign poster plastered on the brick wall of a post office. THE MAN WHO SAVED CENTRAL CITY is emblazoned above a picture of Earth-2 Leonard Snart, who looks more refined in a bold blue pinstripe suit. RE-ELECT MAYOR SNART captions the photograph.

“I knew I’d like this Earth.”

“We need to keep moving,” Barry tells Snart. “The last thing we need is to get you surrounded by press when the city needs him to get re-elected.”

“You saying I’m not fit for public office?”

“You’re a criminal.”

“You think he’s not?” Snart gestures at the campaign poster. “The girl didn’t seem too surprised when you told her I’m Captain Cold.”

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Sebastian on Chris at Weibo (x x)
The first question, based on the comments, is: who’s more handsome, Chris or you?

anonymous asked:

Do you think Kendall and Harry could be secretly together? From what I've seen of her in their show she seems perfect for him!

Do you think Kendall and Harry could be secretly together?

they had a very public very media frenzied breakup seriously fucking google it…

and the only person who Harry is secretly dating is Louis William Tomlinson

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Captain Niall everyone

there was no need for gestures zayn


we all know louis… we all know…

External image

soooo… the worm is…. blowjobs….

haha louis you make a lot of gay jokes for a straight male.



Liam is so shady

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the shock is all you need….

and lastly

they are also very domestic

“harry does all the cooking”

Barbra needs to interview them again

those 3 gifs didn’t even need a caption… just my tears…

so in conclusion

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The 3a.m. Announcement - TWFI Outtake

Anon request: For a prompt, what about from ttwfi and like the birth/announcement of their little one?

(Fun fact - the first one of these I did tonight was 921 words. And so is this one, entirely by coincidence. I am evidently consistent today.) 

Help me distract myself from my craptastic day and send in a missing moment / ficlet prompt!


Their daughter is less than a week old when Kilian storms into the nursery, a scowl on his face and his phone clenched in his hand. His expression softens the moment he lays eyes on her, cradling the baby in her arms.

“She just fell asleep,” Emma says softly, continuing her slow, steady rock in the chair Killian insisted on assembling for her himself. She’s not sure what she likes more about thing – how comfortable it is, or the memories that resurface every time she sits down. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing to trouble you with, love.” He bends to kiss her forehead, lingering over the tiny person warm against Emma’s chest. She’s exhausted, and she’d forgotten just how much the whole birth part of being a mom sucks, but everything else – she missed all of this with Henry, and even if it does bring with it a twinge of sadness, she’s not going to miss a moment of her daughter’s life.

Including 3 a.m. feedings.

“Killian, what’s wrong?” She gives him the most stern look she can muster in the middle of the night with an infant asleep on her.

“You weren’t in bed, so I came to keep you both company.”

She smiles indulgently, glancing down. It’s too early to tell, but the faint wisps of hair seem to have taken after Killian’s darker locks, and she swears she sees his smile in their daughter. And it’s not that she doesn’t see herself in Henry, and it’s not that Henry isn’t Killian’s son in every way that counts, but she’s still sort of in awe that they’ve made this perfect little human together.

But Killian is lying, and she’s not having it.

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Just a few meetup pics I found on my phone. ROCK ON UK CREAMPUFFS (and also those who traveled there, you ‘puffs go hard). 


Also THANKS TO SLAY (aka FeelsHQ) for organising the whole thingy. GO YOU.