the captain always goes down with his ship

for @mvgnets because why not

                 it’s early morning. alex is cold, it’s always strangely cold on the starjammer. he’s stressed , as per usual. he feels the tension in his shoulder blades, the back of his neck, his wrists, the small of his back. basically everywhere. he outstretches and leans his chin on one hand, the other moving to run lazily through his hair. 

               no trouble today , alex thinks, thanking the stars above around him. at least for now, a sigh forces itself through parted lips. he’s in his usual sleepy morning daze. getting up from his chair in front of the console he rises, slowly walking to the kitchen for the much needed cup of coffee. he’ll make two. one for him and one for lorna. 

              the instant her name crosses his mind a smile cracks his sleepy features. he’s hopeful today will be a calm cruising day so he can spend a day in bed with his love, his wife and not have to worry about intergalactic affairs. just for today. he stares off at the coffee maker, lips upturned. he loves that woman more than simple words and thoughts could ever express. maybe next week he’ll ask the skrulls if they know some better ones.

            he chuckles quietly at his own joke. an instant later, the coffee machine beeps and he pours out two mugs of the steaming liquid. he puts two sugars and cream in his and four sugars and twice as much cream for lorna. (and a dash of milk, he wouldn’t dare forget that.). alex almost cringes at the thought of something that sweet. 

          mugs in hand, havok lazily makes his way through the corridors to his chambers (chamber? no, bedroom.) opens the sliding doors to find a sleeping polaris, he strides over, places a hand upon her shoulder, setting her mug of coffee on the bedside table and rousing her awake. 

             ❛─ hey c’mon … wake up, sleeping beauty ❜ he teases.


Imagine JiKook as pirates

Jimin being a captain of a smaller ship and losing a fight with Captain! Jeon who has bigger ship and stronger men.

Captain Jeon instantly falls head over heels on Captain Jimin (because The cheeks man! And that sinful lips he want to kiss and oh his booty and tights are killers). Asking the smaller one to be part of them so they wouldn’t kill Jimins crew but being a stubborn Jimin is says no and will fight to death.

Jimins crew just agreed cause that means more people more power and safety and Jimin getting more stubborn says he will just jump onto the ocean cause his crew is making no sense and he don’t want to accept defeat but Captain Jeon is already lifting him from the ground and puts him in his shoulder like a sack of rice ,of course not missing the chance to slap that booty making the smaller yelp.

And then them having so many sweet moments cause Jimin fell in love too. Jungkookie loves Jimin sitting on his lap and both feeding each other. And everyone in the ship doesn’t know if they see it as a sweet couple or find it gross.

(°>°) *>*

*Captain Jeon like being called captain in bed.
*Jimin likes Captain Jeon spanking him ‘In bed’
*Jimin loves riding Captain Jeon and Jungkook always praise Jimin and reminding him how the smaller is born for his dick (whathaveIdone*-*)
*Captain Jeon loves grabbing/holding Jimins booty anytime anywhere that makes the smaller yelp
*Jimin likes being hug from the back by Captain Jeon (Cause fcking height difference is a big turn on) and watching the sun goes down.

I just need to let this out of my freaking mind. So I really should be finishing my work (That Challenge accepted fic) but my phone just died out of the blue with my work not yet saved hah. Now Im back to square one (OhgoodlordIhopeIcanstilldoit)

On the brighter side I just read a fanfic of Jikook being pirates but you know being a demanding me wants more. And I kinda think of this and I hope (Ireallydo) that someone would do something like this or more (ImsuchaJiKooksucker)

  • “Second star to the right and straight on till morning.”
  • “All this has happened before, and it will all happen again.”
  • “Goodness gracious! Whatever shall we do?!”
  • ”Sound the alarm!“
  • "Call Scotland Yard!”
  • “I’m so glad you came back tonight. I might never have seen you.”
  • “Cutting your hand off was only a childish prank.”
  • “Just exactly what do you think you are doing?”
  • “I didn’t know a codfish could talk.”
  • “You’re a traitor! You lied to me!”
  • “Don’t let ‘em see you cry.”
  • “Duty calls!”
  • “This is ridiculous. I can’t fly!”
  • “You’ll never win.”
  • “Well, it’s a long way home.”
  • “It’s so dangerous here, but you’ll be safe there.”
  • “Look, it’s a war!”
  • “You think you’re very grown-up, but you have a great deal to learn.”
  • “Oh, give that back!”
  • “Stop it, this isn’t funny!”
  • “A good captain always goes down with his ship.”
  • “You changed.”
Once Upon A Different Time Episode 301 - “Return to Neverland”

Once Upon A Different Time

A re-work of Once Upon A Time from the beginning of season 3.

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Episode One - “Return To Neverland”


Neverland – Present

The Jolly Roger broke the calm surface of the inky sea surrounding the Neverland island with an almighty splash and continued to soar.

“Well, I think we can safely say that we’ve lost the element of surprise,” Gold remarked dryly, and Emma, the only one within earshot of this remark, had to give a snort of laughter in spite of the rather dire circumstances. “And would someone care to explain why the ship is currently airborne?” he added, yelling to Hook over the roar of the wind and the rushing water that was pouring off the keel as the vessel continued to climb.

“It’s the pixie dust,” Hook replied through gritted teeth, desperately trying to regain control of the flying ship and bring it onto a level. “It must not have burned out completely from the last flight.”

“Pixie dust. Oh, brilliant. Pixie dust? You put pixie dust on a boat?” Gold shouted in disbelief.

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themadnesstheory  asked:

Saphyre zebra stone zunakyte

unakite: what my muse’s ideal pet would be

((Clawvers ideal pet would probably be something quiet but badass. I could see him having some sort of snake or large lizard.))

zebra stone: what gets my muse excited

((Well seeing his friends makes him excited to talk to them but he also get excited when an opportunity for a good fight pops up. He’s always one to flaunt his powers))

sapphire: if everyone my muse knew was hanging off a cliff and they could only choose three to save, the rest certainly dying, who they would choose

((Honestly I think he’d Gaster, Laika and Marble. That or he’d let them all fall and kill himself along with them just do he wouldn’t have to choose. Captain always goes down with his ship is how the saying goes right?))