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“It Takes Ten Times as Long”  (FMA/HG AU)

Another one shot that takes place during Kayla and I’s Hunger Games AU! This one takes place between the first and second scene of Where is Our Gravity? I actually had this one saved in my Google Drive for months and decided to finish it today. I hope you enjoy. <3

While Al is studying with Hohenheim, Ed walks through the corridor with his hands in his pockets. Even though his prosthetics have been upgraded since coming underground by some of the best engineers in the business, they still feel stiff to him. Maybe it’s subconscious but no one’s craftsmanship but that from Rockbell Prosthetics will ever feel right to him.

The door of Roy’s bunker is ajar when Ed passes it, so he takes a step back and peers inside. He can get under his skin but Ed would be lying if he denied he was good company when he needed it. And right now, he doesn’t think he wants to be alone.

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Mockingjay Thought

As I drift off, I try to imagine that world, somewhere in the future, with no Games, no Capitol.  A place like the meadow in the song I sang to Rue as she died.  Where Peeta’s child could be safe.  -Catching Fire, p. 354

Whenever I read comments or a post where someone is discussing how Katniss only had children because Peeta wanted them so badly, I always remember something.

I remember that during the middle of the 75th Games in Catching Fire, someone had a dream.  One about Peeta becoming a father and in a place where that child was safe.

I remember that this dream was not Peeta’s.  It was Katniss’.  She is the one who had this vision.

So many years later, when we see this…just remember, that Katniss was simply making her dream come true.


Hunger Games Aesthetics: Districts 7-13 & The Capitol of Panem


Part 1 (1-6)/Part 2 (7-13 + The Capitol)

A lovely day visiting the costumes and props at The Hunger Games Exhibition

The Capitol’s favorite couple, Haymitch Abernathy and Effie Trinket, were caught canoodling in one of the many viewing rooms for the annual Hunger Games. 

I really really love how Snow’s motifs are white. He’s very much one-sided on an issue, extreme to the absolute core. He is washed clean in an attempt to look pure- when really the white is just to cover up the blood. 

I really love how Alma Coin’s motifs have always been grey. She’s neither good nor bad, just this very grey sense of morality. She’s trying so hard to keep it light, to be the good leader of District 13, but…… It’s ultimately good but… With shades of grey, you have to be careful not to fall off the deep end, to turn too dark or light a shade. When you’re operating in greys, it’s almost inevitable to shift too close to one or the other extremes. Julienne Moore does an excellent job of playing her; she just. GOSH, ends up feeling so manipulative, in very light and fairy-like ways (I’m not sure if that makes sense but wow!)

I really love how Katniss’ motifs have always been both black and red. She is both a direct opposite to Snow, and also her own. Her morals and her symbolic stance is 100% opposite that of Snow, but she isn’t just political tool, a foil. She isn’t just Black vs White, she’s also very red, full of rage and love for her family and just. Her own person. Love it. 

Not sure how the yellow fits in yet, but I’ve kinda noticed that the yellow is very Effie and Haymitch. I wanna think it’s another tool for shades of grey, only yellow is good. Yellow is on the same side as red, but it’s not as fiery, it’s not as potent. 

Look at Johanna? She’s all red too, isn’t she? No black, just. RED, she’s angry, and fiery and passionate without the strict moral foil that Katniss has. dfalskjfalsdjfa;klj

Gale is almost all blacks; he’s too extreme. He’s black without Katniss’ red, without the fire and the passion, and it ends up consuming him way too much.

EVEN CAESAR it’s like?? He’s blue blue blue, he’s cool, he’s calm, he’s a cool grey blue and it just. FUCK it fits so well.

I just really love how the color schemes in these movies really REALLY hammer in these personalities and the ultimate arcs of the characters by pushing certain color schemes (I honestly can’t remember how strict the color schemes are to the books; only going off the movies). It’s so good.



He deserved so much better💔😭


To this day, I can never shake the connection between this boy, Peeta Mellark, and the bread that gave me hope, and the dandelion that reminded me that I was not doomed. (The Hunger Games)

I try to imagine that world, somewhere in the future, with no Games, no Capitol. A place like the meadow in the song I sang to Rue as she died. Where Peeta’s child could be safe. (Catching Fire)

I know this would have happened anyway. That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. (Mockingjay)